Not Ready To Leave

Good news! I don’t work until Tuesday evening, so I decided to stay an extra night at my mom’s :) I’m currently cuddled up watching movies with the fam. No wonder I want to move home – they treat me too well! ;)

Chris wasn’t feeling well this morning so I was solo for spin class today at the giant-sized Nubodys Dieppe. It’s one of those “Super Clubs” and it’s gorgeous!! It’s in a heavily wooded area and has a “resort” feel to it. I wish I’d taken pictures. But no worries, it’s the gym I’m doing my personal training course at in a couple weeks – so I’ll be back!

As for the spin class, it was challenging, I loved it. The instructor was quite knowledgeable and explained what and why we needed to do everything really well. She also had us do some tough seated hill climbs, and then standing climbs while we pulled back and hovered over our seat. Holy moly, my legs are pretty accustomed to spin, but they’re already sore!

Came home starving as per usual and filled my belly with more smoked meat.


Toasted on rye bread with mustard, relish, swiss cheese and grapes on the side. Believe it or not my family has actually eaten most of the giant hunk of smoked meat my mom bought at Costco. We eat like pros ;)

It’s also become a bit of a running joke that my nana, mother and I eat our cookies one half at a time.


I guess we like to nibble on our sweets rather than eat them all at once. Others keep finding bits and pieces of cookies and wondering what happened to the rest of them :P

Also being nibbled – another Costco-sized item – mixed nuts.


Way too salty for my tastebuds, but that hasn’t stopped me from digging out the brazil nuts ;)

It was a goooorgeous day here. Around +3 C (37 F) and clear skies. So my mom Mark, Jane, Chris and I all head out for a walk.


IMG_1978 IMG_1980


We walked down to Centennial Park, one of Moncton’s green areas. The trails weren’t that great because the snow was either melting or freezing over into ice.

IMG_2020 IMG_1988


Is it wrong the ducks made me think of Julia Child and de-boning a duck? I can hardly believe I was a vegetarian for eight years ;)


I must also say that I enjoyed running on this same trail more when I was home this summer. I miss the warm weather already!

We were out for around 50 minutes. It was great to get the fresh air – it’s been a while for me! I’ve been hibernating indoors recently.

I was hungry again when we got home, so I dug into one of the Glo Bars Angela gave me.


Angela said this is a new flavour with no name yet. It had peanut butter, apricots, cranberries, almonds, pumpkin seeds and some mystery seed I couldn’t put my finger on. Hemp maybe?


The bar was ooey-gooey and absolutely lovely. I liked the huge chunks of dried fruit and almonds. Felt more like a treat than some of the other boring bars I eat.

Dinner tonight was yet another fabulous meal. I was in charge of the salad:

Mixed greens, broccoli, onions, tomatoes, green pepper, bacon bits, parmesan. 

My mom’s dish was the real masterpiece though…


She pretty much made it up!! Instead of making a turkey pot pie, she made the filling (with xmas dinner leftovers), then topped it with biscuits. 
Sosososo good! I liked the filling much better with biscuit than I do with pie crust.


So I am going home for real tomorrow. I have yet to hear a confirmation on my new job, but I tentatively start next Monday. What a whirlwind that’s going to be! At least it will make this next busy week at Starbucks easier to get through. I’ll have to stock up on cheap coffee while I can ;)

I’ll also be working on the typical “year in review” and “goals for the new year” posts when I get home. I just don’t want to put the time into it while I’m here with the fam.


Question of the Day: Looking back over the past year, what’s the one thing that stands out in your memory the most? Mine is graduating from university in the spring!!! I’d say that’s a big milestone, no? :)

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  1. I know your mom is so glad that you are going to stay an extra night. When my kids are grown and gone I’m going to treat them like your mom does you so they want to come visit!

    Beautiful pictures, and I too eat my cookies by the half. That way if I don’t love it, I’ve only eaten half and not a whole one!

  2. wow dinner looks great!!

  3. It looks like you’re having a wonderful time with the fam. I’m happy you got to stay that extra day (sometimes that makes all the difference!).

    I love that your family works together to cooks dinner and all seem to be creative and comfortable attempting different twists on dishes. My family gravitates towards straight, plain Irish cooking, so seeing the different variety of flavors in your meals at home makes me envious!

    Safe travel home and enjoy last few weeks at Starbucks!

  4. “I eat our cookies one half at a time.”—how does one do that? I need 2 cookies at one time, not a 1/2 at a time :)

    Standout thing? Buying a house. Moving to a new state. Missing CA terribly though….

  5. wow the turkey pot pie looks awesome!

  6. blog: when roni posted her exposed post. i knew that what I had done for myself was going to help other women.

    non-blog: going to east timor. full stop. it’s the reason that I am going to nursing school. it was a trip of a lifetime.

  7. Yay for extra family time! And meat! I don’t think I could ever go back to vegetarianism…I love chicken way too much.

    Biggest milestone was probably moving into my own place :D FREEDOM!

  8. My biggest milestone was finishing classes and beginning internship. No more tests! And only one more (LONG) paper.

  9. ahhhh enjoy the rest of your time at home my love! your mama’s recipe looks GOOD (how can you not love biscuits?), the walk looks GORGE and i am seriously jealous of your glo-bars!

    biggest milestone this year…hmmm…probably finding my first full-time, permanent real job!

    love to you!

    • Ha, that’s what we were saying as we were eating the dish – “How can you not like biscuits??” They tasted aaawesome with the turkey filling too :)

  10. I do the nibble thing, too. We call them ‘little mousie nibbles’ around here :D

    That trail is just beautiful, even in winter…. sigh….

    My biggest milestone was either my triathlon or duathlon. I don’t know which one I put up top.

    • Triathlon was definitely number two for me. When people I haven’t seen in a while ask me what I’ve been up to I say “finished uni and did a triathlon.” Usually gets the conversation going :P

  11. Glad you were able to enjoy another night at home – I hope you have a safe trip today! The pictures of the scenery are gorgeous!! Hoard that coffee while you can :)

    My biggest milestone – deciding to go back to teaching as my major

  12. This year has been bananas. The standout moments have to be getting engaged, graduating from law school, and passing the bar, though!

  13. Sounds like you’ve had a great holiday! Glad you got an extra day!

    I’ve been sick so much this year that I don’t really think I’ve accomplished anything at all. :(

  14. Looks like you had a great holiday! That’s awesome. I think my biggest highlight was training for and finishing my 10k…I guess it wasn’t that impressive a year for me but I’m planning big things in 2010 :-)

  15. WOW that cloud photo is stellar. i love the photos of you and your fam and chris as well. good times! but it looks coooold. mmm, the meat and then the bisuit dish both look so dang delicious. hooray for eating at mom’s :) you have had quite the year~i look forward to your review post. saw on twit that you may be snowed in? DRIVE SAFE.

  16. aww glad you had such a lovely time at home :) your eats have been nothing short of glorious looking! atleast you have something to look forward to when you come back!

  17. That salad looks mouth waterrring Susan. Mmm love me some parm. I also love pecorino romano. I’m not even a big cheese girl, but parmesan and pecorino shaved like that, ah so good!

    Hahah I can never eat the whole thing either! Idk if its something about eating a whole piece of one thing that bothers me. Like I have NO problem sticking my hand into a bag of chocolate chips, or eating a spoonful of nut butter, but eating a whole granola bar, or cookie at one time, I never seem to do. Maybe its because I know the cal count. Idk.

  18. Yeah Beeks I’m with you on the theory of half a cookie/energy bar at a time. I do the same thing. Sometime it’s a nibble or a quarter or a third! So silly. Esp b/c sometimes (If I’m hungry) I’ll actually finish the whole thing anyway. But usually I don’t. I’ve been working on a peppermint Luna for about a year now- kidding? nope.

  19. Susan- that photo of you on the walk is sooooo lovely- it’s icon worthy if you crop it.

    Mom is a genius with the biscuits!

    You are doing your PT training at a swanky gym? cool. I didn’t know it was hands on. Nice.

    Glad you enjoyed your time with mom, now its back to reality :-/ wah.

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