Rest, Relax, Recharge

So today turned out to be a bit of a write-off. Well, depending on your definition of a write-off. I slept awful last night, including waking up at 6:30 a.m. Apparently, my body clock still hates me.

Today was supposed to be my “hard” gym day. 60 min on the treadmill with upper body weights + abs. To start, my butt is beyond sore from doing squats yesterday. Not only am I waddling everywhere, but using the washroom is teary-eyed painful (ladies, please tell me you know what I’m talking about). Also, severe glute pain makes me nervous about my old-lady hips. The two are sometimes connected for me, and squats have blown out my hips in the past.

On top of the pain, my body is just non responsive. I feel like I somehow gained 200 pounds overnight. Moving just seems like such a chore. I’ve also napped three times today, and feel another one coming on…

Yup, sounds like a little exhaustion to me. If I was a smart person, I would have taken this first week at my new job off from all exercise. Of course, these are usually things I only learn after the fact. I had no way of predicting this past week would be so mentally and physically draining on me.

So now I’m doing the lag work. Trying to fix the damage that was done. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) some may-jah stuff happened in my personal life today. My emotions are a little rocky at the moment. I need some time to reflect and become used to the idea before I let the world know.


So how’s that for a start to a blog? In all honesty though, I don’t really feel like the day has bean a real write-off. In fact, allowing my body to rest and repair is probably the most useful thing I’ve done all week!! I didn’t get dressed until 5pm, at which point I just put a nicer set of pyjamas on :P

Breakfast was made in a complete haze. I actually destroyed my first attempt at french toasted waffles because I forgot to spray the pan :\

Second attempt was much better :) With fake syrup whisked with Naturally More almond butter for dipping. Yum.

I awoke from nap #1 hungry again. I dug into my bar stash and pulled out a Glo Bar Angela gave me when we met.


I love how crispy these are :)

I watched two documentaries on marathons today! First, Spirit of the Marathon which is apparently up for free on Hulu, but I can’t get that in Canada so I just watched it on YouTube. I thought it was okay. The race itself was a little too dramatized and the nerd in me wanted to hear more about the training part of it (which in my mind, seems harder than the race itself). Twitter to the rescue, I got directed towards a PBS Nova documentary called Marathon Challenge (which is available on the PBS website or Veoh for non-Americans). This one is about a handful of non-athletes defying the odds to run a marathon. I enjoyed this one a lot more. They dove more into the science and struggles of the training regimen.

I think there was another nap in there too? At some point I had lunch.
Everything bagel with Fontaine Santé tofu spread, carrots, green pepper and hummus. Nomnomnom. Not enough protein, but mega tasty.

Made up the lack of protein later in the day with some quark!!



Why is it orange you ask? I added some leftover baby food carrots and a crumbled carrot cake protein square. Oh yes.


It actually kinda reminded me of pumpkin. It got me thinking about all the other baby food purees out there and how they could be added to yogurt and oats. Will have to take a gander next time I’m at the grocery store!

Supper was more protein + orange. Tuna salad + butternut squash fries.
In the tuna salad is onions, pickles, mustard, laughing cow cheese. Put on toast with some spinach and sprouts. The key to non-soggy b-nut squash fries is to squeeze out all the juice with paper towel before baking them, and flipping them every 5 minutes once they’re in the oven. Well, I guess they’ll always be kinda soggy, but it at least helps the cause :)


I also did a lot of unpictured snacking today. But posting these pics, I realize that even though I had a lot of food today, I think the worst of it was just a small handful of M&Ms. It was otherwise fresh and healthy stuff. I just don’t have the energy to not snack today. I feel too blaaaah to tell if it’s real hunger or not. So I’m just going with it.  It’s just one of those days.

Goal for tomorrow is to prepare food and meals for the week! And hopefully see a friend who had a baby over the holidays. Should be fun, so long as she doesn’t ask me to hold it ;) Think I’ll take one more rest day from exercise tomorrow, and start Monday fresh and early with my favourite spin class :) Hope y’all had a wonderful Saturday!!


Question of the Day: What is your favourite documentary?? I don’t know if it’s the journalist in me, but I love documentaries. Maybe even more than real movies. Grizzly Man is one that will always stand out in my memory. You should check it out!


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  1. I am a documentary fanatic!

    I’ve seen both of the marathon docs you mentioned, and I agree…Spirit of the Marathon=LAME. Marathon challenge is a bit better.

    Grizzly Man is definitely an interesting one…but is it just me, or does it seem really, really cheezy? When his old friends are interviewed, it seems really fake. Not to mention the part where the video tape of his death is being given to his mom (I think its his mom)…

    Anyway, my favorite documentaries are Paradise Lost (BEST DOC EVER), The Farmer’s Wife, My Flesh and Blood, and So Much So Fast.

  2. Hi Susan,
    I’ve been a reader since your tri-ing days. I don’t normally comment on the blogs I read, but my heart lurched a little for you reading this one. Hope everything works out for the best.

    • Thank you so much Katie!!! That means a lot :) I have a feeling things will be okay in the end (so far the gut says it’s the right thing). I think I just made the last of my hard decisions today. Definitely the hardest of them all!

  3. feel better. When I get so tired and hungry like that it often means I am coming down with something. Rest up.
    I love documentaries. hard to pick a fave but the PBS special on Jazz is one of my favorites.

  4. I’m sorry your body was hurting so much today but I think you were smart to take a few days off! I want to try making butternut squash fries this week!

  5. Sorry about the exhaustion- feel better! A nice long sleep always does it for me.
    I put baby food in my oats! If you ever take a wander down the baby food isle..might I recommend the carrots and the sweet potatoes :)

  6. Whatever is going on in your pers life, I wish you clarity, strength, and peace with it :)

    The baked beans on your prev post look dynamite!

    As does the flax spread. And the syrup conconction on this post. YUM!


  7. Aw sweetie I hope that you feel better soon. I’m glad that you are giving your body the rest that it needs.

  8. erintakescontrol

    Hope your body is ache-free soon! I totally know the feeling! I hope your personal life gets worked out for the best – you are strong and can get through it!

  9. I hope your bad news is not that bad? Maybe just the horrors of driveway snow turning to hard ice, perhaps? I hope everything is okay :(

    I always designate saturday as a real rest day, you were super ambitious to make it your hardest workout! I’m sure next week you will find some equilibrium and are less pooped!

  10. I am somone who if I am not doing what I think I should be doing I fall into a heap. There’s a lot of guilt that I still deal with in that ‘not eating healthy enough’ ‘not doing enough exercise’ ‘not doing x’. I have to stop sometimes and listen to my soul.

    Yours said to relax and to acknowledge that is more powerful then doing what you think you should be doing…which will cost you.

    Enjoy this relaxation and switch your frame of mind. it will be easier to bounce back.

    hugs ~M

  11. HUGS!! Whatever it is, I hope everything works out!

    I feel ya on the work out pains. Part of the reason I stopped NROL was because my hips and knees started to hurt from the squats, lunges, body matrix, etc.

  12. Hugs! I hope everything’s okay. If it’s not, it will be sooner or later. Hopefully sooner than later.

  13. aw sweet girl, hope everything is ok. if you feel in your gut that you did the right thing, then you DID. i promise!

  14. I’m sorry you are not having a very good day. I agree with you, take another day off from exercising and just regroup and re-energize. I’m sorry you are feeling blue…but just know you have alot of people out there that are thinking of you and sending you good thoughts.

  15. sorry about the day girl!! take another day off and get in touch with yourself, you need some ME time! prayers your way!
    on the other hand..uve got me wantin tuna now!

  16. ugh I wrote you this long comment and it didn’t go through…i think. Guess that’s a sign to keep it short. So, I’m here for you if you need to vent to someone who is removed from the situation, and thanks for the marathon docu tip, I’m getting it from Netflix.

  17. hahahah. i hate holding babies. anyway, how funny that we BOTH had our kick butt workouts planned for today and took them off! i guess we needed it ;)


  18. I totally know that pain there is a particular workout dvd I have that kills me everytime, and the day after ouch! I had custard oats today thanks for the inspiration they were delish! Hope you feel better soon x x

  19. Hope you are okay after the news you got. Sounds like a day of complete rest was MUCH needed…you aren’t Superwoman and it’s perfectly okay to kick back and chill out big time for the day!

    Babyfood- I tried it a few times because the flavours always sound really cool, but they all have added water and I thought they were pretty tasteless to be honest! Funny you mention the carrot mix tasting like pumpkin- the Stonyfield pumpkin pie yogurt has carrots as one of the first ingredients and pumpkin at the bottom of the list!

    Documentaries… I don’t watch much TV at all so rarely see documentaries. Recently watched one about a girl who had an operation when she was a few weeks old to fix her oesophagus and although physically there was no reason why she couldn’t eat anymore, she had never swallowed food/liquid. It was really interesting- she went to a special clinic in Sweden (Norway?) for pretty radical treatment and did well.

  20. My favorite documentaries are ones that are medical related, like the ones on people overcoming extreme medical conditions. I really wish I had been a doctor!

    It sounds like you need to back off on the strength training a bit. Sometimes after I’ve done too much I am so achy I feel like I have the flu.

  21. Rest up!! I hate those days where I’m super sluggish. Good for you for listening to your body.. I hope your not getting sick!!

    I’m not a big documentary fan but there are some pretty good medical ones out there!

  22. Favorite documentary? Hands down – Spellbound! It follows a bunch of kids as they compete in the national spelling bee. It’s funny, sad, inspiring – everything you could want in a film. I highly suggest it.

  23. whatever happened in your personal life I”m praying that you come out on top!!

    I also LOVE LOVE documentaries. I’m actually working on one right now (semi-secret topic) with a colleague. We plan to sell it to HBO or another network by the end of the year :)

  24. Sounds like you definitely needed to recharge! Hopefully today you wake up feeling rested and recovered:)

  25. I’m glad you listened to your body to rest and relax. Hope the personal stuff is all right and it isn’t what I think it is : (

    I loved Grizzly Man. There was a show on him on Animal Planet last year, which delved more into the bears than the man and those episodes were also very good.

    I also saw “The Devil Came on Horseback”, about Darfour, which made me cry.

  26. Bagel for lunch looks great as well as your tuna or dinner!!

  27. REST IT UP GIRL! i am famous for putting too much on my plate too – sometimes a girl just needs to kick back and kick it.

    i should be getting born into brothels, a documentary about the sex slave industry in india anyday. it is supposed to be amazing!

    hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend :)

  28. Ha ha- so you do the “Hover aka Helicopter maneuver” in the ladies’ room too :-)

    Oh Susan, my heart goes out to you- you are having a bit of a bumpy time right now- highs and lows. I’m sure that it will work out and you said so yourself- lets’ hope sooner rather than later.

    And it seems that there are quite a lot of girls out there feeling really tired an over-worked/trained etc. Weird. Post-holidays? Mercury in retrograde?

    Hang in there- you’ll shine.

    PS Love the new photo.

    I’m horribly behind on other posts but glad I caught this one. Thanks for your very sweet comments on my blog- esp the one about my mom- it meant a lot to me.

  29. i had a really lazy, whatever weekend too. even though i went to phoenix, i just felt “blah” all weekend. why do we have those days?? it just seems like a week or two ago, i felt ON TOP of my game. so frustrating. :(

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