Daily Archives: November 5, 2009

When life gives you a giant coconut…

After two glorious days off in my hometown, today was my back to work “Monday.” It all started innocently enough with some pancakes and my favourite almond butter-syrup.


Then, my wonderful morning came to a crashing end. Literally. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that a beautiful 2007 Mazda 3 was the victim of my “built Ford tough” Focus. There’s lots of blame to lay here. I didn’t properly scrape the ice off my back window, I didn’t look behind me enough before I swung out of my driveway. The Mazda was parked on a narrow no-park street, on the opposite end of my driveway. Blame will only get you so far. Bottom line is, my life became a lot more stressful in a split second.

Luckily, the Mazda owner was very nice about the whole thing. My insurance can cover it. It’s my first ever accident. And my daddy is an insurance litigator to boot ;) But man, I know we’re supposed to make lemonade when life gives us lemons, but what are we supposed to do when it starts throwing us limes? Grapefruits? Giant coconuts?

Sometimes it feels like just when I’ve maxed out on responsibilities and things to stress about, life piles on more. It reminds me of these impossible assignments my boss sometimes likes to give me. He’ll schedule me to cover two events happening at the same time. I’m expected to get interviews and stories from both, because apparently, I can split into two people and do that. However, each time I’ve managed to do the impossible and cover both. One time, even being to three places at once. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed at the thought of being poor, unemployed, getting out of my lease, finding a new place to live, etc, that I forget what I’m capable of. Dammit, I can be in three places at once! I can snap my life into order, right? Don’t ask me to clean my dishes and do my laundry though – cause that’s just asking too much :P

Sometimes I need to step back and remind myself life is like a to-do list. One by one I check all my stressors off. Soon all the above responsibilities will be taken care of, and new ones will emerge. I’ll continue to check them off, and try my best not to drown in the thought of doing them all at once.

And it is important to find little things to bring us joy in each and every day. These little things are going to be what gets me through these next several weeks at work. Hopefully some day my daily joys won’t be so little, but expand to become much larger things :)

On that note, I’m joining Holly and Angharad for their November yoga challenge. There’s a few of these going around blogland, but I love that they’ve chosen three days a week. Currently, I’m only going to yoga class at my gym one evening a week, but I would love to increase the amount that I practice. I think a little extra yoga could be JUST what I need at this time in my life. Whether it be through finding the time to make it to extra classes, or rolling out the mat in my living room. Feel free to join us as we stretch and flow our way through November! ;)

Today’s little joy:


My mother’s leftover taco dip on top a garden salad. Healthy food with no preparation necessary ;)

Oh, and I counted. The votes for tea and coffee were split down the middle. Each had equal representation in the comments :)


Question of the day: Name one thing that brought you some joy today.