Healthified with a Few Answers

Hiya! Hope everyone got a good start to their weeks :) Today I realized I’m doing a “real” work week. Work till Friday then have a WHOLE weekend off!! Sweet damn!

Did the ole 2-10pm closing shift at Starbucks tonight, so I had the morning to myself. Would have been wonderful if I didn’t wake up at 6:30 am with a charley horse (ie severe cramp) in my calf. So. Painful. Needed some comfy oats to make me feel better.


Custard oats!! I followed Tay’s method of whisking a whole egg into the pot as my oats cooked. It turned out amazing! I love my oats really thick and creamy, and that’s exactly what happened. Topped with some dates and homemade maple pecan butter. Epic.

Then it was off to my favourite Monday morning step class. It’s the same ladies there every week and we’re starting to bond. I just love it :) It’s one of the few times I get to just let loose and get a silly sweat on.

Replenished after with a Janetha inspired lunch.


  • 1 cup cottage cheese
  • 1/2 cup garbanzo beans
  • 1 tsp ranch seasonin
  • 1 orange bell pepper
  • chopped onion
  • 1 tomato
  • kale

All mixed up and eaten out of a giant bowl. This was really filling!! Except, I used up all my fresh produce in it, which meant no giant pita to bring to work for supper tonight. Instead, I opted for the Subway in the food court.


It’s a 6 inch veggie delight on whole wheat with every veggie available. Then I brought my own pouch of tuna and added it to the sub, with a drizzle of Italian dressing I got on the side. Tuna subs used to be my favourite thing ever, and they’re one of the worst subs you can get (helloooo goopy mayo!). So this is a healthified version of my old favourite. It was awesome!

I’m actually not allowed to take pictures at Starbucks – it’s a corporate policy. But I managed to sneak one of my drink tonight.


Tall unsweetened iced black tea lemonade. I can’t find the nutrition facts for the unsweetened version of this drink. The lemonade is about 1/3 of it and has some sugar, so it does have calories. How many, I don’t know! Not that much I’m assuming, maybe 60 cals?

P.S. I discovered the coffee frappuccino bases have high fructose corn syrup today for anyone out there who watches that stuff.

I also broke my “no buying any more mugs or tumblers with my sweet partner discount” rule. It was just too good to pass up!


An insulated cup just for cold drinks. Just think of all the Deb inspired smoothies I could fill it up with!


Okay folks, time for the first round of questions and answers.

I got some excellent questions from y’all! I’m going to answer a little each day this week, as some deserve well thought-out answers. Since I’m short on time tonight, I’m going to tackle the easiest ones first ;) Don’t worry if yours isn’t featured here – I will be answering all of them in the days ahead!


Emily (The Experimentarian), said:

ooh! Question time! let’s talk about travel! Where is the coolest place you’ve ever been? Where would you like to go?

What is your favorite hobby besides blogging and working out? Is it crafting? Ha ha. Yay for arts and crafts! xoxo

Okay first, I’d have to say fitness is my number one hobby!! Chris is a huge car hobbyist, and one day I was complaining to him that I don’t have any hobbies. He was just like “Umm, Susan, you spend all your spare time at the gym or thinking about it.” Which is totally true. When I’m not working out, I’m reading about it, planning for it, talking about it. It kinda consumes me :\ 

But I do really enjoy playing my guitar when I feel inspired. I’ve also been known to knit on occasion, which I took up five years ago to help me quit smoking. And I know this is a lame hobby, but I still love the news! Watching it, reading it. I love keeping on top of current events.

As for travel, I wouldn’t say I’m a globe trotter, but I’ve been to some pretty neat places. The list: America (duh), Mexico, Cuba (twice), Jamaica, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Of all those places, I think the trip to Mexico with my mom to visit my sister (who was studying there at the time) was the most memorable. We stayed with a Mexican family in a city called Cuernevaca. We did a lot of travelling to the surrounding cities and got to see some of the real Mexican countryside. The food was also fantastic ;)

Right now there are a lot of places in the United States I really want to go to – Las Vegas, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, to name a few ;) Overseas, I reeeeeally want to go to the UK. Ellie, I’m coming someday, I promise!!



i wanna knowww what’s your fav starbreezies drink!? now that you work there and all :)

I think my favourite coffee drink of all time (besides plain coffee) is a dry latte with two shots of espresso and a squirt of vanilla. I love my lattes foamy, but I prefer only a hint of sweetness and not the overpowering one that most Starbucks drinks have.

But, my favourite Starbucks-only drink is an iced caramel macchiato. There are many others I once had love affairs with, but unfortunately have been discontinued :(

Lori (Finding Radiance), Said:

My question would be: How do you plan on building your personal training business? Will you start at your current gym with advertising (guess not if you are moving?).

This is a good question, seeing as I never really went into how I plan on using my personal training certification. My goal now, is to get a job at my current gym chain. They’re the largest in Canada and are constantly hiring full and part-time trainers all over the place. Their trainers don’t have to seek out clients, but the clients are paired with trainers through the gym. So the “business” side of it would be taken care of.

That’s my short-term goal anyways. There are some privately owned and smaller gyms in the area that I’ll be looking into as well. There are also a couple companies around here that set trainers up with businesses who want them for their employees.

Long-term, I plan on getting my my Nutrition & Wellness certification so I can do a little fitness-based nutrition counselling as well. And of course, I want to do some freelance writing! Put all this knowledge out there to share :)

I’m still iffy about being a group fitness instructor. But ya never know, it could lead there. At the moment though, I’m more focused on working with individual clients.


Ashley Said:

So….I looked into buying a waffle iron the other day, because I love the look of yours (they are photogenic!) but the only one I could find was like $80. Which is a lot. I can buy a $20 one online and I was wondering whether its hard to go wrong with a waffle iron? Do you think I can get away with a cheapie? (I realise this probably isn’t what you meant when you invited questions….!!!)

I thought this deserved to be answered in a post because I get a lot of comments from people saying they want a belgian waffle iron. There are some nice ones out there that do all the fancy flipping stuff, but mine is just a “press.”

It’s a Proctor Silex Morning Baker Waffle Iron. I bought it at Walmart for close to $30. I have absolutely no complaints about it. It cooks up fast and makes giant fluffy waffles! I’d just be wary of the non-belgian style irons. I had one before that did two small rectangular waffles at once and it took forever to cook.


Well that wraps it up for today! I’ll be delving into some more of the “deep thought” Q’s tomorrow. If you have a question you’d like to add, leave a comment or send me an e-mail at :)


Question of the Day: Any old foods you used to love but now “healthify?” I used to be a french fry person, but now I make all sorts of fry substitutes. Like butternut squash fries, yuca fries and most recently green bean fries!


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  1. I just bought a waffle maker, and while I liked them, Mitch wasn’t happy that they weren’t “crispy.” Any suggestions on how to make them more crisp, other than toasting them once they’re cooked?

    Oh another question, do you ever feel pressure to blog on a certain schedule or about certain things? What do the people in your “real life” think about your blog, given that you talk about some pretty personal stuff on it.

    • Haha Hallie, I have to laugh because I loooove my waffles crispy! I totally understand! That’s the one downside to making your own waffles I guess, more often than not they’re fluffy. What I do, is cook them in the waffle iron for a reeeeally long time. Till they’re dark brown. I have yet to burn them in there, and it gives them some more crisp. I’ll also sometimes stick them under the broiler in my toaster oven of for a couple minutes to harden them up on the outside :)

  2. I would NEVER think to take my own can of tuna and add it to a Veggie Delite, but I now can’t wait to do that during my 2-11 shift on Wednesday. Thanks, Susan!
    And I’m loving how your homemade nut butter looks on those oats!
    My hubby hates this, but I now “healthify” every cookie recipe I used to make – subbing whole wheat flour, applesauce or pumpkin for the fat or fresh fruit for the dried (such as diced apples for raisins). It’s made for some very “soft”, but yummy cookies!

  3. GREATanswers and questions!
    what a good idea to add tuna to a veggie delight! im going to have to try that-i love subway! (for a fast food place)

  4. I wonder if the HFCS is a Canadian thing because here in the US Starbucks announced over the summer that they were no longer using anything with HFCS or trans fats??

    • Really!? I will definitely ask my manager and district manager about it. It’s the second ingredient listed on the coffee and coffee light bases that we use. I was pretty shocked when I saw it – I’ve been drinking it for years!!! Plus, I feel bad sometimes handing out unhealthy drinks to people, so I’d like to make sure the customers are informed about what’s in their drinks.

  5. I love sweet potato fries!

    But I really like to healthify mac n cheese!!


  6. I seriously almost bought that cup the other day. The twisty straw is too cute!

  7. Yahooo! Thanks for answering my question! You are so smart/creative for bringing your own tuna to put on your sub. NIce! And I’m totally slack-jawed over your oats…nom, nom.

    Pretty much everything I make is healthified :) Good thing D doesn’t mind!

  8. That’s a great idea for the Subway sandwich! I’m definitely doing that next time we go!

    And your breakfast looks extra creamy! I love adding egg whites to make it nice and thick but I’ve never done a whole egg. It looks good!

  9. An 8 hour shift at Starbucks must be killer! I work at a cafe and just 4 hours is enough to make me a little snippy.

  10. You are welcome this side of the pond anytime :D

    I love taking pouches of tuna to places to add as a protein sub- usually cheaper and healthier (and delish- I LOVE pouch tuna!)

    Hmm. Most stuff i eat is healthified I think but because I’ve eaten this way for so long, it just seems normal to me now. My favourite thing is light laughing cow cheese on sandwiches instead of butter/mayo and I am pretty hooked on my homemade wholewheat fat free pumpkin maple muffins right now :D

  11. You get those brutal charlie horses in your calf too? My Mom is known for them and has problems her whole life – luckily I didn’t inherit that, however I do get them once or twice a year and occasionally it comes one night after the other then I’m done for another 12 months. I know exactly how that feels! Ahhg.

    • Yes! I started getting them in high school. Usually after a day of unusually high activity (I’m assuming standing on my feet all day is what brought this one on). They are SO frickin’ painful. I’ve actually woken up mid-scream in the middle of the night with a charley horse. My muscle still feels sore from it!

  12. You are a genius with the tuna idea! I never would’ve thought to do that!

    I almost bought that insulated cup at Starbucks the other day. I have never worked at Starbucks but looking at my coffee cup collection you would think I had. I buy on average 7 or 8 a year . I can’t resist them! My husband hates when I go inside because he knows we’ll be getting a new mug! lol!

  13. i love the idea of adding your own tuna to the sub! and yay for q+a…i love learning more about bloggies. besides journalism and fitness, what career path would you like to pursue?

    have a lovely day :)

  14. OMG those oats look like they’d taste better than oats+protein powder! Plus, I love the fact that you’re getting protein with the egg, but the egg is also acting as a creamyness factor. nom nom for sure. Lol.

    Pretty much everything I make is just a more simple, or healthy version of the original. Like I make chicken salad allll the time, but I only use a teeny bit of mayo, and tuna salad I make with honey mustard, so good!

  15. I like this post! I totally thought of Deb when I saw both the pecan butter AND your cool new smoothie cup! Love the holiday straw on that, too!

    I did not know you could order a latte “dry.” I’ve gotta stick with you and your blog to learn more cool Starbucks lingo! Can you pass along more “little known” lingo?! :)

  16. GREAT POST!!!!!!!!

    The dates and homemade maple pecan butter look amazing. Homemade…with what? Pecans, maple, grind, done? It looks lovely and with a Vita I know I can make it, just never have. I need to change that!

    I love huge kale salads. I eat one daily!

    And the answers to all your questions. LOVE them. And love the STarbucks info. I knew it was HFCS, I didnt know there’s a no pic rule. Didnt know what/why your fave drinks were. I used to guzzle hot carmel macch’s like it was my job. But at 5 bucks a piece and not exactly healthy, i dont do that so much anymore :)

    I have healthified, rawified, veganized, and gluten/soy free’ed every single food I used to eat. Food allergies and greater consciousness about what i ingest led me to this path. So yes, 100% of everything I eat has been worked over and changed up!

  17. Ahh Charley Horses. Hell on earth. They are way too sudden and horrific and scary in the middle of ht enight!!

    I always make things healthified. Like last night—some pizza. Made it on a flat out, put lots of veggies and turkey on it and enjoyed!

  18. wow custard oats sound amazing! i have never even thought of that. love your lunch! for some reason i dont love raw kale unless it is blended in a protein shake. otherwise i have to cook it. dude! that cup is rad~i love the straw. oh i have been meaning to ask you more about jamaica! i am going feb 5. email me some must-dos if you have time. i healthify anything and everything i can! hope your day is going great susan <3

  19. Custard oats…. I am intrigued!

    That’s nice that the gym you want to work at will pair you up with clients. I know service based jobs can be tough like that having to start from scratch.

    So no pics at Starbies, seriously? Guess it doesn’t apply to customers LOL. I take lots of pictures there. In fact, we will be going there tonight!

    • Yeah, Starbucks has a loooong list of media rules! They mostly enforce it on employees though. (I have a feeling one too many photos of baristas goofing off have appeared on the internet). Although, my old manager was a real stickler about it with customers too. She kicked someone out once for taking a picture of the mural in the cafe!

  20. Waking up with a charley horse is THE WORST!! Once that happened to me and my calf was sore the rest of the day.

    Your trip to Mexico sounds cool! It seems like you guys got to see the real Mexico instead of the “spring break” Mexico.

    I’m with you on the healthier version of fries. I used to LOVE McDonald’s/Wendy’s/Arby’s/BK’s/etc. fries but butternut squash fries and SP fries are 10x better!

  21. I healthify everything…ha….Pancakes…Enchiladas…Etc

    I try to add more fiber and protein and cut processed carbs and sugar….when possible of course!

    New SAHALE SNACKS giveaway, music, food + fitness –

    Happy TUESDAY!


  22. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    aaaah i want a waffle iron!!!!

  23. Glad you liked the custard oats!! I can’t eat them other ways now :-) And that pecan butter on top looks AWESOME!

  24. haha thanks for the answers girl :) ummm i’m thinking now that you work at starbreezies you can be the girl that brings back all the discontinued shiz! LOVE that cup :) perrrfect for smoothies. ive got a supah sweet “NY” starbs mug on my xmas list haha

  25. Oh pecan maple butter? Be still my beating heart!

    The Starbucks cup as a shake holder is the best idea yet. I totally want one.

  26. Thanks for the shout out=- I totally want one of those mugs- so smoothieriffic!

    I am now confused. Wouldn’t a dry latte just be a couple of shots of espresso with a tiny bit of milk? I mustn’t be up on the latest bucks lingo! :-)

    I think fitness is my hobby too, and I healthify absolutely everything I can. except old family recipes that I may make for others. but for lil ole me, I need to scrimp and save every calorie! :-/

    Love the custard oats. They are so creamy= I haven’t done them in forever- thanks for the reminder!

    • Kinda. “Dry” just means extra foam. A latte usually has a small dollop of foam on top, whereas a dry one would have a little less milk and more foam in the cup. A cappuccino is half milk, half foam. So a dry cappuccino would me mostly foam with a splash of milk. On the flip side, you can also get things “wet.” But that’s silly because the foam is the best part!! :)

  27. i like your healthier subway meal!

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