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gun show

Woo-pah!!!! Seriously, whose arm is this? Albeit, the flexing, lighting and flattering angle helps ;) My face is cut out because I’d just stumbled out of bed and it’s smeared in drool and yesterday’s mascara.

Now, I’m not one to go flaunting my body around town, especially on the internet. But, well, I’m kinda proud of my little muscle! You’ve probably heard me whine before that aaalllll my body fat goes to my stomach. So, in my head, my composition looks like this big round middle with skinny arms and legs poking out. I don’t really want to lose any more body fat to take care of the tummy situation (Chris may dump me if my boobs get any smaller :P ). BUT, I can work on making my arms and legs look a little more solid. Apparently, that work has so far been paying off :D

In other news I want to thankyouthankyouthankyou for the kind and congratulatory comments about my new job prospects. I am so lucky to have not only a supportive family behind me, but a slew of blog friends out there backing me up as well :) I’m a little apprehensive about announcing it to my wider circle of acquaintances, co-workers and old schoolmates. They all think I’m crazy for leaving a solid journalism job. For so long I’ve been told that I’m a good journalist. I think that’s why I stuck it out, because I was just following the praise. These people just assume I’d do what I’m good at, but being good at something is not enough.

Plus, as my mommy pointed out, not one person in my family works in the field of their undergraduate degree. The best example being my lovely sister Jane. She was a star psychology student, and gave it all up after graduation to pursue her passion for music. She’s now got two albums under her belt and living a life she loves making music in Quebec City (which you can listen to here!)

Minutes after registering for the personal training course yesterday, I got this in my inbox:


Is that a sign or what!? Totally unrelated too, the e-mail just popped up out of the blue. I can’t go though because I have to stay in Fredericton. Would have been nice to scope out what it’s like to work there.


So this morning, I tried out something that’s been a long time coming – eggs in a basket!


Eggs + toast is my favourite breakfast, and I’d never tried it!

There was some dippage happening…


It was fun :) Although, I think I still prefer the usual fried egg on top.

I had a date with the treadmill today, so I snacked on another new-to-me Larabar flavour for some sugar energy.



Is there coconut oil in the American version too? I’m not opposed to coconut oil, from everything I’ve read it’s pretty good for you (in moderation, of course ;) )


First, I found it was really mushy. If I buy this again, I’ll keep it in the fridge. It was good but if I had to choose, I like the cocoa coconut better. This is kinda plain, like just dates and coconut. I know that’s the point, but it was just missing a little sumthin’.

My “dreadmill” sesh was stellar today!

On a 1% incline:

2 minutes @ 3.0 mph
3 minutes @ 3.5 mph
5 minutes @ 5.8 mph
10 minutes of 1-minute intervals @ 5.8 mph & 6.2 mph
10 minutes of 1-minute intervals @ 6.0 mph & 6.4 mph
10 minutes of 1-minute intervals @ 6.2 mph & 6.6 mph
10 minutes of 1-minute intervals @ 6.4 mph & 6.8 mph
5 minutes @ 5.8 mph
3 minutes @ 3.5 mph
2 minutes @ 3.0 mph

The last time I did this workout, I found it to be a touch too easy, so this time I upped the speed a little – it was perfect! I never felt like I had to stop, but those last set of intervals were hard. And yay for getting faster!! Hope I can get those numbers to keep going up. Oh, and on my last 6.8 mph interval, the final chorus of “Don’t Stop Believing" from the Glee Soundtrack kicked in on my iPod. Yeah, it was epic.

Since I got home for a late lunch, and needed to do an early dinner before work tonight, I though it would be a perfect opportunity to test out a liquid lunch.


  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/4 cup cottage cheese
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • 1 scoop Chocolate Amazing Meal
  • handful ice


387 calories, 13g fat, 23g protein, 46g carbohydrates, 12g fibre. Not too shabby, right? I mean, that’s what any other meal looks like for me. I think I felt full-ish after drinking it. But within 90 minutes, I was feeling snacky and wanted something to chew. I thought the fibre in the Amazing Grass would save me, apparently not. This girl needs her food to be solid.

I was ravenous come supper time (at 4:30).

More leftover chicken! Today I put it in a pita with blackberry jam, onions, spinach, sprouts and swiss cheese. Grilled to melty perfection. I’m running low on chicken. Need to roast more stat ;)


Eating and exercise aside, I had quite the surprise today. I saw the Canada Post lady walk to my back door this afternoon with a package. I always miss my packages, so I jumped up and met her at the door. I was hoping it would be my recent Amazon purchase or PT course materials. But I was handed a big unfamiliar box. When I ripped it open, I discovered this:

A FOOD PROCESSOR!!!!! Holymolyasjbgeiuhsfskg. As soon as I saw the note from Janetha attached, I started crying. JB, this is one of the sweetest things anyone has done for me, thank you SO much!!!! You are such a wonderful person, I don’t even know where to start!

Regular readers know I’ve been vying for a food processor for a while, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to splurge on a nice one for myself.


It’s the perfect size for making hummus! (and baby food as the box implies?) Janetha, I will get on the hummus making immediately so I have more recipes to share with you in thanks for the amazing gift :D

And with that, it’s super late and this granny needs to hit the hay.


Question of the Day: What should I make in my new food processor?


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  1. I christened my new food processor with home made salsa – fresh tomatoes, onion, cilantro.. oh my!
    Come to think, however, tomatoes are now out of season, so maybe a nice dough of some sort..

  2. Wow – that was so generous of Janetha!

    You need to make nut butter, of course!!

    I am one of those who has a couple of college degrees and I am no where near the fields those were in. Bachelors and Masters in music and I don’t even play anymore. Same thing like you, I was told I was good, so that’s what I did.

    I think sometimes having to choose a lifetime career when you are 18 is not the wisest idea :D

  3. Aww, how sweet! Clearly you should make frozen banana soft serve.

    I don’t think the American version has coconut oil, but it’s been awhile since I’ve had that flavor. Allegedly coconut oil is, erm, good in the sack, if you’re into being TOTALLY natural. Allegedly.

  4. I have wanted a food processor for so long! How sweet of Janetha! I’m so excited for you. I would be making some raw desserts ASAP!

  5. Woah awesome arms, girl! And Janetha is suchhhh a sweetie! What an amazing present :) Oh oh, you should make that frozen banana soft-serve thing that was all the rage a while back. Haha :)

  6. OMG that is the sweetest thing. What a doll that Janetha is!! I’d make some banana soft serve asap- start freezing those nanners!

    PS Nice guns! kapow!

    PPS I get the small boob thing. when hubs says my boobs look good, I say ‘oh, I’d better lose some weight!’ :-)

  7. You are too cute! I swear. I wish I could get some guns like that.

    And how awesome to get that food processor! :D See, you are loved!

  8. PS Can I just say that your Egg-in-the-hole looked A MAz Ing!! Although I’ve been doing it my whole life, my first attempt yesterday resulted in a broken yolk, so I had to start over! Second try was yum. You must be gifted in that dept!! :-)

  9. SALSA. petso. hummus. I would say almond butter but I tried that one time and it was an epic fail so if it works for you, you are a better woman than I :-)

  10. OMG Janetha you are the most awesome human being for hooking someone up royally..not just someone, Susan. Both you girls are just sweethearts and I just cried a hallmark card tear. Wow.

    Onto your guns. Nice. Work. I had a commenter yesterday write on my blog with tons of my food pics. and all my raw desserts: your arms are shredded!!!!!
    I was like, oh ok thanks!

    Next the choco AG powder, I jsut got a sample, thx for the prewarning.

    Coconut oil…I dont really love it. I use it b/c it works and it’s better than say EVOO in things but I am not one of these ppl who just goes hog wild. It’s a tool, not a featured food group. I would hate that bar, thx again for the prewarning :)

    And please!!!!!! tell me about this:
    inutes after registering for the personal training course yesterday…

    Which one are you doing, ACE? NASM or ACSM? Doing it online or in person, end game, goals, etc. I want the whole storry. Email me at your leisure, I am thinking of getting my ACE just to have but I would love to hear your story on it.

  11. Wow. Janetha is amazing. She’s a super super super sweet gal!!! Hugs to her for making you so happy!!! :D

    Oh em gi. You’ve got some guns! Totally envious! Mine are puny little things. I won’t get on your bad side now! ;-)

  12. yaaaay you got it! i am so glad. haha.. i am so sneaky!!! it was hard not to tell you that i bought it. eep. but i managed to stay quiet! i love you lots susan~thanks for the sweet email and thanks for being YOU!!!

    love the eggs in a basket. fun to eat!

    nice nice niiiice guns!! you got a permit for those bad boys??

  13. Sorry for being so MIA lately, but I’ve been crazy busy and thank you so much for your advice!

    Congrats with the present – Janetha is the best! :D

    And what did I read about you working at Starbucks? Can I marry you? (Do you think Chris would mind?)

    Your guns look smokin hot, I’d totally hire you as a personal trainer ;)


  14. Looking fit!!

    Giveaways starting for Thanksgiving!

  15. Nope, no coconut oil in the US one. What is up with Canadian Lara bars?! I didn’t love that bar either- I was expecting more of a coconut flavour :( Now that you have a food processor, you can make your own Lara bars! :D

  16. WHOAAAAAA you’ve got GUNS! haha, I’m jealous!

  17. Banana soft serve! Or Angela’s Raw Vegan Brownie Bites!

  18. Ahhh! So much to say:

    Your arms look AWESOME! Not too buff but totally defined and toned. Maybe you can do a post on what your routine has been?!

    I admire your attempt at eggs in a blanket, but you’ve got it all wrong…that is far too healthy ;) You’ve gotta get a little buttah action so the bread gets nice and golden ;)

    Can’t believe Miss Janetha–what a sweetheart! My vote: banana soft serve! (Maybe with some chocolate sauce?)

    • Lara, I honestly haven’t been doing much! Just weight lifting twice a week and push-ups. But I have been purposely trying to “bulk up” my arms a little (they’re otherwise really scrawny) so I’ll put something together :)

  19. Flaunt away! I’d be proud of those guns as well!! One of my science teachers once said, “Hey K! Do you have any snake food?!” Me: “No…why?” Him: “For these PYTHONS!!” Then proceeded to flex, haha!

    We were Lara twins yesterday! Nice choice – it’s my favorite BUT I haven’t tried the cocoa coconut one yet.

    Score on the processor! Definitely hummus, banana soft serve, nut butters, any of Averie’s raw delights! Have fun playing with it!

    PS. Haven’t gotten the nutty delight in the mail yet but I’ll let you know the second it comes in :)

  20. i heart that janetha. seriously. you are so deserving of that, and i cannot wait to see what fabulous concoctions you come up with – hummus? pesto? homemade larabars? you food process girl!

    yay for arm muscles! i have recently started seeing the same thing and am so proud. if you got it, flaunt it! love you lady – let’s chat again soon :)

  21. What a nice gift! You are a lucky lady. If it were me I’d make homemade Larabars.

  22. OMG your muscles nearly jumped out of my screen and put my eye out! :) What awesome prospects, full time work plus a new beginning towards something you are already so passionate about! Wonderful!!! Once you’re done, you can come over to Toronto to whip my ass in shape! :)

  23. Killer guns m’lady. Killer! Seriously, your arms look lovely and toned. Good work!
    Janetha is about the sweetest person on this planet. I would make some pesto first. I’ve always wanted to make my own! Have fun!

  24. Woo look at those guns!! You get ’em girl!!

    I’m the same way with smoothies. No matter what I put in them I always need solid food too!

    And with the food processor I say make some homemade larabars! Or my Better’N’Pumpkin pie (aka blend 1/2 cup cottage cheese with 1/3 cup pumpkin, vanilla, stevia, cinnamon, and ginger.) So good! Oh yeah I forgot you don’t like pumpkin.. well still! lol

  25. What an amazing gift!! Janetha B is just about the coolest girl ever and so are YOU! I love your guts and want to come live with you so you can make me eggs in a basket and work on our guns together :) Seriously, your arms look awesome and that is some great inspiration for me! xoxo

  26. My freshman and sophomore year of highschool we would make eggs in a basket for midnight snacks every weekend.. LOL, but we would coat each side of the bread and bread “circle” with tons of butter- ah, I die. It was awesome.

    And we called them “fried egg sandwiches”. figures.

    As for your arms- loving those chaturangas I see! I love my arms too- my butt, not so much, thats where all my body fat goes to.

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