Flashback Friday!! “Feelin’ Irie Mon”

Hello!! So it seems most of you are creatures of habit. I was actually surprised!! I encourage you to go do something spontaneous!

For the first time ever, I contemplated staying in bed instead of going to the gym this morning. But I was already awake, and going back to sleep wouldn’t have guaranteed me all that much extra sleep in the long-run. Tonight I’ll just get a solid 8 hours.

Here’s how it went down:

Elliptical 20 min:

Minutes Level
3 10
2 12
1 16
2 13
1 17
2 14
1 18
2 14
1 17
2 13
1 16
2 12

Lower body:

Exercise Sets Weight Reps
Barbell Squat 3 55 lbs 12
Static Lunge 3 15 lbs ea 12
Single Leg Romanian Deadlift 3 15 lbs ea 12


Exercise Sets Reps
Plank 1 90 sec
Side Plank 1 each side 45 sec ea
Stability Ball Roll Out 1 15
Prone Jackknife 1 15

Stairmill 10 min:

Minutes Level
1 7
1 8
1 9
1 10
1 11
1 7
1 8
1 9
1 10
1 11


Then I cooled down with some stretching :) Obviously, today was a lower body + abs day. I contemplated throwing a calf isolation move in there, but decided against it. Oddly, my calves are the most sore!! Well, right now anyways. I predict the pain will move to my glutes tomorrow…

In order to maximize sleep time, I prepared everything last night so all I’d have to do is just come home, shower and shovel food and coffee in my face before rushing off to work. Enter an old favourite: the breakfast cookie!!

Today’s was a PB&J breakfast cookie. Can you believe I’ve never thought of this before?? It was awesome!!!

  • >1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 tbsp Crofter’s raspberry/yumberry jam
  • splash almond milk

All mixed together, flattened on a plate, and chilled in the fridge overnight to harden. Must do these more often on my early a.m. workout days :)

It was a busybusy day at work!! It flew by! Happy to have my first week under me. I actually got a few projects accomplished that I’ll get to see go up on the website this weekend. I’ve also got some interesting projects coming up that I’m excited to get my hands on :)

Work eats today included…

IMG_2470An awful photograph of a quark/yogurt/vanilla protein powder/strawberry combo. This is quite possibly one of the worst food pictures featured on my blog. For being so delicious, yogurt is not always photogenic.

Moving on! Lunch!

…was delicious. Hummus, cheddar cheese, tomato, sprouts, spinach on an everything bagel. With a particularly juicy bag of baby carrots. Stellar combo, will do again!!

Snack attack…


Two carrot protein squares that I sandwiched laughing cow cheese in (gotta have that cream cheese frosting!) and a granny apple sauce cup. I miss my homemade sauce :(

Supper was some sort of weird take on chili cheese fries…


Butternut squash fries, turkey breast, baked beans. I’d originally planned on making these three things separate components on my plate. Then thought “what the hell” and just threw it all together.

Halfway through though, I decided it needed ketchup.
 IMG_2517 Much bettah ;)

I also got more bloggie presents today! That’s three in one week! I feel like such a lucky gal :D

Today was my belated Blogger Secret Santa package. It’s awesome. So many goodies! I’m so grateful Chandra was my BSS – you know my tastes perfectly!!

Naturally More Almond Butter, Mrs. May’s Cran-Blueberry Crunch nut clusters, Larabar in Tropical Fruit Tart, Peanut Butter & Jelly and Pecan Pie, and a mug! (which I think may be designated my office mug). Thank you SO much!!!  

And don’t worry about it arriving late Chandra. My birthday is in two weeks, so we’ll call it a Christmas/New Years/Birthday gift ;)

Obviously, I had to dig into some of the goodies right away. I had to try this almond butter. Check out what’s in it:


For some reason, I thought it would be ground flax. But it’s whole flax. It makes the nut butter not crunchy – but crispy!!!

I’m in love.

In other news, I also got my first big paycheck today from my new job. It called for a little celebratory spending…


Shoes!! Not just any shoes, but ones with heels. I’m pushing 5’7” and never wear heels because they make me feel like an Amazon Woman. But, my office is pretty dressy, and my usual clunkers just aren’t cutting it. I feel like such a grown up!


Not only is it TGIF ‘round these parts – but it’s also Flashback Friday!!!

I think it’s been a while since I’ve participated in Janetha’s fun bloggie feature. Today’s FF is all about my trip to Jamaica in 2008.

I’ve done the resort thang a few times, but I was reeeeally excited about Jamaica. Maybe it’s just the Bob Marley fan in me, but of all the Caribbean islands I felt it had a really distinct and interesting culture.

Of course, as any Canadian knows, if you travel in March you will fly out on the day of a snow storm. It’s a guarantee. It’s happened to me every. single. time.


Thankfully, the weather in Jamaica was fabulous. I’m always cold, and found even the evenings stayed quite warm.


I was definitely right about Jamaican culture. It really is distinct. They have their own language which sounds like English, but is actually reallyreally hard to understand! It’s called Patois and includes things like “feelin irie” instead of “feeling alright.”


Before we left, everyone told us to be careful because Jamaica is a really dangerous country. This is true, I would not want to wander around by myself. But with that said, the Jamaicans we did meet were amazing people!!! Chris and I always joked that everything ran on “Jamaican time” (timely customer service does not exist) and the country’s motto is “No problem mon.”

100_2151 IMGP1185

Chris and I did a lot of day trips. Probably too many, as we were pretty exhausted by the end. But in retrospect, I’m still happy with everything I got to see. Highlights were definitely travelling to various waterfalls.

100_2208 cropped 
We also did the touristy thing to do there and climbed Dunn’s River Falls.


It was a damn big waterfall, and tough work to climb up. Amazing though. I dunno, I’ve always had a thing for swimming in waterfalls…

Now you may be wondering why after aaallll these Flashback Fridays, I’m only just talking about this trip now? Well, I ate. A lot.

I was a good 5+ lbs from my highest weight at the time. While it was an awesome trip, I ate and drank way too much. I continued the vacation once I came home, and skyrocketed to my highest weight soon after.


Looking back on these pictures brings mixed emotions. It was an amazing trip (seriously, Jamaica is an fun country). But I also feel kinda sad for myself. I can’t believe I let myself get so out of control.

I wasn’t making the best food or drink choices…

 100_2228 100_2252

And the rum. My god the rum was good. And cheap.



Oh, and did I mention? If you’re Canadian, it’s also guaranteed you’ll get a snowstorm when you’re trying to fly out of a foreign country in March.

100_2251 Uff.


Okay folks, that wraps it up for me! I’ve got some Real World to watch!


Question of the Day: Name one place you’ve travelled to that had amazing food. My family travelled to Germany when I was younger and I’ll always remember the bread+meat+cheese. Sounds simple, but all three were soooo much better than anything I’ve had since. There’s nothing like some authentic German bratwurst and cream cheese on a freshly baked roll.


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  1. I heart Jamaica, those photos make me happy! PB&J bfast cookie looks great! They don’t fill me up as much as oatmeal though, maybe I’ll try some mini PB&J snack ones.

  2. OK, first…your bagel sammich looks awesome. I love that you combine hummus & cheddar together…it’s one of my fave combos!!

    And, in answer to your question…Austria! My ex and I did one of those whirlwind European bus tours. We visited multiple countries…some of which had good food and some of which had shite. Innsbruck won the award for best meal when we stopped at a local pub and got a real bratwurst with potatoes and cabbage. Too.die.for.

  3. I am a huge fan of Naturally More PB but I have never seen their AB here !

  4. I LOVE your new shoes! They are adorable! Are they comfortable? lol @ the “wata” bottle.

    Jamaica looks like it was tons of fun! I think the best meal I’ve had while traveling was in Ireland, of all places. We stopped at this nice restaurant in Kinsale, where I proceeded to have the best steak I’ve ever had.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Japan–amazing sushi
    India–the roti and curries were to die for
    E. Timor–fried chicken and chili

    I love LOVE ethnic food.

  6. Israel…best hummus and falafel EVER (I know, not shocking). Good desserts and really fresh produce too. I’ve been to other places with good food like Barcelona, Paris, and Rome, but I think if I had to pick a fave, it’s Israel for the hummus alone. I’m sure you can relate ;-)

  7. BRAZIL-amazing steak!!
    what a great day of eats! your sandwich for lunch for real sounds aweesome! so does that hardcore work out!

  8. Hands down India had the best food. No ifs ands or buts about it.

  9. erintakescontrol

    That waterfall looks familiar…I have a very similar photo of my parents from their Jamaica trip last year! When I travelled to Cuernavaca, Mexico, in 2006, there was a burger stand called Hamburguesas de Don Juan. Best burger, ever! Shh! I shouldn’t say that, I’m from the middle of beef country USA! But the beef was fresh, unprocessed, and mouthwatering. I would return to Cuernavaca just for another taste of his burgers!

    • I spent a week in Cuernavaca when I was in Mexico too! My sister actually did a university exchange there, so we went to visit. I was a vegetarian in those days, too bad :P The food in Mexico was amazing too though. I had a quesadilla everywhere I went – on real corn tortillas with potatoes, cactus and green salsa. Yumm :)

  10. Thailand! Best. food. ever.

    No Thai food we get here will ever compare.

  11. Hot shoes!

    I went to Europe for 5 weeks in college. Overall, I wasn’t super impressed with the food. By the time I got home I was dying for protein and veggies! (It seemed like bread carbs were the only thing available over there!) But the one thing that I will never forget is the Italian gelatto…So Good! I ate it every day, if not twice a day.

  12. those shoes are super cute! I’m jealous of your height. being a tall woman must be empowering! I’m not short ( 5’5) but I’d love a couple of extra inches

  13. They have almond naturally more??? I need that in my life!! haha.

    And I love the idea of using LC as cream cheese. Sometimes I want to top my muffins with something but I don’t know what.. lets hope I remember your LC idea! haha

  14. emilytheexperimentarian

    OMG!!! I bet that almond butter is amazing! I LOVE the Naturally More pb, so that HAS to be good! I think your dinner looks amazing, and yes EVERYTHING is better with ketchup! It looks perfect. I think you’ve inspired me to try those custard oats–it probably wouldn’t turn out as creamy with just egg whites, huh?

    Oh guess what? My sister is staying with us for a while, and she brought over her jar of MARSHMALLOW FLUFF!!!! Yee haw! I haven’t dared to try it yet, but I will! xoxo

  15. That ab workout looks so hard! You are going to have a rock hard core (if you don’t already).

    Ah… the warmth in those pictures. I could dive right in. You look happy, though – even if you were at your heaviest.

    Best vacation food is New Orleans. Hands down best food ever, ever, ever! That’s why you go there. Amazing music, funky people. I would live there if we didn’t have family up here. I can*not* wait to get there in a few weeks!

    You must go there sometime.

  16. Eats look fabuloussss!

  17. That breakfast cookie looks so good I gotta try making one! When I go to Barcelona there is a fav vegan restaurant there that is soooooooo good I make sure to visit whenever I’m in the city x

  18. The bagel sammie and carrot cake-ish snacks look amazing! Adorable shoes, and I love the vacay flashback. I really want to go to Jamaica. Or any exotic place, really–I’ve never been!

  19. Aaah! I am so glad you FINALLY got the package!! I’ve been wondering if it got lost somehow – I sent it the Monday before Christmas – that’s 18 days! Geesh. Anyway, I’m glad you finally got it and I hope you enjoy everything in there!

    • Yeah, it seems like everything takes FOREVER to get to me in New Brunswick!! Thank you so much for the gifts Chandra, you seriously went above and beyond! Although, I totally blame you for my new Naturally More addiction :P

  20. YES! you are a treasure and a treat and i am so glad you wrote this post. ah!

    first up i wonder why your calves were the sorest even tho you didnt isolate them? crazy!

    PBJ bfast cookie is so smart! why didn’t i think of that?!


    okay onto the FBF. and yes i know that flashback is one word but i like saying FBF.

    i know what you mean about looking back on photos and thinking “WTF”~ but the good part is the photos we take now days we can look back on and be like YEAH GIRL.

    so i loved the photos of jamaica! it made me so excited to go. (i hope marshall gets his passport gah!) everyone has told me how dangerous it is but i think we will survive. i love the banana photo!! that was my fave. is there anything you think i HAVE to eat there? ah. super stoked

    i had GREAT indian food in london. yum yum.

    hope your weekend is relaxing, susan! love you!

  21. awesome looking vaca!! wow great pics. I love the sound of that breakfast cookie you had. Wonderful!!!

  22. Those boots are HOT! I think the best food I’ve had in a place I’ve traveled to would be in Greece. Granted I was only six when I went there to visit my family but it is DELISH. My father is begging me to go back and I would like to, but I wanna go when I’m much farther along in recovery (so I can enjoy those tasty treats!)

    Nicole G

  23. What a fun filled post!! I love your take on chili cheese fries :)

  24. Susan- I totally get that feeling about looking back on old photos from vacays. It really sucks if the truth be known that I judge my happiness and how much I enjoyed the trip based on how heavy or thin I was!! It’s maddening. Ironically I was really heavy on a trip to jamaica as well. Get this- my mom and I went, and we ran in to some random guy I knew from a few years prior. He had the nerve to ask my mom what happened to me, to let myself “go” like that!! I still remember it and it tarnished how I viewed that trip. A trip I should have treasured. But no, I was fat. And that’s all that mattered. When will the madness end?

    For what it’s worth, I was gonna say you were rockin’ some mean delts in a few of those shots :-) And you were beautiful, period.

  25. Its funny I think I was at my lowest weight on our family vacation to Jamaica (we went to Negril) so that vacay holds a special place in my mind.. and when I “flashback” and look at those pictures i always look at my old self with envy.

    Your vacay pictures look fun though! <333 jamaaiicaaa.

    p.s. loveee the shoes. clothes and shoes are probably the dominate reason i do not want a kitchen job for the rest of my life. :)

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