Old Soul

Can I just start off this post by saying I have the awesome-est readers ever? Yup. Even those of you that don’t comment, but keep coming back every day. You’re all awesome. I continuously spill my guts on a regular basis, and I continuously get great feedback. On top of that I get feedback that makes me think and challenges my established set of opinions and attitudes. Totally awesome :D

Guess what!? I woke up with the sun again today! Evening shifts will do that to ya. Except now that my body is used to being up later, I’ve got to go back to the middle of the night early morning shifts this weekend.

My oats were happy basking in the sunlight this morning.


  • 1/2cup oat bran
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • cinnamon
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 2 chopped dates
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • unsweetened shredded coconut


Yummmm. A big ole’ bowl of oat bran is one of my favourite comforts :)

I was all excited for Body Pump class this morning. I’m trying to get more weight training days in my week, and I think including a weight class at the gym is a good way to switch up my usual routine (and keep those muscles guessing!). Anyways, I arrived at the gym to find they were halfway through the class! May-jah confusion on my part. Until I realized the 10:15 class I was looking for was at the other gym across town. Boo. So I wandered out to the machines and weight area and just sort of made it up as I went along:

T’was a good time! I wish I could go on the rowing machine again, but the last time I used it, my hips hurt for days. Now I’m kinda iffy about getting back on, and I loved it so!

After my gym sesh, Chris and I went out for lunch again. We both agreed anything downtown was out because eating down there at lunch time is a pain. Somehow we ended up across the river at my second favourite 50’s diner


(Steve’s 50’s Diner in my hometown will always be number one). You may recall I ate here on the day of my triathlon, when I had a very well-deserved slice of recovery pie for dinner. However today I looked past the dessert menu and ordered an actual meal.


The roast chicken special. C’mon, say roast chicken and you know I’m there. I may also be an old lady. It happens.

Chris was all over it too.


These were HUGE pieces of chicken breast! Holy moly. I ate most of mine because it was delicious, but didn’t make much of a dent in the sides as a result. Digesting 1/4 of a chicken is hard work, but it was worth it :)

Plus, it’s real food!


I’ll be back for that chocolate pie on the top right. Perhaps after my half marathon next time ;)101_0209

As a result of my giant lunch, I wasn’t very hungry for dinner. I tried to put together something small, but I was still stuffed to the brim with carrot sticks when I was finished (isn’t that always the story?).


The pita is just a can of smoked herring mixed with a little laughing cow cheese and capers. Simple, and absolutely delicious. I love smoked fish. See? Old.


Today also wrapped up one full week of calorie counting. I promised I would share my thoughts on doing it again. At first, I was really into it. I was again fascinated by my stats and numbers. I get a real kick by seeing how much sodium I had, or how much sugar I consumed on fruit alone. The graphs are fun to peruse through, and it makes me feel very much in control.

Three days into it, i was so over it. Firstly, logging every bit of food I eat into a website takes a long ass time. Livestrong is a great site, but it takes a while to load. I had to do a lot of calculating to figure out I ate .424 of a serving, and weighed even my dates.

The worst part, for me, was the calorie “limit.” I felt like I had to reach it every day, even if it meant eating slightly less, or slightly more. I would see that I had “x” amount of calories “left” and think, hey! I can have a big piece of chocolate! when I wasn’t craving it. I was just eating because I could. On the opposite side, if I was calorie heavy in the morning, I found myself eating lighter in the day to make up for it, even though I was still hungry!

I think this part of it goes very much against the way I’ve been trying to eat. Ever since giving up calorie counting last spring, I’ve been working really hard at listening to my body and eating intuitively. Throw numbers and stats into the mix, and all that goes out the window.

With that said, stepping back and taking a look at what I’ve been eating for a week has been really helpful. It gave me the little kick in the butt I needed to clean up my eating, and get rid of the little bits of food here and there that were beginning to add up. I also realized that I’ve been eating too little fat and that I could use to cut back on my added sugars, and even natural sugars.

I will not be logging my food religiously after today. But, I will continue to use calorie counting in the future as a means to “check-in” once in a while. Make sure I’m listening to my body properly, and not getting too complacent with my food choices.

So there you have it! I’m definitely coming off this “experiment” feeling much better than when I went in :)

Oh! And I got an interview at Starbucks! Monday at 2pm :D It’s the location that’s managed by an old co-worker, who apparently no longer holds a grudge that I once took the store manager title from him. I’m hoping the interview is just a formality and I’m as good as hired. I was clear with him that I’m looking for a seasonal job to get me through till I find a more permanent position (whatever the hell that may be). Did you know Starbucks employees get a free pound of coffee a week? That’s worth it alone!

Question of the day: What’s your “inner age?” I’ve always been mature for my age, my family has always called me an “old soul.” I’d say I’m a solid 75 on the inside. Give me my knitting, fuzzy slippers, 9pm bedtime and candy dish and I’m good to go ;)

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  1. So many things to say: first off yum on the chix. I adore chix. I really could never be a vegetarian.

    Good that the cal counting worked for you. And that you can use it when you need it. But not always- making it work for you.

    Congrats on the job- heckya on the pound of coffee a week!

    My inner age? I’m bipolar- I’m very youthful in many ways. Sprinkles on everything, probably dressing too young for my age :-P, etc, but then I am also an old soul too- early to bed. Love knitting too, curling up with a kitty and a good magazine.

  2. Congrats on the interview! Hope you get the job, at least for peace of mind. It’s very easy to slip back into the old familiar, isn’t it?

    I admire you getting such a handle on intuitive eating. I don’t know if I could ever really do that for more than a few days. I think my intuitive inner self actually wants to be at 250 pounds :O

    My inner age is around 5 sometimes (ask my husband). Then there are those days where I just want to put on the slippers and be under a blanket on a Saturday night! What would that be, 70?

  3. I feel ya on the Old Lady Syndrome. I am so happy to go to bed early and wake up early. Haha. The husband and I are such an old couple at heart it is laughable! :)

    Glad your calorie counting helped you figure out what you could improve on. I will probably do a few trial days in the future, once I’ve been off counting for a while to make sure I am making the best food choices and not letting too many indulgences slip in.

  4. Oh I’m a total grandma. I think my inner age is 80. In fact, it’s 9 PM and I can’t even think straight to leave a proper comment, and I have so much to comment on! I hear ya on the counting thing…I too would eat more just because I “could” and I also found that writing down what I ate didn’t affect my choices per se, as it does for some people, so I never last more than a few days. But a check in is good.

    Good luck with the Sbux (isn’t that what people “in the know” call it). Now this grandma is going to try to watch Grey’s Anatomy but I’ll probably fall asleep ;-)

  5. So how did the interview go, my dear Susan? 1 lb of coffee sounds glorious to me!

    I think you may know my thoughts on calorie counting….I don’t recommend it, ever, for much of the reasons that you mentioned. But I know everybody is different, and some people are wise enough to turn it into a temporary and occasional benefit, like you!

  6. Very well said about the calorie counting. Exactly how I feel. The need to reach a certain amount of calories at he end of the day is what started my night binging. I would save up my calories so I could eat a lot at night, yet still be at my “limit”. Then if I was too high throughout the day, I would stress about it all day. That’s not right. It’s right to LISTEN to our bodies. You said it!!

  7. i swear i am still 16 inside. too bad i’m double that in reality.

  8. Congrats on the interview!

    Glad you enjoyed my espresso post :)

    I am an old soul. I have had past life regression analysis done and Ive lived many lives. My soul is ancient LOL. But my body, I think I look pretty good, esp considering I’ve had a baby.

  9. Congrats!! A free pouind of coffee?! That is awesome. I don’t even drink coffee, but it’s still so cool! I need to add more weight to my routine too and the weights class I took last night showed me that I REALLY need to add more weights. We only used body weight and I almost died.

    I’m not sure of my inner age. I don’t feel old but I don’t feel young so I think it’s 27, my outer age :)

    • Ugh Julie, don’t feel bad, bodyweight exercises are SO hard!! I find they are anyways. I have no problem throwing dumbbells around, but get me to lift or push my own body and it’s a real struggle :\ Someday…I will do that dreaded pull-up… (or even a toe push up!)

  10. I recently started using the Livestrong Daily Plate counter as well. It’s super interesting to find out that, by dinner, I’ve already consumed 220% of my daily protein. I’m not so sure how scary that is :)

    Congrats on the interview! I’m glad he didn’t hold a grudge. Can you consume 1 lb. of coffee a week?! That’s a whole lot of coffee!

    As for my inner age, my feeling depends on how early I go to bed, I suppose. Some nights – I’m done by 8pm and I feel ancient. Most days, I feel about right or more like a teenager – as though I could go all night!

    • No worries Heidi, their protein recommendation is suuuuper low. I’d say it’s the bare minimum you should be getting and not the average. I eat about 0.9-1.0g of protein for every pound I weigh, and it was well over 200% every day. So long as you can digest all that protein (too much can, ahem, block us up) then I wouldn’t worry about it :)

  11. Oops to the time change/class confusion! Still sounds like a great workout! I enjoyed reading your reviews on calorie counting/logging foods. I think it would be fascinating to see everything graphed out but, at the same time, a little too much work. I think part of it would drive me crazy!!

    Woohoo for the Starbucks interview! I had friends who worked there and they became ADDICTED to coffee/espresso but hey, it’s free ;)

    I’m an old soul as well. I don’t enjoy going out to clubs and getting drunk – doesn’t appeal to me. I like being in my pajamas and in bed by 9-9:30. In fact, if people call me after 8, I tend to ignore it haha! It’s too late!

  12. I would be all over that chicken. A Portugese chain restaurant (Nando’s- do you have that there?) is opening near me and I LOOOOOOOVE their chicken.

    I digress.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on calorie counting- sounds like it was an interesting experiment but I’m glad it’s done for now. Numbers are pretty arbitrary- some days your body NEEDS more fuel and sometimes a little less. Listen to your body :)

    Congrats on the interview! The free drinks before/during/after shifts and the 10% discount made my barista stint worthwhile!

  13. oh, and I am an old lady on the inside…9:30 bedtimes, Saturday nights involving dinner and drinking tea at home in my slippers. YES!

  14. Susan!
    1) Yay for “awesome-est!” See, it IS a word!
    2) Twinners–I am probably at least 62. I don’t like to eat late, my hobbies include canning, knitting and drinking tea. I like cats. Old.
    3) Hurray!!!!!!!! For the Starbies interview! I am excited for you! Work was a major headache for me yesterday, so I’ll just pretend that your interview is my interview, too mmmkay?
    Love you! xoxo

  15. Yay on the interview!

    I’m an old-soul too. I like to cross stitch and be a home body and be in bed no later than 9:30 too! :D

  16. I’m an old lady too! I’m usually in bed by 9:30! lol.

    That chicken looks so good! I could easily devour that chicken. It’s my favorite meat.. even when I was little I ordered chicken wherever we went.. fast food or even seafood restaurants!

    Good luck with the interview! I know you’ll do great!

  17. Good luck with the interview!

    I have similar thoughts about calorie counting – it’s not something I’ll ever do for an extended time period again, but every once in awhile it can be a good tool :)

  18. Health wise I think my inner age is about 90! Mentally I sometimes think I’m in the 13-17 range. I seriously find myself carrying stuff like a Hello Kitty purse around a store and I have to tell myself to put it back I’m a 31 year old accountant, I can’t come to work with a Hello Kitty bag! lol! I think I’ve mentioned my Sesame Street t-shirt collection before…I never successfully convince myself to put those back!

    That roasted chicken looked amazing! Great impromptu weight workout as well! You are very inspiring Susan! Good luck at the interview!

  19. YAY for your interview! i am glad to hear people aren’t holding grudges :)

    i would say i am about 67…let’s hang out, eat bonbons and play bridge. how bout that?

    love you dear!!!!

  20. awesome! yum tot he chicken! i loved your workout too! i love those types of workouts!! so great!!

  21. I’m back and forth on calorie counting, too…currently not doing it, and using my clothes to determine when I’ve over-indulged!

    Thanks for supporting #VeganWeek on Twitter and elsewhere…it’s been a blast getting to know some “new” bloggers!

  22. love the workout you threw together, thanks for the links. i have never seen those squat push things.. haha.. and i love that the video had dolly as the soundtrack! i may have to try those with my compound workout i am planning. i am glad that the calorie counting thing helped get yourself in check and i think you have such a healthy relationship with food so counting calories is just a nice way to check in. the diner looked yummy! real food, haha. you would hope so! GOOD LUCK on your interviewwwww. you will nail it. loveee. happy friday! well, for me ;)

  23. So if I make it home at Christmas and pop into Starbucks…you may be the one serving me!? Good luck with the interview.

    Frank’s ranks high for me too – but I’ve only ever had their fish and chips or clams and for that, they are just about the best I’ve ever had (except for a place in Shediac). Joe’s Diner in Devon was my all-time favorite as a child.

  24. Really good to hear your experience with calorie counting! I had forgotten that feeling of feeling like you have more calories to “spend” and I HATE trying to eat light when I’m hungry as hell!

    I used to always say I felt like 19 was “my age” but now I am turning into a major gran so that cannot be the case. I would say 35. I really enjoy staying in with a bottle of wine and cooking some delicious food. Going out is fun but I get sleepy so early these days! Sigh. Sorry, that was long-winded.

  25. yayyy for interviews. Good luck Miss Susan. You better tweeett about it. :)

    As for calorie counting- I’m glad you did the experiment, and shared your thoughts. This is a constant battle of “should i?” or “shouldn’t i?” for me, and your thoughts definitely helped me.

    have a lovely sunday.

  26. So you’re going to use calorie counting periodically to check in… that’s actually a great idea for someone who can intuitively eat. I tried all that jazz last year and ended up gaining a ton of weight because I intuitively wanted to eat mountains of chocolate bars, bags of marshmallows, and jars of nutella at every meal. It was that whole Paul McKenna thing.

    I’m still faithfully counting calories, and I’ve lost several pounds so far, but I’m starting from quite a ways up Fat Creek. If you’re ever feeling saucy, check it out: http://caloriecountingsuccessstory.wordpress.com/

  27. Okay, I know I’m late in the game, but you’re originally from Riverview? [I recognized Steve’s … I’ve been there a few times]

    My family lives in Miramichi, and lived there most of my life once my father finished law school at DAL. It’s strange how Moncton and Fredericton became practically second hometowns to me growing up and traveling all the time for dance competitions, shopping trips, and more recently [and to Fredericton especially] visiting friends at university.

    After reading so many blogs written by people living in the US, it’s so much fun to find blogs written by people living so close by! With you and the Halibloggers, I feel right at home!

  28. PS: I know “Frank” of Frank’s diner. He’s a friend’s uncle!

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