Answered – The Final Round

Omygaaahhhh!!!! The weekend is almost here!! Hell has frozen over, pigs are taking over the skies, because I have a weekend off. I predict it will be amazing :D

But enough about the future, let’s live in the past for a little bit. I couldn’t decide between waffles, pancakes or french toast for breakfast – so I combined two of them.

French toast waffles. I defrosted a couple Nature’s Path pomegranate plus waffles in the microwave and dredged them in egg whites. Dipped in a maple syrup/almond butter mix. Did you know Thursday was National Maple Syrup Day? I didn’t! But I’m Canadian, I have it every day anyways ;)

Long after breakfast was digested, I braved the –28 C (-18 F) windchill to run at the gym. I don’t know what I was thinking when I said I wanted to run outside this winter. I want my runs to be fun, not spent getting frostbite or falling on the ice.

Skipped my usual 5-mile speed run for a 5-mile tempo run. Basically, I slowly increased my speed as time went on, then brought it down slightly. I find running fast on a treadmill is easier than trying to jog on it!

I waited too long after breakfast to go to the gym though, I was staaaarving before I even finished stretching! Came home and whipped up a fast one.


Turkey and hummus pita. Surprisingly, the best part of this pita were the pickles on it. I swear I’m not pregnant, but I’ve been loving the pickles lately.

Worked 2-10pm again today. Hit up Subway again for a veggie sub.

Doctored up with my own mini-can of tomato & onion tuna. The people at Subway thought I was a weirdo for sure after ordering a dry veggie sub. They asked me if I wanted cheese three times.


Noooow it’s time for the fourth and final round of Q&As!

Hallie, Said:

Oh another question, do you ever feel pressure to blog on a certain schedule or about certain things? What do the people in your “real life” think about your blog, given that you talk about some pretty personal stuff on it.

First, I never feel pressure to blog about certain things. One of the reasons why I love blogging so much is that I make it what I want it to be. Some days I have tons of food photos I want to share, but not much content. Other days I have boring food, but some words I just need to get off my chest!! Although, there are days when I have absolutely nothing. That’s usually when I’ll provide links to more interesting articles or posts ;)

As for my posting schedule, I do sometimes feel a slight pressure to post every evening. What I’ve started doing is writing up posts when I get the chance during the day (like right now!), then just publishing before I go to bed at night. Some days I just can’t get anything out, and I won’t publish at all. I like having regularity to my blog though, and I miss it when I skip a post!

So far the feedback from my family and friends has been positive about the blog. I think it’s allowed them to learn a lot more about me, and perhaps even strengthened our relationships because of it. I try not to publish anything personal relating to other people. So while my life may be an open book, if it involves someone else, it’s a no-go zone.


holly Said:

besides journalism and fitness, what career path would you like to pursue?

I still want to open my own cafe someday! But that’s a long way down the road. You need money to open a store, and that’s not something I’m going to have for a very loooong time ;) Nor am I stable at the moment, I’ll likely be moving at least a couple times over the next several years. The cafe will have to be something I do when I’m finally settled a few decades from now ;)

Nowadays though, I’m trying not to think too much about the future. Mostly because the idea of choosing a career path scares the crap out of me. I’m just trying to do what makes sense and makes me happy in the moment (and, ahem, pays the bills).


Bekah Said:

My question- from a fellow embarrassed muncher to another: When you munch, what are your munch foods?

Anything small and in a box :P Cereal, chocolate chips, raisins, dates, crackers, nuts. I actually munched my way through a whole box of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest! I do most of my munching when I go out the door to work out. Usually because I go into a workout with a semi-empty tummy and my mouth doesn’t want to wait till after a workout to have a meal! Or when I first come in the door hungry. I’m pretty bad for munching while I prepare dinner. At the same time though, having a few chocolate chips here and there keep me from having crazy chocolate cravings. So while munching isn’t always the greatest, there are worse things :)


fightingwithfood Said:

Here’s my question for you – If you could, with no consequences, throw the “Great Balancing Act” out of the window for 24 hours, what would you eat and do?

I believe this is called “New Year’s Eve” :P Seriously, that is one of the few days a year where I throw it all out the window. Fortunately, the blog was created just days after New Years last year, so there is no blog evidence of the damage that was done ;) There was a lot of whiskey consumed (the only liquor I really drink). Multiple chicken wings, chips, cookies, mozza sticks, etc. And there may have been some drunken dancing to old Rancid songs in a stranger’s living room.

So to answer your question, I would drink and eat with abandon and have a blast :)


ellie Said:

How are you liking your coworkers? Overall…the job? Good/bad? Ugly? :P

I hate to say this, but being back at Starbucks has made me realize just how much my old job was slowly killing me on the inside. Everything just feels so easy at the cafe. People will sometimes complain about having to do the smallest tasks, while all I can think about was the time I had to be the first to report three teenagers drowned in the river. That, was hard. Having to wipe out the milk fridge is a cake walk compared to that.

The only thing that I’m kinda “meh” about is the drama that always comes with service based jobs. I am a no-drama zone. And already my coworkers are trying to pull me in! I’m just not taking any of it seriously, and I’m not sweating the small stuff :)


That was fun!!! I’ll have to remember to do these more often. As always, you know you can ask me anything at any time. Be it a comment or e-mail. I always try to be active and prompt in responding to comments and e-mails. One of the best things about blogging is that I get to communicate with so many wonderful people out there :D

And with that, I’m hitting the hay! Just closed the cafe, only to open it in 8.5 hours time. I’m thinkin’ an extra shot of espresso may be needed in the morn’. Night night!!


Question of the day: If you could, what career path besides your current one would you want to pursue?


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  1. I’d love to operate an animal rescue out of my home. Get a big house with lots of land, a nice big yard, and a large area I could devote to giving abandoned and neglected cats and dogs all the love they need.

    I would, of course, fund this operation with cash from my booming book sales (which I will have written a year or two before I open it), and my dog, cat, and human bakery.

    A girl can dream, right?

  2. soo genious about the tuna on sub once again!!

  3. I would love to be an RD and a fitness instructor/ exericse physiologist. But, nursing has more concrete job security.

  4. I really think I would love to be an RD but I wonder if having my passion/hobby as a career would ruin it for me? Other than that, I would love to be a food critic.

  5. I would love to have a creative writing-type gig, either food or sports related. I’m an editor right now, but it’s not “pleasurable publishing”–much like your gig was.

    I’m also all about working in a bakery/cafe or any environment that contributed to a sense of fun and peacefulness. Or something with animals…

  6. I would love Samantha Brown’s job :D

  7. I’m like you – a cafe would be so wonderful. I actually wrote up a business plan, had researched physical places and such. Heck – I roast my own coffee at home!
    It’s just such a huge financial risk. It’s one thing to be a corporation like Starbucks and have the machine in place and another to be a single shop owner.

    I do miss our retail shop – that was fun and I keep having thoughts of doing that again. It’s all led to some unfocused thinking as of late.

    My munch foods are cereal too. Why is it so good out of hand but m’eh in the bowl with milk??

  8. Hehe… I didn’t expect my question to be featured in a Q and A. I think it’s all to easy to look back on old jobs with rose tinted lenses and forget that it was less than awesome at times…I definitely do that, big time. Also hear you on the drama front- are most of the others pretty young? Aside from the managers at my Starbucks, most people were straight out of high school and there seemed to be more gossip/drama floating around than other jobs I’ve had. I just laughed it off as much as I could.

    Hmmm. Career path. That’s the question I am dealing with right now (and researching…will spill the details at some point, no doubt!)

    • There’s a good mix of us there. The youngest is 17 I think and the oldest is 33. The majority of us are in our early twenties, although I’m one of the few who isn’t in university.

      Ooooh! Can’t wait to hear about these new job prospects for you!!

  9. It’s funny when I order food they always look at me like I’m crazy.. usually because I don’t get dressing!

    Christmas is my day to eat whatever the heck I want. It’s my birthday and christmas so I think that gives me permission! haha

  10. Running in the cold – you’re tough! It’s so cold out there!

    I like what you did with those waffles! Looks great.

    I work in footwear, in product marketing, and I still have a huge passion for fitness so I guess just moving from lifestyle footwear to performance maybe?!?!

    Happy Friday,


  11. susan…thanks for the qs! if it wasn’t for my awful singing voice, i would be on the first plane out to NYC and auditioning my heart out for broadway plays. no joke.

    more realistically, i think working in nonprofits is something i will pursue in the future.

    have a lovely day my dear :)

  12. I adore the q and a sesh!!!!
    Service jobs are drama fest’s, Ive worked a million in my life :)

    And the blogging, pressure to publish, etc. I think we’ve all been there to a degreee but I love your atttitude about it Susan, you’re awesome and it just shines thru in your words :)

  13. Love the waffle French toast idea! It sounds like it would be so tasty!! Oh my goodness, it was COLD yesterday for you!

    New Year’s Eve – hahah! Same here! Drinks are a-flowin’, carbs are a-eatin’, booties are a-shakin’ – nothing is off limits. Great conclusion to the questions!

    Other than teaching I’d love to be a housewife, that’s a career, right?! ;)

  14. oh i’m a total small stuff in a box muncher ESPECIALLY when i’m cooking dinner!

    i’m gonna need some how-to instructions on this laughing cow stuff chix soon :)

  15. oh i loved this round of answers! so much to touch on. i remember when you flashed back to new years~you always have so much fun! and i am glad you like your new job so much. that is important. marshall and i want to open a cafe too! and call it “penny bean” haha. one day. frenched waffles again~youre genius and i keep forgetting to try it. it is DAMN COLD there holy balls! career path for me? culinary school for sure. or i want to be the girl who travels to all the different cities and writes reviews about the food.


  16. French toast waffles. Susan, you are a god. Seriously. I have a feeling you’ve done this before? And I may have seen them/commented? Maybe? Regardless, I love this idea. The power of egg whites. Crazy.

    Yay for answering my question- yeah munching while your food is cooking/starvingg, I def know the feeling. And yeah, chocolate chip munches are def welcomed.

    I got your tweet today, I can’t believe you’ve gone 20 days without a day off! You inspireee me. I actually love the service industry, (I’m working retail right now, just for being home, and I can’t even begin to comprehend an 8 hr shift, blech) But it goes by so fast when you’re making drinks and/or cooking someone’s dinner! But yeah, the dramaa- that’s something else. I try and stay clear too.

  17. Oh yeah- adding egg whites or eggs to anything gets my vote :-)

    I stepped out of a higher stressed job to a less stressed/less glam job, but man, it was the best thing I ever did. I think it allowed me to decrease the stress enough to get a handle on my weight problem.

    I have thought about being a personal trainer, but decided it’s not right for me at the moment. Or a dietician. Again, not now. Who knows. Those are passions, but I don’t want to ruin it by making it my job! ;-) Other people (like you) would embrace the passion and MAKE it your job- win-win!

  18. Aw, girl you KNOW what I’d do if I could choose a different career path! Baker, baker, baker!

    I’m loving your french toast waffles–quite creative a delicious sounding fer sure! P.S. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little pickle love!!!! Miss you girl! xoxo

  19. That breakfast bowl looks so good! I’m studying to be a personal trainer too! x x

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