Things I Learned – October 2009

Another month, a whole new set of Things I Learned! If you’re curious, you can also check out what I learned in September and July. (apparently, August was void of any life lessons…)

October turned out to be a big month for me, I learned:

  • I am the only person who can make ME happy. In every sense of the phrase.
  • Sometimes, the small things no longer cut it, and it takes some big things to change that
  • Running out of coffee when you’re up at 4am really, really sucks
  • Gas station coffee will never cut it



  • Never buy cheap cheese, it’s not worth it.


  • Sometimes the known is much scarier than the unknown
  • Home is wherever your family is. Whether it be immediate family, extended family, or a family of friends
  • There is no such thing as too many apples


  • Size and weight do not dictate my happiness. Being thin may make life easier sometimes, but in no way does it make life perfect.
  • Daylight savings is awesome when the clocks go back and you work at 5am the next day.
  • Just because I can’t hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, doesn’t mean I can’t hand it out to myself.


  • Goals are meant to be accomplished, no matter how lofty they may seem.
  • When my body speaks, I should to listen
  • Simply Bars have awesome nutritionals


  • But the cocoa cacao with raspberry flavour just doesn’t do it for me.


  • Nothing in my kitchen is off-limits. Sometimes, I just need to get my hands dirty and try out new dishes.
  • I really, really enjoy exercise classes
  • Candy corn is not at all the jujube candy I expected, but a sweet, creamy, addictive treat.


  • I need to listen to my gut more often
  • Some days a little bit of living room yoga is enough
  • When I can’t be what I want to be doing, I can at least lose myself in one of my favourite books



Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

Question of the day: What did you learn in October?

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  1. Love the “I learned” posts:) hehe – I agree that gas station coffee is nay and so is cheap cheese! Bleh to both.

    OK, I neeed to try that version of the breakfast cookie. Yum, yum.

  2. HI Susan!
    I love your “I learnd” post.!

    Simply Bars look SO FAB. Do you think there’s any chance we could exchange some bars? I’ve been wanting to try simply bars but can’t find them anywhere in the US.

  3. i learned that a simple thing like rearranging and cleaning out a room can motivate and inspire me to finally get stuff done!!!

  4. I learned that I am capable of so much more than I give myself credit for. :)

    Great idea for a post. Awesome wrap-up

  5. I’ve never heard of those Simply Bars. Thanks! I’m about half way through Twilight and “hope” that I can get through it and into New Moon when it comes in theatres.

    I would DIE without coffee at that hour!

    (Thank you for your sweet comment ;-) )

  6. I learned that running can be fun, and that dieting…can seriously mess up your view on food and your eating habits once the “diet” is over.

    Have you never had candy corn before? It is SO addicting…one of those “good thing it only comes around once a year” things.

    • Hallie, yes! It was my first time tring candy corn! I’m not sure if it’s an “American thing” or if I just completely missed out on it as a kid, but I’d never even heard of it until i started reading blogs. I actually always used the term “candy corn” to refer to sugar-coated popcorn. It’s so good! I almost wish I hadn’t tried it! :P

  7. Welcome to the wonderful world of candy corn! Yum! Last christmas I found eggnog candy corn – a blend of my 2 favorite holiday treats!

    I learned that I am not done finding out my limits as an athlete yet :D

    Oh, and gas station coffee?? We call that swill LOL

  8. What a fun post! I agree.. candy corn is definitely addicting! Especially the apple flavored ones..yum!

    I learned that sometimes hunger signals get off.. and I need to eat more when I workout more!

  9. gahhh what did i learn? positivity is best. negativity never makes things better. i can do more than i ever thought i would. the world is full of wonderful people, they make just take longer to find. dwell in possibility :)

  10. Wow, those bars certainly do have awesome nutritionals–are they only available in Canada?

  11. You have learnt much grasshopper…

    Now, what did I learn? Well, if you include the giant series of epiphanies I’ve had… I’ve learnt A LOT! I mean, just like the competition thing and all the good things that happened because I entered…

    Susan, I think you may have by chance stumbled upon a very plausible theory: October is Life Lesson Month! For some reason, this month has been especially full of lessons, I guess it has something to do with harvesting wisdom :P…(My next post will be dedicated to you and your idea).

    Grosses bisses,


  12. I love what you learned–especially the change of big things vs. little things. It’s true and I need to work on that one a little myself I think! However, there MAY be such thing as too many apples…but perhaps not too many things you can make out of them:) xoxo

  13. I haven’t done a “what I learned” post for a while- for all of October I think! Need to get on that once I have my laptop back. I learned that I can survive without a scale for 3 1/2 weeks and that I can afford to be more flexible with my food/exercise routine without any major changes to my body/weight. Um…just read that back and think it’s kind of big :) I also learned that I like my almond butter with just roasted almonds + salt. No sugar in my nut butter!

  14. Love it!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

    Um… in October, I learned that nothing beats fresh garlic.

  15. Agreed on the apples and candy corn, for sure!! I learned that apple oats are amazing, and a lack of sleep makes everything seem more catastrophic :)

  16. Great post Susan. I agree with your apple statement. I try not to overdo the fruit thing, but apples in October are simply amazing. I need to try your apple cinnamon roll breakfast cookie.

    Glad you got to enjoy an extra hour of sleep this morning. :)

  17. daaang those bars DO have stellar stats! i need to try to find them. i love reading your lessons posts!!

  18. An apple cinnamon roll breakfast cookie?! That sounds heavenly. And it even has frosting!
    I am still reading New Moon but totally love it. I can’t wait to see the movie next week :)
    In October I learned that your good news might be someone else’s bad news…weird but true.

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