Step by Step

Well, I failed on getting that 8 hours sleep I promised. My rumbling tummy had me up at 6am. Once I awake to a growling stomach, there is no falling back asleep.

So I whipped up a morning feast to quiet my tummy beast.


French toast! I dredged two pieces whole grain bread in 1/2 cup egg whites and cinnamon. I dipped them in my favourite mix of fake syrup and almond butter. And a little citrus on the side for good measure ;) Awesome! Totally makes up for my last failed attempt at french toast. I used Sobeys bakery bread too, which is one of my favourites!

I told myself last night that I’d make the call on going to step class based on how I was feeling this morning. I wasn’t really feeling my last step class and I didn’t want to force myself through another one if I wasn’t into it. However, I decided to approach it a little differently today. Instead of lugging myself down there and just going through the motions, I convinced myself it was going to be a good workout.

So as I drank my coffee and let my breakfast digest, I started getting myself pumped up. I got to class early, picked out a prime location, while smiling at my fellow class goers. The second the instructor blasted the music, I was in it. No dragging necessary. I hopped, skipped, jumped, and even shook my booty a little. I tried more complicated versions of the moves, and made sure to jump extra high when I could. It was awesome.

Point of the story is, sometimes all it takes is a little positive thinking. A workout is what we make it. If you’re groaning about getting through a run after work, or having to be up at 5am to sneak in that pump class, just try to tackle it with a positive attitude. Not only will you have more fun (gasp! enjoy a workout!? :P ) but the extra effort you put in will pay off physically as well :)

I came home drenched in sweat, with a stupid grin on my face, and whipped up my new favourite Amazing Grass smoothie.


  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond breeze
  • 2 scoops plain nonfat yogurt
  • 1/2 a banana
  • 1 scoop Chocolate Amazing Meal
  • handful ice cubes

This stuff has seriously grown on me!! I still can’t get over how filling it is. I’m convinced it’s the 6g of fibre in one scoop. Someday I’m going to get the guts to add more banana and a scoop of almond butter and see how it fares as a meal. Maybe ;)

So I did something borderline embarrassing today – I applied and two Starbucks locations I used to work at! I told them I’m just looking for a couple shifts a week through the holidays. I’m finished at my full-time job Dec. 6, so it would be nice to have something to get me through until I find a new job. I’m not too sure either place will hire me back. My old roommate is in charge at one location, and we did not end on good terms. The other place is now run by a guy who was acting manager at a Starbucks until they offered the position to me. Drama, I know. I’m convinced Starbucks implants chips in our brains so none of us can ever leave :P

I tried my best to coast through the mall without getting pulled into sales. But I’m weak. And this coat was just too cute.

Hi!!! I regret nothing. One has to be fashionable when begging for jobs.

Oh, and those chocolate protein muffins I made?


They were a no-go. I should have stuck to Seth’s original recipe. Way too hard and dry. And the protein powder gave them a funky taste. Thankfully, Emily gave me the excellent idea to make bread pudding with the remaining muffins. Genius!

Yogurt however, is a delicious vehicle for chocolate protein powder. I am officially obsessed with this combo.


I purposely don’t mix it thoroughly so I get chunks of chocolate-y protein powder. Yeah, I love the taste of it :)

That’s it for me today! I’m working all evenings this week. In a way it’s a nice change of pace to have my mornings off. I get to catch up with all my favourite daytime TV personalities :)


Question of the Day: What are some jobs you’ve held in the past? Favourites? Any disasters? I’ve spent the majority of my working life as a barista or reporter. But my first job was as a cashier at Zellers when I was 16. I suppose my most notable job was hosting a cable news show here in town. I don’t think I’m cut out for television though. My TV boss told me I had hair for radio :P

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  1. Love the coat! (And the hair. We’re hair twins.)

    I have a string of weird jobs behind me. I worked at a gynecologist’s office for 4 years in high school. In college, I drove the beer cart on a golf course and also dressed up in pioneer clothes and sold funnel cakes at an annual festival. I’ll do anything for money! (Almost.)

  2. Fake syrup…could you expand b/c I am intrigued! Looks really good whatever it is and I love sweet dippers!

    Jobs…girl, I am the queen of nightclubs, bars, and high drama jobs. Before I had my daughter I taught yoga by day and waitressed in loud bars by night. I could tell you stories to beat the band.

    As a former Starbucks barista, could you tell me if soy lattes are horrible for me? LOL

    • Hey Averie! The fake syrup is just that – sugar-free table syrup. Pure maple syrup is way to rich for me, but sometimes I’ll add a little to the fake syrup. Of course, I like it best whisked with nut butter :)

      No worries on the soy latte too. So long as you’re getting it unsweetened, it’s just plain Silk soy milk and straight up espresso.

  3. My first job was a hostess at Mexican restaurant, then I worked at an assisted living facility, after that I was a Nurse’s Asst at a “rehabilition center” aka nursing home :) Next, I worked at the Holiday Inn Express while I worked at Subway, then I moved to Hardees because they had goo health benefits. When I moved to Ohio I worked at New York Jeans and a natural food store, after that I worked as a server at an English Pub and as a nanny for two families! I know it looks like a lot but I was usually working two jobs at the same time. I have also worked at Old Navy . I now work in Customer Service for a national department store. I loved the nanny jobs! I also learned a lot at the natural food store

  4. My very first job was working as an usher at a local amphitheater – and I must say, getting paid to see concerts rocked. No pun intended. I still do the same thing part-time, but it’s at a new venue – hosting conferences and basketball games along with concerts. We even had Obama here a few weeks back before the governor vote. I will probably have that job part-time until the day I die, but just because the perks are so amazing!

  5. Super cute coat! And your hair looks really pretty and “done”!

    Jobs of my youth: usher at the Pantages Theater, parking attendant (hello glamour!) at the Greek Theater, cashier at Nature Mart, Sales at a Large sized womens shoe store. Then my “real” jobs as a dental hygienist and dentist. Prefer the Pantages to be honest. :-)

  6. i’ve had so many jobs in the past, in between acting gigs. the worst was probably doing phone polls. people were so rude and the place was the ultimate in depressing. i lasted about 2 weeks.

  7. I meant to respond to your tweet yesterday–your new coat is so cute! It really suits you.
    I hate waking up to a grumbly tummy, but at least I know I didn’t overeat the night before!

  8. I had thought you ended on good terms with your roommate? Nothing wrong with food service jobs. I have done so many over the years I cannot even count. You know, there are many people who have careers, but need a part-time second job to make ends meet and jobs in food service really meet that with the flexibility and part time availability.

    Other than food service, I have been a musician (you can actually get paid, but not much LOL), real estate flipper, vet tech, tech support, you name it!

    • Whoaaa, I JUST commented on your blog! We must have been doing it at the same time, creeepy! :P

      It’s another roommate, should have specified. My last most recent roommate was my best friend and we’re still on great terms. She just ended up moving back home, otherwise I’m sure we’d still be living together. This other one was not great to live with. I won’t go into the details, but it was bad enough that I ended up breaking my end of the lease. There were a few confrontations and she’s hated me ever since. Can’t blame her, but it was also worth it to get out of that apartment! :P

  9. hair for radio? is he that dense as to not know you know what that means? dumbace. i think you are bound for greater things than that :)

    i used to work at starbucks and i agree – they seem to find a way to keep peeps around. i am crossing my fingers one of them is filled with holiday cheer and forgoes the ishy past :)

    love the idea of making bread pudding out of muffins…YUMMM! and your french toast is beautiful. and one of my fave foods.

    enjoy your day girl!

  10. Good luck with the Starbuck’s positions! Some holiday hours would be a great fit!!

    I can’t believe your boss told you you had hair for radio! How rude!

  11. I woke up starving at 6am this morning. Not cool. Love your attitude towards the step class and agree 100%- the mindset we enter things in has SO much impact on the outcome.

    Love the coat :D Good luck with the applications…

    My favourite jobs that have been ‘long term’ have been the freelance music/writing stuff. I love the idea of a set 9-5 structure, but the creative part of me likes more of a “go with the flow” thing.

    • I’m not a 9-5 person either, for some reason I find it really tiring! But the idea of having a proper weekend sounds SO appealing to me right now. I haven’t had weekends off since before my first job when I was 16!!

  12. Cute coat!! It looks darling on you!!

    And I agree with the workout positive thinking. If I dread it all day it’s never any fun but if I pump myself up I end up having a blast!

    Good luck with the starbucks situation! I’ve been applying for tons of nursing jobs but would you believe most hospitals are on a hiring freeze for nurses?? what the heck!

  13. “Hair for radio”??? and I was going to say how super cute your hair looks in that picture! The coat is darn cute too!

    My past jobs include decorating cakes at Dairy Queen, coaching figure skating, working in Property Mangement ( and my current sales job in the automotive industry.

  14. 1st job in high school: retail at the Base Exchange
    2nd: Data Entry for my dad’s company
    3rd: Hotel Housekeeping. Ew
    4th: Subway (yum)
    5th: Advertising Sales (ew)
    6th/current: Admin Assistant

  15. I’ve had tons of job working my way through college. I worked at a toy store, a clothing store, a grocery store, I was a customer service rep for a bike and dive equipment catalog, but the one that makes people laugh the most was a reservation agent for Hooters Airline. Sadly they went bankrupt! Now I’m an accountant at a mental health clinic.

    • Whoa, Hooters as in the restaurant? They had an airline!?

      • Yep, the restaurant! There were two Hooters girls on every plane and they would play games with the passengers!

        It was a funny job, once a lady cussed me out because she didn’t know it was that Hooters and was convinced her 12 year old BOY was scarred for life! BTW they were flying to the beach where he certainly would not be seeing scantily clad women! lol! :P

        Perverts called a lot thinking the operators were also Hooters girls. Sad truth, we were in pj pants half the time!

  16. Good luck with the starbucks gigs, I hope you get one. Positive thinking always makes my workouts better. When I just “know” I’ll have a kick ass spin class, it always turns out amazing.

    Jobs I’ve had – working a bakery doing crap work like dipping/chopping strawberries, bus girl, cashier/customer service/produce department of a super market, front desk at an assisited living home, worked at the same bakery years later as a bridal consultant, waitress and my full time job as an adminstrative assistant! Whew, that’s a lot! My full time job is my favorite right now, and I hated working at the bakery. I made boxes all day or chopped strawberries. It sucked.

    • Ha, I worked in a cafe/deli where all I did was chop fruits and vegetables all day. I hated it. I would go home covered in tomato goo and seeds every day. At least it taught me that I never want to be a chef! :P

  17. Hi! Love the coat! SO cute! You might want to try Baby Gap/Gap Kids for an easy seasonal job. I worked there a looooong time ago but found it to be a very friendly, laid back place. Plus we got 50% off Gap, 35% off Banana and 15% off Old Navy. It would probably come in handy for Christmas shopping–or your wardrobe! :)) Good luck with the search!

  18. ohhh i am digging that coat! i hope you get one of the jobs. sorry you ended on bad terms with the roomie, i didn’t know that! bummer about the muffins, bread pudding is a great idea. xoxo glad to be caught up on your life!

  19. haha YAY for chocolate protein+yogurt. and love and totally agree with your thoughts about the workout is what you make it. totally applies to yoga podcastsss.

    my two best friends just got hired at two different starbucks, (made me laugh) the three of us have had a love affair with starbucks since our middle school years. needless to say, i was proud of them for getting the job. but i’m sure something will work out for you miss susan. it always does. :)

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