Ch-ch-check in time!

Mmmm…I got to enjoy every little bite of my s’muffernutter breakfast cookie this morning.


Deb and I were discussing the importance of the protein powder in the breakfast cookie today. It really does act as the “binding agent.” The thick goo it creates when mixed with your liquid is what hardens the cookie in the fridge overnight, not the nut butter. But for all you other bloggers out there who don’t use protein powder, do your cookies still work without it? Wouldn’t it be a mushy mess you have to eat with a fork?

I don’t usually bring bars as snacks when I know I’ll just be at the office, but I’m too excited to try out my new bar finds! Today’s pick was the KIND Fruit & Nut in yoghurt coating.



I didn’t know KIND had a special “nut blend,” or ”fruit blend” for that matter. I must remember to never sell a bar with the same combo :P


A little low on the protein, but it is just nuts and dried fruit. Usually I like to pair high-carb bars with a piece of cheese to even things out, but this is a little too high-calorie for that.

The yoghurt coating was actually too thick for my liking. I didn’t realize it was coated on the bottom too. Otherwise it was a verrrry yummy bar. The nuts were toasted to perfection. The brazil nuts in particular were delicious!

Oh, and as for the PB&J Larabar, Ellie and I are looking into why the Canadian and UK versions have added refined sunflower oil. But she did inform me they don’t count calories from fibre in the U.S, and that’s why the calories were listed as higher. I didn’t know that!! No wonder my “Fibre 1” cereal has twice the number of calories as the American “Fiber One” version.

Lunch was more Yves cajun chicken slices with swiss and veggies.


One thing that sucks about making lunch the night before is that my bread gets soggy. Boo. My office needs a george foreman grill.

I did little lily dawdling after work and hit up the gym almost right away. I was excited to make up for my lazy Saturday! (and Friday)

0:00-3:00 – 3.5 mph
3:00-5:00 – 5.6 mph
5:00-6:00 – 5.8 mph
6:00-7:00 – 6.0 mph
7:00-8:00 – 6.2 mph
8:00-9:00 – 6.0 mph
9:00-10:00 – 6.2 mph
10:00-11:00 – 6.4 mph
11:00-12:00 – 6.2 mph
12:00-13:00 – 6.4 mph
13:00-14:00 – 6.6 mph
14:00-15:00 – 6.4 mph
15:00-16:00 – 6.6 mph
16:00-17:00 – 6.8mph
17:00-18:00 – 6.6 mph
18:00-19:00 – 6.8 mph
19:00-20:00 – 7.0 mph

A1 – Romanian deadlift to row:
3 sets @ 50 lbs x 8

B1 – Wide-grip lat pulldown:
3 sets @ 55 lbs x 8

B2 – Dumbbell chest press:
3 sets @ 20 (ea) lbs x 8

C1 – Tricep cable pulldown:
3 sets @ 25 lbs x 8

C2 – YTWL:
3 sets @ 7.5 lbs (ea) x 4 (each letter)

0:00-1:00 – level 8
1:00-2:00 – level 9
2:00-3:00 – level 10
4:00-5:00 – level 11
5:00-6:00 – level 12
6:00-7:00 – level 13
7:00-8:00 – level 12
8:00-9:00 – level 11
9:00-10:00 – level 10

Whittle My Middle:

Plank – 90 sec
Side plank – 30 sec each side
Plank with elbows on stability ball – 60 sec
Stability Ball Jackknifes – 12 reps
Stability ball roll out – 12 reps
Plank Rotations – 2 minutes, 15 sec each rotation

0:00-1:00 – level 8
1:00-3:00 – recovery @ level 10
3:00-4:00 – sprint @ level 18
4:00-6:00 – recovery @ level 10
6:00-7:00 – sprint @ level 18
7:00-9:00 – recovery @ level 10
9:00-10:00 – sprint @ level 18
10:00-12:00 – recovery @ level 10
12:00-13:00 – sprint @ level 18
13:00-15:00 – recovery @ level 10

Stretching :) Think I’ll do another stretching post with my routine soon…


Well congrats to you if you read through all of that! Abridged version is that it had medium & high intensity interval cardio with upper body and abs. This was by no means a short workout, took me almost an hour and 20 minutes. But I was having fun, it’s how I like to spend my Sunday afternoons :)

I was definitely running on empty by the time I came home though, so I immediately replenished with a smoothie.


  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/4 cup cottage cheese
  • 1 scoop ISO Lean peach-mango whey protein powder
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries

Then I got started on dinner! A roast dinner. I threw another bird in the oven. Dang, this is so easy! No pictures of the carcass, but I just rinsed off the small chicken, stuffed it with a head of garlic, lemon quarters and a small bunch of thyme. Rubbed some salt and pepper on it then cooked in a 425F oven for 90 minutes. So frickin easy.


I actually kept the chicken in for five minutes longer tonight, but I don’t think I needed to. It was crazy delicious. I can’t believe it took me this long to get the nerve to roast chickens.


On the side are sweet potato and carrots tossed in balsamic vinegar and maple syrup and roasted in a separate pan. Then some frozen brussel sprouts in a little pepper and Earth Balance.

How’s that for a Sunday dinner? One of the few times I wish didn’t live alone are occasions when I have a wonderful meal I want to share. At least I get the leftovers all to myself ;)


November Goal Check-In

Three weeks in! Already got ideas swimming in my head for next month ;)

Have fun workouts.
First, I only made it to one yoga class and didn’t do any at home. Fail on that front!

Monday – I got my BodyStep on and stepped my little heart out. It was spectacular.

Tuesday – Surprisingly quick 5k run outdoors because it was too beautiful to stay inside, then an evening BodyFlow class to streeetch it all out.

Wednesday – Spin class with Chris. SO much fun!

Thursday -  Missed BodyPump but came up with a lifting sesh of my own.

Friday – Impromptu lifting sesh left me waddling. Day off.

Saturday – Another day off. Needed to fully recharge.

Sunday – Amaaaazing and energetic weight and HIIT workout at the gym.

Be less complacent with food.
My experiment with temporarily tracking calories again was a success. Even though I’m no longer doing it, I find it got me in that mind set of just being aware again. As a side note, I’m also doing much better at not counting in my head. I haven’t a clue what any of my meals were today, and I don’t care! :P

Get more sleep.
Well almost sleeping through work yesterday helped! :P To be honest, going from crazy early morning shifts to evening shifts really messed with my body clock this week. I was going to bed too late, but waking up too early. Perhaps I should re-introduce the afternoon nap…

Make it through the last month of work with a positive attitude.
Not gonna lie, it’s getting worse by the day. But I do find myself appreciating my co-workers more. The job itself may not have been for me, but I worked with really good people.

Try my best to not let anything hold me back.
I’ve finally buckled down and decided to follow what I’m truly passionate about. For the first time in my life, I feel really excited and confident about my future.

Figure out a way to get into the holiday season.
I bought my first Christmas present today! You’re going to love/hate it mom ;)

Spend more time with my grandparents.
I haven’t spoken to any of them this week :(

Be more honest with people.
Ohman, I was the most honest I’ve been in a long time this week. I’ve always known it’s important to be honest with the people you love, but this week just reiterated how important it is. Sometimes you hurt people more by not telling the truth than if you were just honest.

Look for a job.
Got a job interview at Starbucks tomorrow ;)

Start playing music again.


You know it’s coming…

Question of the Day: How are you coming along with your goals this month?

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  1. Umm…I still don’t remember what I said my November goals were. BUT, I did achieve a big long-term goal today which was to do a 5k race in under 30:00. My next time goal is to do a 5K in under 27:00, so I’ve still got 1:51 to shave off until I get there! That counts, right?

  2. i’m surprising myself with my running, thanks to the p.o.t.m. challenge. and even though, i’m not running distancessss, ya know, 3-5 miles here and there has been lenths for me personally.

    protein powder is a MUST in the breakfast cookie. so i tried a pumpkin breakfast cookie, and even with 1/3 cup pumpkin, it was TOO WET. i didn’t even need any liquids.

    and yay for roasted chicken, seriously, my parents are roast chicken freaks. we prob used to go through 3-4 chickens a week, and just eat it for lunches and all that. so easy peasy too.

  3. Brussel sprouts! I don’t know if I have seen you eat many of those. I have never had frozen ones.

    Are you going to be selling bars, too? I noticed your comment on the Kind bar :D
    I think that is an idea floating around a lot (including in my head).

    Roasted anything is amazing!

    My goals aren’t doing too shabby. We’ll see if I get that 5K in this week :D

  4. My goals…. right on track. Hehe. As long as I start running again this week I will have done exactly what I wanted to do.

    Good luck at your interview tomorrow!!

  5. Goals?? What goals??

    Good luck tomorrow! :-D I can’t wait to hear what the blogosphere has to say about the breakfast cookie dilemma!!

  6. I never heard that LARAs in the US don’t list cals from fiber… I wonder if other labels do that here too?

    • Jenna, yup, it’s on ALL labels! They don’t count insoluble fibre in the US because it’s not digested by the body, but in Canada we list calories from both soluble AND insoluble. Since most packaged foods only have a couple grams, it’s only a difference of a few calories (from what I’ve found 1g fibre = 4 calories). But it makes for a huge difference in high fibre foods. Fiber One cereal in the States for example is 60 calories per half cup, whereas it’s 100 calories per half cup here in Canada.

  7. Good luck with your goals! But that job thing…I’m sure it’ll work out! :-)

    Didn’t know you could bake with protein powder…sounds super interesting! Mimi might know though…she’s obsessed with protein powder!

  8. For as many smoothies as I’ve had, I’ve never put cottage cheese in the mix. Do you recommend it?

    • I actually couldn’t taste it that much! Usually I put a couple scoops of plain yogurt in for texture and a little tartness, but the cheese isn’t tart, so I couldn’t taste it ;) Was an incredibly smooooth smoothie though :)

  9. “they don’t count calories from fibre in the U.S….”
    You know, I dont think the avg American counts calories or has any clue what they’re putting in their body. Isnt america the most obese nation these days? I dont keep up with stats like that, but that little trivia you gave is indicative of the general (lack) of a decent mindset that americans have toward food. Just my .02 of course :)

    Goals. Dang girl, I have so many and am usually good about checking things off my list but it’s a busy month w/ the holidays and all.

    Good luck on your interview too!

    • Averie, I couldn’t agree more!! While I don’t condone obsessing over calories, I think a little knowledge could go a long way. When I was a “chubbier” version of myself, I didn’t have a sweet clue what a calorie was, or what the difference between 200 and 1200 calories meant. If I was taught that it school for example, it may have saved me from a lot of unhappy times.

  10. My goals are simple this month. To run the 5K on Thanksgiving Day faster than my last 5K, to not gain any weight, and to enjoy my family.

    Your food looks absolutely wonderful!!

  11. As far as your sandwich getting soggy … try not putting the tomatoes on the sandwich the night before. They’re usually the culprit. Can you put them in a separate baggie/container and then just slap them on before you eat?

  12. Your breakfast cookie looks so delicious! I haven’t tried my own yet but I will definitely take your advice with the powder.

    I loooooove KIND bars however I haven’t tried any with the yogurt coating. I just love how crunchy and nutty they are! Keep on pushing with your goals! You’re doing good so far :)

  13. Holy smokes woman! That roast dinner looks fabulous!
    Okay, I am kind of pissed about this fibre thing. Why don’t they count fibre calories in the US?! I did not know that. Grr. Also, why have I stopped spelling yoghurt correctly. I actually wrote it like that on our grocery list yesterday to show Dan how it’s really done (ha) but apparently I am losing my Britishness. Sad.
    Love you! x

  14. I am in awe of your roast chicken :D I used to make it when I lived with my dad under his careful watch (I am convinced that I am going to get food poisoning if I cook chicken from raw :P ). Need to try it again.

    RE protein powder: since your tutorial, I have used the powder and it makes ALL the difference. I can pick up and eat my cookies with my hands (perfect, since I scale the recipe down and make snack sized ones) but without the peanut butter, they need forks/spoons.

    Lara never got back to me- I tweeted them and they said it was naturally occuring oils from the peanuts (um, no!) I sent them the link to your post but never heard anything else.

    Congrats on your goals! Now go call your grandparents!!!!! I feel like November has quite literally flown by- yet has been a waste, lol. Not really, just encountered some set-backs interfering which made other things a priority. On the progress front, I am back on track, have started reading again (!) and have opened up a lot more to someone I needed to so hopefully December is going to rock. I see them tomorrow so will see…(both cursing and singing praises to the delights of email right now….)

    • I e-mailed Larabar yesterday too and haven’t heard back yet. They list the ingredients in the peanut butter in brackets, so I would assume the oil is in addition to that.

      P.S. Not sure if you saw my response on Caitlin’s blog – but the wheatgrass and apple juice idea is genius!

  15. i cannot wait to hear what your new passion is – that is amazing, and i am so excited for you!

    your goals are rockin – mine are going pretty well. i am averaging 2-3 yoga seshes a week and flossing every other day, minus last night because i fell asleep during savasana (corpse pose) and didn’t wake up until this morning, oops!

    love your smuffernutterwuttershutter cookie :)

  16. Awesome workout!! You go girl!!

    I’m already done christmas shopping.. I can’t help it! I see stuff in september and have to buy it! lol

  17. a whole roast chicken is something i wish i could make at home – since my hubby’s vegetarian it feels like a waste..i mean, i guess i could but then i’d just be eating it by myself….

  18. LOVE your dinner. I think we have the same roast-dinner style, if tha tis such a thing!

  19. Yum to that dinner Susan! I love your goals–I never did set any. But my favorite is making workouts more fun. I need that :) xoxo

  20. wtf they dont list calories from fiber here? seriously? i had no freaking clue!!!! wow.. huh.. i am dumbfounded. thank you for the info.

    your workout is rad. i dont know how you do YTWLs with 7.5# weights. i can barely do the Y with the 3# weights! seriously. i am such a wuss! i loved the whole workout though. you are the besssst for sharing them.

    haha, remember when all you would do is swim swim swim.. i always skipped over those ones. do you miss swimming?

    ok i cannot believe november is almost over. kills me! i need to sit down and write some goals out for december and do this check in thing you do. you are really good at being honest with yourself on your goal setting and progress!

    • Honestly, I don’t miss swimming at all! Strange, eh? I actually haven’t swum since the triathlon (which may or may not have been a traumatic experience in that lake…). Think I OD-ed on it a little when I was injured and swam all the frickin’ time. I’m sure I’ll get into another swimming kick someday. I don’t have access to a free pool anymore though (I used to use the campus pool when I was a student).

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