Just keeps going…and going…and going…

First, I want to say HI!! to all the new readers and commenters. I love seeing new names pop up, and clicking on your blog links. It’s almost like I’m getting to “meet” new people :)

Hm. Or, I’m just a big dork.

Moving on!

I rolled out of bed for the 6am spin class today. Surprisingly, I had tons of energy! Must’ve slept decently. Lately I’ve been dragging a little, but today I felt like I just couldn’t push hard enough! It helped my favourite instructor was back after a long hiatus. Funny how a good instructor can make all the difference in an exercise class!

I prepared a pot of steel-cut oats last night so I wouldn’t have to waste any time this morning making a yummy breakfast. Just had to pop it in the microwave!


One serving steel-cut oats cooked with vanilla protein powder, cinnamon and topped with dates and almond butter

Then I rushed out the door to Day 1 of my First Aid course. I’m doing two 8 hour days of first aid training that’s required for my personal trainer certification. My class is uh, interesting. I’m usually the type of person who is nice or at least polite to anyone, regardless of how they come off. But wow, my class consists of some crazy characters! Two people actually got into an argument while going through how to use a defibrillator. It was intense.

Regardless, I’m finding it really useful. The way I see it, there’s a good chance someone will go down while I’m working in a gym. So I’m taking it seriously. Thankfully, our teacher is fully sane and a very experienced paramedic and nurse. Lots of good info!

The best part was that I got to come home for lunch. Not having to pack a lunch feels like such a luxury!

However, I did boil two eggs last night in preparation for my lunch, so I turned them into an egg salad with mayo, pepper, onion and green pepper, then put in on toast. And the mandatory side of orange ;)

And what’s lunch without dessert!?


My advent calendar chocolate and some dark chocolate M&Ms. A little goes a long way. As in, that way you can have a little after every meal ;)

After I got out of class, I fiiiinally hit up the grocery store. I didn’t do too bad considering there were some cleaning and beauty products on the bill as well. Except, I was planning on making butternut squash soup as my “big dish” this week, and there was only one near-rotten b-nut squash left. Boo :(

To make room for the new food, I finished up the remainder of last week’s “big dish”.

Pasta sauce mixed with quinoa on top of a bed of masaged kale. Yummmm!!! I love making really simple dishes, that way I can spice up the leftovers a million different ways.


Soooo, this is shaping up to be another crazy busy week for me. Ahh! How did that happen? I don’t have a day off till Saturday, which will be 16 days from my last day off. I’m not complaining, I know some people have it just as bad, if not worse. I was just hoping this would be a period of “catch up” for me, and it’s turning into the exact opposite. I’m falling even more behind!! My apartment is thisclose to being taped off as a hazardous zone :P Oh well. I can always hope for next week… Right…?


Questions of the Day:

1) What are your favourite ways to change up leftovers? I like to put them on a bed of greens, in a pita, stuff veggies with them, add cooked grains, or even just add different spices or salsa!

2) When you’re low on spare time, what things take priority? Even though I’ve been crazy busy lately, the two things I refuse to ditch are my workouts and food preparation. I feel so much better when I’ve worked out and have good food in my belly. Unfortunately, that has also led to a piles of both dirty clothes and dishes :\

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  1. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    gotta love those advent calenders….

  2. DEF agree with making working out a priority! And lovin those dark chocalote M&M’s….haha, gotta try those in oatmeal :)

  3. Arguing over the defibrillator?! That’s crazy!! Have fun with that class! Or should I say good luck with that class?! ;)

    1. I don’t have any fun ways to remix leftovers unless you could throwing it in a wrap and calling it a sandwich!?
    2. Sleep ALWAYS takes priority! Well…despite my last weekend! If K is tired, it’s never a good thing.

  4. When I am busy, working out and spending time with my husband takes priority. :)

  5. 4 M&Ms? I can’t have them in the house unless they are hidden away from me LOL! I think first aid is great for anyone to have. You never know what can happen anywhere from the gym to the library to the grocery store. I took CPR so long ago, I should renew my certification.

    I love to use leftovers in quick stir fries. Yum!

    I don’t like feeling hectic. The exercise always happens, and what ends up suffering is my down time. That usually leads to poor sleep and I get in a bad cycle. Balancing time is so hard. The house gets dirty, too – but at least my hubby cleans LOL!

  6. egg salad with mayo, pepper, onion and green pepper= looks so good. i can’t eat eggs, allergic. Damn i used to love egg salad but i value breathing with an open airway too now :)

    When short on time..I always make time to make food that wont make me sick, to do a little yoga, and get 10 mins of fresh air. Period. Not compromise-able on those items.

    Glad you enjoy my food bar pics. Yes, you have to open it up. Packaging is very deceiving!

  7. I use leftovers…in different ways. I try to be creative with them! But sometimes, I just dump them on top of raw greens and eat them as a dressing to salads.

    OMg. You got that song stuck in my head…from Fining Nemo…”Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep…” SAFBjdbfshfdsjhf!!! >.<

  8. Your egg salad looks sooo good. I haven’t had egg salad in a while and now I’m craving it!

    Your workouts are getting more and more impressive. You have become such a wonderful role model for me with exercise! I wish workouts were the one thing I couldn’t part with! They have gone entirely out the window this week!

    I love putting meat leftovers on a salad!

  9. Hello stranger – I think its time I properly say hello again. I’ve been silently reading your blog again since I got back home about a month ago but have been too shy to comment…

    I’m really bad with leftovers – I generally eat them as they are or, if I can help it, avoid making more than I would eat over two days.

    I’m impressed you have managed to keep up such a great gym record despite working pretty much all the time! If I’m really pressed for time, my number one priority is sleep. I can’t function without it. But I agree with you, working out makes me feel less cranky and angry with the world so that is always on the top of my priorities list too.

  10. I often wrap my leftovers up in a whole wheat tortilla and put it in my sandwich press OR smother them with feta cheese (feta works with everything, doesn’t it?!)

    My children and my workouts are my priorities. I’m the worlds WORST offender of burning the candle at both ends. I need to seriously start to consider putting sleep high on my priority list…

  11. wow girl tim gunn would be so proud ;) way to make it work!

    leftovers for me are such a snoozefest and always end up on a big old salad haha. booooring.

    but totally making sure i have food prepared and getting in a good workout are definitely priorities when i’m oh so tight on time :)

    have a good onee!

  12. It’s always such madness leading up to Christmas! The weather definitely doesn’t help- sending good vibes your way. I need to enrol on a first-aid course…kind of think everyone should do one at some point. You never know when the skills will be needed. I am on the waiting list to be notified when the next one is run locally. yay!

    1) What are your favourite ways to change up leftovers? I eat most of my foods as leftovers- I LOVE cold pasta dishes, burritos, chinese food…usually on a bed of spinach.

    2) When you’re low on spare time, what things take priority? My morning routine. I need quiet chilled-out time to catch up on blogs, drink my coffee and eat breakfast in the morning even if it means getting up at a ridiculously early hour.

  13. I’m sorry you feel as if you’re falling behind. Just keep the finish line and your final goal always in view and you’ll make it! It will be such a reward to be a certified trainer :) I had been considering it myself recently, but don’t have the funds yet.
    I’m normally just a “reheat and eat” leftover girl, but I am pretty good at turning my leftover proteins into sandwiches and wraps now.
    My free time is usually spent clearing my head in the gym or at yoga, or cleaning the messes I made when I was super busy :)

  14. I love the texture of steel cut oats but I hate how small the portion is! I bet if I added protein powder it would hold me longer though! Do they hold you the same as regular oats?

    Hey by the way, how did you figure out how to respond to people by email?

    • Hey April! I get the usual three hours from steel cut oats too. The protein powder definitely helps, but a big glob of nut butter is what really gives it staying powder ;)

      I’ve just been replying to comments through my e-mail, and pasting the commenter’s address next to the auto-reply address. That way it goes to both the blog and their inbox :)

  15. I like seeing new readers too. It’s one of the coolest things about being a blogger! I love turning leftovers into salads. It almost always turns out well.

  16. i think we have it equally as bad :)

    let’s see…i haven’t had a day off in 11 days (since thanksgiving) so yeah, THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!

    love your leftovers – i love trying to come up with new ways to eat things. that always doesn’t happen, but at least the intent is there. currently, my job is my #1 priority. healthy eating and exercise are close, but my credit cards need to get paid off, so i gotta rearrange some thangs for the time being!

    love you – when our crazy schedules collide, we shall gchat :)

  17. Ooh I love the look of your steel cut oats!
    Carrots, and egg salad?! Another fave lunch of mine.

    When I’m a busy gal, my priorities are def staying clean (so easy to skip a shower, lol), working out, and planning my meals as well. And outfits. (Like in school, when I used to need an outfit, lol. Not anymore!) I think when I plan all my meals out, there is less stress come meal time, and no time gets wasted, and more food gets utilized.

    Fave leftover way to eat?! Eating them cold. Surprisingly so many good hot foods taste wonderful cold. Or maybe I’m just a freak. :/

  18. I only wish I was as responsible as you! When I’m busy, I neglect exercise and food and of course feel crappy about it :(
    When I’m busy, I tend to freak and freeze – it’s sad.

    My fave way to devour leftovers is actually at an inappropriate time, with inappropriate preparation (ie. as breakfast, without warming it up :P)


  19. so i got interrupted by a customer while reading your blog! but anyway, here i am.

    send some of that 6 AM energy my way ;) havent tried SCO still. do you put the PP in in the morning or in the big pot that you prep ahead of time?

    your egg salad looks sensational! hope you get some time to catch up and breathe soon.. i know the feeling.


    • My 6am energy is purely the cup of iced coffee I chug before heading to the gym ;) I always dissolve the protein powder in the water I cook the oats in. So yes, I put it in the pot :) Although, it doesn’t get soaked up as well in the steel cut oats as it does in rolled oats or oatbran.

  20. My fav thing to do with leftovers is turn it into a salad or a wrap.

    Sleep. Sleep is a priority. And even that has been lacking lately. I’m out of the house by 6:30 and don’t get back until 9:30 at least everyday during the week. I think that 7 of thos 9 hours in between are spent in my bed.

  21. 1. My favorite thing in the word is to take leftover pasta and reheat in a frying pan with veggies and an egg!

    2. Cuddling with my husband, although lately we both have a lot more to cuddle with so maybe we should replace that with a workout!


  22. Wow look at you go! Looks like you were worried about keeping up with your healthy habits for nothing, huh? Doing great so far!

    When I’m stressed, I think exercise is a priority, followed by programmed down time, followed by meal prep/planning. I’m bad about making sleep a priority, even though I should

    Question for the trainer-to-be: I think I’m losing my workout mojo…I usually LOVE exercise like you do, but lately I have to force myself to do it and I hate that. Part of it is the (uh, relative) cold weather, and also I think I might have overtrained awhile back. Any advice?

    • Hey Hallie! Did you ever take a break once you finished your program? If not, I bet you could benefit from a solid few days off all activity. You could also just be burning out on the specific activity you’re doing. That happened to me with cycling this past summer. Instead, I started going back to spin class and that totally pumped me up again! Do you belong to a gym?

  23. Love egg salad- reminds me I need to start doing that again.

    1. Leftovers- I throw eggs on them- either egg whites, then bake, or fry an egg and stick on top. Depends on the leftover of course!

    2. Working out is like breathing for me. If I can’t do it I suffocate. Not daily, but when my body asks for it, I give it.

  24. oh yeah, chocolate after every meal and in the morning oats, too! You know, one thing that always take priority for me is my food. I will stay up late to cook or pack lunches–it’s that important to me.

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