Giveaway AND Video Post!!

Oooh, exciting things in store my friends! It’s all at the end though. I won’t be hurt if you scroll through, but just know you are missing out on a lot of muffin and apple pictures if you do :P

Apparently, my camera uses a lot of battery power while not being used, because the batteries were randomly dead this morning. Thus, no office eats! You’re not missing much. I dropped a raw egg on the break room floor while trying to make lunch. I almost cried. I never thought I could be so attached to one egg.

I made up for it when I got home though :)


Usual frozen deep chocolate vitamuffin with a smear of PB. But what’s that white stuff you ask?


Oh yes. I did.

I was actually on a mission for mini marshmallows, as I thought they’d make a great addition to my candy bowls of oats. But then this jar caught my eye, and I was sold.

I mean for something that’s essentially sugar, the ingredients aren’t that bad. I’m pretty sure the M&Ms I’ve been eating are worse…



I can blame an ex-boyfriend for introducing me to this dreamy product, and the fluffernutter sandwich. This was the kind of stuff that was never allowed in my house growing up.

Some people do ice cream. I do fluff :P

The muffins didn’t stop there though. I finally attacked the bag of macoun apples I bought at the market last weekend.


First, I got to work on apple oatmeal muffins. I followed Rhodey Girl’s recipe for Apple Walnut Raisin Muffins.


The only changes I made were that I omitted the raisins and walnuts for more apple-y goodness, and substituted a 1/2 cup of flour for 1/2 cup rolled oats.


I of course had one immediately out of the oven, with some Earth Balance spread (the only way to eat baked goods straight from the oven in my opinion).


While all that muffin business was going down, I was also working on some of Brie’s applesauce. Three ingredients: apples, water, cinnamon. Doesn’t get much easier than that! Well, actually, it was quite labour intensive to peel and chop a dozen apples. May have helped if I didn’t break my apple corer last year trying to get it through a gigantic honeycrisp…

Yay flash photography!


Okay, to be honest, I really wanted to add a shot of whiskey to this process. Doesn’t whiskey apple sauce sound awesome? I held back though. That will be for my special “after lunch” batch ;)


The end product was amaaaaazing.I kept dipping a spoon in here to lick it up :)

Afterwards, it looked like an apple orchard exploded in my kitchen. So once the clean-up was finished, I wanted a simple dinner.


  • mixed greens
  • romaine
  • shredded carrot
  • spanish onion
  • red pepper
  • tomato
  • mushroom
  • zucchini
  • lemon juice
  • Gardein mustard “chicken breast”

Eaten while tweeting and msn-ing.

Today was my first day using tweetdeck, I like it!

Oh, and another apple oatmeal muffin for dessert…


With peanut butter. Yes that is my third muffin today! It could have been worse, I could have put Fluff on this one too! :P

Okay. Congrats, you’ve made it to the end.

Drumroooollll pleeeeease……..

Oh wait! it’s in a video!

(turn you speakers WAY up for this one)

So in case you couldn’t hear, I’m giving away a free jar of almond hazelnut butter!


This stuff is seriously, seriously good. The two nuts blend together perfectly to create a rich and versatile nut butter.


I’m kinda jealous that I’m giving this away, because I think it would taste really good on my mocha oats!

So how do you win??

1. Leave a comment telling me what your favourite nut butter + food combination is. For example, some of my favourite combos are cashew butter + dates, peanut butter + bananas, or sunflower seed butter in hummus!

2. Tweeeeeet a link to this post. Just include @balancesusan so I know ya did.

3. Link back to this post on your blog.

4. Add me to your blogroll and leave an extra comment saying you did (or that I’m on your blogroll already).

So there ya go! It’s open to anyone and everyone no matter where you live. I’ll be taking entries until Tuesday, October 27 at 5pm Eastern time. I’ll announce the winner in Tuesday night’s post.

Now I’m off to go do some more food experimenting. That’s what weekends are for! :)

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  1. I don’t know why I’ve never tried marshmellow fluff..yummy!!

    My favorite nut butter and food combination would have to be a sweet potato with peanut butter!

  2. And your already on my blogroll :D

  3. I suppose almond butter+spoon isn’t a viable food combination, so I’ll have to go with almond butter and Greek yogurt.

    You’re already on my blogroll!

  4. Peanut butter in oatmeal with apple and a bit of honey. :)

  5. OMG… fluff, muffins, AND homemade applesauce… YUM

    I’m a pb and carrots, pb and apples, pb and warm homemade baked goods kind of girl (like i’d slather one of those warm muffins in 2 seconds flat!)

  6. Hands down, salted almond butter on honeycrisp apples! :D

  7. Fluff!! The stuff food fights are made of….
    Are smore oats coming up in the future???

    I love cashew butter and dates as well. Peanut butter and chocolate is another winning combo!

  8. raw almond butter + apples! YUM!

  9. I love oats with cocoa, banana and a drizzle of peanut butter on top :)

  10. I don’t tweet or have a blog and I don’t like nut butters – I know sin of all sins! My husband likes to put Nutella (which is essentially hazelnut butter) on baby cookies – gross!

  11. love the fluff!

    definitely waffles topped with almond butter, maple syrup and nanners.

  12. I love nut butter with oatmeal. YUUUMMM!

  13. And girl, you are definitely already on my blogroll!

  14. You are on my blogroll! :D

  15. Dried figs and almond butter! And both cooked into banana oatmeal. Amazing.

  16. My favorite is sun butter stirred into Greek yogurt!

  17. Im currently obsessed with whipped cottage cheese, banana, and crunchy nut butter (sounds weird but is ohhh so addicting!)

  18. Ah, fluff brings back good memories! PB, banana, fluff and nutella = amazing. Might need to try that in oats one day (smore oats!)

    Muffins looke delish! I love using oats instead of flour…if for no other reason than my oats are at the front of my cupboard and flour is at the back :P I think whiskey apple sauce sounds pretty good- or port? Port is a big thing at Christmas time in the UK. Mulled wine spice, port and applesauce…you could be extra fancy and drizzle alcohol over the sauce when you serve it and set it on fire ;)

    Nut butter combo- oh, tough one. I have been without nut butter for a while and have crazy cravings for a cinnamon + blueberry protein oat bowl topped with greek yogurt and almond butter (my ‘cake batter’ oats). Though right now, nut butter + spoon sounds good enough!

  19. you have a permanent space on my blogroll :D

  20. peach and peanut butter!

  21. susan! i just opened my reader and came here first. so i just caught up on 5 posts! i took notes:
    *you looked so official holding that mic! i loved seeing you on the job.
    *LCL on a pear? i approve. i have never tried LCL on fruit.
    *LOVED the going with the flow chat. you inspire me always. thanks for the words on that topic. sometimes i can be too strict on myself too. workin on it! doing better. for sure.
    *sloth rest=great term!
    *glad you celebrated WW!
    *ezekiel tortilla wedges.. brilliant
    *i love interactive meals too.
    *protein powder in that kashi cereal.. also brilliant.. need to try that. the 45g carbs scared me off from buying that one!
    *your going with the flow talk on food was awesome as well. i am learning to not pack my lunch or come prepared.. and just eating what is available. you know what? i have survived. i have kept my weight in check. and IT IS SO MUCH EASIER than having to plan every meal if i am not at home/work!!
    *crunchy cereal allll the way. soggy es no bueno.
    *my gym offers zumba, i am scared to try. i need a zumba buddy!
    *great talk on maintaining. the thing with me is i lost all my weight and instead of going into maintenance mode i went back into my old habits and gained it all back. sigh.. losing it the second time around is hard! i cant wait til i am there and then will be smart about maintaining!
    *I SUCK AT DANCING! i avoid dancing situations at all costs.
    *LOVE THE FBF PICS! i really loved that photo of you in the running skirt the first time you posted it. you look like a fitness clothing model! you are so inspirational, ive said it before.. probably in this comment already. but i mean it! and i love the B&A. and that polkadot dress… sooo cute.
    *your fbf post left me grinning.
    *ick to the marshmallow fluff ;)
    *great to see the apple extravaganza you were tweeting about!! yay!
    *no clue what tweetdeck is.. maybe i will have to see what it is all about
    *yay, cute video!!
    *your giveaway entry rules remind me of the post you did that listed the specific foods that pair best with certain nut butters! ha remember that?
    *entry para mi: maple almond butter+braeburn
    *i love you!!

  22. entry dos: you are on my blogroll. obvi! <3

  23. peanut butter and pretzels or cashew butter and tofu!

  24. Apples slathered in Almond Butter….mmmm

  25. My favorite by far is nut butter mixed with vanilla Stonyfield yogurt atop oats!

  26. Congrats on your 100th post!!! My fave combo is pretzels in PB or sunbutter in oats!

  27. On my blogroll now! :-)

  28. almond butter and banana…yum :)

  29. Holy fluffernutters, girl, you know I heart the marshmallow fluff!! :) Nut butters are such a joy for me, seriously. Can I even pick a favorite? I would have to say right now I am loving my CCCs made with pumpkin and peanut butter. It’s just an amazing flavor!

  30. Blogroll! thanks for reminding me to update! P.S. Your apple-explosion kitchen matches mine! I really need to make some applesauce though. Maybe that can be my project today. love ya!!

  31. suannnn you are adorable! i love your lil’ canadian accent and congrats on getting past 100 posts. i can only hope lots more 100’s are on the way!

    ummm almond hazelnut butter? you have stolen my heart. i think my fave nut butter combo has to be straight up bananas + nut butter or any nut butter on top of oatmeal. or eaten with a spoon right out of the jar. i can’t help myself!

  32. I’m LOVING that vita combo! You were a busy little kitchen bee this weekend! Everything you whipped up looks fantastic :)

    What a wonderful video – congrats on 100! That nut butter sounds great!! My favorite combo? Hm…I’m kind of plain and like nut butter with apples (of course, haha)! Oh and with carob chips – drooooool.

  33. You’re on the blog roll :)

  34. I love putting my nut butters on any baked goods! Or if none are available, a snack bar such is zbars or granola bars are awesome!

  35. my childhood fave is freezer waffles with pb and j. almond butter and fig spread on a freshly baked waffle would be my grown up switch!

  36. well.. my really unhealthy, indulgent, but totally delicious treat i like to use nut butter is oreos and peanut butter, it is amazing! on the healthier side though, i absolutly love almond butter slathered on dates!

  37. Apple and almond butter or carrots and peanut butter!

  38. What DON’T I love with nut butter would be the best of way of answering this question! lol

    With oatmeal is my favourite! Also homemade bread/toast, inside a banana (‘nana sammich), on an english muffin WITH a fried egg (or just whites) <— yes that's with egg. Trust me, try it!

    I totally get the Canadian part – we always get overlooked! I love supporting Canadian companies and LOVE your giveaway!!

  39. Got you all linked up on my blogroll! It was about time updated that thing, I’m relying on Google Reader these days!

    I love great Canadian Bloggers! Let me know if you’re ever coming up to Hali :-)

  40. Hello! I’d have to say my favorite combination(S) of nut butters would be nut butter and pretzel sticks(I can go WAY overboard on this), nut butter and oatmeal, AND nut butter with popcorn. It’s amazing, really:)
    The marshmallow fluff looks heavenly. I’ve been craving it recently, so I’ve taken mini marsmallows and microwaved them for about 25 seconds to make a homemade version of fluff. It’s extremely delicious and addicting:)

  41. I have never had the chance to try almond hazelnut, but would SO love to give it a shot. Deb “Smoothie Girl” sent me some almond cinnamon butter (almonds, cinnamon, bit of butter, etc.) that was the best thing I’ve ever put in oats. Delicious. That’s where the almond/hazelnut would make it’s first appearance.

  42. Entry 2–you’re already on my blogroll :)

  43. mmm fluff is SO fabulous! i could eat that straight from a jar with a spoon. and by could i mean most definitely would if i had it in my apt :)

  44. DId I not enter this yet? LOL ok well I think my favorite is good old PB and toast, with honey or jam to be all crazy. But I also love almond butter and apples so it’s hard to pick! I’m so random. But I’d love to try other nut butters besides my beloved AB and PB.

  45. Oh and of course you’re on my blog roll. You’re one of my FAVORITE bloggers (probably #1 fav, now that I think about it…and I swear I’m not just saying that to swing the random selection my way…)

  46. Oooh, that vitamuffin looks amazing with that fluff! Plus peanut butter? Delicious!! Those muffins look so good, too.

    1) Nut butter and bananas! Also, nut butter and oatmeal is a classic :D It’s great with greek yogurt, too!

    2) I tweeted here:

  47. Oh, and of course you’re on my blogroll!

  48. Ohhh, marshmallow fluff. Delicious. If you mix it with one brick of softened cream cheese and a little milk, then let it sit in the fridge overnight it makes the BEST dip for fruit! I might have to make some!

  49. Recently, I have been loving a simple snack of carrot sticks with almond butter.

    BTW, I’m hosting a at my blog right now too!

  50. Recently, I have been loving a simple snack of carrot sticks with almond butter.

    BTW, I’m hosting a Giveaway” at my blog right now too!

    Sorry about the repost, I messed up on the link. You can delete the previous comment.

  51. I posted a link to your giveaway on my blog. Here is the link.

  52. You are on my blog roll, I tweeted, I posted a link, and last but not least, my fave nutbutter and food combo is the classic almond/peanut/cashew/walnut butter on an english muffin. You can’t beat it. I also love nut butters on bananas or just straight up off a spoon!

    ps – I made some amazing walnut butter last night, it is so creamy and delicious.

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