Flashback Friday – Food Blogger Edition

Thankyousomuch for all the nice comments about my journey to double-digit land! I was surprised by how many of you said you have yet to reach any fitness accomplishments. Bullshit! As I told Ang, some days, just making it to the gym is an accomplishment in itself. We don’t all have to be running marathons here :)

Speaking of which! I do have plans to do a half marathon next spring. I’m iffy about doing one sooner because I’m not too keen on training in the snow and ice. Plus, I think the winter is a great time to focus on strength training and doing those other activities that get neglected while training for races during the summer. I would also love to do a full marathon in 2011. I think next summer will be the season for my half-mary, duathlon and metric century. The summer after that will be The Big One ;)

I thought for this week’s edition of Flashback Friday, it would be fun to look back to the beginnings of the blog. As most of you know, I started The Great Balancing Act in July because blogging at Trying For A Tri felt weird after I finished my triathlon!

To see my first ever blog post go here. It was kind of boring, and the pictures aren’t great. I actually didn’t even tell anyone about the blog until I’d been at it for a week so there would be some content on there first.

I was still calorie counting during those first few months, I gave it up for good in April ‘09. There were some good eats in my first six months as a food blogger though :)

Tofu and fried egg sandwiches…

01-19-09 sandwich

My first ever sushi…

01-24-09 sashimi01-24-09 maki

Experiments in homemade protein bars…

01-28-09 bar

Ginormous mugs of coffee…

01-29-09 coffee02-13-09 coffee 02-18-09 coffee

Alotta almond butter…

01-25-09 almond butter

Oatmeal parfaits

01-23-09 oatmeal

Pre-workout snacks…

01-21-09 banana

…and post-workout shakes.

02-03-09 shake

Luna bars.


02-14-09 lunas

02-15-09 luna 2

02-21-09 luna2


A lot of pitas.

02-15-09 pita2 02-15-09 pita3

02-15-09 pita4 02-15-09 pita5

Hmmm…I think my favourite of all though was my homemade birthday carrot cake.

01-23-09 cake

Droooool. Can we do this again this year mom? Or maybe…pie!?

I also miss my cute puppies.

01-23-09 rudy 01-23-09 archie

But I do not miss this:

02-01-09 deck 01-21-09 snow

Uugggghhh :P

Okay, that’s enough fun with old blog pictures. Wanna see what I’m eating these days?


PB&J oats, now pronounced “peeeebjuh”

  • 3/4 cup rolled oats
  • 2 cups water
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla whey powder
  • 1 heaping tbsp PB
  • 1 tbsp blueberry jam

I “sandwiched” half the PB and jam in the centre of the bowl again. You can see it peeking out a little!


Dinner was a rather large salad.


These days, I’m eating them out of a casserole dish.


Anyone else eat their romaine lettuce by the head? I guess they’re on the small-ish side, but I still feel pretty badass chopping up a whole head of romaine for just one salad.

  • romaine
  • peeled carrot
  • chickpeas
  • roasted sweet potato
  • cottage cheese
  • cajun spice, cumin and pepper


I ate it all, and still had chocolate after ;)

My legs are feeling pretty good today, so I’m happy a light workout may be in the picture for tomorrow after all! Otherwise, it’s my usual 5am-1pm shift. With no candy, costumes or other Halloween joy. I don’t get trick-or-treaters where I am and I love handing out candy. Anyone in Fredericton care to hire me as a candy-hander-outer tomorrow night? :P

If you are celebrating on Saturday, have fun!! And have a package of rockets for me please ;)

Question of the day: What would be in your flashback Friday food edition? When I do this again another six months down the road, there will definitely be waffles :P

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  1. Hmm… well, I’ve only had my blog for 4 months so it wouldn’t be so different looking back… except I generally eat a huge variety because I hate getting in ruts.

    But if I think back to exactly one year ago, I was eating a lot of cottage cheese + tomato, cheesy scrambled egg beaters, and chicken fajitas!

  2. Susan, you are in such great shape to barely feel a 10 mile run. How awesome does that feel?

    I didn’t have many pictures on my blog when I started a couple years ago. It was probably quite boring, but it was more an online journal for myself. I had no idea people would actually follow it!

    In my flashback would be oodles of bagels. :D

  3. great post! and good job on the double digits! i have never gone double digits!

    i don’t have enough posts to get a flashback! =D
    i’m thinking of doing the la marathon that year you want to do a marathon! =D

  4. I always eat a whole head of romaine hearts too. If you get romaine by the head though, not just the heart they are a lot bigger!

    My junior year of highschool I ate carrots and salsa almost everyday for lunch alongside italian chicken salad (a Giada De’Laurentiis recipe.) I over did it though, because my senior year I barely touched either thing. I’m just now getting back into my carrots+salsa though. YUM! I don’t see how I ate it at school though, the salad+salsa= lots of garlic+onion. eeek!

    also congrats on the 10 mile run, that is so awesome! the whole running thing I’m constantly encouraged/discouraged by. I’m just now embarking on my running journey, and I’ve consistently ran around 3 miles every other day or so the past two weeks, and its tiring but I’m getting there. :/

  5. You’ve had a lot of delicious eats since you began!! My flashback would include lots and lots of hummus!

    I love the idea of sandwiching the toppings in your peebjuh oats – brilliant!

    “See” you tomorrow at 5 am ;)

  6. Aww, those are the Luna bars I sent you so long ago!

    Food recap of the last six months would include lots of yogurt, strawberries, and eggs!

  7. What a fun recap! I love the idea of adding peanut butter to the middle of the oats.. almost like oats-in a jar style! Does the peanut butter stay there?

  8. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Since I’m still new to your blog it was fun to see how far you’ve come! :)

  9. Love your “peebjuh” oats–they look heavenly!
    I think my Flashback Friday would include lots of chili, pumpkin, and tons of baked tofu.

  10. Mallard and I used to go out to dinner 3 nights and breakfast 2 days every week! We wasted so much money before we had a child. But, the food pics would have been decadent!

  11. it’ll be interesting to see how my meals change as i become a more long-term blogger….hopefully more homecooked meals!

  12. Gosh, this is so cool, to flashback on your meals. I think mine would be a LOT of eggs, because I used to (still am, but not to that degree) be an egg-maniac.

  13. Ha ha Susan–we are twins! I ate my dinner out of a casserole bowl identical to that the other night, too! carrot cake is my FAVE. I would take a good carrot over chocolate any day. Happy Halloweeeeeen!! xoxo

  14. I loved this post! It’s so much fun (and so weird) to look back at old entries. I love how much mine has changed from this time last year. I wasn’t posting photos, but a year ago this time I was eating a lot of ready-made vegetarian organic sandwiches (either felafel or hummus), snacks were Pureprotein bars and breakfasts were usually fruit ‘n’ fibre with plain fromage frais and an apple. And lots of my tuna/rice/kidney bean salads!

  15. love the flashback…i may have to do the same soon. its so funny to see how far we have come.

    yay for all your marathon plans! i could not be more excited for you :) have a fabulous weekend!

  16. what a fun twist on FBF! i loved it. and i will take those snow covered photos anyyy day. love snow~!

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