The Most Important Meal of the Day


No, you’re not on the wrong day. This is my Friday blog post, I just had the exact same thing for breakfast this morning. It was that good.

  • 1/2 cup oat bran
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla whey powder
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • 2 chopped dates
  • unsweetened shredded coconut

And since I have to be in bed by 9pm tonight, my usual giant-sized coffee was just medium-sized.


With a little almond milk and stevia because I was feeling like a treat :) After five years of working at Starbucks, I have a ridiculous mug and tumbler collection. Many are chipped or scratched in some way and were brought home for free. If I return, I am not allowed to acquire any more mugs. At least, that’s the plan.

I had full intentions on going to a 9:30 Hatha yoga class this morning, but my body was having none of that. I typically take a day off exercise every 3-4 days, but this week I did a full 6. My workouts were all pretty low-ish intensity (no crazy 10 mile runs this week) and I felt good when I woke up every day, so I just went with it. Well today, I took my hobbling as a sign that even a few gentle warriors were not going to fly.

So I stayed in bed. All morning. It was fab :D

I felt like I needed a breakfast numero deux seeing as I didn’t get out of bed and showered till lunchtime ;)


I never feel guilty eating my protein waffles as a meal, because they are pretty well balanced with the oats, egg whites, cottage cheese and flax. I threw in some blueberries for a little fruit ;)

Divine. I think there is a Belgian inside of me just bursting to get out :P

I braved the madness that is the grocery store on a Friday afternoon, and saw something that made my month. I started bouncing and squealing in the aisle, and could not contain my excitement. Behold:


Eeeee!!!!! First, KIND bars!!!!! Second, PB&J and Coconut Cream Larabars!!!!! Thirdly, some tasty looking Canadian bar I’ve never heard of! :P

They had more flavours of these bars too, but this was all my wallet could take. And I can always go back and get more :) I’ll be sure to feature the bars as I go through them, especially the Canadian “Taste of Nature” ones.

I really enjoy grocery shopping by myself, I find it very therapeutic. But sometimes I wish there was someone with me when I start freaking out about food finds :P

Once unpacked, I assembled what could almost pass as a breakfast #3.


Smoked salmon, capers, spinach, cream cheese on a bagel. And then some carrots, mushrooms and red pepper with red pepper hummus.

Solid meal. Good day of eats all around (including unpictured snacks).


Finally, I just have to say this week has been a very emotional week for me. I of course don’t moan on about every little detail of my life on the blog, and there are some things I don’t get into because other people are involved and it’s not fair. This week did not start good for me, but I got a lot sorted out and today feel content for the first time in a long time.

I’ve also made a somewhat solid decision about what I want to do work-wise. I’ve sent out at least a dozen resumes for communications jobs and I haven’t heard back from one person. To be honest, my heart isn’t in it, I’m just doing it because it’s what fits my current skill set. Maybe I could be happy in that type of position if I worked for a company I loved. But right now it’s not working for me, and I have a feeling I’m sending that negative energy out there with my cover letters and resumes.

So I will be working “service” jobs for the next little bit and while pursuing something completely different. Not sure if it’s what I see myself doing 20 years from now, but it’s what I feel is right right now. And there will be a lot of room for me to grow. My heart is in it 100% and that’s what truly matters. I will get back to you guys with the details once I get them hammered out!

Question of the day: What’s your favourite breakfast food? Mine is actually eggs! I know I don’t eat them much for breakfast, but runny eggs on toast is one of my favourite morning comfort foods. Oatmeal is just more filling for me, so it’s typically my go-to.


And with that, I’m off to start watching Crazy Sexy Cancer before my crazy early bedtime. See ya tomorrow!

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  1. Oh Susan, I don’t know what’s going on in your life, but I hope that it gets sorted out. You seem like you are getting it under control and are in a happier place and that’s terrific. You are a very smart woman and will discover where you need to be and what you love.

    Brekkie- my fave is NOT a smoothie- but that’s what fills me up, so that’s what I go with. Calories no option? Pancakes or waffles. Calories/health an option: Eggs- I’m with you – runny eggs on toast- EGG-in-the-Holes are my fave. My Dad used to make them for us and they are da bomb!!! (I don’t know why that little cutout in the toast makes so much difference!!) :-D

    • Thanks Deb :) Things are on the mend over here so no need to worry! I MUST try eggs in a hole. I can’t believe eggs+toast are my favourite and I haven’t yet!

  2. I’d have that breakfast again, too–it looks amazing! That’s awesome you got those coffee mugs for free. I have a weakness for cute mugs + tumblers, haha. That smoked salmon plate looks fab, too.

    I hope the work issues get sorted out and you end up doing something you LOVE :) My fave breakfast food is pancakes! I looove oats, too. And parfaits. And waffles! Haha, breakfast is my favorite meal ;)

  3. Coconut Larabars are yummy!
    You sound so unsettled right now, hope things work out for you.

    My favorite breakfast is a bagel and cream cheese and coffee. Hands down. If I could have 2, I would LOL!

  4. I’m actually in a very similar spot (professionally) as your right now. I’m becoming increasingly unhappy in my current job and wish I could find something that truly made me happy AND still paid the bills. I would love to work in a bakery or restaurant, coffee house or cafe, talk with everyone, make their drinks, food, etc. When I did, I was happiest…so I’m envious of your exploration right now :)

    What will be, will be, right? And you be right on about breakfast–my FAVE meal of the day (often eaten multiple times in one day.) I love eggs. I love oatmeal. I love breads. I love breakfast.

  5. Aw keep your chin up, girlie! And remember your blog friends are here for you no matter what :-)

    Lately I’m loving eggs…which is funny because I always hated them! If calories don’t count then my breakfast of choice is a really indulgent French toast, or Apple pancake from one of those places that does the big doughy kinds..but on a normal day, I am so into egg scrambles with lots of veggies and hot sauce

  6. ahhhh those walnut date KIND bars will be your new boyfriend. tell chris you are sorry, but its true. soooo good.

    yay for you – i am kind of in communications right now too because its my background, although i don’t know if thats what i want to pursue. its what i am good at, but passionate about? not so sure. we should chat sometime to give each other inspiration :)

    love ya – have a good day at work!!!!

  7. Who can go wrong with 3 breakfasts?! Sounds like a good day to me!

    I used to adore my morning oatmeal, but I attempted an egg white pillow this morning with spinach, mushrooms and chives. I do believe I have a new favorite!

    • Yesss!! Looove me some egg white pillows :) I’ve got to branch out and try some veggies in mine. Adding a scoop of cottage cheese in there will also add a wonderful cheesy-ness ;)

  8. Eggs are my fav too!

  9. Glad you’ve found a bit of peace with what to do career/work-wise. I think it’s an evolving thing and what I wanted at 22 was not what I wanted at 32. Or 33. It’s always changing w/ emotional needs tempered by financial and/or other, i.e. kid, responsibilities.

    On lighter matters…LOVE the mug collection. I love big, cute mugs. Sounds like I should raid your stash!

    As for the bars…wow, what a jackpot, nice score!

  10. Hey. To answer your question about Pandora, I use Hot Spot Shield, a proxy blocker to access Web sites that I am not normally able to because of my IP address. So far its working well. :)

  11. I know I’ve said this before,but I will continue to say it as much as it strikes me–you are such an inspiration to me in the pursuit of your job/career right now. I couldn’t agree more. You have your whole life to find your place, but right now, why not do what you want to do 100%. Right on!

    Starbucks has the BEST mugs! They are a coveted item for me every time I walk past…alas, my mug collection consists of only three very worn, very loved and probably very full of lead mugs. Oh well ;)

    My b-fast faves change all the time, but I think I would have to say when I go home and my dad makes pancakes. Just that my daddy makes them is all the reason I need to love them! xoxo

  12. Aw, I hope whatever is going on settles soon :( Keep your chin up, hun.

    My favorite breakfast change from time to time. I Go through phases. Currently, I’m in a breakfast cookie phase!

  13. I agree those waffles are really balanced! I normally make mine into pancake form but I’d love to try them as waffles!

    I love love love salmon but I’ve actually never had smoked salmon! What does it taste like?

    • April, you have to try smoked salmon, it’s one of my favourites! It’s got that smokey/salty taste that a lot of smoked meats have (maybe similar to jerky?). It can sometimes be a little spicy depending on if it’s seasoned. I like the actual smoked filets because they’re soft and flaky like regular salmon. You can find it thinly sliced too, but I’ve noticed there’s a chance it can get rubbery that way.

  14. I get so excited grocery shopping and never have anyone to call/tell. I have been known to Tweet from the store just because I can’t keep it to myself :P

    I am SO proud of you for not just jumping into a job that matches your skill set because I have a feeling then in 6/12/18 months time, you’d be feeling exactly as you were a month ago…stuck, frustrated and unhappy. Nothing wrong with riding the waves, doing service jobs and seeing where life takes you. Who knows? Maybe your dream of having your own coffee shop will come true :D

  15. i think that as long as you are making enough to pay your rent and you dont have to stress daily over bills, why NOT work jobs that make you happy while you are looking for the one job that will make you happiest? life is too short to do something thats making you miserable!!!!

  16. My favourite breakfast is probably my breakfast pita with eggs:
    But I’m really happy with anything that has a good source of protein–that way I’m not hungry an hour later!

    I’m very impressed you were able to work whey protein into your oat bran! I gag as soon as I taste that stuff. I just cannot stomach it!!

    • I saw your breakfast pita when you posted it the other day! I’m obviously obsessed with pitas and was kicking myself for not thinking of it earlier! Definitely, definitely giving it a try ;)

  17. Send some mugs my way! ;-) I love collecting cute mugs, and for some reason all the mugs in my pantry are mine – I guess my roommates have none? Therefore, they keep using all mine, and they keep chipping :-(

    Fave breakfast food? That’s impossible to pick! French toast, oats, pancakes…ahhhh.

  18. I have a good old collection of mugs too, without having an old job at Starbees. Lol. Serious coffee addict. C’est la vie.

    Love your salmon plate! YUM.

  19. lmao a beligian inside you bursting to get out. hahah. best line of the whole post! new bars are SO exciting, no?! i love the high protein kind bar. fave bfast food is eggs too. or toast maybe. yum. from twitter i know that you got the job at starbeezies! i am sure youve posted about it, i am off to read 3 more posts…

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