Flashback Friday – X-Mas Feast Edition

Surprise! It’s a late Friday night update! Okay, well late for me anyways. This is my first weekend not doing the morning shifts at the radio station! More than that – I have Saturday off work!! Yessss!!!! For the past six months, I’ve been in bed at 9pm every Friday and Saturday night to be up at 4:30 am for work. Not anymore :D

Although, I’m still being a huge loser and am currently cuddled up watching Jay Leno. I’ve got to ease back into my Friday nights here ;)

Not many food pics today – but I do have more Flashback Friday photos.

Tried to “sleep-in” today after a late night last night. Who was I fooling? At 6am, I was up with a full bladder and an empty tummy. Breakfast came second.


Two Nature’s Path maple cinnamon waffles with blended cottage cheese, almond butter, maple syrup and cinnamon. One of my new favourite freezer waffle combos!

I went to Body Step today, which is probably my favourite exercise class. Maybe tied with RPM (spin) and Body Flow (yoga). It’s just so freakin’ fun!!! I was a little tired today though. My knees were stiff from working on my feet, and I’m just generally tired from working 16 days in a row. Usually I go into that class with an attitude that I’m going to give it all I got (I think that’s why I always have so much fun!). But I held back a little today. Glad I did. Still got to jump around on a step, but didn’t put myself out of commission.

Then I came home and had an early lunch before work…

  Can you believe this is the first time I’ve ever had sweet potato cheetahs? I’ve eaten sweet potato a million different ways by now – but damn this was good! Who woulda thought slicing them up differently would make such a delicious difference!? They thickened up nicely on the outside, and tasted perfect with ketchup :)

Oh yes, and the other item on that plate is tuna salad with laughing cow, red onion and yellow pepper. On a hamburger bun. I tossed it in the oven too to make it toasty. Stellar lunch, just the fuel I needed for work.

Work, by the way, was as cah-raaaazy as expected! We were short staffed and the customers just never stopped coming. After three hours straight of churning out drinks on the espresso bar, I needed food in me. So I tossed my half banana and Amazing Meal in the blender with some skim milk and ice. I was sipping it while making drinks (which is technically against policy). My district manager came and tried to take it away from me because it’s not allowed. I almost scratched dude’s eyes out. Do not come between me and my smoothie. I think he took the hint :P

After 9.5 hours of that, I am now immobile on my couch, unable to do anything with my Friday night freedom. My whole body is sore, and I reek of eggnog and mocha. Still happy though :) How sadistic is that? There is something wrong with me…

Now, how bout some Flashback Friday??

Since Christmas is exactly two weeks away, I wanted to start some Christmas flashbacks. The following series of photos are the mandatory Christmas dinner shots once we all sit down with our food on Christmas evening. My sister Sara is on the ball and always takes the shot, thus she’s not in any of them. (sneaky technique Sara!)

Christmas 2005:


Left to right: Mom, sister Jane, me, Papa, uncle Kenny, Nana. Yes, we wear funny hats. I think this is an English tradition?


Same year. I just like this shot because my Papa is going at it with the pepper :P He passed away in January  2007 and Christmas is definitely not the same without him! It bears mentioning that my uncle Kenny (my mom’s brother) was born with Down syndrome. He now lives in a small private home with a wonderful couple who care for him. He’s not always around for Christmas, but it’s always nice when he is :)

Christmas 2006:


Same people, except a new face! My mom’s boyfriend Mark has replaced Kenny. I believe he had just entered the picture in Christmas ‘05, and moved in by Christmas ‘06. Mark is an awesome addition to our family – as are his three kids. I’m a big “family person” and truly believe the more the merrier :)

Christmas ‘08: (I don’t think Sara was home in ‘07? Thus, no smarty pants sister around to remember to take the requisite photo).


Left to right: Mom, sister Jane, me, Nana, aunt Heather, Mark. I’m holding down fort for Papa here. I even drink my rye and water the same way ;) My mom and Mark are wearing garments sister Sara bought them while in Ghana right before coming home for the holidays. I should also apologize to my mother, because I know she doesn’t like how she looks in these photos! (even though she’s always beautiful in my eyes) My mom usually spends all Christmas Day in the kitchen making dinner. This meal is often the first chance she gets to sit down! But this year she said she’d open up the kitchen to let me help her. I’m excited to help create some dishes :)


Question of the Day: What are your family holiday traditions? I wouldn’t say we have many. We always get together with my Nana on Christmas Eve and Day. We often play music Christmas Eve night (we’re all musicians of some sort). It’s fun now to have Mark’s kids with us. They get so excited!!!


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  1. We drink coffee with Bailey’s and peppermint schnapps on Christmas morning and get tipsy while opening presents. It’s probably the most I drink in one sitting all year, but it’s hilarious and awesome.

    We also do Christmas Eve fondue-style. We have meat fondue for dinner and chocolate fondue for dessert. Mmmm.

    • We did fondue last year too! I’m not the biggest fan though, because my tummy can’t do cooking oils or “deep fried.” Clearly, I need to work harder on getting a dessert fondue going this year. I’d say the Baileys and coffee thing is a tradition of ours too, but I don’t think one drink in our house over the holidays isn’t spiked :P

  2. So do you just slice the potato into C shapes? And that makes all the difference?

    Traditions in my family include getting new PJs every Christmas eve. On Xmas morning, all the siblings wake each other up and hang out at the top of the stairs where we can look down on our gifts and wait for the parents to wake up. We try and guess which Santa present is for who!

  3. LOL, that looks like so much fun…I wish I could join ya! with my family, we just worship together. We’ve never been one to follow traditions.

  4. MMMM CHEETAHS! they are theee best. i might have to make some tonight as a midnight snack :) no worries, it is friday night, i have tomorrow off, and i am staying in by the fire. ah, it is nice. haha.. i could totally see you beating down your DM while defending your smoothie :)

    the part i love the most is the same exact table cloth year after year. that is so special! love it. my fam tradition is to eat clam chowder and breadsticks on christmas eve. we also usually go see the lights at a place called temple square. every year. this year i suggested that we make cookies and decorate them instead because every year we zoom through the lights because it is SO COLD and nobody really enjoys it! so we shall see how that goes.

    loved your FBF! yay for the holidays!! :)

  5. I can understand your Friday night on the couch. After a long day of work (I’m reeking of beer and spirits), there’s nothing better than being STILL.

    I liked seeing your photos – its crazy how similar you look to your mum! Our holiday traditions include putting up our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve (no earlier!!) and a big dinner on Christams Eve (but that’s more of a Polish tradition).

    Enjoy your Saturday off from work :-)

  6. Hey! I just found your blog and I LOVE IT! There’s so many new recipes I want to try from looking at your meals. Also, i’s so exciting to see a healthy blogger who eats meat!!

    On Christmas Eve, me and my mom go to a friend of the family’s house for a get together. Then, we go home and open presents. This year I have to work until 9 but atleast we’ll still get to open presents that night!

  7. Love the consistency of the family photos.

    Never come between someone and their food – doesn’t your manager ever watch Animal Planet? :D

    My husband’s family always gets together on Christmas Eve to exchange gifts and have snacks.

    My family growing up did Christmas in the morning at our individual houses, and then went to my grandparents house in the afternoon for my grandpa’s birthday and had cake and ice cream.

  8. I love sweet potato rounds! For some reason they taste better than when in fry form. lol.

    We always go to a candlelight service on Christmas eve and every year my parents buy us a new ornament for the tree!

  9. Ah, holiday photos are so much fun to look back on. We have similar ones- all look identical in terms of table, food, etc, but we age each year (obviously, lol). How old are Mark’s kids? LOVE the hats, lol- British people wear the hats that come in Christmas crackers (do you have those over there?)

    Starbucks is nutso this time of year- can only imagine the chaos in a mall one. I am doing my part for baristas worldwide and staying away from malls, lol.

    Enjoy your day off!

    • We have the crackers too! I’m not sure how my family got started on that tradition as not a lot of people in Canada do it. My mom and Nana also HAVE to watch the Queen’s Christmas message. My step siblings are 16, 14 and 11. Getting a little older now, but still way more into it than the adults! :P

  10. So glad you could find some pleasure in your new work schedule! Congrats, friend!

    My family is SOOOOO traditional it’s ridiculous. they cling to tradition like nobody’s business. We always have steak and lobster for Christmas Eve dinner (neither of which I care for, but oh well), go to evening mass and then my dad reads The Night Before Christmas and Jingle Bells–even though we are all in our 20’s. lol! And then my mom wakes everyone up on Christmas by stomping around in her jingle bell socks with a flashing red reindeer nose. It’s ridiculous. And I can’t wait! xoxo

  11. At 6am, I was up with a full bladder and an empty tummy.

    HA!! This gets me out of bed most mornings!

    As far as traditions go, we used to always go to my grandma’s on Christmas Eve, eat chili, ham sandwiches, and ribbon salad. Then go to church with my mom, come home and hang up stockings (taking a picture of us doing it every year). Then Christmas morning we have to wait until everyone has gotten up, had breakfast, and breakfast is cleaned up BEFORE we open presents.

  12. traditions? going away for the holidays! We’re on a trip right now and I am laying low on the comments but wanted to pop in and say hi :)

  13. In my family the tradition is to listen to my grandmothers young-time stories, same stories every year, laugh with them and have happy soul for being all together :)

    i love your blog (by the way)

  14. Love the FF Holiday Edition :) Yes I know all about Mom’s boyfriends ;) Sigh. I didn’t know they did Christmas hats in Canada, too! Very cute :)

  15. Ahahaha Susan – in NB we ALWAYS did the Christmas crackers and wore the funny hats. My husband thought we were off our rockers! I found some here two years ago and started the tradition with these “Upper Canadians” LOL!

  16. LOVE this flashback!! and oh my gosh that lunch looks aweeeesome!

  17. Cheeeetahs! I’m so happy you liked them! Seriously, did not know they’d be so good either until I tried.

    And tunaaa, I had some for lunch today too.

    Christmas tradish? We don’t do much except go to thai food and a movie on Christmas eve. Very mellow.

  18. Sorry about not having Papa around anymore. Glad you’re keeping up the rye N water tradition though!

    Fun that you have a brady bunch family and that you enjoy your mom’s boyfriend’s kids. And fun about all the music in the familia too.

    Sheesh those starbuckian managers are harsh on their no-drinking while working/no foreign objects in the blenders rules- wish they could chillax!

    BTW I cleared out London’s of all PB Simply bars- good call thanks!

  19. your family is adorable! i love the table shots, and wish i had something like this to look back on :)

    glad you are snuggling up and resting – hope you are enjoying your weekend dear susan! love ya!

  20. I’ve eaten sweet potato a many different ways also but fried ones are by far the best.

  21. We have a lot of traditions as well. Every Christmas Eve, we have Lasagna. We also open 1 gift and it is always new pajamas.

    Christmas day, we can open our stockings as soon as we get up. There is always a coloring book, a magazine, an apple, an orange, gold coin chocolates, and nuts among other things.

    Then we eat apple pancake, using the apples from everyone’s stocking and have orange slice and juice.

    Then we open our gifts, hang out, watch a movie, do dinner, and drink a lot! :D

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