When one door closes, another one opens…

Phew! What a day! I worked my last shift at the radio station (old job) and then went straight from there to work at Starbucks (new-ish job). 5am – 5pm. I’m wiped!

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? I’m sorry if you’re tired of looking at breakfast cookies. I’m actually looking forward to having a hot breakfast again tomorrow!


  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 scoop chocolate whey protein powder
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • M&Ms
  • 1 tbsp marshmallow fluff
  • splash almond milk

I ran out of coffee again and had to resort to gas station coffee. Not cool.

My snack isn’t photogenic, but the best ones usually aren’t ;)

Plain yogurt, one scoop vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, raisins. Yum. I love how raisins get all soft when they sit in yogurt overnight.

Luuuunch, eaten at 10am (for the last frickin time!)


Bagel breakfast sandwich (yay Sammie Saturday!). Just a toasted whole wheat bagel with a microwaved egg and marble cheese.

And a battered pear.


All eaten while reading blogs, in this case Hallie’s (I’m still drooling over the thought of the Reese’s cookies that could have been…)

I had a perfect assignment for my last day at the radio station – I got to cover a local 5k race! It was fun :) And I ran into reader Faith Ann (hi!!!).

It was definitely strange cleaning out “my drawer,” throwing out literally years worth of old press releases, council agendas, court dockets and government reports. It was strange to listen to my noon newscast and think, “This may be the last time I hear myself on the radio.” Which, after two and a half years, was something that I still got excited about.

I didn’t leave without a little memento though:


My personal mike sock. We all had our own to prevent the spreading of germs. Ooohh the news that was told through that thing…

That wasn’t it for work though, I was scheduled to work at Starbucks immediately after. How’s that for a transition?

I fuelled up for my afternoon of Saturday mall madness with two Peanut ButterNut Squash Muffins.


My little fat bombs I like to call them ;) Each muffin has 12g of fat. 10g of it comes from the PB, 2g from the canola oil. That’s good news for me, as my diet is always too low in fat. Not to mention, it makes them mega filling!

Starbucks was crazy busy! Today was my first shift on the floor (I’ve been doing training books up to this point). I immediately got back into “my zone” and I just felt like I was back home. It flowed out of me so naturally. All the sad feelings I had leaving the station today disappeared. Once I got there, I could feel it in my gut I’d made the right decision.

At some point I had the chance to sit briefly and eat this:


I was too busy to even notice if I was hungry. But eating it actually started to stir my hunger!

Before leaving for the day, I also got to bring home probably the best work perk.


A free pound of coffee. A week. Which works out perfectly, because I just ran out of coffee, and I go through exactly one pound a week! Suh-weeeeet!

I jazzed up my pasta sauce again for dinner. I was going for fast and easy.


Stuffed peppers. Or rather, pasta sauce dumped on pepper halves and baked. With parmesan cheese on top. Kinda looks like snow, which fits the Christmas theme of the peppers ;) This was another delicious way to use the sauce – and filling!! Stuffed peppers always, well, make me stuffed.


Now I am currently sprawled on my couch. Nursing a little foot and back pain from running around on my feet all afternoon (need comfy work shoes stat!!). I also smell heavily of mocha syrup, and I think I may have whipped cream in my hair. I’m exhausted from my 12 hour day, but, I’m happy :) I can’t explain it, but things are beginning to feel right again. I wish I started listening to my gut a long time ago…


See ya tomorrow for the goals check-in!!

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  1. A free pound per week?? Dang girl, I need to get myself a job at starbucks!!

  2. Some girls have all the luck: A free pound of coffee. A week.

    Dang. THat’s freakin awesome!!!!!!

  3. I love that you have founf your stride again!

  4. Nice seeing you today! Hope you got lots of rest last night… you had a BUSY day!!

    The Santa Shuffle was fun… but… my gosh… Could they have picked a more dangerous street for children to do a 1k on? I had to keep reminding DS to walk/run on the grass (no sidewalks and road not closed to traffic… no cones… and not even a person at the finish area to stop traffic so you could cross the road to get to the finish line… we didn’t even know where the finish line was!). DS was still thrilled and had a super time… it was just more nerve-wracking for the parents!!

    • Yes, that is definitely not a safe street for children to be running on! People drive FAST on it too! I considered booking that day off to do the 5k, but I wasn’t too keen on the route. But at least he had fun :)

  5. Hurray! So glad you had a good last/first day, and are still feeling satisfied with your choice to leave! you probably smell delicious from all the coffee and I’m sure Chris just wants to drink you up! xoxo

  6. You are feeling my pain with the 12+ hours of work a day and sore feet. I’m really really happy that you feel in your element at the ‘Bucks.

    PS – if you ever happen to accrue excessive amounts of coffee, I’d be more than happy to take some of that off your hands. ;)

  7. is that not one of the best feelings ever? when despite the craziness, business, tiredness and chaoticness, there is still that feeling of calm and contentment inside? gah, that may be one of my favorite things ever.


    and i now want some muffins and coffee. so thank you :)

  8. Hey Susan –

    What protein powder do you recommend?

    I am looking for a new brand!

    Music/Workouts/Food/Fitness – http://katiechangesforkatie.blogspot.com/

    Happy Sunday,


  9. I am so ridiculously excited for you Susan :D I *know* this is going to be awesome…

    Now my craving for eggs has tripled- so random. I never crave eggs!

    I got the comfiest shoes when I worked at Starbucks- they lasted my until my last trip to NY when I finally threw them away (the sneakers I wrote had clocked up about 2000 miles, lol).

  10. Congratulations on the official transition! Hope it all works out well. Stay away from the nog lattes! LOL!

  11. I love when raisins plump up too! Sometimes if I remember I soak them in water first.. mmm!

    And “fat bombs” how cute! I bet their delicious as well!

  12. “fat bombs” bahaha made me laughhhh
    i just tend to stick the spoon in the PB jar, and hopefully thats enough fat in the diet. :) hehe

    congrats on your last day at the radio station- i was getting your tweets all day :) also, a free pound of coffee- thats awesome! its amazing how things work out, right?!

  13. Sorry I’ve been MIA… but I’m back now and loving your new pick ;)

    Your mic sock looks so cool, I wish I had one!

    “Ooohh the news that was told through that thing…”
    LOL xD

    You must smell so good after you come home from work… (and I do NOT mean to freak you out in a stalker-y way :P)


  14. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    score on the coffee!!! my hubby loves the xmas blend – do they make it in decaf?

    • Lynn, yup! You can get it in decaf :) It’s really good this year – they added aged Sumatra to the blend, which adds a wonderful “woody” flavour :)

  15. So behind! OK first, love your new photo- really cute.

    Bitter sweetness of leaving old job- yah, you’re right, it’s prob best that you went straight to your other job (literally!). Love the mike sock! :-)

    Glad you’ve got your groove back. Hope your feetsies and back don’t hurt on a regular basis though!

  16. i havent had yogurt and PP for ages. must. oh and i agree with deb! that photo is adorable. FREE LB OF COFFEE A WEEK? gah. awesome peppers :)

  17. I’m so glad your first floor shift went well! Of course we know it’s not your FIRST shift, but I know you were nervous about your new routine.
    Mmm…bagel sandwiches…I had two last week!

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