Daily Archives: December 9, 2009

[insert clever title here]

Good/long/busy day at Starbucks today! First, I am so happy I racked up my credit card yesterday with the purchase of new shoes. A pair of comfy shoes makes a world of difference when you’re on your feet for nine hours.

Secondly, can I just say how nice it is to laugh and joke with people at work again? Reporting was a social job, in that I spoke to a lot of people. But most of those people didn’t really want to be talking to a me (or wanted to too much!). Gabbing with customers is a lot more fun :)

No workout before work today. I started at 8am and knew it would be a long and active enough day without it. Rolled out of bed and celebrated Wednesday appropriately :)

With waffles!

  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup egg whites
  • 1/2 cup cottage cheese
  • 1 tbsp ground flax
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • cinnamon & pumpkin spice
  • 1/3 cup frozen blueberries

All blended up, and poured on the (greased!) waffle iron with the whole blueberries. I like to rip up the waffles and eat them with my hands. Utensils are for people with roommates ;)

Once I got to work, I made a triple tall, 2 pump sugar-free caramel Americano. Ie, how could I get maximal caffeine in me in the least amount of time possible? :P I also had a Carrot Cake Clif bar as my morning snack. Notable, because I hadn’t had one in a while and I forgot how delicious they were!

Lunch, while studying the different kinds of interval training in the cafe.



Sandwich with sundried tomato tuna, laughing cow cheese, tomato, onion, sprouts and and orange. I’ve already had two women try to hire me as their personal trainer. I’m flattered they already have so much confidence in me – but I’m not certified yet!!! Hopefully they’re still looking in Feb/Mar ;)

Supper was a burger and “fries.”


A real beef hamburger (frozen patties, just “meh”) but the “fries” are roasted green beans in salt and chili powder. Eaten, again, with my hands and dipped in ketchup. Reminded me of string fries!

Dessert came a couple hours later. Yogurt and chocolate whey protein powder.


I’m still kinda peckish though. May have one of my “fat bomb” Peanut ButterNut Squash muffins before bed. I think I’m too low on fat today and it’s affecting my satiety levels. That and I have no idea how many extra calories I burned running around Starbucks for nine hours today. I’m tempted to wear my heart rate monitor, but I also don’t want to expose my Polar watch to the damage that may happen there.

And look what finally came in the mail today!!!


Yesssssss!!! I’ve been listening to Jillian’s podcasts for months now during my gym visits. She’s grown on me a lot. There’s so much more to her than what you see on the Biggest Loser, and she is seriously knowledgeable. Anyways, I wanted some videos that would get my heart pumping on the days I’m stuck indoors because of snow storms this winter. I thought the short strength workouts in 30 Day Shred would pair nicely with a cardio session on my bike trainer (when I finally get it set up). And Brie recommended No More Trouble Zones as a full video workout. Can’t wait to try them out!!

Last but not least, I finally got a response from Larabar! You may (or may not) remember my review of the Peanut Butter & Jelly flavour. Several of you noticed my Canadian bar had refined sunflower oil listed as the last ingredient, whereas it’s not on the U.S. bar at all. Here’s what they said in the e-mail:

The ingredients are the same in both bars.  The refined sunflower oil isn’t an added ingredient, but is used as a processing aid.  The labeling is due to the differences in the labeling requirements for each country. Canada is required to declare most processing aids while the U.S. is not.

So it seems Canada’s labelling laws differ from the U.S. quite a bit!


Question of the Day: What’s your favourite exercise video? I actually really enjoy the “10 minute Solution” videos. They’re pretty easy, but great for times when you just want a little bit of activity. “Yoga X” is the best yoga DVD I’ve tried so far. And I feel silly saying it, but “Turbo Jam” is a pretty decent workout, despite how ridiculous it comes across. I can’t wait to hear your suggestions!


I’ll be back tomorrow with my tips for working out in the morning. See ya then!