Goals? What Goals!?

Hey folks!! Hope y’all had a stellar weekend :D Not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous about my goal check-in today. I don’t think I did so good! But first things first…

I slept in past 4:30 am on a Sunday for the first time in a long time. I was still up at 5:45 though, because my body clock hates me. And I was starving! Luckily, I had a special jar waiting to have some oats added to it.


Awwwww yeah…

Oatbran cooked with vanilla protein powder and a glob of PB on top. This was awesome. The leftover fluff turned into a liquid and coated everything in its dreamy sweetness :)

Chased down with some free Starbucks Christmas Blend ;)


I added cinnamon and nutmeg to the grinds to make it even more festive.

I had a glorious morning laying around in bed. Back in the day, I used to watch CNN every Sunday morning. But I’m cheap and don’t pay for it anymore. Boo. I miss my Reliable Sources.

Twitter was all a flutter with words of snow on the East coast today. But for some reason, I didn’t really clue in. Imagine my shock when I finally peeked out the window and found this!

It transformed into a winter wonderland overnight! Knowing I’d have to shovel myself out before making it to the gym, I made sure to fuel up good.


Cashew Cookie Larabar. Cut up into convenient bite sized pieces. This used to be my favourite Larabar, but I think the PB&J changed me ;)

I cut back on my usual Sunday HIIT & Weight Extravaganza because I didn’t want to tire myself out before my shift at Starbucks this afternoon.

Walk/jogging on the treadmill for 5 minutes

incline = 1%
0:00-1:00 – 6.0 mph
1:00-2:00 – 6.2 mph
2:00-3:00 – 6.4 mph
3:00-4:00 – 6.2 mph
4:00-5:00 – 6.4 mph
5:00-6:00 – 6.6 mph
6:00-7:00 – 6.4 mph
7:00-8:00 – 6.6 mph
8:00-9:00 – 6.8 mph
9:00-10:00 – 6.6 mph
10:00-11:00 – 6.8mph
11:00-12:00 – 7.0 mph
12:00-13:00 – 6.8 mph
13:00-14:00 – 7.0 mph
14:00-15:00 – 7.2 mph

A1 – Underhand-grip lat pulldown:
3 sets @ 55 lbs x 8

A2 – Barbell upright row:
3 sets @ 15 lbs (ea) x 8

B1 – Dumbbell fly:
3 sets @ 50 lbs x 8

B2 – Tricep pulldown:
3 sets @ 20 lbs (ea) x 8

HIIT: (a la Janetha)

incline=0 – 2 min @ 5.5
incline=0.5 – 1 min @ 6.0
                       1 min @ 6.5
                       1 min @ 7.0
                       1 min @ 7.5
incline=1.0  – 1 min @ 6.0
                        1 min @ 6.5
                        1 min @ 7.0
                        1 min @ 7.5
incline=1.5 – 1 min @ 6.0
                       1 min @ 6.5
                       1 min @ 7.0
                       1 min @ 7.5
incline=2.0 – 1 min @ 6.0
                       1 min @ 6.5
                       1 min @ 7.0
                        1 min @ 7.5
incline=0 – 2 min @ 5.5

A1 – Swiss ball crunch:
3 sets @ 11 lbs x 15

A2 – Russian twists:
3 sets @ 11 lbs x 30

A3 – Reverse crunch:
3 sets @ bw x 8


Not one of my best workouts. The HIIT felt really hard for me today, and my arms (especially my back) were still sore from Friday’s workout. Got through it though, and have no lingering complaints from it :)


Peanut butter hummus, marble cheese, tomatoes and spinach on a pita heated in a frying pan. Carrots and salsa on the side. 

Then it was off to work, which wasn’t nearly as busy today. I wore better shoes, which helped a lot. I also don’t own a pair of black pants that fit me (all too big!!) so I had to wear Lululemon pants :P

Supper was incredibly simple, I’m reeeeally low on groceries.

Hamburger (on whole grain bread) with a pile of frozen veggies. I bought these hamburgers frozen. Not nearly as good as making them myself with fresh beef!

Alright, here we go… I was busybusybusy this week, I barely had time to breathe, let alone think of my goals…


December Goals Check-In time!!!

Spend 30 minutes everyday cleaning something in my apartment.
I think I did this twice. I instead spent 30 minutes everyday preparing meals so I could work out in the morning. 30 minutes is a long time!

Stop procrastinating.
This went okay, only because I didn’t have time to procrastinate ;)

Read more.
No actual book reading got done, but I did get through a few magazines with my before-bed reading.

Read at least one chapter a day from my personal training textbook.
This also only got done twice. I don’t actually expect to get this done every day, but if I try to, it will at least hopefully get done faster!

Listen to my body.
I have no clue how many extra calories I’m burning at my shifts at Starbucks. I do find that I’m not hungry at all while working. But as soon as I get home, I’m starving. So far, I’ve just been going with it.

Try more recipes.
Didn’t try anything this week. This may be a hard goal to keep up. I think I’ll aim to make a big pot of somethin’ once a week to eat off of (like I did with my pasta sauce this week). But I also want to try some new holiday treat recipes to give out as gifts.

Spend less on groceries.
I get a big PASS on this :D But that’s only because I didn’t make it to the grocery store this week. Tomorrow’s haul may be expensive as I have to stock an empty fridge…

Get a grip.
Life is still a little hectic. But officially finishing my old job this weekend will be a big help. Baby steps.


Question of the Day: How are you doing on your goals? Have you set any news ones?


I’m off to go prepare a day’s worth of food again. I start First Aid training at 8:30 am sharp tomorrow!

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  1. Hi. I just found your blog and really like it. I hope to follow if I can :)

  2. WHY have i not read your blog before! i’m nuts apparently haha

    carrots+salsa = best snack in history :)

  3. Whaaaat?! OIAFJ. you rock, I love it.
    That’s a lot of snow!! Yikes.

  4. Your outside looks like my outside LOL! This kind of snow doesn’t last, but it sure is pretty.

    You know, you are probably tired also from working at Starbucks again. It’s tiring to retrain the muscles to do that stuff again. It’s more tiring than one would think.

    Maybe one of your recipes you try should be homemade marshmallow!

    My goals are not doing too bad. I’m doing well on some and complete fail on others. The most important ones are the ones I am doing, though LOL!

  5. Oh my! Just found your blog, lovin it! Are you doing body 4 life?

    • Hey Paula! Nah, I’m just doing my own thing :) I do have an interest in reading the book though, sounds like it’s got lots of good stuff in there!

  6. The fluff oatmeal is BRILLIANT. I neeeeed to try that. Like ASAP! :) And what a great idea for a weekly “goal check-in” I too often set goals and then ignore them :)

  7. Free Starbucks Christmas blend… hmm…
    Doesn’t free food just always taste so much better?

    You did pretty well on your goals :)
    I think I’m going to be setting up a couple for the New Year, but I’ve been too busy to think/accomplish any goals at the moment :P

    But well done to you, Susan ;)

  8. fluffernutter oats = amazing. and i just like saying fluffernutter.

    i say you did FABULOUS on your goals – considering the craziness going on in your life, seriously that is amazing! and preparing food is also important – i cooked up a big pot of chili on saturday, and am SO GLAD i did. now i have meals for almost all week.

    happy sunday night dear susan :)

  9. Whooooooooooooooa Fluffernutter Oats?! You are onto something, girl! I think a blogger has turned every possible childhood nostalgia thing into oats :D They are such a great canvas.

  10. WOW I LOVE FLUFFERNUTTERS! ohh my gosh..genious to have it in the fluff jar!! wow!! youre my hero

    love the goals girl!

  11. still love the free s’bux action you get!
    and as for you never being in a target. i have no idea what the canadian equivalent would be but no, you dont wanna go. I swear it’s like $100 or 200…poof. Gone. Everything from toilet paper to tablecloths to health and beauty to sports bras.
    And I love the FLUFF Action over here as always :)

  12. What a fun and delish breakfast, yum! x x

  13. Awww hells yeah!!! I will have to email my sis this link so she can check out your most rocking OIAJ!

    Um, still haven’t remembered what my goal was :( Probably I should stop using that as an excuse and just make an new one, yeah? Ha ha :) xoxo

  14. I guess the only goal I’ve worked on is that I did clean the living room one day. Not a great success, eh?

  15. yay for fluff jar oats!

    I think you did well on your goals. Do you have a heart rate monitor? If so, you could wear it just out of curiosity one day to the ‘bucks. But perhaps you’d rather just be blissfully unaware. I have a feeling you’re burning mad cals there.

    My goals? You mean my goal of turning off the computer by 9pm? Pretty good- about 5/7. It helps a lot. Need to disconnect and sleep more. :-)

    Have a great week!

    • I do have a heart rate monitor, but I think I rather just be blissfully unaware ;) Based on how I burn calories now it could be at least an extra 50-100 calories an hour? Whoa, that could add up to a lot for a full day! I’m just going to stop thinking about it now. Lalalala :P

      Awesome work on your goal!!! 5/7 is great. I don’t strive for perfection on my goals, but setting them at least puts them in motion :)

  16. Wow, your treadmill workouts are killer! Hope I can get there someday :)

  17. I think posting my goals on my blog is helping me stick to them. I’ve been doing good on daily push-ups (skipped one day so far, but I said 6 days/wk was ok) and I went to Target and didn’t buy any clothes for myself even though I really wanted some! That’s going to be a toughie when I start doing more shopping in the next few weeks for gifts. And my hardest goal of well, getting to a more “happy place” with my body image and the like…umm…no comment :-( But at least I’m meeting some of my goals thus far!

  18. you just took oats in a jar to a whole new level! thanks for reminding me i need to do my goal check in this week. great workout! do you know the differences between overhand and underhand when working out? i wonder. i seriously cant believe your workout was so intense, all that HIIT. i wanted to do one like this yesterday but went snowboarding instead~i will have to next weekend when i have time! gotta print this out so i remember. LOVE your winter wonderland!! hooray! hope first aid training was/is fun!

    • There isn’t a huge difference between grips on the lat machine, any grip will work your lats and biceps. But underhand takes a little pressure off your back (and triceps) and puts more on your biceps and chest. I like to think of it as the opposite motion of (or difference between) a pull up and a chin up :)

      Snowboarding is probably a way better workout!

  19. Even though you didn’t gettt to your goals, like literally, it still sounds like you had a good week- it was just really busy.

    Yayyy, carrots+ salsa! That made me happy- I’m seriously eating them right now with my lunch. While commenting blogs. :)

  20. Oh goodness that sounds like a good jar of oats! The only time I’ve had marshmellow fluff is when I made whoopie pies last year! mmm I can taste them now :D

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