New Year, New Job

Hi blog friends!! I just got off the phone with my mom blabbing about my first day on the new job. I hope you don’t mind I spilled the beans to her first ;)

For those of you who may not know, I got offered a job in the communications department at my old university right before Christmas. I left my job as radio reporter a month ago, and majored in journalism/communications, so the position makes a lot of sense for me. It’s a four-month contract, and will fill the gap perfectly from now until I get my personal training certification!

My work day now starts at 8:30 am. I decided to skip a morning workout so I could have a relaxing morning before I had to be there. I slept okay, but was feeling a little nervous! Mostly about meeting all my new coworkers. I know I can do the actual work, but getting to know all the new faces always makes me feel anxious!

Breakfast was served the most comforting way possible – in a big mug.


  • 2/3 cup rolled oats
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 whole egg (whisked into pot at start)
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla extract
  • chopped dates
  • cashew butter
  • unsweetened coconut

One great thing about working on a university campus is that I’ll be close to a couple decent cafeterias. I’ll have access to some pretty healthy options on days I don’t feel like packing a lunch.

In the bag today…

  • Tofurkey, hummus and swiss cheese sandwich
  • Cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and baby carrots with more hummus
  • Three carrot cake protein squares
  • One cheese string
  • Apple
  • Yogurt/muesli cup

I had the apple and cheese around 10:30, the sandwich and veggies + hummus around 12:15 and two of the carrot squares with the yogurt close to 4pm. My appetite has been off all day, I think my nerves suppressed it a little!

The day itself went really well. I met with my new boss first thing and went over some of the basics. The girl I’m taking over for spent the morning showing me the key things I’ll need to know. Then this afternoon was spent puttering away on some small projects.

Remember how I said in 2009 I learned to follow my gut? Well my gut feels good after today! First and foremost, I think I’ll really enjoy doing the work. I’ll be doing a lot of writing for the school’s website and various publications. My boss is really good about assigning tasks, so I’ll always have something to work on (I can’t stand being bored at work!).

All the people there seem really nice. It’s a small liberal arts university, so the “community” feel spills over into the staff and faculty side of things as well. I ate lunch today with the girl I’m taking over for (who took a job in recruiting), my new office-mate, and another girl who works in alumni affairs. It was nice to be accepted into their group so quickly, and made my day of transition that much easier :)

Oh! And speaking of my office – I have one!! It’s shared with a really nice girl close to my age. I have my very own desk, which is kinda big for me. Newsrooms are notorious for playing musical desks (ie, I’ve never had one to call my own). After work today, I stopped to pick up some office-y things.


  • Small clock radio. Office-mate says she has no problem with listening to the radio quietly, I need background noise! (Canadians – I am in love with the CBC’s Jian Ghomeshi)
  • Hand cream
  • Post-its
  • Pens
  • Notebook (I’m an obsessive note-taker & list-maker)

I skipped my planned spin class today, well, because I didn’t feel like it! I’m mega sore from my living room workout yesterday, and really craving some down time tonight after my long day. Yeah, first day of my new workout schedule and I’m already switching it up. Ahh well. I’m going to try getting up at 5am tomorrow to do 40 minutes treadmill, shoulders + abs before work. I feel like I function much better when I get my workout in before the start of my day.

Anyways, I spent a lot of time wandering around the store and didn’t sit down for dinner until 7pm. So unlike me!


Real hamburger with lots of mustard + pickles, and ketchup, onions, tomatoes, spinach. Sweet potato cheetahs seasoned with salt, chili and cajun for my fries. Love my simple dinners :)

Now I’m off to do some chores and catch up on a few blogs. Got an early day tomorrow. And oddly, I’m excited that I already have a list of things to do when I get to work tomorrow!


Here’s to the start of a new adventure! :D


Question of the Day: What’s the thing you dislike the most about starting new jobs? Anything you love about it? As I mentioned, I get really nervous about meeting and working alongside new people. It takes me a long time to warm up to people I don’t know. If anything though, I find I’m always just anxious to settle into a routine at my new job.

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  1. I worry about meeting the people I will be working with. It’s always hit or miss. I’ve worked with quite a few crazies! Thankfully, the people that I’m currently interning with have been awesome to me.

  2. So are you still doing starbucks, too? like very part time? I cant wait for you til you get your pers trainer certificate b/c i can just totally see you rockin out as a CPT!

    New jobs scare me b/c I always wonder if women will talk about me behind my back. Oh wait. I know they do. I just would love to know what they say:) Seriously though, new jobs = very stressful! Hope you have an easy week, Susan!

    • Nope, Sunday was my last day at Starbucks!! There is now way I could do a full-time job, Starbucks AND my PT certification. I’m good, but not that good ;)

  3. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    good luck with the new job! i am always starting a “new job” – occupational hazard – and i am always nervous. just be yourself, though, everyone will love you!

  4. Congrats on yoyr first day :) I’m always nervous when I start a new job…
    I keep hand cream at my desk too! (At least 3 bottles)

  5. Yay for the new job! Is this something you would want longer than 4 months if they offered it to you?

    I worry most about doing a good job and not looking like a total dork. This job I took a year ago is the first one I have held in years, since I worked for myself for years before that.

    • Well, the position itself doesn’t exist when the students are gone, as there isn’t a demand for the work. But I’ll consider opportunities as they come ;)

  6. I LOVE starting new jobs; meeting new people, figuring out the ropes, learning new things. It’s all good!

  7. I hate how they introduce you to everyone on the first day and expect you to remember everyone’s names and what they do. First days are so overwhelming.

  8. aww so glad your first day went so great :) i always get nervous about meeting new people at new jobs! but it sounds like yours went great.

    get some good rest so you can get up and at ’em early tomorrow! early workouts always make me feel much better too

  9. AHH! i’m so happy your first day went well!!
    your own office is HUGE!! I’ve worked in 3 different newsrooms and I’ve never once had my own desk so I know what you mean when you say you’re excited :) good luck this week! it will only get easier from here

  10. yayyyyyy i could not be happier to hear the new job feels right. that is so important. i try not to stress because let’s be real – no one knows what they are really doing for the first month at a new job anyways!

    love youuuuuuuu

  11. Congratulations on your new job… it sounds great! your food looks sooooo good!!!!

  12. Glad your first day went well :)

  13. That looks like a perfectly comforting cup of oats to prep you for the new job! I’m so glad that it went well for you! I have the same qualms about new jobs as you – meeting the new folks. I also worry about making a really good impression on my coworkers. I consider myself a “happy learner,” so I enjoy the newness and being able to learn new things at a pretty rapid rate when I first begin a job.

    I hope the rest of your week is as great as day #1!

  14. i LOVE seeing real burgers on the blogs!! yeahhh!
    yay for a good first day girl!! i hope it gets even better tommorow!

  15. Whoo hoo to the REAL burger, LOTS of condiments and of course, your first day on the JOB!!! Awesome babe–I am so happy for you! xoxo

  16. Sounds like a perfect first day! Hooray for having your own (well, kinda :)) office! That’s great.

    I agree with you about the most nerve-racking part of a new job is the people/politics. Honestly I think it’s a good thing to take a few days to warm up to people. Gives you a chance to scope things out:)

  17. Glad it went so well! First day nerves are the worst part- I think the first few days are always stressful just until you figure out what’s going on and how it all works. Enjoy :D

  18. I’m always stressing about new situations. I worry about what to wear, the break/lunch schedule, what to eat, will I like my coworkers, ect….My biggest new job worry is always will they decide I’m a total dumbass and regret hiring me! lol!

  19. Awww! I’m so happy to hear that your first day went well! Congrats on your own office and desk – LOVE the supplies. I’m an office supply fuh-reak!

    I dislike trying to learn the routine – not so much that there is a routine just that I’m afraid I’ll mess up the routine that’s been put in place. Like – meeting new people and just the whole new-ness of it.

  20. erintakescontrol

    Meeting new people is an anxiety attack for me, too. Doing paperwork for HR is a pain, too. But a new job is a new adventure, so it makes all the paperwork and anxiety worth it, especially after the anxiety ceases and you establish some rapport with your coworkers and supervisor.

  21. Glad your first day went so well! Isnt working for a university great?! ( I work in Alumni Affairs).

    PS–Hamburger looks delish!

  22. Glad your first day was so pleasant! I always dread first days at a new job and I get wrought with anxiety.

    I’m sure working at the university is an exciting and energetic environment. I have a friend who works down the hill at UNB and she loves it.

  23. Im so glad you had a great first day girl! Its always nerve racking to start something thats different. I try to embrace it though! New adventures! Sounds like such a fun place to work too. Hope your having a blast with it so far! I love the breakfast in a mug! Looks awesome!

  24. happy new job!

    is it wrong that I was SO EXCITED to get a desk too when I started my new job? I still love it.

    I admire your 5am workout plan! I’m not a morning person so am gym rats always impress me the most.

  25. For me, it was getting business cards and a work email address that made me happy. Three+ years later I’m not as impressed by it.

    Starting a new job is always hard because I am a perfectionist so I want to do everything perfectly right off the bat but that’s not exactly realistic. But getting to do new things is cool….I hope you like your new job! It sounds like you do some of the same stuff I do (and it’s kind of a dream/goal of mine to work for a college someday…I just love the atmosphere on a campus! I know, nerd-city)

    • Funny, cause I think it would be totally neat to do communications for a museum! You can’t beat the atmosphere on a university campus though. Although right now it’s kinda quiet and weird because the students aren’t back till next week. I predict we’re doing a lot of similar things, although I bet you deal with the media more. Being an ex-newsie, my boss is trying to keep me out of the spotlight to avoid any awkwardness with my ex-colleagues (thank god!)

  26. mmmm burger and fries! ah! i shouldn’t have read your blog before dinner ;) shows what i know. glad you like your job! it sounds so fun and i can’t wait to read the next post b/c i saw on twitter that it is of your office. so without further ado..

    p.s. i love seeing what you pack for lunch, is it weird that i missed it?!

  27. Such great news about the new job! So happy you had a good day, and from the looks of it, it looks like you’ll be quite happy/busy there. :)

    OMGZ. seriously, you’re so right about the custard oats. Soo good and yummy. I had some this morning.

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