Flashing Back to Christmases of Past

Woooo!!! It’s the weekend!!! I just realized I’ve only had one day off over the past 22 days. So these next two days off will be glorious :D Well, actually, I have a lot of catching up to do. But crossing things off my to-do list feels pretty glorious anyways.

Loved hearing all the other career paths y’all would like to pursue!! Seems like jobs involving animals, travel and food were the most popular :)

I had custard oats on the brain again this a.m. Well, that and mollases. And coconut chia granola.


There’s almond butter hiding under there too. Dare I say this was better than the first time around? Yum!!!

Worked 8-4:30 today. I’ve taken to not working out when I do this shift. The days are pretty  busy and I need to be on my “A” game!! Also, I’m still sore from Tuesday’s weight lifting workout. That’s some persistent DOMS!!

Packed the usual lunch for today (we don’t have a microwave at the Bucks).


Smoked tofurkey slices, mustard, swiss + veggies on lavash bread. And a melt-in your mouth ripe pear!


Janetha posted an apple-pear comparison the other day. Did you know pears are lower in calories, carbs and sugar than apples, and also have more fibre and potassium?? They’re also cheaper these days. The price of apples has for some reason skyrocketed this month!

Oh, and I’ve been studying my personal training textbook on my breaks. Hence all the words in the background ;)

On my afternoon break, I had my first Vega Vibrancy Bar in the wholesome original flavour.


To be honest, i did not have high hopes for this bar. It just looked too “healthy!”

 vega vega

Can’t really argue with those stats or ingredients.

Of course, it’s how the thing tastes that’s reeeally important ;)


It’s a date-based bar, much like a Larabar. But it tastes so different – I loved it!! You can taste the dates, but dates are one of my favourite foods, so that’s always a bonus for me. The little specks you see in there aren’t all nut pieces, but grains. It made for a wonderful texture. And the flavour was really “mellow” with nothing in particular standing out. It’s small, but still managed to hold me over for the last couple hours of work until I made it home for dinner. This gets a thumbs up!

That dinner I made was some standard Friday Night Fare. Burger and fries.

101_1304Real hamburger with sweet potato fries (spiced in cumin & chili powder). I’m still kinda hungry though!! I’m thinking a protein-yogurt dessert may be in order…


Friday Flashbacks… Christmas Edition!!!

Last Flashback Friday before Christmas!! Actually, Christmas is technically on a Flashback Friday this year. How fitting :)

Here are some random family photos from over the past four years (as far back as I can find). I stole some off my sister and mother’s Facebooks, so I can’t take credit for all of them.

My wonderful mom in her Christmas morning apparel, drinking coffee and awaiting the Queen’s Message…

My Dad, looking very studious and lawyer-like. Actually, I think that’s a Stuart Maclean book I bought him one year.


Sara, Jane and I, three sheets to the wind on Christmas Eve, re-enacting childhood games.


Archie, napping under the piano, exhausted from all the Christmas excitement.


Me and Nana (my mom’s mom)



After the unwrapping frenzy on Christmas morning. I can’t believe my mother actually allowed her home looking like this get caught on film :P

Last year’s dead bird, courtesy my mom’s new favourite Oprah recipe.


Last year’s Christmas dinner! This is sister Sara’s plate. I think someone is a budding food blogger ;)


My three favourite girls, two of which are in the most hideous winter coats I’ve ever seen. How can people who live in and near Quebec not remember to pack warm coats!? And why is my mom still holding on to these!?


Girls, I will not be letting this happen again this year. :P


I’m starting to get really excited to go home! I leave Wednesday afternoon and I’m counting down the days. Almost all my gifts are taken care of. Hopefully I’ll get the rest this weekend. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the same room as my mom and two sisters at once (last Christmas maybe?). Life has been such a rollercoaster lately, it will be nice to be in familiar surroundings with the people I love most :)


Question of the Day: What are you hoping to get for Christmas? Yup, I want a completely selfish, material answer for this one!! I think my mommy got me an SLR camera. Not sure what kind yet, but anything will be a step up from my current camera!

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  1. i LOVE seeing real hamburgers on blogs!!! great flashback pics!! i asked for a food processor for christmas..haha

  2. I want a Garmin!

    I love your and your sisters’ names. Good job, mom! They are all classic and pretty.

  3. I have a few Vega’s at home that I need to try out. They are Vibrancy but not that flavor. Actually i think just one of them. It looks so healthy on the wrapper I have never opened it (admits sheepishly!). So now when i return home, I will. Yay!

    And the apple/pear comparison. NOTHING beats a perfect pear but it’s harder to find a perfect pear than an edible apple. KWIM? So I end up eating both :)

  4. I didn’t realize that Canadians sit around and watch the queen’s message too!?!?!

    Your mom’s home looks so cozy with all of you gathered.

    Speaking of energy/snack bars- I can’t remember if I told you I bought out the supply of PB/Choc Simply bars at London’s :-D

    I want a TRX. Those kill! Hayley did a video tutorial about it a while back. I’ve worked on it with a trainer once or twice to show me the ropes (ha ha get it?) and I love it!

  5. I really want a DSLR camera and a food processor!

  6. That vega bar looks good!

    I am hoping for the latest Hot Club of Detroit CD and a waffle iron. Anything else is frosting :D

    I’ve been loving the pears lately, especially the price!

  7. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    i want an awesome acting job for x-mas. but i don’t think that’s going to happen!

  8. Oh Grandma is so cute! I get to go home Wednesday, too and I am SO PUMPED!! I have not been home for Christmas in two years and I just can’t wait! i Have no idea what I’m getting for Christmas. Sometimes my mom is spot on and sometimes she’s just kind of kooky :) However, I already got my biggest present from Dustin–an elliptical trainer. Whoo hoo! I am spoiled. But it’s my birthday present too :)

  9. I love that picture of you and your nana :D And your mom’s house is GORGEOUS!

    I have no idea what I want for Christmas…have hinted at a camera, but there are a few books I really want and I’d love an electric shower installed. Books and shower take priority, but my mom is asking me all kinds of questions about cameras…hmmmmm. I did get a mini muffin pan for Hanukkah :D

  10. You look wonderful in your pictures! I’m hoping for an Amazon Kindle for Christmas. I’m a total nerd and the thought of having tons of books on hand in a small device is quite exciting LOL

    Good luck finishing up your shopping!

  11. ah i love seeing christmases past! they are awesome. and so are those coats. seriously! i am so excited for you to go home too :) i am sure you are anxious. hooray for the holidays!! i don’t even care what i get~a 4 day weekend is enough for me!


  12. If Santa were to bring me a Garmin and some Lululemon clothing, I would fall over in happiness :)

    That Vega bar does look pretty good!

  13. oh! i hope you get that slr girl :) home is oh-so close now! have a fun weekend!

  14. OMG. I saw the granola on the oats and squealed with glee when I first saw this. (Like you, my google reader is stacking up. I. Don’t. Know. How. You. Do. It.) It loooks so good! And such a close up too! Glad you enjoyed. i had custard oats twice this week.

    And yayy I love the hamburger and fries as well. A little ground beef homemade to a perfect burger never hurt anyone.

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