Goals for the New Year

Hello blog friends!! Wow, wonderful feedback on my last post about a poster at the gym that rubbed me the wrong way. It showed a woman standing on a scale, with the word “happy” displayed where the numbers normally are. Many of you agreed it was inappropriate, but I was surprised by how many saw it as reflecting a woman’s “happy weight.” That never occurred to me! Several others mentioned their weight (or “body size”) is one of the many factors in their personal happiness. Mish put it wonderfully by referring to happiness as an “onion.” Being happy is made up of many layers, and a person’s body-size can be one of those contributing layers. All very interesting stuff!! I encourage you to check it out :)

In other news, I’ve finally made it back to my apartment. I white knuckled it through the very windy drive home, but made it in one piece. Coming back to a snowed-over driveway was not fun though. Shovelling a car IN is much worse that shovelling it out :P

After four days in a row of getting up and going straight to the gym, my legs were telling me it was a rest day. I worked out five of the six days I was home – not bad! Makes up for all the meat pie and shortbread I ate… right…?


Breakfast was a toasted blueberry bagel with cream cheese. I usually eat laughing cow cheese in place of the regular stuff. And you know what? I like laughing cow better!

And my fat/protein…


A boiled egg.

I stopped by the grocery store before hitting the road as it was my only open window to do so until Saturday. So glad I did. Allowed me to throw together a rushed, yet delicious lunch before work this afternoon.

IMG_2094 IMG_2092

Sandwich with Italian Tofurkey slices, spinach dip, tomatoes and spinach with a side of black grapes.

Fuelled me through a busy shift at Starbucks. Found out today that my last shift is on Sunday! In fact, I only work tomorrow and Sunday, and that’s it!! Start my new job at the university bright and early Monday. Crazy.

I had Subway for supper. Don’t hate. But my evening snack involved probably the best trail mix ever.


This package from Emily was waiting for me when I got home. Thank you so much Emily!!!! Besides yummy almonds, seeds, chocolate chips and cranberries, it has homemade dried apples. Not just any apples, but ones from her own backyard!! LOVE it :D


I sprinkled it atop some yogurt + vanilla protein powder + cinnamon. Positively splendid :)


So my next few posts are going to be wrapping-up the past year while looking ahead to the new one. I decided to start with my “resolutions,” for no real reason whatsoever. Y’all know I’m big on setting goals for myself. Last year, my only two goals were to do a triathlon and get a job after graduating university. Both of which I did! :) This year I have five big ones I want to accomplish, all which I think are totally doable provided nothing big goes wrong.


Goals for the New Year


1. Run a half marathon


I tentatively have one planned for May 9th. But I don’t really care when it is – I just wanna do one this summer!! Also, let it be formally recorded that I will not set a time goal for this race. Finishing it is what matters.


2. Complete a duathlon.


Last year was “The Year of the Triathlon.” But to be honest, I don’t wanna swim in the lake again. There’s a small duathlon Moncton does every year that’s 5k run, 20k bike, 2.5k run. Stress-less and fun, just what I love ;)


3. Complete a metric century.


This past summer I got up to 65 km on my bike, and I just know I can push out 100k!! Not sure if I’ll do this in an event, with Chris/family, or on my own, but my bike will see 100 kilometres in one day this summer!


4. Get my first client as a personal trainer.

Okay, ideally I’d like to have more than one client. But I’m trying to be reasonable here ;) Basically, I just want to move forward with this personal training thing. Doesn’t matter if I get hired full-time at a gym, or just start doing it on the side, so long as I can help someone as a personal trainer!


5. LIVE life.


I feel like I spent 12 years in school “waiting” to graduate. Then spent four years “waiting” to finish university. Now I have nothing to wait for. I can do whatever I want! This year I want to experience life instead of watching it pass me by. I want to LIVE each day to the fullest. That doesn’t mean I’m taking off to trot the globe. I just don’t want to “survive” my days anymore. I want be an active character in them.

Question of the Day: Do you have any goals for the coming year??

Sooo tomorrow I’m doing a special "group exercise class medley.” It’s going to be 30 min spin, 30 min Body Attack, 30 min Body Pump, 30 min yoga. So two hours total!! I don’t actually expect it to be that gruelling, as the last two are pretty low intensity. But it will be a fun way to kick off the New Year!

I’ll also be scheduling a post tomorrow with my year in review. It will be scheduled, because I’m going to a house party to drink my arse off. But I’ll be sure it includes the awesome cookies I’m bringing to the part-ay with me! (Emily, you know that ones I’m talking about!) See ya then!!


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  1. are you going to relax?

    Love the goals. Love them.

  2. Nummy! Your yogurt looks de-licious!

  3. SO jealous that you are getting to do some body attack tomorrow!

  4. Let me know if you want help with that century cycle! I’m sure you and I can plan a trip where we bike 100km together :)

    I’m very flattered that you have a picture with Jane and I up as your ‘live life’ picture. I love those pictures and they certainly fill me with happy memories. Very much get that goal – having just paid off my student loans I sort of feel I’m in that same phase as well – where my life can really be whatever I want to make of it again.

    Happy new year Sus :) xoxo

  5. hi! just found your blog, it’s great! I am going to run a half marathon this year too! Happy New Year’s Eve :)

  6. An exercise medley? That actually sounds really fun lol. I’m with you on the “live life” goal :)

  7. GREAT goals girl!!
    your trail mix looks amazing

  8. You’ll be able to do 100k no problemo if you’ve done 65. I have tons of faith in you!

    Goals: To be more in tune with the outside world-read more newspapers, watch the news. I heart my blog world but it’s bad when days go by before I know that someone famous died or something big happens in the world :-/

    Welcome home!

    • Do you use Google Reader? I put all my favourite news sources in there and have a special section for local news, national news etc. I’m admittedly a news fiend (the old reporter in me!) and I don’t even have to navigate out of blog land to get there ;)

  9. LOL @ “Don’t Hate” That’s my line! ;)

    I havent thought about any 2010 goals. Mostly just have a blast at my wedding & honeymoon and negotiate a fatty raise or find a new job.

  10. Good goals! I love them. I should leave my goals a secret until I post about it, but whatever :-) my main goals for next year are to finish a 1/2 marathon, apply to grad school (and um…complete my first semester I guess, maybe?) and fix my relationship with my mom (I actually can’t blog about that because she reads my blog…but I don’t think she reads yours, I must admit). And write more.

  11. Now thats a breakfast of champions.. keep it going!

  12. Getting clients AND living life = awesome.

    I’ve been up for 26 hrs. I am truly insane. Get home after 3+ weeks away, go groc shopping at 1am, unpack everyone, do the mail, and then crack the google reader. Yes, I love my bloggie friends :)

    Your food, looks amazing. As usual though :)

    And I love your deep thoughts the past few.

    Girl, geting clients. Would love to chat w/ you bout this as I have noticed people will stop at nothing, including massage or truly make up their credentials and it frosts me. Nuther story though for another day :)

    • Haha, us bloggies heart you too Averie!!! I’ve already had a handful of people approach me about training them, so that’s how I’m confident I can get at least ONE client. I’m thinking that if I stay working with the university past my contract, it would be neat to start something there. They have a campus gym I could train at, or maybe I could start a program for professors, or maybe just students who are new to school and the idea of working out. The wheels are turning anyways :)

  13. I am so excited for you this year, Susan! It’s been awesome seeing the risks you have taken over the past few months and how everything has fallen into place! I think you need to add a trip to the UK onto your list…hehe. You could do your 100K around Scotland. I’ll follow on the bus :P

    My goals for 2010 include going back to school :)

    If I was in Canada, I would be your first client!!!!!!

  14. Suuuuuuusaaaaannn!!!! Hello darling! How random that yours was the first post I clicked on when I opened my reader, and lookie there’s my trail mix! Dang that took an awful long time to get to you! So glad you got it though and are enjoying it! It looks like you had a wonderful time with your family for Christmas and I am loving all the yummy food! the smoked meat and meat pie made me drool–veggie who? ;) But guess what?? D and my dad smoked a turkey and it was AWESOME!! Missed you Susan, so glad to catch up! xoxo

  15. Oh P.S.–You inspired me to buy REGULAR bagels at the store the other day instead of wimpy lil’ diet ones. And I cannot wait for you to make those cookies! yum yum! xoxo

    • Emily, you are such a sweetheart, thank you SO much for the trail mix! You know I freaked when I saw the apples ;) And YES to the regular bagels. Aren’t they a million times better? They’re actually filling too :) Why I still eat some “diet” foods I don’t know…

  16. Bagels! Yay!!! And no waffles on Wednesday??

    I am so psyched for you to do the duathlon. I think you will totally love it like I did. It’s all the fun of the triathlon without the swim. :D I can’t wait to do the same one next year.

    I’m still waffling (haha) about doing a 1/2 marathon this year.

    • Do not fret Lori, I attacked my freezer waffles this morning to make up for it!

      That’s why I said I didn’t want to set a time goal for the half marathon. I know can work up to that distance this year, but I don’t want the stress that big races tend to bring. So hopefully I can just do it and have fun :)

  17. Those are great goals for 2009! I think it is really hard to fully “live life” until you are graduated. Even though there are great things about being in school, you feel so dependent on others and not as “useful” or something. Maybe thats just me.

  18. I’m jealous of that new years eve workout class! That sounds like such a blast! We’re not having anything special.. in fact our gym closes early today! ugh!

  19. I know I should make resolutions but this past year was so blah that I might just go with the flow until I feel better.

    • Well hopefully a “blah” year means there are better things in store for you this coming year. You can’t have two bad ones in a row – it’s a rule :D

  20. susannnnn…what an exciting time for you! new job on monday, done with starbucks on sunday (hope that notice went well :)) and more goals for the new year! which i think are awesome and totally achievable – especially the last one. that’s why i think i will still blog, but maybe take an extra day or two off a week to just ENJOY LIFE.

    and emily’s trail mix = the best ever. no lie.

    i think my main goals are to pay off my credit cards, travel SOMEWHERE and just ENJOY! lots of love to you – go rock out with your bad self at that house partayyyyyyyy!

  21. Laughing Cow on a bagel = so yum! Glad you made it back in one piece!! Driving in the winter is awful.

    I have to say, I really respect your goals. I think it’s wonderful that they have to do with fitness and becoming more athletic than you already are! HAPPY NYE :)

  22. so random, but my mom used to have those same plates that you used for breakfast! i just got hit by a huge rush of childhood memories :)

  23. mmmmm bagels!!! looks so delicious :) glad you got home safely!

    have a fun night tonight girl!

  24. Trail mix looks fab!

  25. What a great goal “Live Life” is. I truly believe that most things fall into place when people engage in life, and stopping “waiting” for life to begin. I hope I can do the same this year.

    Hope you had a great New Year’s Eve!

  26. I have zeroo doubts you will help someone lose weight this year. You’re gonna be an awesome personal trainer. Even through the blog, I bet you’re already inspiring people. :)

    Also, haha I had a few friends over for new years eve and we were JUST talking about how we’re all 18 and just waiting for life to happen. WTF?!!! this is life! how come its spent wishing for another time? waiting to drive. waiting to (be able to) drink. waiting to live on our own. waiting for a job. wishing we were back in school. its absolutely ridiculous.

  27. so i am supposed to be snowboarding right now but everyone bailed on me. i decided to tackle my reader and you know i came here first. 4 posts to read! yay!

    do you like tofurkey? i have never tried it and never buy it because the real stuff is much higher in protein, but i wonder about the flavor of tofurkey!

    i love your goals. can i be your first client?!

    • You can totally be my first client! Although, I may just get you to teach ME how to go backwards on the stepmill ;) As for the tofurkey, the real stuff is better. But it’s nicely spiced. I just buy it sometimes when my grocery store is out of their natural sliced turkey breast.

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