Peek-a-Boo! I’m Back!

Hi friends!! Didja miss me? I missed you!! I don’t apologize for taking days off from blogging. Even bloggers need a day off to relax sometimes ;)

Unfortunately, I do not return with many exciting things to report from yesterday. I of course celebrated Waffle Wednesday.

Two Nature’s Path maple cinnamon waffles topped with blended cottage cheese, almond butter, cinnamon and maple syrup. Ooohhh yessss :)

At some point I snacked on an awesome KIND bar – Almond & Coconut flavour.


The coconut in this was top notch, not the cheap-o bulk stuff I usually buy. And it was chock full of whole almonds. Thumbs up!!

Oh, and I made pasta! Boring dish for most, but I never make regular pasta, so it was a treat for me :)

It had this:


And this:


(with onions, mushrooms and bell pepper because I have to add them to everrrrything I make).

Turned into this!:


I put the sauce on some spelt penne noodles, brussel sprouts, zucchini and asparagus. Topped with parmesan of course ;) Yum! Now I have a ton of sauce leftover.


I was actually going to go to the gym after work yesterday, but I ended up working late and skipped it so I could hang out with the boyfriend I never see instead. So I was up bright dark and early this morning to make up for it. I did an hour of treadmill intervals and it was awesome! I actually prefer running first thing in the morning, less food in my tummy to disagree with me and slow me down. I did my favourite hour-long set:

On a 1% incline:
2 min @ 3.0 mph
3 min @ 3.5 mph
5 min @ 5.6 mph
10 min of 1 min intervals alternating between 6.0 & 6.4 mph
10 min of 1 min intervals alternating between 6.2 & 6.6 mph
10 min of 1 min intervals alternating between 6.4 & 6.8 mph
10 min of 1 min intervals alternating between 6.6 & 7.0 mph
5 min @ 6.0 mph
3 min @ 3.5 mph
2 min @ 3.0 mph

Good times. My heart rate didn’t go below 170 bpm for the last 20 minutes, which is pretty rare for me! Means I was pushing myself, and am getting better at maintaining those high heart rates for longer periods :)

I had to be at work early today, so I made breakfast and iced coffee last night.


The lighting on top of my TV seems to work best these days…


Peanut M&M cookie :)

  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 2/3 scoop chocolate whey protein powder
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • M&Ms
  • splash almond milk

I scraped the cookie off the plate, flipped it over, and stuck it in the freezer while I showered. Gets rid of the gooeyness that sometimes happens on the bottom.

Work was work, lots of running around in the rain today. I did however get to run home for a quick lunch in between assignments. Since I was driving the work car, I didn’t think to grab my house/car keys on the way out – and I locked them in my apartment!!! Ugggghhh. I am such a scatterbrain. Seriously, my life is a mess sometimes. I called Chris in a panic, and he was able to pick me up from work and expertly break into my apartment (I don’t know whether to be happy or concerned it’s so easy to break into…). So crisis kinda averted. With the whole speeding thing, and now this, I think I lost 2 years of my life in stress this week.

Thankfully, I got to lay a load off at the pub tonight :)


My newsroom coworkers had a little going away get together for me tonight :) I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again – the job itself may not be for me, but I worked with some amazing people. Not just nice and fun, but really talented and good at what they do. 

As for the food, I drank this beer, snacked on a few nachos and ate part of a big Greek salad. It actually wasn’t that much food volume-wise, but I was stuffed!!

Oh, and look at what they gave me as a going away gift!!


A $60 gift certificate to a sporting goods store. How appropriate is that? They all know I’m doing my personal training certification now (and that I often mosey into the office in the morning having run “x” amount of miles already). I’m hoping to spend the money on some desperately-needed long running pants :)

Well friends, that is all from me tonight. I’ve got to be at work early again tomorrow, and want to fit a weight lifting sesh in beforehand. I must get in the kitchen an prepare a bazillion meals for tomorrow :P

Question of the Day: What’s your favourite part about your job? At the radio station, it was definitely the peeps! Not just the newsroom folks either, the whole office was full of good-hearted people. Starbucks is the sweet discount, duh :P

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  1. I love that I get to talk to/help lots of interesting people and that they can benefit from my experiences…good AND bad.

  2. this all looks delicious.
    And a beer to wash it down. nice

  3. Wow, you have had a LOT going on in your life. You are between jobs, and it’s a full moon (hee hee) etc, so you’re bound to lock your keys somewhere they don’t belong :-)

    Can I just say that I have Breakfast Cookie Envy EVERY.FRICKEN.TIME. you post a cookie. I just can’t get mine to look like yours. wah!

    Such a thoughtful gift of your colleagues to give you. I’m sure you are over the moon about that gift card!

    My fave part of my job- the patients. Such nice people. Always interesting, smart and engaging.

    Can I just say that it’s super fun reading your tweets throughout the day and then see how you incorporate the news into your post :-)

  4. My favorite part of my job is that I get to work at home. In my jammies if I want, and that means I get to spend the day at home with my hubby (even though I can’t really talk to him while I am working).

    Have you thought about doing a bit of meditation (not as yoga)? Might help you get focused a bit better.

    Woohoo for the gift certificate!

    • Lori, the “scatterbrainess” got MUCH worse when I started working at the radio station. I have million places I have to be and deadlines to adhere to on days I’m working as a reporter. I’m hoping that I’ll regain a little more focus when I’m not worrying about making it to five different events before the noon news anymore ;)

  5. The waffles and breakfast cookie look so good! And that’s so nice about the sports gift card :) Sorry you’ve been so stressed lately! I hope you have a nice night

  6. Good call on the present – your coworkers did very well!!!

    As for me, the thing I most love about it is when I get to help people!

  7. Welcome back! We missed you too! I have to tell you, I’m a bit jealous of some of your food. I don’t know if it’s because you’re in Canada, but I can never seem to find some of the products you post – the veggie crumbles, for example. Are spelt noodles easy for you to find as well? I haven’t looked into using them yet, but just read an article regarding spelt flour in Clean Eating Mag.
    BTW, congrats on the workout and heart rate accomplishment! That’s quite a feat :)

    • Hey Heidi! I didn’t know you couldn’t get Yves products in the States! They’re pretty much the same as Boca crumbles, which I think are found in the freezer section? I found the spelt noodles at a bulk bin store. They’re quite good actually :)

  8. I love the kids I teach. They make work fun. And seeing them understand something can be so rewarding!

  9. Peanut M&M cookie looks soo tasty. possibly even better than the fluffer cookie but could be a toss up.

    locked keys in apt. Been there. IT sucks. Reminder to slow down, breathe, focus, and center one’s self. I have minor little self inflicted injuries that occur b/c i am moving too fast all the time and if i just slowed down a little all could be avoided!


  10. i LOVE what you put for your waffle “icing”

    i guess i dont have a job.. im a student! but i do love meeting new people at school :)

  11. I really admire you for taking a chance and starting a new chapter in your life. I would love a SB discount!

  12. I love this cookie breakfast idea but I wondered do you use just a splash of almond milk as the liquid and nothing else? I’d love to know x x

    • Hi Tam! I just add enough milk to dissolve the protein powder and make the mixture crumbly. Otherwise it won’t harden in the fridge overnight and turns into a mushy mess :\

  13. being able to work at the crack of dawn in the silence of the house is my FAVE PART of freelancing.


  14. Ack, getting locked out is a huge fear of mine. My dad has a spare key but lives and hour away- think I need to leave a spare key at my mom’s (though actually, that would be kind of pointless since my keys to her place are on the same keychain as my apartment keys!)

    Loving the m and m cookie :D

    I don’t have a job right now. Though I did get offered a full-time blogging gig…reviewing adult entertainment sites. Um, no thanks :P

  15. Great workout! My favorite part of my job is I don’t have one right now HA!

  16. Yoo hooooo! Susan! Guess what? I totally made protein waffles this a.m. with the addition of pumpkin! yayer! My waffle iron did NOT love that concoction, so it was kind of literally a hot mess, but they were deeeelish!

    Despite my unhappiness with my current job sitch, I actually do like the fact that my schedule is SO flexible when my doc is not in and that I get to meet lots of people. I also get to be really creative in our marketing, so all in all, it’s not that bad.

    Happy Friday lady! xoxo

    • Boo on the waffle mess!! I’m going to try not to blame the pumpkin though, I’m sure it was a lovely addition ;) I usually Pam the crap out of my waffle iron (yes, I’m one of “those” spray oil people).

  17. Peanut butter m & m cookie?? count me in!! The real peanut butter m & m’s are dangerous in this household!

  18. “onions, mushrooms and bell pepper because I have to add them to everrrrything I make” because they’re the best veggies on earth! Looks yummy!! That peanut M&M cookie sounds glorious!!

    Glad you enjoyed some time off! My favorite part of my job is that it doesn’t feel like a job – I genuinely enjoy what I do and interacting with the people I work with.

  19. Oh that’s so nice they had a little “dew” for you (old lady New Brunswick word fer’ ya!) and such an appropriate and thoughtful gift! It’s always nice to know you were well regarded when you leave a job.

    My favorite part of my job is definitely the people I work with, followed closely by having the inside scoop on all of the new vehicles before they make it to market.

  20. My favorite part of my job is that it isn’t too stressful and fussy. If you need to make a cup of tea, get a snack, take a bathroom break you go. I’ve had jobs (talking about you, Verizon) where you had to log how long you were in the bathroom and if they felt it was excessive you had to bring a doctors excuse!

  21. that was so nice of your coworkers – i would have to say i have been lucky, the best part of my past few jobs has been the fabulous people i have worked with :)

    onward and upward my dear susan! have a wonderful day – chat soon!!!!! :)

  22. I like a LOT about my job but #1 is the people…I met my boyfriend at work, for heaven’s sake (he doesn’t work there anymore). Most of my friends these days either work with me or used to. I like that when I tell people where I work, they go, ooh that’s COOL and I like how I’m promoting and supporting an organzation with a great mission.

    Perfect going-away gifts for a future PT! Leaving a job is always awkward…at least for me it was. Bittersweet, I guess.

  23. ah, dark and early is right. the mornings are killing me! you were right, our waffles were so similar on wednesday! and yes, it is monday, and yes, i am finally reading blogs. starting here :)

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