A Takeout Tuesday

Wow, thank you so much for the feedback on my post about the "Christmas Issue." To be honest, I was most worried about what my family would have to say about the reason why I don’t like Christmas. Moments after hitting "publish," my mother called and told me my feelings were 100% validated. It has indeed been a rough road, but we both agreed that we are better people now because of it. We were living in La-La Land before. Sounds nice, but really, it’s no way to live your life.

Also after blogging yesterday, I went to BodyFlow, the yoga class at my gym. It was aaawwesome. My favourite instructor was there, which I find is even more important with yoga. This particular release is being described as very “athletic” and I would have to agree. I worked up a good little sweat! Lots of lunges to downward dogs and back. Which is actually a really awkward movement for me because of my freakishly long legs.

Moving on to this morning’s gym visit! I was up hours before the crack of dawn for some weight lifting and HIIT.

15 minutes on the elliptical (center-driven), increasing resistance every 2 minutes

A1 – One-arm dumbbell snatch:
3 sets @ 20 lbs x 8

B1 – Step-up:
3 sets @ 40 lbs x 8

B2 – Bent-over dumbbell row:
3 sets @ 40 lbs x 8

C1 – Single-leg squat:
3 sets @ 10 lbs x 8 (someday I’ll get to a pistol squat!)

C2 – Wide-grip lat pulldown:
3 sets @ 50 lbs x 8

D1 – Plank:
1 set @ 2 minutes

15 minutes on elliptical, 1 minute sprints, 2 minutes recovery

*All weights are total amounts used

Typing this out, I again realize how much strength I’ve lost since finishing the New Rules of Lifting for Women program last spring. I’m down 20 lbs on the step-ups. I can even tell my arms have lost muscle. Albeit, they’ll always be small and spindly, that’s just how I’m made, but I want to get some of it back! Perhaps I’ll have to figure out some winter weight lifting goals :)

Oddly, I was again craving savoury oats after this workout. Same exact thing happened after my last weight lifting session last week.


  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 1 breakfast sausage (chopped and stirred into oats)
  • pinch salt
  • 1 soft fried egg
  • salsa

I did something really rare for lunch today. Nothing in my fridge or cupboards sounded appealing to prepare for work, so I decided to buy my lunch. Shocking, I know.

Except, I kinda cheated. I went to the grocery store.

Freezer aisle:


Pre-weight loss days, it was quite common for me to have two Amy’s pocket sandwiches for lunch.


It wasn’t as good as I remember. To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of Amy’s products in general.

These days, I’m going for a more “balanced” approach, so I just grabbed one pocket and hit up the prepared foods aisle.


“Asian” salad. Don’t know what’s so “Asian” about it :P But I topped it with “Japanese” dressing, which was soy-sauce-y. It had mixed greens, carrots, mandarin, sliced almonds, chicken and mozzarella. 

My hunger has been off the charts today, and I aaalmost stopped by Pita Pit on my way home. Until I realized my freezer (as always) is stocked to the brim with pita bread. So I made one at home instead.


  • 1 can sardines in a tomato basil sauce
  • 1 laughing cow cheese wedge
  • red onion
  • mushrooms
  • tomatoes
  • bell pepper
  • romaine

With a honeycrisp doused in cinnamon.


Take that Pita Pit.

Too bad I ate this at 4:45 pm. I might need another meal before bed! :P

I was toying with the idea of going to yoga again tonight, but I’ve been feeling really dizzy ever since my workout this morning. At first, I thought it was dehydration, but I’ve have tons of water and the room is still spinning. I’m not sure if my elevated hunger today has anything to do with it either. I kinda feel like my body is trying to tell me something, I just don’t know what! So I’m going to curl up and take it easy tonight. Last thing I need is the dreaded flu, which often starts as dizziness for me.


Question of the day: Where’s your favourite spot for takeout food? Pita Pit or the grocery store for me! (yes, I count the grocery store :P )

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  1. I Love Love Love Chipotle. And Safeway Salads. And Whole Foods Salad Bar. And Chinese take out. Mmmm. Or papa Murphy’s. Now I’m hungry.

  2. *She counts grocery stores; she’s an angel*

    My answere: GROCERY STORE!!!

    I’m starting to get really angry (partly at myself) for not taking this exercising thing seriously… when I see everyone posting what they’ve been doing, I really think I’ve just been fooling around. Thing is, I live so far off from the city and the real gyms (yes, excuses), so I really only have home and some really light dumbbells (currently trying to start a workout program of some sort)

    Sorry for the rant :P

    P.S. I didn’t have time to comment on your last post but I MUST say something about Christams! I’m not big on the family thing, but the COMMERCIAL side of it is my love affair! I love all the commercials, movies, decorations, carols – EVERYTHING!!!
    P.P.S. Cinnamon + apples = heaven

  3. Isn’t it funny how tastes change? I used to eat a lot of WW frozen entrees and Lean Cuisines. Now I don’t like the processed taste they have that I never noticed before. I guess that isn’t a bad thing!

    We don’t do a lot of takeout, but more eat in at small places. I love our local pizza place as they have the best calzones! My other favorite takeout place is my frozen yogurt stand!

    I noticed that when I went to do my barbell squats yesterday that I was not as strong because I haven’t done the squats in a few months, even though I have been working my legs. Weird.

  4. Hey Susan, Do you know why you might be losing muscle? (Email me if you could as I never have time to re-check comments on all the blogs :-) )

    I had been losing muscle each time I went to get underwater tested and the guy said that I was exceeding my lactate threshold way too much and that catabolizes your muscle. In other words I was working too hard too much (because cardiovascularly it seemed easy to me). So I had my LT measured and I stay at or below it most of the time with the exception of HIIT and even then I try to only do about 3 or 4 intervals where I bust through my LT and go really high. Just a thought!

  5. PS. I <3 Chipotle or this small chain of Armenian Chicken places called Zankou in the LA area. Oh goodness the chix is amazing.

  6. Whole foods and the Fruit Center, both super markets :)

  7. You are the pita queen!! I so want you to make me a pita one of these days… ;)

    I’m not a big fan of Amy’s either.. they are just so small for the amount of calories!

  8. Hope the dizziness subsides. Maybe you’re coming down with some kind of bug? Hope not, but it’s a thought!

  9. I agree with Leah–I love Chipotle. They have a great practice of using local, organic ingredients even though they’re a massive chain, PLUS they’re delicious.

    I also love Panera. No matter what all those stupid magazine rankings say, a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a Stonyfield parfait there is more nutritious than a trans fatty burger and fries at Mickey D’s!

  10. One of the best things about living in the US in Panera, but my all-time favourite take-away is definitely the local Indian place – Baigan Bartha makes my day!

  11. that amy’s wrap is my FAVORITE! i love love love it!

    fave takeout: anything thai or indian :)

  12. You freeze your pitas and they still don’t fall apart on you? Man, I have to learn your secret ;) I don’t much like Amy’s products either. I never understand why they’re so popular.

    I love take-out buffet from ethnic places (Indian, Ethiopian, etc.) but Vietnamese subs are probably my favourite “fast food” on earth.

    I love doing grocery store take-out too. When I was in university my classmates would all go to the food court at the mall but I’d go to Safeway and pick up bread from the bulk bins, cheese from the deli counter and some grapes and make myself a little picnic. Cheaper and more delicious than take out, plus I usually had extra to spread across multiple meals. Although, I did my share of Taco Tuesdays at Taco Time as well :)

  13. So strange that the class makes you crave savoury foods! Hmm. Tuesdays now “savoury oat” day?.. Hope you are less dizzy today!

    Favourite take-out in the UK- Pret A Manger :D Though if grocery stores count, I love certain sandwiches from NY. Oh, and all that macrobiotic food. And Amy’s burritos!

  14. I haven’t had that Amy’s product before but her soups don’t really do it for me. The burritos and the cheese less pizzas? Now we’re talkin ;)

    My favorite take out used to be Panera but now I’m getting a leeeeeeeetle bit tired of it. I suppose thai take out would be my favorite these days – love me some curry!

  15. Those savory oats look absolutely amazing! I had eggs for breakfast and I am seriously regretting not having them in this form!

  16. erintakescontrol

    Amy’s doesn’t do it for me, either. Everything I’ve tried from that line has been disappointing. As for going out to eat, I love a good vegetarian lasagna from Whole Foods, but the nearest store is 45 minutes away. I usually stick with a little Chinese place with good Broccoli Chicken!

  17. When I’m across the border…no doubt it’s Panera Bread. Oh my, I lurve that place. Here at home I always end up at Subway or Quiznos for veggie subs.

  18. I’m a big fan of Amy’s pocket things and burritos. They are kind of small for the calories though.

    Hmmm…favorite take out? Well if I lived somewhere with a Chipolte or Panera those would definately be my picks! Since I don’t I guess I’d have to choose a local Italian place called Padrinos!

  19. My wife and I are huge Qdoba fans! I haven’t ever tried Chipotle… I guess I will have to.

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