Bites & Nibbles

LOVED reading all the jobs you guys have held. There were some good ones:

  • Brie drove a beer cart on a golf course
  • Heidi is an usher at an amphitheatre where she gets to see concerts for free and even Obama!
  • Deb was a sales person at a large-sized women’s shoe store
  • Jenn decorated cakes at Dairy Queen (I have major respect for this, because my friends and I used to be “those people” who would ask DQ workers to write inappropriate comments on the cakes :P )
  • Angela was a reservation agent for Hooters airline (yes, Hooters, as in the restaurant)

I don’t know why, but I get a kick out of hearing about other people’s random jobs :P

Moving on!

I get a big FAIL for sleep last night. 6-ish hours. I’m usually up several times throughout the night, but last night was bad. Starting at 5am I was waking up every 15 minutes! Boo.

Thankfully, I had some steel cut oats soaking in the fridge. Lori posted a quick cooking method for steel cut oats yesterday. All you have to do is soak the dry oats in the water overnight first, then they’re supposed to cook up much quicker in the pot the next day.

Unfortunately, this did not work for me. Maybe it’s the oats I have? I let them cook on the stove for almost 20 minutes until I couldn’t wait any longer. At least I had the perfect dish to eat them out of :)


Oats in a jar. Aka “OIAJ.” 


I mushed up half a banana in there too because my serving of oats looked so small. There actually wasn’t much almond butter left in the jar. I have a hard time saving a tablespoon’s worth for the morning!

Today is my day off, so I spent the morning in bed watching the Today Show and getting lost in the vastness that is the World Wide Web. My sweet tooth (and belly) kicked in during Regis and Kelly.


These taste kinda weird, like a bar full of vegetables (duh) but I really like it!


I enjoy the crumbly (yet sturdy) texture of the bar and the chocolate on the bottom. The ingredients are pretty darn good too, you can check them out here.

Then the cleaning madness began, and I breaked for a delicious lunch during The View.


Egg salad sandwich and carrot sticks. The sandwich is two whole boiled eggs, mayo, onion, tomato and spinach.


Dare I say egg salad is my favourite kind of sandwich? I’m especially a sucker for the little triangle egg sandwiches at church functions. But nothing beats my Nana’s ;)

I was going to take the day off exercise and just clean today, then yoga tonight. But the sun was shining, and we surpassed our predicted daytime high. The weather was just taunting me to go outside and run! I succumbed. It’s going to start snowing soon, and I probably won’t be able to run outdoors anymore. It’s illegal to run on the roads here (I’m in a very busy spot) and the sidewalks are dangerously icy!

Anyways, I kept it short, doing 5k in 28 minutes. I’m pretty happy with this! I haven’t run just 5k in a while, I’ve been doing a lot of looong and sloooow runs. It was nice to see I’ve been able to maintain a little of the speed I gained in late summer :)

I also whittled my middle when I got home. I’ve been getting quite dizzy lately when I do regular planks. I think it’s from being horizontal with my head down. But it’s concerning enough that I’ve cut it short the past few times. Does this ever happen to anyone else? I’ve been known to faint in the past (although, never when working out) so I get concerned when I start getting so dizzy I’m blurry-eyed.

Also odd, is that running short and fast distances always suppresses my hunger. But I always like to get a little somethin’ in me after a workout, so I snacked on some pumpkin spice roasted chickpeas while I iced.


Unfortunately I did not get back to my cleaning after the run. I knew that would happen! I did however make a wonderful dinner, so that’s something ;)

Shrimp “alfredo.” It’s whole wheat spaghettini, shrimp, broccoli and cauliflower. The sauce is two laughing cow cheese wedges thinned with a liiiittle bit of plain yogurt with some parmesan, pepper, onion powder and teeny pinch nutmeg. Heated in the microwave to melt slightly before tossing it with everything else.

I was really craving shrimp pasta for some reason! Which is weird because I don’t usually care for noodles, and that shrimp has been in my freezer for-ever. It was delicious though, everything I wanted and more ;)

But no meal is complete without a little chocolate.

I nibble away at it so it takes me almost five minutes to eat one piece. Mmmm…

Despite my short run, I really didn’t want to bail on yoga class tonight. I was looking forward to it! One thing I don’t appreciate about the Les Mills classes, is that it’s the same for several weeks at a time. Same songs, same moves. Gets dull after the first three times. But our instructor switched it up a little so it was fun. Hips are appropriately open, hamstrings are adequately stretched :)

Well, that’s just about everything I ate today! There was a handful of soy nuts and a few chocolate chips with my morning coffee, but that about sums it up :) Rare that I ever actually do that. I am about to go make a snack of pita bread and tofu spread so it’s not exactly everything. But you get the gist ;)


Questions of the Day:

1. What’s your favourite kind of sandwich? Egg salad here! My Nana also makes these asparagus sandwiches that are deee-licious. I think they’re just canned asparagus (mushiness is optimal) rolled up in bread with margarine and cream cheese.

2. What’s the best thing you ate today? Mine was dinner! But who knows, the snack I’m about to have could knock it out of its place ;)


Now I’m off to go log my day’s calories. I haven’t done it since breakfast and it’s going to take soooo long. This tracking thing is getting old pretty quick! But I want to have a week’s worth of numbers before I stop, and it’s only been five days.

See ya tomorrow!

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  1. That shrimp pasta looks uhhh-mazing! Tomorrow is my shopping day so I will definitely be picking up those ingredients, and my picky hubby will just have to grin and bare one night with the yummy crustaceans!

    As for fave sandwiches – a restaurant that I worked at served “The Malibu” which was roasted turkey breast, cucumber, sprouts, tomato, muenster & a smear of avocado on freshly made whole wheat bread. So good!

    My favorite meal today was actually at that same restaurant for lunch. I had the Shanghai Chicken salad – grilled chicken, red peppers, sliced almonds and carrots with a mirin dressing. Uber yummy in my tummy!

  2. Bummer that didn’t work for you with the steel cut oats! Maybe if you microwave them for 1 minute before putting them in the fridge overnight. The McCann’s site suggested cooking for 1 minute. Not sure why I didn’t need to do that. Are your oats really old?

    I love egg salad, too! I never used to as a kid, but I love them now. Straight up without any relish or olives or pimentos.

    Best thing I ate today (other than my latte) was lunch with fresh pumpkin, greek yogurt, cranberries and granola!

  3. Jar oats!!! LOVE.

    My favorite sandwich is whatever one I’m eating at that moment ;) I honestly can’t choose…but I’ll try. I think my favorite is hummus/cheese/sprouts/sun dried tomatoes followed closely by an open faced mashed avocado sanwich with salsa, followed by mashed bean sandwich ;)

    The best thing I ate today was my yogurt and granola. i love that combo!!

  4. I love egg salad too! Haven’t had it FOREVER though! Awesome job on your 5K run!!!

  5. I always feel like oats are never enough to satisfy my hunger. Sad but true. Great idea to stuff a nanner inside.

    Do you get dizzy when you GET UP from plank or while you’re in plank? When you get up and are dizzy that is orthostatic hypotension and is often due to low blood volume or dehydration. If you’re dizzy IN plank, I have no idea!

    fave sand: PB&J or an apple/cheese sand my mom make for me once on a road trip. Still remember it- on winter wheat bread. Mmm.

    Best thing I ate was lobster ceviche!! YEAHHHHHH.

    Oh, and at the large size shoe store- transvestite men used to come in and buy shoes. The saddest ones were the guys who looked totally normal or were married and wanted their mailers sent to PO boxes- gross. :-( Yuk.

    • Deb, I get dizzy while I’m IN plank, and feel relieved when I get out of it. I thought it was dehydration at first too, but now think it has something to do with having my head down. Maybe I’ll try a straight armed plank rather than on my elbows to see if that helps…

      Lobster ceviche sounds awesome!

  6. 1. Favorite sandwich? I love breakfast sandwiches–scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon if I’m feeling naughty. I also recently had a grilled PB&J that was incredible!

    2. Best thing I ate today….hmm. Strawberry Chobani. I love that stuff so hard.

  7. I nibble at my chocolate too. I think it ends up being much more satisfying and fulfilling when I take my time eating it, rather than just shoving it in my mouth!

  8. I am eating Amy’s Mexican Casserole right now and it is delish! My fave sandwich is a remake of my old usual at Jimmy John’s. It has Provolone, Avocado, Spinach, Tomato, Sprouts ….oh dear!

  9. I’m the opposite of you…I was going to run today but wasn’t feeling so I’m calling today my rest day. My heart just wasn’t in it today!

    The best thing I ate all day…well if you look at my blog I made a chocolate pie and I just sampled some of the filling because I couldn’t resist. It was much better than I was expecting! I also ate a yummy plum.

    • Hallie, good call on listening to your body. I bet it’s much happier today because of it :) And chocolate pie? I’m off to your blog right now to check that out, that sounds SO good!!!

  10. Today must have been an oats in a jar kind of day–I had that for breakfast as well:)
    1) Fave sandwich=guac + hummus.
    2) Best thing I ate today: Cashew Ginger Tofu, my favorite recipe of all time!

  11. chickpeas look great!

    as does that REALLY dark choc!

    And of course, the brock. I heart brock :)

    Your powerbar full of veggies = interesting!

    And yeah, Almond milk is apparently way cheaper here than in Canada and thx for the soy latte info :)

  12. Wow, that pasta looks AMAZING! I can’t believe it’s a “healthier” version…it looks really creamy and rich!

    Fave sandwich = hot, grilled brie and smoked turkey with cranberry and gourmet mustard…

    Fave thing I ate = cheesy grits in a jar! Try it!

    • Uh oh, Sophia. Confession. I’ve never even had grits before!! Maybe it’s an American thing, or maybe I’ve just lived a sheltered life :P I promise to get on that!

  13. I am in love with both your lunch and dinner. My mom makes a mean egg salad, too. I would kill for one right now, and it’s only 9am! Do you use mayo or a substitute?

    And dinner–yesterday I was totally craving alfredo all day! Maybe I’ll make something similar to that for dinner tonight. Shrimp + alfredo is such a delicious combination!

    Fave sandwiches are a good egg salad, a good tuna salad, or a veggie and hummus (I am very particular, though!). I also love a good Subway sandwich :)

    • Lara, I use Hellman’s Light Mayonnaise. Mayo is another on of those fatty food that gives me tummy pains, so I have to use the light stuff, and use it sparingly. Still pretty good though (fat free, imo, is inedible :P )

  14. Fitting post!

    My favorite sandwich is also egg salad ! I make mine with chopped celery, green peppers, a spoon of light mayo, a squirt of mustard and salt and pepper.

    Yesterdays lunch was….ironically an egg salad wrap, two flax lavash crackers dipped in Fontaine Sante hummus and a Honey Crisp apple. Yummus!! Definitely my favorite meal of the day.

    I kind of sound like a food stalker, don’t I?!

    PS…what is it about church functions and the finger sandwiches the little old ladies make? Why are they so darn good?!?!?

  15. OK, before I say my favorite sandwich, please keep an open mind… most people at first think this sounds bad, but I usually get them to try it and they end up LOVING it.

    My favorite sandwich is peanut butter, miracle whip, and bananas. There is something truly beyond amazing about the combination of the creamy, sweet, peanut butter with the tart miracle whip. Note, this is miracle whip… not mayo! Then you add in the banana, and this is truly a sandwich that you must try!!!!!

    • OMG, my best-friend’s dad eats Miracle Whip and peanut butter sandwiches ALL the time!!! That’s too funny! (and still kinda gross, I can’t do that “tangy zip” of Miracle Whip :P ) I’ll have to tell him to add bananas the next time I see him :D

  16. My favorite sandwich is a turkey rueben on pumpernickle bread!

    I’m reading this with breakfast so the best thing I’ve eaten would be pumpkin butterscotch muffins and Brown Cow strawberry greek yogurt!

    That shrimp pasta looked so tasty!

  17. 1) sarnie:
    Either: leftover roast turkey (from christmas!) with stuffing and cranberry sauce OR
    cheddar cheese and branston pickle!
    2) Today: Okay how about yesterday since it’s early? I went out for a slap-up meal with the boy to a steak house and we sampled POUTINE!!!!! I loved it my friend. You’d have been proud. It was ridiculous.

    • Ahhh!! You tried poutine!! Isn’t it the greatest? I mean, how can you go wrong with fries, gravy and cheese :) It’s “the” after-bar food here. There’s vendors everywhere at 3am and it’s ohsogooood.

  18. I know I’m a bit late for the random job part, but this made me smile:

    “Heidi is an usher at an amphitheatre where she gets to see concerts for free and even Obama!”

    Why? Because I’m an usher as well. I get to see all sorts of concerts for free as well and a few weeks ago Bill Clinton gave a lecture there. The funny part? I live thousands of miles away for Heidi (in Europe to be more precise).

  19. Hm, sorry about the dizziness! I hope that stops!! I love the sauce you whipped up for that pasta – LC is so versatile!

    I am a big fan of good, old PBJs or caprese panini. OH! Anything with a marinated portobello calls my name as well :)

  20. that faux-alfredo looks AWESOME! as is egg salad – once in awhile, i get a HUGE craving for an egg salad sammie. i think my fave sammie ever is turkey avocado. mmmmmmmmmm!

    yay for good weather – glad you enjoyed :) have a wonderful day dear susan!

  21. i’ve never been a huge fan of steel cut oats – i’m kinda grateful so that i don’t have to wait for them (i’m so impatient). i think my fave sandwich is probably a pb&j or a grilled cheese. i’m such a child.

  22. I love the texture of steel cut oats but they make me mad because they take too long to cook and the serving size stinks!! Maybe if I bulked it up with a bunch of stuff it’d be better :)

    My favorite sandwich is peanut butter and jelly! haha.

    Best thing I ate today: my pumpkin cookies I made!

    And the planks making you dizzy.. hmm are you doing them after cardio? The blood might be in all of your extremities making you feel light headed!

  23. i always forget about egg salad sandwiches and hard boiled eggs! i need to whip some op. the shrimp+broc pasta looks killer!! fave sandwich.. probably fresh carved turkey, avocado, sprouts, cheese.. mmm i cant wait for leftover turkey! and best thing ive had so far today was some leftover chili. xoxo

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