TGIF!! Well, TGIAF. You see, I can legitimately say that now. I work a Mon-Fri job ;) For anyone who may be new, I used to work every Sat & Sun from 5am-1pm. It was lame.

In other (bad) news, my personal training classes next weekend got cancelled. Insert GIANT sad face here :(

In some ways, I think it’s just life’s way of straightening things out for me. Which is kinda weird, and starting to freak me out a little! I was scheduled to do a three-day course next weekend, then write my exam Feb 7. My original plan was to work at Starbucks till I got word I passed my exam and found work in a gym.

Then, I got offered this new job working communications at my old university until April 30. The next possible PT course runs for two weekends at the end of March, with the exam written on April 16. This is actually a better timeline for me! Again, I’m bummed to have to put it off, but weirded out that things are being all “serendipitous” again.

I’ll say it again – life works in mysterious ways!

Today is my “day off” from working out. Getting up at 6:30 opposed to 5:30 felt like such a treat! It called for a treat of a breakfast…


Custard oats in jar. Topped with candy marshmallow fluff and M&Ms.

The best thing about OIAJ is that you get peanut butter in every bite. I always find myself scraping around the edges for maximum nut butter coating.

I remember April saying she weighed one of her nut butter jars before and after putting oats in it – and discovered there was three tablespoons worth of nut butter in there! Truth is, I suck at saving any at the bottom, so my jars are already pretty bare by the time I get to them.

Work was busybusy today!! I’m realizing it’s going to take up a lot of my time…I ended up bringing my laptop home tonight so I can tie up all the loose ends leftover from today. On the bright side, I’m really starting to warm up to my coworkers – good crowd!

I’ve been craving a giant salad for a couple days now, so I finally gave in tonight! (no worries, the chocolate cravings are still existent too).


  • LOTS of spinach
  • red onion
  • mushrooms
  • green pepper
  • tomato
  • olives
  • boiled egg
  • grilled turkey breast (seasoned in the Kirkland no-salt stuff)
  • balsamic vinaigrette

So simple, SO good. Hit the spot.

I came home to yet another bloggie gift today!! I flipped out when I opened it.

Some of Deb’s famous nut butters!!! EEEEeee!!! Thank you so much Deb!! Definitely worth the wait ;)

The nut butters include roasted sunflower seed butter (sunflower seeds), spiced hole mole (peanuts, dark cocoa powder, instant coffee, chipotle powder) and spice nutella aka The OMG OMG OMG (roasted hazelnuts, dark cocoa powder, stevia, cinnamon, cardamom).

I’ve stuck my finger in all of them and they are uh-mazing. I see some wasas with hole mole on it as my nighttime snack ;)


So remember back in the day (ahem, November) when I was all worried about how working at Starbucks would affect my usual eating and workout routine? Well, now I’m getting the same way about working my first office job! It’s like I’ve gone from one extreme to another. Running around at the Bucks all day, to sitting on my bum writing all day. At least when I worked at the radio station, it was a good mix of the two.

I can say that I feel really good about my eats this week. My working hours are conducive to a good eating schedule for me. My office has no temptations (minus that chocolate covered cherry I ate today) and I always pack nutritious meals and snacks.

But I’m tired. Getting up so early to workout this week has been more of a challenge than usual. Doing it after work is not much of an option for me. Especially if I have to stay late at work, bring work home, or just lead some sort of a normal existence.

Anyways, like all things, it will take getting used to. This is only my first week! I’ll get settled into my new routine. But gosh, this is technically my third job in just over a month. I’m starting to feel it!!


Question of the Day: Are you a creature of habit? Or are you a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of person? I’m actually more of the latter. I like not having a structured plan for myself. I purposely drive different routes every day, change the order I do things in the morning, etc. But at the same time, I do crave some form of stability!

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  1. I am a creature of habit! I need some sort of routine. But I adapt easily!

    Glad your new job is working out!


  2. I’m definitely a creature of habit. I strive to be as effcient as possible in everything that I do, so a routine is a necessity!

  3. I am usually organised but will have random burst of ‘whatever’ and just go with what I feel.

    sunflower butter is amazing.

  4. I definitely fall into the “habit” camp!

    I’ve found that, the moment I get off schedule, I physically start feeling bad. That usually means headaches on the weekend, or insane nighttime hyperactivity when I decide to skip the after-work-workout.

    I found that after work is the only possible time for me to go to the gym, and it is really hard sometimes! It’s an integral part of my routine now, and I’m sure yours will balance out too (schedule equilibrium?)

  5. I like to think I’m a little bit of both. I plan like crazy but often land up changing things up at the last minute. Sometimes this works well, sometimes not…but things are generally interesting. :)

  6. I’m kinda of an in betweener. I like some consistency. But then it kinda drives me nuts day in and day out. I like school + a 30 hr a wk job with an ever changing schedule. No two days of the week were the same but week to week was generally consistent.

    • I’m totally with ya there! I think I was most happy with my schedule in school because of that. Always different with my shifts and class schedule, yet generally the same.

  7. I’m just weird. I am a creature of habit, but I love getting thrown curveballs to see how I handle it. Or we do spontaneous stuff just for the heck of it. But nobody better mess with my workout time LOL!

    You’ll settle down in a bit once you get a comfortable work routine and expectations down. Don’t underestimate the amount of stress these past few months have had on you! Good stress is still stress. :)

  8. hahah.. you ARE addicted to jobs susan! stop it. you are such a hard worker and i admire you for that. your breakfast looks like a freaking dessert! love it! mmm, deb’s nut butters are so good, too bad they are off limits to me right now. glad you are feeling good about your eats! hey, i am going to print up one of your multiple-HIIT full body workout days for saturday, can you suggest a day that you particularly enjoyed? xoxo

  9. I am such a planner! I do hate the office job though. I can’t wait to finish school and start my active nursing career. I def don’t want a paperwork job as many nurses may want.

  10. It will just take some time to adjust!!

  11. Oh I need to have every second of my life planned out and I HATE when things go off plan. It’s kind of, um a problem because Mitch is the total opposite and it makes him crazy when I start planning out our whole weekend on Friday night. But like, what if I don’t have time for everything?!?

    • I think it’s good to have a mix of both in a relationship! Neither Chris or I are planners and we often end up doing lame things because we’re not on the ball to plan something big or fun!

  12. erintakescontrol

    Total creature of habit. OCD, in fact. Hate change. Hate last minute change of plans. Flying by the seat of my pants is scary. I do it sometimes, but not without alot of resistance running around in my brain!

  13. im def a creature of habit!!! i have to be in a ROUTINE. love your custard oats in a jar! yess!

  14. Timing is everything, isn’t it?! I hope the stuff with your PT works out!
    Yay for Deb’s nut butters! Great photo with the card + nut butter deliciosuness, all in one frame.
    Definitely a planned person. It’s my coping device when things start to go all wrong, I just make a new plan. I try to be flexible when plans go wrong (as they inevitably do), but I need something to work with!

  15. I’m sorry about your classes getting cancelled :( It’s nice to hear you’re staying positive though!
    I’m most definitely a creature of habit. I like to always park my car in the same spots, sit in the same chairs…

  16. soooo sorry to hear personal training classes next weekend got cancelled. THAT SUCKS!
    But the M& M and Fluff action maybe put a smile on your face? I know it did mine :)

    I am a creature of habit with insane random burts of spontaneity. Overall a habit girl, but have major openness towards random stuff.

  17. I’m a huge creature of habit! I like to be organized and have things set out and timed etc. I wish I could be more spontaneous!

  18. Sucks about the class, but sounds like a weekend of complete relaxation is needed this weekend…so strange how stuff works out. Life is mysterious :)

    I am a creature of habit, big time. New stuff always throws me in a spin until I adapt and carve my own wee niche and get in a groove. Trial and error, give and take.

  19. Sorry about the class but everything happens for a reason! I love the card she included – FUN nut butters!!

    I’m definitely a creature of habit. I’m so type A that I need my schedules and routines!

  20. I hate to say it but I fall in the creature of habit camp. At least during the work week. On the weekend I hate to have plans because it makes me feel under pressure! Silly isn’t it?

  21. Ahhh your making me crave oats now!! Guess what.. I measured one of my jars and found out there was a1/4 cup in it. and I ate it!! Oops! haha! I just didnt’ mention that one on my blog ;)

    • Bahaha, that’s awesome. I never photograph it, but I usually have nut butter on wasa crackers before I go to bed at night. That always scrapes my near-empy jars clean before I get the chance to put oats in them in the morning :P

  22. adjustment is never a fun thing…i got really nervous starting super office jobs (aka sitting in a chair all day) but you will find ways to make it work. if anything, it provides for GREAT motivation for the gym :)

    and that oatmeal looks amazing. and i will happily have mine with 4 tablespoons nut butter. gah, that is like 1/4 cup…cest la vie!

    chat. this. weekend. travel. love.

    have a great day :)

  23. I’m a creature of habit during the week for sure but come the weekend, anything goes. What a wild child!
    The brekkie looks divine by the way!

  24. I am sooooo a creature of habit! It’s so bad and I’ve tried to work on it but change makes me SO uncomfortable!

    Yay Friday! I remember when I 1st started working Mon-Fri feels so good to have the whole weekend off!

  25. Oooooo I love having my breakfast in a jar so good yours looks fab! I am soooooo a creature of habit its hard to change out of that not sure I ever will to be honest! I tagged ya! Hope you get time to stop by then write your 10 x x

  26. I think I’m definitely a creature of habit, but sometimes I like to think I can be spontaneous.

    I used to work at a Jamba Juice and then went to a desk job, it’s a big transition. There are good things about both kinds of work though.

  27. ah how ironic that this is the last post of yours that I catch up on. If I had not read it I would never have known that you got them. I thought that the evil customs people took the nut butters for themselves. Hope you enjoy them.

    I don’t need everything planned in advance, but once plans are in place, I like to have a time-line. Like back to back appts- need to be scheduled to make most efficient use of time. But other things can be flexible- the type of workout, etc.

    • Deb!! The nut butters are a-maaaazing! The customs people are seriously missing out ;) I haven’t been photographing it, but they’ve been making their way on to my usual wasa cracker snacks. Plain and simple, they’re delicious on their own :D Thank you!! xoxo

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