Meet me in my office

Happy Tuesday all! I apologize if I’m a little “off” this week. Trying to get settled into the new job,and spending my spare time “catching” up on some things. Also, I’m frantically trying to get through my personal training textbook before my classes in Moncton next week (okay, how exciting will those be!? Can’t wait to share it with you!)

Anyways, tangents aside, I did indeed get up at 5am today to hit the gym before work. I swear it’s not that hard to do. Maybe it’s because I’m not very good at falling back asleep. Once I’m awake, I’m usually anxious to get my day started!

My first week of scheduled workouts is already all wonky from taking the day off yesterday. I’ll still get them in, just on different days. So that means I went for 40 minutes running, shoulders, and abs today.

First, the treadmill. I don’t feel like typing it out, but I started with 5 minutes walking. Then I did the following sequence:

5.6 mph, 5.7 mph, 5.8 mph
5.7 mph, 5.8 mph, 5.9 mph
5.8 mph, 5.9 mph, 6.0 mph

…until I got to 7.0 mph, which took 40 minutes :)

Weights/abs were alternated again:

Dumbbell shoulder press: 3 sets, 15 lbs ea x 10
Cable horizontal woodchop: 3 sets, 35 lbs x 10

Barbell upright row: 3 sets, 20 lbs x 15
Hanging leg raises: 3 sets, bw x 8

YTWL: 3 sets, 7.5 lbs ea x 4 each letter
Swiss ball crunch: 3 sets, 11 lbs x 15

I tore through the last part, finishing in 65 minutes. I wanted time to go back home to shower and make a nice breakfast :)

Custard oats topped with cashew butter and molasses. I am obsessed with custard oats. My protein powder oatmeal just isn’t the same anymore in comparison. Oatmeal lovers – I encourage you to give it a try! The creamy texture is out. of. this. world. All I do is whisk in an egg with the oats and water before I bring it to a boil. Then I reduce it to med-low and simmer for 15 min to make sure it’s all cooked in.

Today was Day Two at my new communications job at the university. Wanna see my office??

I’m the desk on the right, office-mate is on the left. Office-mate is a sweetheart, and a very similar worker as me. Both of us are pretty quiet, but like to stretch and take chit chat breaks occasionally. I’m not a huge fan of people who blab my ear off while I’m trying to get work done.

The boxes you see are full of university apparel. Apparently we’re also a “sweatshirt shop.”


I don’t mind actually, makes it feel more school-like :)

And a window!! My old newsroom didn’t have a window.


Those flowers are already starting to wilt in my presence…

My desk! My very own desk :D

I got my radio set up today, and plan on replacing that Tim Horton’s cup with a nicer pen holder. I also want to get a mint dish/candy bowl, and maybe some filing trays for my papers.

Classes don’t start until next Monday, so it’s eerily quiet in the building. I’m on a floor with classrooms, so it should get lively shortly! It is so SO weird being back at my university as a staff member and not a student. SO weird!!! I totally flipped when I got my parking pass today…


It doesn’t say “student!” Plus, staff parking spots are in all the prime locations ;)

It’s definitely neat learning all the “behind the scenes” stuff of my university. Even more, having a hand in what goes on there. I feel like such a proud alumna :D

Got all my assignments done for the day just in time to come home starving and impatient for a meal.

I didn’t even feel like cooking a chicken breast, so I threw a can of tuna in with some Indian Cauliflower Stew. Tuna was definitely not the right meat for these flavours. But whatever, it was hot, edible and healthy.


I’m already exhausted, don’t think I’ll make it through the Biggest Loser tonight! Got a 6am spin class on the sked for the morning. See ya tomorrow!


Question of the Day: What is one personal item you must have in your office/workplace? Anything you think my desk could use? I need to have hand cream and chapstick within an arm’s reach at all times! At Starbucks I kept them in my apron pockets ;)

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  1. I have to have lotion and chapstick too. As well as hand sanitizer. <—necessary when you work with kids on a daily basis.

  2. I have rubber bands in the shape of zoo animals that I find pretty essential. And Sharpies!!!

  3. I have allergies so a box of tissues on my desk is a MUST!

    I also have a “thing” for post-it notes and a stapler often comes in handy (if the “office” stapler has a tendency to go missing).

    I have an aversion to gum chewing but still keep a pack in my desk for emergency garlic situations.

  4. for real custard oats are the best thing in the worrrrrrrld. i don’t think i will ever have them any other way!

    love your office :) it’s so fun to have your very own workspace!

  5. Oh those oats. I must try them.

    I work at home, so I probably have different things than I would in a ‘real’ office. My snuggie is close at hand :D . I do love my postit pad, though.

  6. Haha, I love, love, love my faculty and staff parking pass too! (It gets me a prime spot at the gym every day.)

    Have to have hand lotion, and a big snack drawer that contains tea, granola/protein bars, almonds, trail mix, raisins, Gatorade packets and all kinds of stuff. My co-workers think I’m nuts.

  7. I love your window! My hubby works at a University too and really enjoys it. I don’t have an official office but I must have a pen cup that is out of reach from all my little kids who “need” to borrow my pens and pencils!

  8. you have a WINDOW!!! I envy you :)

    I also need chap stick and hand cream in the winter especially

  9. YAY your very own desk! and a window~what a nice addition. how would it be? i don’t have one. i forgot to say on the last post that i love that you love making lists :) me toooo. that is probably pretty weird to go back to your school as a staff member. i would trip out too. love how you beefed up your stew with some added protein. that’s my girl! at my desk, i have a paper weight with a photo of mable which i love, and also a day-to-day calendar which makes the morning fun because i get to rip a day off. what i actually want to do is publish a day to day calendar with the national food holidays but i dont even know how i could go about that..

    anyway, i am rambling. great workout! talk to you tomorrow! have a great night. xo

  10. i have to have my burts bees w. me!
    great workout and CUTE it!

  11. I think your office is sweet and I love the flower. Ha ha sweatshirt shop I got it! :-) cute!

    You are so motivated with your early classes- that’s fantastico.

  12. Girl the Custard oats topped with cashew butter and molasses look amazing. We all see 987098789 pics of oats per day in the b’sphere and i say with sincerity, i think you have rocked it down with those!

    Thx for the S’Bucks clarification. Yes, i can see why you’re not there. Duh, my bad. FT job + CPT stuff. = busy Susan.


  13. Those oats look fantastic! For the office – I like to have nice artwork and plant or too. So nice to have a window!

  14. Congrats on the new job! That’s always so exciting. My best friend just started a new job (after looking for one for 8 months) so for Christmas I got her what I considered “back to work” essentials- chapstick, lotion, coffee mug, water bottle, tea, tide to go pen, nail file, gum, dark chocolate, etc. I also keep a brush and a lint roller in my desk my hair sheds like crazy!

  15. My co-workers call my office the cafe. I have coffee, tons of flavors of tea, hot chocolate, marshmallows, Sun crystals, agave nectar, honey packets, plus tons of emergency snacks! Lara bars, rice cakes and peanut butter, soups, and microwavable Thai noodles! Also hand cream and chapstick. Pictures of my family. Plus Monet’s Japanese footbridge for scenery. No windows.

  16. Cute office STU girl!

    I have three personal desk “must have’s’….hand sanitizer, my thermal Starbucks mug and a picture of my kids

    I think you need a funky photo holder with a picture of you and your sweetie (helps you keep what’s REALLY important in life in perspective when the work day turns crappy)

  17. I’m the same way – once I’m up, I’m up! Those custard oats are calling my name!! YUM!

    Love the tour of your office! It looks so nice! YAY for a faculty/staff parking permit. That would be a nice perk :)

  18. Congratulations on the new job!! I only just found out because…for the last two weeks I was in your country instead of mine! Okay, custard oats sound fantastic! Must make. Oh and p.s. I had poutine!!

  19. doesn’t it feel fabulous to have your own desk? i think you need pictures! they always help brighten my day :)

    happy spinning!

  20. Nice desk missY!! :)

    Personal item…my big liter sized water bottle!

  21. I love the idea of custard oats! I will try that for sure!

    I need hand lotion on my desk

  22. So what I commented on the last post, you can transfer over here as well. Haha about the custard oats, and office and whatnot. i read all the blogs at once, and then i click out to comment and leave the commenting until morning. That leaves me soo confused sometimes! haha Hope you have a great day miss Susan. :)

  23. Your custard oats sound delicious! I must give them a try! I’m also craving your yummy looking carrot cake protein bars! Yummy eats chica!! I always need gum, chapstick, and kleenex on my desk! Hope youre having a great wednesday! xoxo!

  24. Mmm, custard oats is a great name! Sounds delish.

    I have to have access to a bottle of water, tissues, lotion and chapstick at all times at work.

  25. Oh, I love malasses! When I bake with it, I usually sneak a spoonful. I have even used it as syrup on pancakes :D

  26. How exciting that you have your very own desk!! And windows make rooms such a nicer working environment :)
    I am so excited for you, Susan! This job seems to be a great fit!

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