Home for the Holidays

I’m home!!!


My mom has gone Charlie Brown this year. She says it’s because she spent all her money on our high end Christmas presents. I’ll take an SLR over a Christmas tree any day ;)

Thank you sosososo much for all the congratulatory comments on my new job!! I’m still in shock about it really! I still haven’t hammered all the details out yet, seeing as it’s the holidays. But I’ll know everything for sure after this weekend :)

Was up early today determined to 1) Run, 2) Drive home! Ate a small breakfast first.


Two Nature’s Path pomegranate waffles, almond butter, honey. Powered me through 30 minutes of shovelling my car out, then 60 minutes on the treadmill! Did my usual 5.3 mile speedwork.

On a 1% incline:
2 min @ 3.2 mph
3 min @ 3.7 mph
5 min @ 5.6 mph
10 min of 1 min intervals alternating between 6.0 & 6.4 mph
10 min of 1 min intervals alternating between 6.2 & 6.6 mph
10 min of 1 min intervals alternating between 6.4 & 6.8 mph
10 min of 1 min intervals alternating between 6.6 & 7.0 mph
5 min @ 5.8 mph
3 min @ 3.7 mph
2 min @ 3.2 mph

Pheeooowee! My ticker was definitely working hard today. Must have been that tough shovelling workout first ;)

Came back and had a real breakfast after.


Soft-fried eggs on whole grain toast and sweet potato hash browns with onions. Seriously, seriously yummy meal. Felt like I was on vacation. Wait! I am! ;)

Then I hit the road and had a verrrry boring 90 minute drive home. Walked in the door as my mom was assembling the meat pie! 

She makes tons of meat pies every year. I asked, and this is an English/French tradition that started in my nana’s family. My mom’s pies have chicken, pork and beef. Now that I’m an everythingtarian, this is my first year eating meat pie since childhood!

We hit up my mom’s boyfriend’s parent’s place for a little Christmas Eve get together. From now on, my mom’s BF will be referred to as Mark, for clarity’s sake ;)


The spread. I only reeeally took this picture because there was a goat cheese blueberry spread that was delish. And the biggest grapes I’ve ever seen. The size of plums!

We came back to my mom’s place for the real feast though. She went all out.

A lasagna:


Meat pie:
And I threw together a salad so our meal didn’t consist of ground meat alone:


My plate: 


The meat pie was even better than I remember it!! I put some green chow chow on top and it was awesome. The lasagne was fab too. The whole time my mom kept saying it was the best she ever made :P

My mom’s place is really dim, I apologize for the awful flash photography!

My subjects are at least beautiful ;)


Daughter and mother (ie my mom and nana).

Sister Jane posing next to a self-portrait she did in high school :P I don’t know why, but this really cracked me up.

But wait! We can’t forget dessert!


I must point out sister Sara’s homemade sesame cookies. However, I went straight for the butter.


Shortbread with almonds. Melted in my mouth.

Then some music with the step-family.

Christmas carols lose their appeal when you work in a mall :\

That’s all for tonight, short and sweet. I’m beat. But I’m also embarrassed to go to bed before the kids. I may wait it out. Have a wonderful Christmas!!! I will hopefully be updating Christmas Day with some better-than-usual pics ;)


Question of the Day: What’s the best thing you ate on Christmas Eve? Mine was meat pie!!


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  1. Merry Christmas eve!! have a wonderful night!

  2. The best thing I ate today were maple/mustard roasted potatoes. I’m going to have dreams about them. Merry Christmas!

  3. tonight it was grilled salmon in brown sugar rub!!! Merry christmas!

  4. Happy happy Christmas to you and your family, Susan! Make sure to take photos of the hats ;)

    Best thing I ate for Christmas eve,,,funnaily enough, was pie too. Quorn and mushroom and it was awesome (though I am a sucker for anything involving pastry so have never met a pie I didn’t like!)

  5. the waffles, almond butter, honey look awesome
    As does the lasagna!

    And the butter cookies. Nice. LOVE a good buttery cookie!!!!! I wish I got along better with dairy.

    The line about now that you’re an everythingatarian…I take it before you were veggie? I always love hearing people’s stories, and tranformations, etc.

    Merry Xmas Susan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    p.s. my place here has horrible lighting too. FAR worse than yours, no worries, your pics look great!!!

    • Yup! I was a vegetarian for 8 years before I started eating fish again, then just recently started eating the rest :) I was even a vegan for a while! My body loves meat though, and I can’t deny it any longer ;) Hope you’re having a sunny and warm Christmas!

  6. merry christmas girl :) congrats on the new job and have an awesome time with your fam!

  7. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    i’ve never actually eaten a meat pie but i would imagine i’d love it since i’m a pie and meat freak. i ate so many delicious things yesterday but probably the best was my mom’s short ribs. merry xmas to you!!!

  8. Wow that spread looks fabo. All that cheese on the lasagne- I wouldn’t be humble if I was mom either! :-)


  9. Hahaha seriously about the christmas carols. Coach has THE MOST RANDOM playlist! Gahhhh i hate it. haha.

    Love your two breakfasts! Seriously between you and me babe, I believe we both have the best idea of what breakfast should be! big, in multiples, eggs, all of the above. Ohh runny eggs. I’m obsessed. Before weight lifting on early mornings with the parents, my snack is always an over easy egg and a piece of toast with honey. always. that’s why i never even take a picture!

    glad you made it home!

  10. Love the family photos and all the Christmas treats! The best thing I ate on Christmas Eve as probably prime rib. Mmmm! A once a year treat!

  11. wow meat pie AND lasagna! looks so dang good. mmm i ate so much good stuff xmas eve. fave was prob the mushrooms stuffed w/ sausage. okay, so the posts of your are getting closer together because i marked a lot of peoples’ posts as read. but not yours. and so i am just commenting my lil heart out.. hope you dont mind!!!

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