Staying Accountable!

Love all the questions I’m getting! Keep ‘em coming, I’m thinking I’ll do a series of posts answering them this week :)

My body clock got the hint today and let me sleep till 7am. Thank you!! I had spin class at 8:30, so I kept breakfast light.


Two Nature’s Path maple cinnamon waffles with peanut butter and strawberry jam on top. Not very photogenic is it? On the bright side, the days are going to start getting longer again after Dec 23. So it soon won’t be dark at 7am anymore!

After a couple days of lacklustre workouts, today’s RPM spin class was just what I needed!! My legs finally felt recovered after my day off work yesterday. One of the instructors showed up to take the class, but ended up hopping up front to help teach it. Can I just say that all the instructors at GoodLife Fitness in Fredericton are awesome? I always talk about my “favourite” ones. But really, I love them all. They’re what make the classes so fun and motivate me to keep wanting to go back!

I was hungry when I came home, so I had a small snack to keep me going till my early lunch.

101_1107 101_1112

Three puny dates stuffed with PB and a PVL Peach Whey Cooler.

I worked 12-5pm today, so I ate lunch before I left.

I call this an “egg torta” because it’s just like the ones I ordered when I was in Mexico. Really, it’s just fried eggs (1 whole + 2 whites), cheese, mayo, tomato, onion, sprouts and spinach on a toasted bun. Holy yum. On the side is a sliced braeburn with a healthy dose of cinnamon.

Work wasn’t so bad today. I stuck to the cash register and stayed relatively clean. I had one customer tell me I’m the only barista he’s seen smile profusely while taking an order. I told him it was the endorphins from spin class ;) In my experience, it’s a lot easier to be nice to people than mean or rude to them.

I haven’t been taking pics of my work eats lately, but Clif bars have become one of my new favourite snacks to eat on break. Especially the Carrot Cake flavour.


I like them because they’re a little larger than the other bars I usually eat, so they hold me over for longer. I usually go 3-4 hours between breaks at work with lots of activity in between. I need the extra energy! I also had a short skinny vanilla crème today. Basically, 8oz of steamed skim milk with a couple squirts of sugar-free vanilla syrup. For 70 calories, I feel like I’m having a decadent treat :)

For some odd reason, I reeeally wanted chicken stuffed with laughing cow cheese and spinach for dinner. I had to laugh at myself when I lifted the lid on the george foreman grill. I may have been a little too keen and overstuffed just a tad ;)

As always though, the messiest dishes are the tastiest!


I had my chicken with some broccoli + cauliflower in Bragg’s and kale chips. Awesome meal! I always combine the foods on my plate. There were a lot of mouthfuls containing all three foods :)

In other food news, I made my first jar of nut butter!!!


I knew I wanted my first batch to have maple syrup, which seemed to pair perfectly with the big bag of pecans I conveniently had in my cupboard. I didn’t have the patience to blend it until absolutely smooth. The food processor was starting to get hot and I was getting a headache! I also completely forgot to toast the pecans first. I was just too excited to get started on my first batch. It still turned out absolutely delicious though. My goodness. I licked the food processor clean! Can’t wait to top my oats with some maple pecan butter tomorrow :)

Checking in on those December goals…

Spend 30 minutes everyday cleaning something in my apartment.
I think I did this maybe 5 of 7 days? Not bad! Still not enough to keep my place clean though. I’m like the Tasmanian Devil. I leave a mess behind wherever I go :P

Stop procrastinating.
Again, I didn’t have much time to procrastinate! Any leisure time I took this week was decidedly so. I didn’t spend much time putting stuff off.

Read more.
I didn’t read anything besides articles this week. Not even Breaking Dawn!

Read at least one chapter a day from my personal training textbook.
I did really good at this one :) I’ve started bringing my textbook to work with me, and getting the chapter read on my breaks. Now I just need to start doing the online work and set up job shadowing…

Listen to my body.
I think I’m doing okay on this. I’ve definitely been eating a little more and not depriving myself. Still trying to figure out how not to exercise when I’m sore from work. I really like working out and get bummed when I can’t do it :(

Try more recipes.
I didn’t follow any recipes this week. I have tons of stuff planned for the holidays though, including making treats for gifts and dishes for Christmas dinner. I’ll get lots of new recipes in at some point!

Spend less on groceries.
I had to do a big grocery haul this week and feel really good about how much I spent. I have a bad habit of picking up everything that looks good to me. But this week I stopped and asked myself if I reeeeally needed 8 different kinds of fruit to get me through the week. I can actually survive on much less than I thought!

Get a grip.
I don’t quite know how to measure this one. But I can say, I am entering this week much more confident than I did last week, or the week before last. I feel like my mind is a lot more clear now that I’m not worrying and stressing about work so much. Going into Starbucks everyday requires no extra thought outside of my shifts. This alone has helped me become a lot more focused and get a sense of order back in my life.


Question of the Day: How are you doing on your goals this month? Anything you still want to achieve in these last couple weeks of 2009? Honestly, I’m just looking to get out of this month alive :P


Don’t forget you can still leave a question for me in the comments or e-mail them to It can be any sort of question, blog related or not. I’ll even get personal ;) First series of answers will go up on Monday. See ya then!

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  1. You may not think those waffles are photogenic, but they sure look yummy to me! I’m excited to hear about your first meal with your homemade nut butter. I don’t know if I’d have the patience or desire to make my own – I never look forward to clean up following my food “experiments.”
    I did not establish any solid goals for this month. I suppose I am just eager for 2010 to get here, but I would definitely like to make this Christmas my most memorable since it is my first as a married lady and we are splitting the holiday with families. I’d really love to combine our traditions and create something new.

  2. WOW .. that chicken!! gah i have to try that asap! howd you stuff it? just cut it in the middle and put LC and spinach in there?

    • Yup! I just slice into the side of the raw chicken breast and stuff it from there. It kinda seals back up when you cook – so long as you don’t over stuff it :P

  3. hooray for the nut butter making! yum. that stuffed chicken looks incredible yum. i love stuffed chicken. one of my fave things to stuff it with is hummus and haavarti cheese. great job on your goals! i am going to check in on mine this tuesday. the egg sandwich caught my eye too. hope your monday is good chica! love you!

  4. susan love! gah, now you have me thinking of all the questions i could ask you! hmmm…i may have to get back to you on that one.

    your maple pecan butter looks too good to be true. did your mini food processor handle it okay? i have heard the smaller ones have trouble with that.

    yay for egg sammies – they are seriously the best. when i was in asia, cafes would ALWAYS have them (don’t know the origin of this one), but one of the best ones was a sammie like this on a french baguette. it was life changing.

    good work on your goals – keep it up!!!!

    • My little food processor definitely struggled a little! Although, I’ve heard it takes a good 10 minutes of blending to get it creamy. I just didn’t want it to overheat and break before I got to that point. I wonder of roasting the nuts beforehand would have helped?

  5. Holy yum. That egg torta thing looks tremendously GOOD! If the yolk was runny, even better!

  6. I had a clif bar for the first time when I was in the US, and when I bought the carrot cake flavour, I thought of you and how much you liked them! They were one of my standard snack :-)

    So….I looked into buying a waffle iron the other day, because I love the look of yours (they are photogenic!) but the only one I could find was like $80. Which is a lot. I can buy a $20 one online and I was wondering whether its hard to go wrong with a waffle iron? Do you think I can get away with a cheapie? (I realise this probably isn’t what you meant when you invited questions….!!!)

    Good to hear your legs are feeling better!

    • Ashley I’ll answer that in a post anyways since I do get a lot of waffle iron questions. If you head over to the “Fave Products” tab, I have a picture of my waffle iron and the company’s website. It cost me about $30 at Wal-Mart and I absolutely love it. I bet you could totally find a similar cheap version online!

  7. Yay to the nut butter that sounds and looks ace! Sounds like your goals are going pretty well, I need to try and control my overeating! x x

  8. oooh
    Id never even thought of cramming the cow in the chicken and not straight into my laughingcowhole!!!

  9. Making nut butter with maple syrup is genius! I am crossing my fingers that I get a food processor for Christmas, so I can make my own nut butters as well.

  10. Maple pecan butter? Wow, sounds delicious!

    I haven’t been doing to great with the goals- more yoga, more meditation… I have been listening to my body + exercising more though!

    Good luck with your goals!


  11. Maple pecan butter?!!!!!! Awesome! What’s te sweetener used in pecan pie- the syrupy stuff? Now I want to make pecan pie butter (ie, just blend the filling for pie). Oh nut butters and their possibilities.

    I think your dinner sounds delish- just the kind of thing I dig, but I seperate everything. Bar sandwiches, all my foods get tweezed apart.

    • oh, and my December goals have gotten lost/forgotten, but current one is to make it through and not back out of the commitments I made for the final weeks of 09…

  12. I lurve pecan butter! It’s so good. I kind of like the nut butters with a little bit of crunch and not totally smooth, so that looks wonderful to me!

    Sounds like you did really well with your goals. You’ve had a lot of change in the last few weeks.

    I am doing okay with goals. I am making a final push for the rest of the year on some things. I have been doing the 15 minutes a day of cleaning that you inspired me to do. It’s been helpful at controlling chaos to a degree LOL!

  13. Your goals are so smart. Even with your job changes, etc. you are still staying on track and planning out what you want to accomplish! I still haven’t tried any nut butters. I think I’m afraid I’ll love them too much!

  14. I’ve wanted to try those maple cinnamon waffles for the longest time. They sound absolutely fantastic! Actually, screw the waffles, your nut butter sounds absolutely fantastic!! I’d be so tempted to take a spoon to that jar!

    That Starbucks drink sounds really good – I usually am a black coffee girl but perhaps I should try that out!

  15. I’ve got to say, I’m so happy to hear that you “got a grip”. I “SO” get how you were feeling as I was feeling exactly the same way. Pursuant of accomplishing my goal of gaining control of my out-of-control life, I made a calendar for the month of December and put all of the MUST DO/ACCOMPLISH things on it. I’m having a better month too – feeling less out of control.

    FYI – will be trying that Carrot Cake Cliff Bar this week AND will supply you with the Zuchinni Hummus recipe as well.

  16. I love the Carrot Cake Cliff! And 70 cals for that drink is awesome! I wish I could get you as my barista one day so we could talk low-cal options ;)

    I still love your last goal to get a grip. I need to work on that one this week ;)

  17. Maple pecan butter—wowsa! Sounds and looks delicious!

    Ive read your blog for a bit, but I’m coming out of lurkdom–hi :) love your blog!

  18. That chicken sounds awesome, as does the maple pecan butter! yum!

  19. I really want to try a stuffed chicken now! For some reason I always forget that I can cook them on my Cuisinart Griddler! Thanks for the reminder!

    I don’t know why but every cliff bar tastes the same to me! It stinks!

    I hate not being able to work out either. It’s frustrating when your feeling up to it except for achy legs!

  20. Hi Susan! I just started reading your blog and we have A LOT in common. Right now I’m a television news producer but I am also planning on switching careers and becoming a personal trainer. I just ordered my text books :)

  21. Hahah when I did my internship for a restaurant in TX over the summer, one of the cooks was a mexican lady who made mexican food whenever their was down time. She made damn good tortas. Gah, so good. I totally get where you’re coming from in this lunch. :)

    And yay for smiling baristas- seriously I feel so connected to my baristas here in Tucson because I read your blog. Starbucks employees rock. (Most of em anyway.)

    Maple pecan butter? Yes please.

  22. kale, brock and cauli. I eat all 3 every dang day. ha!

    Three puny dates stuffed with PB = better than nothing and looks great!

    Love that you’re fielding questions, too. That’s so great!

  23. make me dinner. k?

    haha i. want. to. make. that. chix. like yesterday..

    and i love all these new starbreezies drinks with a healthy twist :) thanks girllll

  24. Ooh, phenom looking chicken. And nut butter??? Way to go girl!

    Funny, I like to mix my food bites too. I just love to combine the flavors and textures. Love you! xoxo

  25. Oh man, that maple pecan butter sounds amazing. I think it might be one of the best homemade butters possible.

    So nice that you smile a lot at people- makes all the difference in the world!

    Sounds like you are doing really well with your food choices at the bucks now. I know when you started you were a tiny bit concerned as you used to do some muffin ‘sampling’ :-)

    Hope your hip is better- have you had it looked at?

    • Nah, I never bothered going to a doctor about my hip. I injured it after a long run back in May. Just your typical overuse/old running shoe injury. I stayed off it for a couple months while it healed. But sometimes when I run too much, or do too many lower-body exercises, it gets painful again. It’s just my body’s way of telling me to sloooow doooown I think ;)

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