This body clock needs a snooze button…

Hey! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!! I had a wonderful Saturday off. Although, considering it’s been many moons since I spent a Saturday off at home, the bar was set pretty low ;)

I stayed up even later last night after being wound up from my busy night at work. It takes me a while to settle down and get in “sleep mode.” So after falling asleep at 12:30 am, my body clock had me up at 5:45 am. I hate you body clock.

I just rolled with it and made a spooky looking breakfast to eat in bed.


Two fried eggs on a toasted bagel. With some yogurt and frozen blueberries. Then I promptly fell back asleep for nearly two hours. Ridiculous!

I felt much better after waking up the second time. Spent the morning in bed looking at cameras on the internet. My mommy is buying me a new one for Christmas!

I eventually left my cozy bed to get ready for the gym. Made a pre-workout snack of peanut butter and banana.


With crushed M&M’s sprinkled on top. Of course!!! :P

I was so not feeling the gym today, and was tempted to stay home and try out one of my new Jillian Michael’s DVDs instead. But my legs are pissed at me from working all week, and I’ve heard the squats and lunges in those videos are killer. Upper body it was!

15 minutes on the elliptical, increasing the resistance every 2 minutes

A1 – One-arm dumbbell snatch:
3 sets @ 20 lbs x 8

B1 – Seated cable row:
3 sets @ 50 lbs x 10

B2 – Dumbbell chest press:
3 sets @ 20 lbs (ea) x 8

C1 – Wide-grip lat pulldown:
3 sets @ 55 lbs x 8

C2 – YTWL:
3 sets @ 7.5 lbs (ea) x 4 each letter

D1 – Back extension:
3 sets @ 9 lbs x 8

D2 – Cable horizontal woodchop:
2 sets @ 35 lbs x 10

D3 – Hanging leg lift:
2 sets @ bw x 8



I wanted to do some sprints on the elliptical or treadmill after, but my hips started hurting, again. I don’t think they enjoyed pushing through the high elliptical resistance in my warm-up. Ugh ugh. At least I now know not to push through the pain, and they thankfully feel as good as new after an otherwise inactive day today. My body is just having a hard time adjusting to standing at work all day. Hopefully it adjusts soon – I want to run sprints dammit! :P

Met up with Chris for lunch after. I was craving a giant salad with a big hunk of meat on top – so we went to our friendly neighbourhood pub, The Lunar Rogue. I enjoyed their festive spirit. I’m doing much better at embracing the Christmas cheer this year!


I ordered the “Mediterranean salad” with my dressing and feta cheese on the side.


Those pickles are from Chris’ plate though – I love ‘em! I know this looks like a very simple salad, but pita bread + cheese + protein + crispy veggies is almost like the perfect meal for me.

Chris got a very “Chris” meal – “The Rogue Burger.”


I had several of those fries. I think they’re frozen and oven baked here. They never taste greasy.

Chris’ burger though was HUGE!!! He had a hard time manoeuvring it.


In the end, he claimed defeat. It’s rare that boy can’t finish his plate.

After lunch, I went to a local spot and partook in arts and crafts activities for a solid three hours. I can’t disclose where or what I was doing though, because the end product will be Christmas gifts for people who may or may not read this blog!! I’m quite proud of my handiwork and will show photos after Christmas though :)

I have to say, working on the gifts were in some way a gift to myself. It was so nice to have a quiet afternoon to myself, leisurely working away on my projects. I also had a couple decaf hazelnut coffees to keep me warm :)

I was staaarving by the time I got home and threw together a quick teriyaki shrimp stir-fry for dinner.


In the dish is shrimp, green beans, mushrooms, onions, black sesame seeds, sesame oil, Bragg’s and some of this vegetable mix:


Europe’s Best “Imperial Blend.” It’s got edamame kernels, snow peas, bamboo shoots, shitake mushrooms, water chestnuts, carrots and red peppers.

And the sauce:


Diana’s Marinade in teriyaki. Diana can do no wrong in my eyes. Everything she makes is delicious.


Fun Facts!

So, remember in my morning workout tips I mentioned I come home and shower after the gym? Well, apparently, I may be doing myself a disservice by driving home in my sweaty gym clothes! FitSugar posted an article saying that going out in the cold in damp clothes can weaken your immune system. They recommend changing into dry clothes before going back out into the winter weather, instead of just throwing pants on over your sweaty gym shorts. Interesting!

I’m also learning tons of interesting info going through my personal training textbook. While we’ve all been told warming up before exercise is important, I’ve now learned exactly why. Simply put, our muscles demand oxygen. When exercise begins, our cardiovascular system must respond to this new demand in oxygen. How quickly it responds to this demand depends on how much oxygen was required before exercise began. So, if we all of a sudden go sitting to sprinting, our brain and heart can’t respond quickly enough to get the oxygen the muscles suddenly need. Thus, your muscles crap out on you, and you tire out much sooner than had you eased into exercise.  

So there ya go! Two interesting tidbits for your weekend blog reading :) I will definitely continue to share the info I’m learning through this personal training course. I mean, I’m doing it to help people after all!


Question of the Day: Do you have a question for me?? Anything you’ve been wondering for a while, or think I should answer in a post? Something completely silly and off topic? Serious and thought provoking? Ask away my friends!


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  1. I’ve never had fried eggs on a toasted bagel before it looks good and surely is good for you.

    This site is making me hungry :)

  2. Hmm. I want to know why exercise helps my immune system SO MUCH. When I was out of shape and never worked out I’d have at least 2-3 colds per winter and tons of sinus infections, plus the occasional flu. Now that I work out…I pretty much never get sick. But why?

    Now, watch, I’ll get a cold.

  3. DUDE maybe that is why i am getting sick?! i have been working out and sweating like craze and then going out in subfreezing temps! duhhh. i bet you that is the reason. ugh.

    i am glad and not glad i don’t have an internal alarm. i slept until 10:30 AM today :) haha. gotta love saturday!

    oooo cant wait to see what your crafts were!

    the lunch w/ chris looked good~i think ALL restaurants should oven bake their fries and not deep fry them. that would be tight.

    hum no questions come to mind.. but you know when i do have one i will ask it!

    enjoy your sunday <3

  4. your workout snack looks great! love the m & m addition :)

    that lunch looks GOOD!

    i cant believe your internal alarm does that to you! shame on it!! hehe :) i wish i could get my bootay out of bed earlier..

  5. Here’s a question for you: What is your biggest motivation for living a healthy lifestyle? Like, what keeps you from just eating whatever you want and drinking whatever you want and not caring?

    Random, I know!

  6. Ha! I especially love the M&M’s and fries part.

    Shame on me. I know.

  7. ooh! Question time! let’s talk about travel! Where is the coolest place you’ve ever been? Where would you like to go?

    What is your favorite hobby besides blogging and working out? Is it crafting? Ha ha. Yay for arts and crafts! xoxo

  8. Totally hear you on the body clock. I think I am forever resigned to be in bed by 10:30-ish at the latest because I can’t seem to sleep past 6am, no matter what. A hazelnut coffee + art project sounds like an awesome way to just chill out and relax! Can’t wait to see what you made! LOVE teriyaki sauce. Best stir-fry sauce ever.

    Interesting stuff about the warm-up. I just figured it was to loosen the muscles a bit before putting too much strain on them. I wonder if I need to extend my warm-ups- I have just started doing the Jillian Michael’s DVD at home and the warm-up is 6 minutes, but it’s usually during the second or third circuit that I start to feel warm (my apartment is FREEZING) which might explain why my legs hurt quite as much as they do today, despite not even finishing the DVD.

    Oh, questions…when are you coming to the UK?! Lol.

    I looked today in the biggest grocery store in the city- no banana jam :(

    • I know, I thought a warm-up was meant to literally “warm up your muscles.” But technically it’s just making sure they get the oxygen they need. Although, I suppose a good way to tell if you’re properly warmed up is if your core temperature rises – that way you know your heart is pumping enough to get that oxygen out. Maybe you could do your own 5 minute warm-up before starting the DVD? I bet it will help with both your performance during, and soreness after ;)

      That’s it. I’m looking up a recipe for banana jam!

  9. The peanut butter and banana w/ the m & m’s looks sooo yum :)

    Thanks for sharing your personal training info…I enjoy hearing it! It’s like the cliff’s notes version which is perf for me :) Ive got yoga on the brain doing my work for my next level of certification with that!

  10. hmm those are very good tips from fitsugar but i think i’m pretty sure i’m still gonna go to my car from the gym in my workout clothes! that early in the morning i totally just want to get home after a good workout and thennn i’ll shower and change haha buuut that’s just me!

    i wanna knowww what’s your fav starbreezies drink!? now that you work there and all :)

  11. What’s a one arm dumbbell snatch?? I love learning new moves!

    And I love that pre-workout snack! I used to eat a banana with pb and granola.. but m & m’s sound much better!!

  12. I also have an inner alarm clock that wakes me up between 4-5 on weekends. I just lay there. Sometimes I fall back asleep and other times I just get up and start my day! What gets me is on weekdays, I feel like I could sleep for weeks, just because I know I can’t!!!!!!!! Crazy !!!!!!

    I am going to try breakfast in bed one of these days………..

  13. Great workout and fries!


    New music, food, fitness + giveaways –

    Have a good day!


  14. Your breakfast looks so yummy!

    I have a question, How do you control your cravings ?

    Thanks for stopping by x x

  15. Yum, all your meals look great! breakfast in bed always sounds so enticing to me but I have to jump out of bed when I get up feeling “too” awake! :)

  16. Your breakfast looks like it is being interrogated in a police station with that lighting LOL. “Where were you on the morning of December 12th??”

    I really enjoyed that Diana’s maple BBQ sauce you sent me earlier in the year (as did John). Good stuff.

    My question would be: How do you plan on building your personal training business? Will you start at your current gym with advertising (guess not if you are moving?).

    I can’t wait to see your crafts! I love seeing people’s talents :D

  17. It makes me so happy a weight lifter like you eats meat.. (you used to be a vegetarian, if I’m remembering correctly?) Chicken+salad+pita= YES PLEASE.

    And your fried eggs! Yummy! Coming home from work late, even if I’m going non-stop all day, totally agreed- ya need at least an hour to get into sleep mode. Gah.

    And from a few comments ago- LOL, you are the only one to notice that my salad bowl is a casserole dish. My parents I don’t think have even used that thing for casseroles. Oh well.

  18. Ha! I always make my hubs order his fries extra well done (b/c I will be having a few of course!)

    Thanks for sharing tidbits about your pt course- I can just learn from you blog then go take the test myself! :-D

    Mmm crushed M&Ms doesn’t get much better.

    I have heard that you shouldn’t leave the gym all sweaty b/c of risk of getting infections *ahem* down there. :-)

    Sometimes I don’t feel the gym either. I go thru periods where I just can’t wait to get there, and others where i’m not feeling the love. I think that’s normal for someone who trains as much and as hard as we do.

    I’m so behind on reading/commenting that I think you already answered your Qs. I do have one though if it hasn’t been asked: was there an a-ha moment that made you turn your life around from drinking/drugs etc to your healthy current self?

    Oh, and finally- nerds unite- I <3 crafts!

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