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All Spun Out

Aahhhhh… I gotta tell ya, I never thought I was a 9-5, Mon-Fri person – but I could get used to this weekend thing!! Monday to Friday doesn’t seem so bad when it’s followed by two glorious whole days off! Alas, I don’t think it will happen often working at Starbucks now. I just got lucky :)

I slept in until 8am today. That’s crazy for me, I never sleep that late. I think my body is slowly starting to adjust to not getting up at 4am for work two days a week. I may in fact be taking on normal sleeping patterns.

Yesterday’s breakfast was so good I had it again.


Everything bagel with almond butter and strawberry jam with an egg white pillow + laughing cow cheese in the back. Part of the reason I love this so much is because it’s a real bagel!! Usually I buy smaller or “light” bagels. But this week I splurged and bought larger ones and they are so much better. Can’t say I’m surprised ;)

I spent aaallll morning in bed reading blogs, the news and watching the news. I made the mistake of not immediately wrapping up and hiding my baked goodies last night. Two cake balls were consumed before I properly packaged and put them in the freezer. The coconut ones are fabulous, but the Lindt 70% ones are a little too rich. There may have been a turtle pretzel consumed later in the day. Uff round 2.

Inspiration for lunch hit while catching up on Lori’s blog.


Egg salad with two whole eggs, laughing cow cheese, mayo. mustard, onion and pickles on toast. Sliced pear on the side.

Then at 2pm I had my special 90 minute RPM spin class!! It was SO much fun!! We had three instructors – all of which were dressed up in Christmas gear. One was wearing antlers and a rudolph nose! The class itself whizzed by. I sipped some Gatorade they provided, but felt I didn’t really need it. I was able to pace myself well enough to hold it through, and ended feeling I worked really hard. Oh yes, and during the cooldown, they passed out Jell-o shots!! Okay, virgin Jell-o shots. So technically just Jell-o in a small cup. But it was still awesome :)

Wasn’t feeling my usual post-workout shake when I got home, so I refuelled with a bowl of yogurt and granola.


Coconut chia granola that is ;) I’ve got to start making my own granola more often. I stopped buying cereal to sprinkle on top of things because it usually just gets sprinkled directly into my mouth. But for some reason, I don’t munch on granola.

Dinner was something I’ve been craving foreverbutternut squash soup! Specifically, Wonkeynut Squash Soup.

The only change I made, was I added leek instead of the shallots and kale. It’s an incredibly basic soup recipe – that way I can dress it up!! Tonight I added shredded chicken breast, basmati rice, brussel sprouts, cumin & curry spice and maple-cinnamon-cumin almonds. I loooove me a chunky soup, and this turned into more of a “stew” with all the add-ins. It was fabulous! And incredibly filling.

It’s that time of week…

December Goal Check-In Time!

Spend 30 minutes everyday cleaning something in my apartment.
I did this almost every day this week. Although most of it was spent cleaning my kitchen every day! I miss my old dishwasher…

Stop procrastinating.
I did okay at this. Got lots done (Christmas presents) but could have done more (cleaning).

Read more.
This one is already a giant fail for the month. This will definitely be making a reappearance in next month’s goals.

Read at least one chapter a day from my personal training textbook.
I only got two chapters read, but I did some of my online modules, so it evens out :) Going to make a big dent on it tonight once I finish blogging!

Listen to my body.
I think I may have ignored my body a little this week. Perhaps splurging too much, and tricking myself into thinking I was just “listening to my body.” Working on my feet for eight hours does not justify mass amounts of sugar and chocolate! :P However, I do think my body if finally starting to adjust to all the standing I’ve been doing. My workouts felt much better this week.

Try more recipes.
I did three new ones yesterday :) I’m also taking over Christmas dinner this year. Okay, okay, I’m contributing a few side dishes and dessert. But that’s huge, my mom normally handles the meal all by herself!

Spend less on groceries.
I was doing okay on this until I bought all my baking supplies yesterday. For example, my three batches of turtle pretzels cost approximately $17. That’s not exactly cheap :(

Get a grip.
Okay, so my life is still a little chaotic. But I’m getting there. I’ve got a long list of “life administration tasks” that I’m slowly getting through. Hoping to get all those things checked off in January. Cause, let’s face it, Christmas is in five days. Ain’t nothin’ getting done from now until Jan. 3 :P


I also have to share this one tidbit I heard while listening to a Jillian Michael’s podcast at the gym earlier this week. She took a phone call from a guy who was saying he would give up and totally drop the ball on some days. He said he would get mad at himself for eating a piece of pizza, so then he’d just eat the whole pie.

Jillian used this really great analogy of getting a flat tire. If one tire gets a flat, you wouldn’t get out and slash the other three tires, would you? Well, you shouldn’t do that with your eating/exercise either. I love this way of thinking. I always used to be a “tomorrow” person, but these days I’m a “right now” person. If I made a bad food choice earlier in the day (ahemcakeballsahem) that doesn’t mean my whole day is lost. It just means I should take extra care in choosing my next meal.

I think this is something to remember entering “Christmas week.” Some of us may already by worn out by holiday parties and get-togethers, with no immediate end in sight. Just because we lose it on a plate of sugar cookies, doesn’t mean our good eating intentions for that day are totally lost. So this week, I’m just going to try to make the best choices I can in between the inevitable not-so-great ones ;)


Question of the Day: Monthly goals aside, do you have any goals for this “Christmas Week?” Mine is above. To consciously eat clean foods when I get the chance, but to not stress about it when I don’t. I also reeeeally want to make it to a spin class Boxing Day morning! What do you think those chances are? :P

P.S. Feel free to check out my guest post over on Lara’s blog – Thinspired!

Sweet Saturday

Uff. I am soooo full of sugar right now. I spent all night baking, and sampling those baked goods :\ At least I had a decent day leading up to it.

I fell asleep watching “The Goods” with Chris last night. Not a very funny movie. However, we watched “Zombieland” before that and it was awesome. All together, I think I finally got 8 hours sleep. Yesss!! Went for a simple breakfast.


Everything bagel with crunchy PB on one side and strawberry jam on the other. In the back is an egg white pillow to round the meal out. I was scared a bagel wouldn’t fill me up – but it totally did!! I think I’ve finally found the secret to a filling breakfast for me. It’s got to be around 400 calories and have significant amount of each protein, fat and carbs.

I had a stellar gym visit this morning. I think the extra sleep put more of a bounce in my step.

Walk/jogging on the treadmill for 5 minutes

incline = 1%
0:00-1:00 – 6.0 mph
1:00-2:00 – 6.2 mph
2:00-3:00 – 6.4 mph
3:00-4:00 – 6.2 mph
4:00-5:00 – 6.4 mph
5:00-6:00 – 6.6 mph
6:00-7:00 – 6.4 mph
7:00-8:00 – 6.6 mph
8:00-9:00 – 6.8 mph
9:00-10:00 – 6.6 mph
10:00-11:00 – 6.8mph
11:00-12:00 – 7.0 mph
12:00-13:00 – 6.8 mph
13:00-14:00 – 7.0 mph
14:00-15:00 – 7.2 mph

A1 – Front squat push/press:
3 sets @ 40 lbs x 8

B1 – Underhand-grip lat pulldown:
3 sets @ 55 lbs x 8

B2 – Barbell upright row:
3 sets @ 15 lbs (ea) x 8

C1 – Seated cable row:
3 sets @ 50 lbs x 8

C2 – Dumbbell fly:
3 sets @ 20 lbs (ea) x 8

@ 0.0 incline -  2 min @ 5.5
@ 0.5 incline – 1 min @ 6.0
                           1 min @ 6.5
                           1 min @ 7.0
@ 1.0 incline – 1 min @ 6.0
                           1 min @ 6.5
                           1 min @ 7.0
@ 1.5 incline – 1 min @ 6.0
                           1 min @ 6.5
                           1 min @ 7.0
@ 2.0 incline – 1 min @ 6.0
                           1 min @ 6.5
                           1 min @ 7.0
@ 0.0 incline – 1 min @ 3.5

Plank: 90 sec
Side planks: 30 sec each
Stability ball rollout: 15 reps
Jackknifes: 15 reps

incline = 0%
0:00-1:00 – 3.0 mph
1:00-3:00 – 3.5 mph
3:00-4:00 – 8.0 mph
4:00-6:00 – 3.5 mph
6:00-7:00 – 8.5 mph
7:00-9:00 – 3.5 mph
9:00-10:00 – 9.0 mph
10:00-12:00 – 3.5 mph
12:00-13:00 – 9.5 mph
13:00-15:00 – 3.5 mph


The HIIT was tough, but I felt sooooo good when I was done :)

Came home to a wonderful lunch!


It was delightful! I love cumin :)

Today’s plan was to pick up the last of my presents and brave the grocery store the weekend before Christmas for baking ingredients. It called for a solid snack.


Three light wasas, soy nut butter, honey, raisins, cinnamon. This is probably one of my favourite snacks and always fills me up :)

I survived the grocery store and got straight to baking!

Warning: a plethora of pictures featuring baked goods devoid of any nutritional value follow. 

You guys. It’s Christmas. Healthy treats are for the rest of the year! :P

First up: peanut butter cup cookies that I actually first saw on Hallie’s blog.


Mmmm….hydrogenated oil…


Generic PB cups, no Reese’s to be found!


My first mini muffin pan :)


Slice up cookie dough into inch-thick rounds. Then cut each round into quarters and drop into greased pan. Baked for about 5 minutes at 350 F until just slightly golden.


They naturally started to sink into the pan!


Don’t forget to unwrap your PB cups ;)


Drop PB cups into fluffy or sunken dough, and bake for an additional 3-ish minutes. It smells crazy delicious. But you have to wait until fully cool before removing from the pan. Don’t want to mangle all that doughy chocolate nutty goodness!



Then it was onto Brie’s famous cake balls. Aka Bakerella’s red velvet cake balls.

Except I’ve never seen red velvet cake around these parts. So I grabbed the yummiest cake flavour I saw. People were trying to hustle me out of the aisle – I almost lost my ankle to a shopping cart!

I followed the box instructions exactly. While that bad boy cooked, I sat down to a healthy dinner of a tofurkey + jarlsberg lavash wrap. At least I got lots of veggies with my sugar today ;)


Dessert was… what else!? A peanut butter cup cookie! 

101_1398 101_1402

I’ve been obsessed with trying these ever since I first laid eyes on them. And with good reason!! I mean, how can you go wrong? Chris loved them too. He promptly popped two whole ones in his mouth.


Thankfully, he brought the bulk of the cookies back home to his parents. That is, if they made it there :P

Somewhere along the way, my cake came out of the oven and had the chance to cool.


I then got to rip it all apart and mash it up with this even healthier product:


I then rolled the mixture into a gazillion little balls, and stuck them in the freezer to harden.

While my balls were hardening (I’m not going there) I got started on my next baking project! This one I’ll call “homemade turtles” and got from Zesty’s blog.

I looked everywhere for waffle-shaped pretzels and could only find giant ones and sticks. I went with the latter.


More cups!! This time in caramel.

And the final piece of the puzzle – pecan halves. Which I quickly threw in the oven to roast first.


I tried to shape my pretzel sticks like pretzel waffles, but Chris said they looked like pretzel rafts :P

Put this in a 300 F oven until the first sign of melting (2 minutes maybe?) Then take out and squish the pecans on top!

I did three batches of this, then stuck it in the fridge to harden. While those babies were hardening in the fridge, I pulled my now hard balls out of the freezer (seriously guys, I am not going there).

More chocolate was needed to coat my cake balls. I couldn’t decide on milk chocolate or dark chocolate with almonds. So I chose both and melted them together :)


Two chocolate bars weren’t enough to coat all the balls though! I ended up melting one of my beloved Lindt 70% bars (cause ya know, I happen to have a lot of them lying around). But that wasn’t enough either! So I dug around my cupboard and found some yogurt chips that I melted with unsweetened coconut. The result was a variety of balls…


Butter pecan cream cheese cake balls in a chocolate almond coating, dark chocolate coating and yogurt coconut coating.

And as those dried, I wrapped up my hardened homemade turtles!

These packages are going to the kiddies in my family. Grandparents will be getting cake balls, and any leftovers are going to buttering up my new coworkers ;)

I don’t know how all of you bake without licking/sampling. I actually did good on the spoon and bowl licking front (kept it minimal anyways). But I still had to sample one of each of my goodies. Way more treats than I usually have and now I’m in a sugar coma. And maybe a hydrogenated oil one :P Uff.

On the bright side, I have a 90 minute spin class to look forward to for tomorrow!! Seriously. Can’t. Wait.


Question of the Day: What’s your favourite holiday goody? Mine are candy canes and my Grammie’s peanut butter balls :)