Things I Learned – 2009 Edition!

Happppeeee New Year!!! Are we all excited for January? I am! It’s my birthday month :D I’ll be 24 in three weeks. I’m at that point in my twenties where it’s all starting to blend together. I’m also in denial that I’m a grown up, but I’ve heard that lasts well past your forties? :P

Anyways, I realized I never did a Things I Learned This Month for December. Those are usually my favourite posts to write, and I didn’t want to let it pass me by! But I thought, since I did a Year In Review yesterday, it would only be fitting to expand it to a Things I Learned This Year.  Or, erm, last year. Whatever, I’m late at doing this, you get it.


Things I Learned in 2009

1. Listen to my gut. There are a few things I could have avoided in 2009 had I just listened to my instincts. I probably would not have ended up in the wrong job for me after graduation. In fact, I would not have tried to work in journalism at all.

2. Don’t do things just because others expect you to. Along the same lines. I made choices in 2009 because I knew it’s what my family, professors and friends would like. Unfortunately, they don’t always know what’s best for me!

3. Be honest. Don’t say things just to please others. I could have avoided a lot of messes had I just been upfront with people about how I was feeling. Even something as simple as saying “I’m fine” when I’m really not can be detrimental. This is one thing I am still very conscious of and find myself working on daily.

4. I wasn’t born athletic, I have to go at my own pace. During my numerous training attempts this past year, I would get disappointed that I wasn’t as fast or strong as those around me. I have to constantly remind myself that I’m am still very new to this athletic lifestyle. Running 8-minute miles, or doing pull-ups, just aren’t achievable for me – yet. Maybe I’ll get there someday, but I just have to accept it will take time.

5. I have to give up on who I used to be and accept who I now am. This is a newer lesson for me, having really only learned it this past month. I’m not a boozer anymore, I don’t want to party at the bars till close anymore. I don’t have many of the same interests, I think my sense of humour has even changed. Part of this is getting older, part of it is that I’ve just changed a lot over the past couple years. It’s time I start embracing who I now am. I think doing that will help a lot in my goal of living life too ;)


Obviously, there were many other little things learned over the past year. But sitting here today, these five things really jump out at me. They are five things I’m going to continue to reflect on as I move into this new year. For once, I don’t have it all mapped out, I have no idea what this year will bring. To be honest, I’m completely excited about the prospects!! It will hopefully be a whole new learning adventure for me :)


I must also say that 2009 has been a year of new friends. I started blogging in January 2009, and I cannot believe the scores of wonderful bloggers and readers I’ve “met” since then! I had no idea when I started blogging that I would stumble across this smart, kind, passionate, supportive, funny and entertaining community. Case and point, I came home today to Christmas cards from two of my fave blogettes.


Yes, everything takes forever to get here because I live in the armpit of Canada :P Thank you soooo much Janetha and Sophia!! Your cards will be proudly displayed on my fridge that is slowly being taken over by bloggie notes and cards. Gah! I love you ALL!! <3


Don’t hate, but I’m skipping the monthly goals this month. I want my main focus to be settling into my new job, and completing the course requirements for my personal training certification (exam is in beginning of February). However, I’m thinking of hammering out a legitimate strength training plan for myself now that I’ll be on a regular work schedule. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll be sure to share :)


Aaaand, last but not least, I had a great New Year’s Eve, why thank you for asking ;)  I noshed on some sketchy deep-fried chicken balls and only drank two cups of champagne. I feel like crap today after getting to bed so late (3:30am!!). Only reinforces Lesson #5 – that I’m just not into partying like I used to. There are pictures on someone else’s camera that I will try to track down. As if brought my new baby Rebel XS to the party with me!!


Question of the Day: What did you learn in 2009?


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  1. Yay! Happy happy new year, Susan! I love the “what I’ve learned” posts…especially this point: I have to give up on who I used to be and accept who I now am. YES, YES and YES- probably one of the hardest things I am dealing with now. I had a quote on my facebook recently that said, “if you keep living in the past, you’ll never make it to the future”. It’s what I have learned…next step, taking the action necessary (ie, focusing on what is in front of me!)

    here’s to a great new year *clinks glass of water*

  2. Yeah – I’m in my forties and I haven’t grown up yet! Or I don’t feel like it….

    I think you learned an awful lot this last year. And the fact that you actually put what you learned into practice is a testament to how you have grown.

    I look forward to seeing what shennanigans you get up to in 2010 ;)

  3. I learned..and I love this topic btw:

    1. I can overcome binging
    2. I can do anything I put my mind to
    3. That I am the ONLY ONE who holds myself back
    4. Blogging is good, time consuming, and rewarding
    5. That I want to be a nurse
    6. That working isn’t the only thing that can and should bring me joy
    8. My family loves me more than I could possibly imagine
    9. That there are moments when I am scared of what I can actually do
    10. I want to travel the world
    11. I still hate mayo
    12. I like being vegan (at times)
    13. That food is a natural drug for the healing of your body
    14. I need to drink more water
    15. I want kids, but

    Enjoy the new adventures and the new job. It’s gonna be great.

    • So many wonderful things you’ve learned!!! Number 3 is something that comes up for me time and time again. I like the family one too. I find myself gravitating towards my family more and I think that’s why…

  4. Happy New Year!

    Can’t wait to see the pictures! And I love the year-edition of “things I’ve learned”

    I did a whole post on my (turbulent) past year and I realise it’s really important to look back in order to look forward.

    This year’s gonna be grand! I can feel it in my toes!

  5. Oh I totally get that “refuse to grow up thing”. In fact my goal is to perfect that way of life! :-)

    In 2009, I learned that you can be under so much stress that you think you might break in half or implode, and then somehow you survive and grow and learn.

    Happy 2010!

  6. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    i learned i love blogging! happy new year to you!

  7. Happy New Year! Love the realizations. I realized that it’s not worth it to continue on a career path where my heart’s not in it. I’m so glad I changed my major to kinesiology! :)

  8. what a fabulous lesson – learning to accept who we are. sometimes i think well i want to be this way, and well – i am just NOT that way. it’s hard to accept some things, but i am right there with you – accepting and embracing the now!

    woowoo for 2010!!!! love ya!

  9. All but your #4, I could have written. OMG Girl. Perfectly said. I love all your lessons learned. I am not the same as I used to be, everything changes, life and people, we’re always in a state of flux. And not trying to stop the changes is a beautiful thing, as is realizng you cannot nor should you try to please others. And saying what you mean…love it. Honesty. Simple, pure, the right thing, but not always easy. I hear ya.

    Cards. I omitted you I fear from my mass send-off, not on purpose, I blame it on mommy brain and I am sooo sorry. I love u Susan!!!

  10. girl you have learned SO much this past year-and grown so much as a person! that is SO awesome. saying what you mean-isnt it so freeing? wonderful!

  11. I have learnt less is more! Happy new year! x x

  12. Yayer! I am so glad you made those cookies! And good on you for using semi-sweet chocolate. The only way to go, I think! I love what you learned, and I love you! The end. xoxo

  13. You may not be naturally athletic, but my dear you ARE an athlete. I will say the same for myself. I believe we are capable of becoming athletes too. No, not olympic athletes, and maybe not even college sport athlete, but we are capable of more than we think. :)

    Greaat post and psshh I say do whatever you want! No monthly goals? no problem.

  14. I feel the same way about changing and not wanting to close down the bars!
    I like the things you have learned. And I love that you are saying no to January goals- sometimes your goals just have to be to manage it all right?

  15. oh your birthday is coming up?! what day exactly?? the things you have learned are all so true. thanks for sharing these valuable bits of knowledge in this post. i am with you on the athleticism! glad you FINALLY got your card~omg ellie and tina who are both in europe got their card before you! what! something i learned in 2009? maintaining is harder than i thought. :P

    • Whaaaa?? Even Tina got hers before me? Dang. Canada Post needs to step it up. And my bee-day is on the 23rd. Last year I was 23 on the 23rd, but this year I’ll be 24 which isn’t nearly as exciting…

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