Christmas Through a Viewfinder

Merry Christmas!! I hope you all had a wonderful day :D I sure did – I got my baby!!


A Canon EOS Rebel XS. Lovelovelove. (ps that’s one of my craft projects in the back – a painted ceramic beer mug I gave to my sis!)

Goodbye old Kodak Easy Share. You were a trooper, but it was time to go…

Now get ready for a plethora of photos taken with my wonderful new camera today ;)

It was a glorious Christmas morning around these parts. I was the first one up because of that faithful body clock of mine. Had an egg + ham + cheese sammie on ezekiel bread while brewing a ginormous pot of coffee to lure the sleepy heads out of bed.


My mom put together a gorgeous “Montreal” brunch for us. The star of the show was this GIANT hunk of smoked meat courtesy of Costco.


Served with rye bread, swiss cheese, mustard and relish.


Leftover meat pie and scrambled eggs (with cottage cheese – so good!)

Baked beans…


And tea! Special Twinnings “Lady Grey” tea my sister picked up in England. It’s got bergamot with orange and is so good.


My plate…

Definitely a protein-filled meal. We were joking about how us girls were all vegetarians at one point – and now we eat like this!!

After brunch, my mom and I got started on the next feast. My mom’s bird ready to go in the oven…

I got started on Martha Stewart’s Chunky Apple Cranberry Sauce.



It turned out awesome!! It’s a little on the tart side and yummmm-y. I highly recommend you put this one on file!

Then it was on to my first ever homemade pie.

This was a Chef Michael Smith recipe (Yay At Home Chef in P.E.I.!) Whole Grain Crusted Pie with Maple Yogurt Topping.


My mom and I agreed the crust might me a little too much on the top as well, so I added some butter and honey and crumbled it on top instead. It was a solid decision on our part ;)

Then it was time for the Sweet Potato, Parmesan & Goat Cheese Galette that Janetha made for her Thanksgiving feast. Sweet potato and goat cheese?? Yes please!!

Everything my mom has is giant – even her sweet potatoes!!! I think it’s a Costco thing ;)

The galette was delicious, although, it could have used a little more time in the oven. Will make for good leftovers!

Meanwhile, as I was puttering away in the kitchen, my family was having fun with my new camera…


Cutest photo ever.

Okay, back to the food. My mom and I had all four burners going…

What’s that I spy in the frying pan? Brussel sprouts, Bacon & Figs a la Agharad.


Put bacon in anything and anyone will eat it ;)

My plate!


Also featured is my mommy’s mashed potatoes, stuffing, carrots & turnip and gravy.

The requisite Christmas table photo!

Looking at this, I realize we didn’t do paper hats this year. Sorry Ellie!

Then the wine started flowing..


Which I didn’t partake in. I don’t like wine, but I’m also DD to take Nana home tonight.



Once we’d digested enough room for even more food, I pulled out the pie!


My piece, with the maple yogurt topping. 


I was scared the crust wasn’t going to work – but it was really good! It turned out quite soft. And the topping was deeelicious.

Paired with more of the Queen’s tea ;)


Now my family is talking about Glee :)  

I’m with Archie…


Sister Sara and I are doing treadmill and weight lifting tomorrow. She tried to get me running in the snow, but I’m not hardcore enough. Instead, I’m putting her through one of my weight routines ;)

Loved hearing everyone’s favourite foods from yesterday! So many fun and interesting things. I polled my family, and here’s what their food highlights from today were..

Jane – Pie, smoked meat

Sara – Stuffing with cranberry sauce on top

Nana – The tea

Mom – Sweet potato galette

Me – Turkey with cranberry sauce

Mark is unavailable for comment. I think he’s passed out in his “man cave” :P


Hope you all had a wonderful, fun, relaxing and delicious holiday!!! xoxo

Question of the Day: Spill it. What did ya get for Christmas?? Besides my camera I got lots o’ cold hard cash ;)

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  1. Wow! Al your eats look sooo good:)

  2. Your camera looks AWESOME and all your food looks delicious. I definitely want to try that cranberry sauce! Yum.

    I got two new purses :) and lots of other random goodies. I love Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas Susan! I am looking forward to the pics with your new camera! Yay!

    I got so many wonderful things like eggnog bodywash and a new robe, but the best part was spending time with my family.

  4. ahh so jealous of your new camera!!
    yay for a big family get together!! all of the food looks so good :D

    hope you enjoyed your christmas!

  5. That apple pie looks DELISH! You are such as wonderful cook and baker. If I ever go to Canada I’m hunting you down =)

    I got everything I wanted this Christmas – I was spoiled rotten. Some tv shows on dvd (I collect them!), new yoga dvds, pajamas/slippers, perfume, some new running clothes for the winter, and the big shebang – AMAZON KINDLE! I’m such a nerd!

    Merry Christmas again!

  6. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    merry x-mas! congrats on the new camera – the pix look GREAT

  7. Now I get to swoon over your food :-)

    Your sis looks like a 1940s movie star. So elegant!

    Have fun with the weigh sesh tomorrow! I would prefer it to running in the snow myself! :-)

    I got a couple of coffee mugs and stripey scarves <3

  8. haha i LOVE seeing meat on the blog world! and i bet that meat pie is so good as leftovers too!!

    GREAT PIE!! miss betty crocker!!

    i got a food processor, ipod nano, northface bookbag and slippers, nike frees..and little stocking stuffers! :)

  9. Sweet!!!!!!!!!!! A DSLR!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

    Santa was very kind to me this year. My faves include the Tiffany & Co. necklace the fiance bought me and the gift certificate my parents gave us to eat a fancy pants dinner at the top of the CN Tower!!!

  10. Love the family photos and also when the wine starts flowing at fam events and you’re sober, it sure makes for an interesting (usually hilarious) spin on things!

    Congrats on the new camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you will make amazing use of it, as a food blogger and I mean in general, new cams rock.

    The baked beans. I know that’s a weird thing to notice w/ all that other food. But Ive had a crazing for about 7 yrs now for baked beans and have not had any since my grandma died and i cant have hers. If i could have any, I would love to try your family’s as they look just like my g’s did.

    And thanks for the heartwarming comment on my post yetserday. I am glad it moved you and was nice. It was my goal and so I am glad I delivered a bit of a sentimental spirit :)

  11. YAY! Looks like an awesome day! :D Love the photos of your family….! I’ll forgive you for the lack of hats, hehe. Did you get to see the Queen’s message? The pis look delish, and so exciting about the camera! Ack.

    Favourite gift…Babycakes cookbook and a much needed haircut! (I haven’t had this yet, but will call for an appointment ASAP- been over a year!)

    • Oooh!! Babycakes cookbook!? Does that mean you’ll finally get your cake in cupcake form? :D I missed the Queen’s message while in the kitchen. I’m sure it was riveting as usual ;)

  12. Mmm everything looks great!! I love that protein filled meal.. I had way too many carbs yesterday and it left me with no energy! lol.

    I’m so happy you had a great Christmas and got to spend time with your family! You all are beautiful!

  13. Yay for the new camera! Merry Christmas Susan!

    I got a Garmin – so excited :)

  14. we made the sweet potato gallette too!! so good :) very cheesy but will make perrrfect leftovers. my mom and i were talking about how it might also be good with the block goat cheese that way it gets all melty in a juicy type way

    yay for an awesome xmas present :)

  15. I am so happy for you that you got a new camera! I know how much you wanted that! Can I make a suggestion, even though I know you didn’t ask for it ;)….keep the old compact camera to stash in your purse. The big DSLR’s are bulky to carry around at restaurants/on the go. It will be nice to have a little one for back-up.

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas, Susan!

    • Was definitely planning on keeping the old one for that same reason! Although, I’m hoping to find a stylish camera bag I can double as a purse for when I go to restaurants and stuff ;)

  16. Aaaaahhh I think you’ve convinced me Susan, I am buying myself a Rebel. I have the money and I desperately want to buy myself something, before I’m forced to give all my money away to school. (And a Rebel is a blog expense right? Who knows, having better pictures may just shoot me from just your average blogger, to stellllar food blogger. YES, please.) haha

    But seriously, these pictures are gorgeous! and I had that kodak easyshare this summer too. Right now I’m using my mom’s little fujifilm finepicz. (yes, with a Z.) not much better.

    • I got the cheaper end Rebel – the 10 megapixel XS, not the 12 megapixel XSi, but the pictures are still a gazillion times better than the Kodak so it’s still a major step-up for me ;) I originally wanted an Olympus SLR but they were all sold out here :(

  17. Oh what a lovely gift! Can’t wait to see the new photos…at this point for me, I’d settle for a decent PNS :-) Congrats on the pie…”real” baking scares me, that’s why I stick to things like chocolate-covered pretzels and no-bake type thingys

  18. Oooh, enjoy that Rebel! I know I’m sure jealous :)
    The pie looks gorgeous, and it looks like everyone had an amazing time!

  19. happy belated christmas my dear susan!

    gah, rebel, jealous, moving on. :)

    ummm lots of comments…

    you and your sisters are adorable.

    that pie looks ridiculously amazing.

    don’t hate on glee :)

    i want your queen elizabeth mug.

    i gots some cash too, and two new tires on the ride.

    love ya girl – enjoy the rest of your time at home!

  20. You have such a beautiful family!

    Glad you got your Canon Rebel! I got a new camera too. I was also using a Kodak Easyshare. Mine looks like an older model than yours though. Not even kidding, it was about 4 inches thick! I’m glad to be moving on!

  21. so i got stopped yesterday by my boss and actually had to work instead of finishing out my reader ;) i am back!

    SO lucky to get a new camera!! the photos are great, i am so excited for you. the family photos are awesome and of course, i love archie :)

  22. oh i forgot to say hooray for the galette!

  23. Hey, that camera looks familiar. :)

  24. Sorry, I’m behind on my holiday blog reading….

    Congratulations on the awesome new camera. I remember how much you wanted one. Now you’ve got it! Life will never be the same. ;)

    All of the food looks AH-mazing – especially the pie (I love Michael Smith too!!!)

    This Christmas our present to ourselves is to have our stairs redone in hardwood. The job was supposed to be done before Christmas but the company was too busy….

    I also got some new PJ’s, cash and a Coach purse and

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