A Foodie Kind of Day

Why hi there! Hope everyone had a wonderful hump day and Waffle Wednesday. My mother unfortunately did not have the means to make my fave protein waffles. And to be honest, I didn’t feel like churning out a Susan-sized waffle feast on her teeny waffle iron. Belgians are where it’s at ;)

I did however find this in the back of the pantry closet:


Bob’s Red Mill Scottish oatmeal. I suppose you can’t really see what’s in the bag, but it looked just like oat bran to me. I cooked up 1 1/2 servings on the stove with 1/2 scoop vanilla whey powder and 1 1/2 cups water.


Topped with almond butter. Surprisingly, this wasn’t like oat bran at all!! More like a “smaller” version of steel cut.


I loved it. It’s got the creaminess that regular steel cut sometime lacks, yet the same little chewy grains (which I would compare to the texture of quinoa). I may just have to pick this stuff up. It’s necessary to have four kinds of oatmeal in your house, right? :P

My mom’s boyfriend is in charge of the coffee buying, and he never disappoints. He pointed me toward several tasty-looking varieties, in the end I decided on the Down East Sumatra organic.


Brewed strong with a splash of chocolate milk. 


Delicious! I’m not always the biggest fan of Sumatran coffees. I find its “earthy” flavour can sometimes be a little too literal, and taste like wet leaves ground up in dirt. But this stuff had a sweeter-earthiness to it (don’t worry, I taste-tested pre-chocolate milk). And yes, that’s Google Reader in the background. I get a bajillion news subscriptions in there that must be perused through in the morning before I make it to blogs :P

After digestion, my mom and I went to her gym, Nubody’s. This is an Atlantic Canadian-owned gym that was just bought out by GoodLife Fitness, which is my gym. So I didn’t have to pay extra to use it!

I opted for a treadmill workout. Their treadmills are set up right in front of a big window facing Main St, so it makes for good people watching.

On a 1% incline:

2 min @ 3.3 mph
3 min @ 3.7 mph
5 min @ 5.6 mph
10 min of 1-min intervals @ 5.8 mph & 6.2 mph
10 min of 1-min intervals @ 6.0 mph & 6.4 mph
10 min of 1-min intervals @ 6.2 mph & 6.6 mph
1 min @ 6.4 mph
1 min @ 6.2 mph
1 min @ 6.0 mph
1 min @ 5.8 mph
1 min @ 5.6 mph
3 min @ 3.7 mph
2 min @ 3.3 mph

This is one of my favourite ways to pass time on the treadmill. Changing it up every minute makes the time fly, and it helps me slowly run faster and faster. Except today, this didn’t feel fast enough! Last spring this would have killed me. This fall? No problem. Will go faster next time ;)

Afterwards, I did some ab stuff with my mom and then we parted ways for my lunch date with my dad :)

Guess where we went?


Calactus!! The best vegetarian restaurant ever. Okay, maybe just the best restaurant ever. I also love that I got the telephone tower in the back, it’s like the “landmark” of Moncton.

My dad was starving, so he ordered a chocolate banana soy smoothie right away.


For his main, my dad got, what else, the Big Marc veggie burger.


I still maintain this is the world’s best veggie burger. I spent my whole high school years eating those things though, so I’ve been trying to branch out lately. Today I got the Extravaganza pizza which had tomato sauce, veggie pepperoni, falafel, red onion, green pepper and cheese. 

On the side was a beet & goat cheese salad. SO GOOD. All of it. Every last nibble. Even the salad dressing was amazing. I asked the waitress about it and she said it was a homemade blend of fresh raspberries, balsamic vinegar and maple syrup. If you look closely you can see the little bubbles on it because it’s fresh from the blender.

Then I said goodbye to my dad and met up with my mother again for Costco!! We don’t have a Costco in Fredericton, so this was a very special treat for me! You can only find certain brands at Costco, and they also have amazing deals on some things.

Case and point – almond butter.


That right there is a sight for sore eyes. And $6.99 for 24oz! Half that size is one dollar more at the Atlantic Superstore.

The other great thing about Costco is the abundance of free samples. As my mom put it “we ate our way through the store.” For the record, I had a piece of chocolate truffle biscotti, Stacey’s pita chips and Kozy Shack rice pudding. Nomnomnom.

I ended up with a pretty good haul:


Not shown are some tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms and apples. I’m most excited for:


Sabra roasted red pepper hummus. I thought I’d never tried Sabra before. But upon picking this up, I realized I had the red pepper kind once at a friend’s place in Halifax after a night of heavy drinking. Even in my sick, hungover state, I could not stop eating it and thought it was the most delicious thing ever.

Also excited for my beloved fontaine tofu spread.


Two jars of cheap-o MaraNatha almond butter 


$11 3lb bag of espresso roast coffee (my fave roast for regular brew) and a giant bag of my favourite cheesestrings. 


I also got some Nana-time in before hitting the road back to Fredericton. Now I’m in my messy apartment, with a certain Christopher sitting next me. Not looking forward to the work week ahead, but finding some comfort in knowing I only have five weeks left.

Question of the day: Are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker? What flavour or roast? I will always choose coffee over tea, preferably an espresso roast or Middle Eastern blend (like a mocha java). I’m super sensitive to the caffeine in teas and don’t really care for herbals besides peppermint.

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  1. I like coffee but I’m not a snob and can’t differentiate. I think I prefer lighter + flavored ones.

    I also drink some tea, and I like it to be spicy flavored like chai or holiday spice or something like that.

    YAY for your AB! That’s where it is at! And *swoon* for hummus but I haven’t been feeling it lately.

    I am intrigued by your tofu spread!

  2. I need to go to costco, I really do. We have a BJ’s right down the street and the costco is out of the way, but damn, costco looks so much better!!

    I used to be a coffee drinker, I’d have 2 cups every morning, but I gave it up. I really only drank it for the taste anyway. Now I have 2 cups of tea a day :)

  3. I’m always on the lookout for good coffee — the husband and I buy organic always and fair trade whenever possible.

    And why IS it so hard to find good veggie burgers? The best I ever had was at DesChutes Brewery in Portland, OR — they used leftover grains from the beer-making process. Awesome.

  4. Oh my god. I keep trying to talk Tim into joining Costco but he keeps saying it’s not necessary. After seeing that beautiful jar of almond butter, I am putting my foot down!

    I drink both–one cup of coffee in the morning and hot herbal tea all afternoon, mostly to stay warm in my freezing cold office. I’m not a fan of black or green tea!

  5. That hummus is CRACK. I swear!

  6. I don’t belong to Costco, but I think I need to start dating someone with a membership or something so I can pick up that almond butter on the cheap. Seriously?

    And this may sound a bit odd, but that looks like the most perfect day in the world to me…lucky girl :) As for the eternal coffee/tea debate, I do Eden Organic Kukicha tea twice a day and sometimes a Yogi tea thrown in for craps and giggles. I can’t do caffeine and the tea’s great for digestion and to keep things…moving.

  7. You know I loves me some coffee! I do drink tea, but I cannot go a day without coffee. I love origin coffees, and think Sumatra is wonderful. My very favorite is Guatemalan. I also was able to get my hands on some Cup of Excellence green coffee a couple years ago. Best.Coffee.Ever.

    That’s quite the food haul!

  8. I like scottish oatmeal but I hate how the serving size is only 1/4! And that’s the only almond butter I’ve ever had ’cause it’s so cheap! If they have their brand of organic pb there you must try it.. it’s my favorite!

    And I’m a big tea drinker! Any flavor will do!

  9. I drink both. Usually tea at home, though because I don’t have a coffee pot, and coffee at work. :D

  10. Tofu spread? How very interesting – I’ve never heard of that!

  11. I heart Costco…my mom pays for my membership (it’s the one thing I haven’t taken over, heehee). And I probably prefer coffee, but i have one cup of java in the morning and then I drink tea or water the rest of the day…I like tea a lot. I’m a bit of a coffee snob too, in that I won’t drink crappy office coffee :-)

  12. Tea girl all the way! I love the fruity ones, especially blueberry.

  13. I think I’ll have to find that scottish oats…sounds like the best of both worlds to me!
    Oh and I drink both coffee and tea…I love the TJ’s Gingerbread coffee, and I like both green and black tea. :-)

  14. I usually drink iced tea during the warm months and hot tea or coffee when it gets cooler. I have never seen Maranatha so cheap! Sam’s doesn’t carry near as much “health food” as Cosco seems to :(

  15. Your dad ate a veggie burger and had a soy shake? 0_0

    The day my dad has anything remotely vegetarian will be the beginning of the end…

    I’m a tea person :D (but I’ve had my Starbucks moments)


  16. NICE job on the foodie shopping! What a steal on AB.

    I am a coffee drinker in the morning and a tea drinker in the afternoon. I’m kind of weird and really only like coffee when I first wake up or straight after breakfast. I love tea after lunch and up until dinner :)

    Glad you are having fun with the parents!

  17. I’m always so happy when I find “exotic” stuff at Sam’s (we don’t have Costco.) It’s not exotic, but I bought a ton of Laughing Cow cheese there and it was about 75% cheaper there than the grocery store!

  18. Tea, tea, tea! I love green and herbal teas–but I think you already knew that :) I have never ried the sabra hummus either, but everyone raves about it. I am finishing the last of my “regular” hummus today, so maybe I’ll tack the sabra on the list….have a great day! Love the family time :0 xoxo

  19. I like tea and coffee but I am a huge tea drinker. I drink at least 4-5 cups a day. My favorite teas are Zhena’s Gypsy teas in Raspberry Earl Grey and Coconut Chai, Bigelow’s Constant Comment, Stash organic teas are great, and right now I’m drinking Yogi kombucha green tea to try to improve my immune system.

    I do love coffee but I can’t seem to taste the different nuances of flavor. It’s either good or it taste like crap (I’m talking about you McCafe). I prefer soy lattes or flavored coffee with flavored creamer. I never drink black coffee.

  20. Tofu spread? Do tell!

  21. wow what great goodies from costco!!! i love stocking up on sweet food deals. and eating my way through that store..i remember when i was younger literally waiting while they cooked up another batch so i could try every single thing.

    sounds like you are having a fantastic time at home!!!

  22. The beet and goat cheese salad has me salivating!! I’m so going to that restaurant when I’m back in NB….

    I’ve never tried that hummus before, now I guess I’ll have to. I’ve always bought the Fontaine Sante 2-pack of hummus instead. That stuff’s pretty crack-a-lackin’ too!

    I’m a coffee girl. I prefer espresso – done on my stove top “Mooka” – it makes two cups of delicious cappucino in only minutes.

  23. If I’m getting it anywhere but home I always choose coffee over tea. If I’m at home I always choose tea. My favorite is green tea.

  24. I prefer coffee to hot tea but I prefer iced tea to hot tea. Weird huh?

    I want to eat everything in this post! YUM!

  25. ahhhh i love going home and going grocery shopping on my parents bill. its really the little things in life, no? ummm i can’t believe the almond butter is that cheap! and i have seen scottish oats but i never knew what they were, but now i know.

    sorry this comment is weird – its going to be a long day :)

  26. I am a tea and coffee person! If I had to pick then tea would win…I am English after all but coffee is amazing. Sigh, caffeine, how I love thee.

    Every time you go to that restaurant I am left drooling at my computer screen! It looks phenomenal!

  27. What a fab day! Glad you got to see everyone- Scottish oats are where it’s at ;) I eat Scottish ones but they look like normal. I think yours may have been Scottish pinhead oats? That restaurant looks awesome…I cooked some felafel today for the first time in ages. Good stuff. Also tried Maranatha for the first time- LOVEEEEEEEEE it.

    Tea or coffee? I drink both. I am fussy about coffee though and it needs to be ‘just right’. Ie, made myself or at least jazzed up by me. I think coffee is like a signature- everyone’s taste is so unique to them. Does that sound crazy? I rarely order coffee out unless I know exactly what is available because I would rather have no coffee than bad coffee (self-confessed coffee snob here!) My family are like that with tea, but as long as it’s black tea and served with milk and sweetener/honey, I’m happy.

  28. Please don’t take this offensively, I’m trying to be constructive…

    Did I remember you saying you needed to cut back on the grocery budget? One great way to do that is to not get all of those pre-made foods. Personally, I NEVER buy hummus in the store. Not only is it waaaaaay more expensive, but I like to leave out a lot of oil to make it much more calorie friendly. It’s just so easy to whip up a batch that I like to make my own.

    That reminds me… I need to make a new batch of hummus. I haven’t had any in a while.

    To answer your drink question: I am not a coffee drinker, and on the rare occasion that I drink tea, I like chai.

  29. Hi Susan,
    I LOVE your photos, they are so sharp and colorful!! (I am Janetha’s mom) I also saw your cute comment about going to Cuba and forgetting your wallet, bummer for sure! Anyway, my husband really wants to go to Cuba sometime, can you tell me a little about the trip? It is so much fun to follow everyone’s food blogs – you all are SO darling!!! You can reply to my email at suebenson@remax.net Thanks!!!

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