Ch-ch-check out the sweet headband I got from Matt at No Meat Athlete. Thanks Matt! You’ve just helped me plump up my future personal trainer wardrobe ;)

Okay, honestly, I had no idea how to start this post, but at least I now have your attention :)

Totally loved hearing all the personal items y’all need with you at work. Hand cream and chapstick were definitely the most popular, with pictures and post-its slightly behind. Although Emily has rubber bands in the shape of zoo animals and Janetha suggested a day-by-day calendar. I was actually quite entertained by the responses!!

In other news, I was up at 5:30 am for spin class today. It was stellar as per usual. I’m actually starting to get to know some of the faces in the class. Not to mention, I feel hardcore in the bike jersey Chris got me for Christmas.

Came back home after to shower and celebrate Waffle Wednesday. 

Two Nature’s Path maple cinnamon waffles topped with a blended ricotta-cashew butter-cinnamon-maple syrup mixture. I was pressed for time, but still managed to get in a fantastic waffle feast :)

Work eats look disgusting, but I promise they were fantastic.


Morning snack was yogurt mixed with vanilla protein powder and strawberries. For lunch I had leftovers a la Leah! I have a fridge next to my office, and I’ve been eating in a cafeteria with a microwave. It feels like such a luxury to have a hot lunch! (how sad is that?). Anyways, it was Indian Cauliflower Stew with added shrimp. Afternoon snack attack was two carrot cake protein squares and a cheese string.  

Nothing exciting to report from work. I ran into an old colleague at the drug store after, and he was asking me all about switching from journalism to communications. Or as reporters call it – “going to the dark side.” PR work is a whole different ball game. Totally different than journalism work. I feel like I have so much to re-learn (and forget!).

I bought a can of baked beans a while back after seeing them on Caitlin’s blog so frequently. I suddenly had a hankering for them and eggs for dinner. Breakfast supper of champions.

With an egg scramble. Various veggies from the fridge with cottage cheese and laughing cow cheese. What really made it was the green olives I added. Green olives and eggs are such a fantastic flavour duo!



My three addictions wrapped into one. Date + PB + M&Ms. Times two.


So a while back, I was a recipient of a Beautiful Blogger Award by Averie – a beautiful blogger herself ;) It’s about time I display it proudly!!

With the award, I must divulge seven random facts about myself. I’ve done this a few times, but I suppose I can always dig up a few more things to share…

  1. I don’t like wine. I’ve tried, numerous times. But I just never developed the palette for it.
  2. Babies scare me. They’re cute to look at, but please don’t ask me to hold or interact with one.
  3. I refuse to have the colour pink anywhere on my road bike.
  4. A childhood friend died downhill skiing when I was 10 years old. I’ve since developed a fear of ski hills and have only ever done cross-country.
  5. I only own two exercise bras. Instead of doing laundry every day, I often hand wash them in my sink between washes.
  6. The Beatles are my favourite band of all time. You will be “shushed” if one of their songs comes on the radio.
  7. I’m still wearing that headband. It’s keeping my forehead warm!

I must pass this on to seven other bloggers. In order to keep this fair, I randomly picked seven people who commented on my last post. Kinda like a giveaway, except it’s a jpeg and not something you can eat ;)

Lizzy (random.org actually picked you three times!!)

Wow, random.org is pretty smart. All totally deserving and beautiful bloggers in my opinion!!

Speaking of smart websites, I urge you to go check out www.cleverbot.com. Ask it something, although the responses aren’t always that clever..

Okee, bedtime! See ya tomorrow!

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  1. I don’t like wine either! I guess I’m just not that classy. And I like the headband :)

  2. OMG that is genius= random.org to choose the recipients! You rock sister! Can I borrow that if needed in future? hee hee.

    Loved your facts. Love the headband! Really suits you.

    Oh and thank you for the idea of the ricotta sauce. I have a whole thing of ricotta and I don’t know what on earth to do with it!?! Nom.

    Love olives. Love eggs. Must try that. Thanks!

    “the dark side”- puh- he’s just jealous! :-)

  3. Ok, with all of the working out you do, you need to purchase another bra, missy!

    My favorite bra ever can be found at wal-mart…I’m actually about to blog about it!

    Danskin High Impact Active Sport Bra

    • Bah, I know, I know. I hate going to the mall, so I never shop. Which means I’m always in desperate need of items! But I’m excited to hear about this Walmart bra :)

  4. I don’t drink wine either. Now beer, that’s another story!

  5. I love being randomly picked, and actually – what a fabulous way to pass these awards on. I’m always so torn on how to handle it.

    You are totally deserving of all awards!

  6. Ahh I got chosen! Thank you! I actually just did the beautiful blogger 7 facts about me haha! Good timing! You handwash your bras?! That’s awesome girl..I need to learn how to be a little more domestic like that around the house.

  7. I must be honest.. I’ll wear my sports bras two times before washing them! haha. But then again I’m on the smaller size so they don’t sweat much ;)

    And date/pb/and m&m?? Talk about a delicious combo! I used to have dates with peanut butter all the time but m&ms would totally take it to the next level! haha

  8. Omigosh, I was so totally afraid of babies before I had mine. I still don’t really care for other people’s babies, just mine. I like looking at pictures and reading stories, but I don’t want some other babies boogers and spit on me. My own babies boogers and spit gross me out enough, thanks. HAHA

  9. Great eats!! yummy dessert!

  10. HAhaha! Susan, loved your cute little dessert with the classic m & m’s! Just as cute as you are!

  11. I love baked beans.

  12. i think your lunch looks pretty DARN good!
    the frosting on your waffles..MAJAAA food porn! how do you make it?!

    • I just put the 1/2 cup ricotta, 1/2 tbsp cashew butter, cinnamon, and 1-2 tsp maple syrup in a bowl and mixed it with an immersion blender. I make my cottage cheese topping the same way. I like it cause it also adds fat+protein to an otherwise carb-y breakfast ;)

  13. Date + PB + M&Ms. Times two. HELL YEAH BABY that looks good!!!!!

    Glad you did the award. And before I had Skylar, babies scared me. Lots!
    And be glad you never developed a taste for wine…it’s expensive :) no seriously, you may as you get older. And then again, you may not. I recall you said you’re kinda done w/ drinking days anyway. Just as well :)

  14. Wine does take a lot of getting used to. It took me regularly trying it from about 16 (yeah, we start young in my family) to 20 years old before I really took a liking to it. And now I’m about to take my sommelier training. Just saying, it might take work but it’s so worth it. Although I’ve never liked beer, so it could just be one of those things ;)

    I’m pretty with you on the rest, though. Babies = scary, pink = bad, and Beatles = awesome.

    And you totally got me craving eggs and beans.

    • I have learned to like champagne, so maybe there’s hope for me yet. But I’m a total beer drinker. LOVE me some brew :) Someone needs to do a study to see if there really is a difference in palettes between wine and beer, it always seems like people are one way or another!

  15. I love baked beans! I was surprised when I went to the US and found out that they are completely different over there (thicker/smokier- British ones are in a sauce like spaghetti hoops).

    Fellow Beatles fan over here… My step-dad was obsessed too. What’s your favourite song? I love, “When I’m 64” :D

    • I’m a George fan, so anything by him tops my list. Although, Rubber Soul has been in my CD player in my car for a long time now…

      You can get tomato-ey baked beans here too, but I’m partial to the maple ones ;)

  16. I’m with you on #6!! LOVE them – I got two Beatles books for Christmas too so I’ve been listening and reading about them haha.

    Love the headband picture!

  17. I’m not crazy about wine. I only like very fruity, dessert type wines. Not classy, sophisticated wines at all! :P I also dislike beer. Plus it has gluten so I guess it’s a good thing I don’t like it.

    I second the bra recommendation. That is my kickboxing bra!

    I’ve never been randomly picked for anything! Now I have something to blog about tonight! :)

  18. lol i love the babies scare me comment. :)

  19. baller. shot collar.

    LOVE the headband. and that ricotta-cashew cream over those waffles – how did you make that?

    holllllaaa for the beatles. love them. one of my all-time faves, including “you’ve got to hide your love away.” gah, that song gets me everytime!

    have a fabulous day my lil’ thug blogger :)

  20. I love reading your blog. You always have great advice and wonderful humor. Thank you for being an inspiration!

    Dates + PB + MM…. oh my that looks divine!

  21. aww i love getting to know the faces in early spin class! soon you’ll start wondering where people are when they’re absent haha.

    i love gross looking meals that end up being faaaaaaaaaaaantabulous

  22. Not like wine? Are you sure? haha I’m jk, I’m sort of a wine fanatic. I bet I could find one for you that you would like!

    Loves the headband! After reading your post, I’m craving baked beans. And dates, pb and m&ms…perfection!

    Thank you for the award- it’s my first! :)

  23. Love the m&m’s in the date!!! that must have been delicious.

    i wear hats around my house all the time just to keep me extra cozy- rock on with your headband

    babies are scary

  24. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    you look adorable in your sweatband

  25. mmmm your waffles make me jealous. i love the photo with the headband! you are so sassy. loved your answers.. and i would looove to jam out to the beatles with you!

  26. Hehe I think I have three exercise bras, but am reaaallly weird in my workout clothes. Like give me a tank top and I am good to go. I probably only use one of my bras. Naassty.

    Also LOVE LOVE the beatles. My day introduced the white album to me probably three summers ago, and its been a love affair ever since, with everything too. :)

    btw- i’ve been digging my dates into the pb bar one too many times in the past couple weeks because of YOU! soo good.

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