The Saturday Chill

Happy weekend all! My cheeks are permanently red from all the nice comments on my new ‘do. If only I had a hair dresser to style it for me everyday ;) And might I add, taking emo face shots is a lot harder to do with a DSLR!

So I totally fell asleep watching the Real World last night. I was wiped! Was still up at the usual time today (6am) but at least it gave me some lazy time before step class. Pre-step breakfast: candy oats. 

I am an adult, just with the tastebuds of a child.

  • 1/2 cup oat bran
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 scoop chocolate whey protein powder
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 tbsp marshmallow fluff
  • M&Ms

Step was fab!! First time there since before Christmas!! I felt a little more lost than I normally do, but it was still a fun way to work up a sweat. Maybe a Saturday morning ritual in the making?

Yoga class was immediately after in the same studio and I wanted to stay sooo badly!! But my tummy was having none of it – it wanted food! Next time I will bring a snack to eat in between ;)

Instead I came home and had a homemade protein bar.


I opted for a fancy lunch since I was actually home to make one…


Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

IMG_2876 Mini turkey meatloaf with reduced sugar ketchup.


Mashed cauliflower (with laughing cow cheese, pepper, and garlic powder)


Roasted brussel sprouts. They were the frozen variety though, nothing beats the fresh stuff.

The stellar eats continued with probably one of the best new bars I’ve had in a long time: Honeybar Sweet & Salty flavour. 


Honeybar is a Canadian company that makes natural bars with minimal ingredients. Check these out:



Not bad, right? Even the stats are good – 8g protein, 3g fibre and only 17g carbs. High fat – 16g – but that’s actually preferred for me!


The taste? Amazing. The bar had a light “candy-like” coating over it that gave it a wonderful chewy texture. The addition of the of the crisp brown rice was nice with the peanuts. It tasted like I was eating a candy bar, but without the yucky ingredients. Just the good stuff, straight up :)

This afternoon I got to visit a good friend who just had a baby!! It was so weird to hear her talk about how mommyhood has already changed her. While I declined to hold the little one, I can’t help but turn to mush around babies. It’s their little fists. They get me every time.

I came home to yet another giant salad. I had a lot of greens in the house this week. Eaten out of a giant casserole dish, right Bekah? ;)


  • spinach
  • romaine
  • zucchini
  • onions
  • green pepper
  • pickles
  • olives
  • roasted soy nuts
  • grilled turkey breast
  • balsamic vinaigrette
  • parmesan cheese


N-O-M. Another killer combo. I guess there are worse kicks to be on ;) I just gotta balance out all the M&Ms and marshmallow fluff!!

Dessert/evening snack was another notable one.

IMG_29121/2 cup cottage cheese, 2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 tbsp almond butter, stevia to taste, all blended up. It was so decadent. Well, as decadent and chocolate cottage cheese can get anyways.


I wish I had more fun things to report, but it was a pretty chill day! It’s actually 9:30pm and I’m headed to bed. Sometimes, sleep is more important than a gal’s reputation, ya know? ;) How bout some fun questions!

1. What was the best thing you ate today? Mine was tied between the turkey meatloaf and Honeybar.

2 Do you have kids? Do you want them? Tell me about it! I’m still iffy about having babies at this point. I’ve always had my heart set on getting foster children when I get older. I feel like I’ve been through enough hardships that I could really help some kid out there get on the right path again…


Sunday is kitchen day ‘round these parts. See ya tomorrow with some recipes! :D

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  1. Oats with wheat bran and egg whites whipped in is always the best thing I eat of the day. They may be better with candy on them ;)

    No kids for me :D

  2. That bar looks divine! I love nuts. I am on such a nut kick it isn’t funny. I’m afraid to try frozen brussels. I love the fresh, but the frozen ones always look funny to me? You’ve got me thinking about Fluff lately. Must resist…

    Best thing I ate today was probably my pumpkin oats! It was the pecan butter that made it. Not to mention I was staharving.

    As for kids, John and I chose to not have children. Neither of us particularly wanted kids (lucky that we both felt the same….) We decided that if we ever did want to have them, we would adopt since there are a lot of children out there that need homes, and so many people having more than 2 children to make up for the 2 we didn’t have. That desire has not come up yet, though :)

    Funny thing is that so many times I have gotten the comment “Oh, you’ll change your mind” – like someone else knows me better than I do?? Since I hit age 40, that question doesn’t come up as much. The worst comment came from someone who told me that John and I didn’t love each other or we would want to have children together. It’s 13 years later and we are still married, so I think they might have been wrong…..

    • Funny, people tell me all the time that I’ll change my mind too. Who knows, I could. But as of right now I just really want to be an aunt! (hint hint sisters :P )

  3. Hey, Susan!
    First, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog.
    You´re such a great writer!
    Now, about your today´s eats… AH-MAZING!
    Loved the M&M on your oats. I mean, how can you celebrate Saturday without sweetness? Haha.
    The best thing I ate today? Maybe frozen yogurt :)
    What can I do?
    Brazilian Kisses,
    G. a.k.a. Fro-Yo Lover

  4. Ooooh that bar sounds delicious! The best thing I ate today was a crabcake- it was awesome :)

    I don’t have children but we planning on having them in a few years. It’s so weird to think about!

  5. The best thing I ate today was definitely oatmeal + egg white combo I tried for the first time, I loved it.

    So about kids- I think I want them at some point, but I am 100 percent sure now is not that point. Everyone tells me I’ll change my mind too and I actually hope they are right. I want to want kids but right now I just can’t imagine having any more responsibilities! I have 20 lovely kids all day at work and I enjoy saying by to them at night, haha.

    I think thats really awesome that you would want to be a foster parent. The world definitely needs some fantastic foster parents.

  6. I ate a small portion of spaghetti for dinner and a salad with 2T of dressing. Portion control. I am happy with myself when I do this :)

  7. I definitely loved the naan my hubby made for dinner. Definitely want kids… But not for a while yet. Talk to me in a year and well see…

  8. I LOVE mashed cauliflower, but I had never thought to add LC – next time..
    And shouldn’t all salads be eaten out of giant bowls like that?
    Today’s best meal was the Marsala Turkey I had for dinner with a bit of help from TJ’s Marsala Wine sauce. I had to jazz it up a little, but it was so yummy!

    As for kids, no, we don’t have any, but we definitely want at least 1. It’s only been 7 months of marriage for us, so we’ll be waiting a while! I do enjoy shopping for my friends who are having babies and the thought of having my own in the future gives me tingles! Many congrats to your friend and their new addition!

  9. that bar looks great! i love nutty bars..the healthy fats keep me full longer… i have no kids (nor a boyfriend :( haha) but i think babies are adorable and precious and definitely want a couple some day. the best thing i ate today was a dinner out with my parents at a restaurant, it was a salmon/couscous/olive/feta salad. soooo good!!!

  10. I go back and forth about having kids. Having them would be great, but not having them would be great too. My cousin told me you should never have a child unless you are craving one.

  11. oh SNAP!! that salad is beastly! LOVE it! and your candy oats!
    where did you find that bar? it looks aweeesome!

  12. That bar looks really good. I hope they come to the states ;-)

    The best thing I ate today was dinner…we had homemade Pho, which is Vietnamese soup with noodles, chicken, and rare beef that cooks in the hot broth so it’s really tender. It’s SO good.

    I totally want kids. I’ve wanted kids ever since I was a kid. To the point where if Mitch (or any other partner) didn’t want kids, I would end the relationship. I know I’m supposed to want to be a career gal, but there is a part of me that just wants to be a wife and a mother. Although I’m enjoying the kid-free life for now, that’s for sure.

  13. Those homemade protein bars look so good!

    The best thing I ate today as the super spicy cabbage soup I made for dinner. TASTY!

    Kids…. yes please. The clock’s a ticking. Awe snap! HA! I guess I better get going on that whole get engaged, married and planning part. HA!

  14. I love those bars. They’ve started carrying them in all my local 7-11 stores, which makes me happy because it means if I need a quick snack on the go there’s actually something at 7-11 to fit the bill.

    1. The best thing I ate I just finished two minutes ago – my favourite salad inspired from Raw Food, Real World (greens, herbs, avocado, cucumber, lemon juice, salt, pistachios, currants, dulse, hemp seeds). If you haven’t tried dulse yet, do, it’s sooo good.

    2. I’ve never really wanted kids but I guess that could change at some point. Although, I’m 26 and the thought still isn’t remotely appealing. I’d consider adopting an older child – that way I could skip the whole baby stage I don’t really care for.

    • Haha, I’m in NB, we’ve got Grand Manan dulse! I’ve only ever snacked on it straight up, which isn’t that great. I should get some to cook with! :)

  15. candy oats = lovely!
    the veggie trough :) = lovely
    the protein inspired me. stay tuned to my blog tomorrow.

    Kids. I never wanted them. Seriously girl, I was never having them. I was going to be a nomadic yogi, a party girl, a woman who was never gonna be tied down. Then I turned 28. TICK TOCK clock started screaming. Scott made me think long and hard for 6 mos whether I really wanted a baby and at the end of 6 mos I was like YES. 2 mos later i was preggers. Kids do change your life and I Cannot imagine my life in any other way. I am done, though. One is perfect. Two would not be, for me. ANd for some, one would not be perfect, either. Zero would be. So personal. And one day you may meet a man who you love so much that you will be drawn to breeding with him :) Seriously. Biology is powerful stuff!


  16. No babies. No thank you. not my cup of tea. I am far too selfish and lazy and want to travel. And if I were a parent, I would have insanely high expectations of myself and constantly try to be the perfect parent when really, I know I would suck because I have absolutely no patience. What-so-ever.

    And the whole birthing process grosses me to eff out.

  17. Love the candy oats and cottage cheese concoction at the end of the post! Looks decadent to me! I want to try that asap.

    Lots of Love,

  18. okay, so i have always wondered about this blended cottage cheese stuff. i can’t get past the fact that cottage cheese to me is not something sweet. tell me how i can fix this mental block, because everytime i see that, i just think that can’t be good!

    yay kids…i love babies. i grew up in a large family though, so its just kind of natural for me :)

    best thing i ate yesterday…hmmmm…hazelnut russian m&ms :)

    • Cheesecake!! I always thought chocolate + cottage cheese was a weird combo too, until I realized it’s a similar to cheesecake, and I looooooove that stuff :)

  19. I must tell you that dessert seriously does sound decadent to me! LOL

    And I love the new header! How’d you do it??

    And kids.. I can’t wait until I have them! I’m too young now but I plan on having as many as my husband lets me.. just kidding! I want 3 :)

  20. I’m not sure what sounds the best – that dessert, your mashed cauli, or that bar! What a delish day!

    1. I’m a hypocrite since I said I didn’t like them but cocoa oats have REALLY grown on me.
    2. I want kids eventually but not right now. More like when I’m 30!

  21. No kids for me- it’s puppies only. Luckily my boyf says he only wants a puppy too… maybe it will work out ;) I would like two puppies, however.


  22. All I’ve had today is toast, but yesterday my favorite was veggie fajitas!! mmm never fails to amaze me.

    I think I want one or two kids. But not right now, and I’m not sure when, so we’ll see!

  23. WE HAVE THE SAME TASTEBUDS! I love your eats!

  24. Your breakfast looks so good! My favorite eat today has got to be my morning smoothie soup so good! I don’t really want kids never have, the thought makes me feel quite sick! x

  25. What yummy oats!
    Lunch looks fab-mashed cauliflower sounds great!

  26. is it weird that my mouth started to water at the sight of turkey meatloaf with reduced sugar ketchup? i think im having withdrawals. that mashed cauliflower looks just like potatoes! wow. blended dessert actually looks good and i dont like sweet CC! ok, answers: 1. pineapple chobani 2. dogs.. um.. kids? yikes. maybe in my 30s

    next post please!

  27. The best think I ate this weekend was a chocolate bacon cupcake.

    Kids…I have a daughter who turns 15 next month. I’m fairly young and remarried so people are all time harrassing me to have a baby. I tell them once you’ve been exposed to a teenage girl no amount of chubby smiles and gurgling can fool you into giving birth again! lol!

    • Chocolate and bacon!?!?! I don’t know why, but that sounds delicious to me. How was it? What kind of icing did it have? Did it have like bits of bacon in it? :P

      P.S. I know you get this a lot – but you SO don’t look like you have a 15-year-old daughter!!!

      • It does have bits of bacon in it! The icing was chocolate ganache. I’m planning to do a blog post about them tonight after my friends bday party! They were soooo good! Hope our friend likes them!

        Thank you! :)

  28. Best thing I ate today was maple nut oatie dough. Which I probably ate too much of. :( LAST week of having nothing to do! thank god. :) Except I have a lot to do still before I go. Speaking of, thank you thank you for the VIA! got it today perfect timing. And I will def be using it at school (the mornings i dont have time to fix french press) and on the go.

    Your fancy lunch is soo up my alley. I love it. Every part.

    And I think you’re getting better with your dslr, the pictures are looking goood.

  29. Those bars look tasty, and I’m all for supporting Canadian companies & their products. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them out on the West Coast though – where did you buy them?

    • Hi!! I got the Honeybars at the Atlantic Superstore. Don’t know what that is out West – Loblaws? They’ve been stocking up on some really good bars lately, I love it! :)

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