Daily Archives: October 14, 2009

Food Rules

Happy Hump Day friends! Unless you’re reading this on a day other than Wednesday. Than I guess happy __day :P

So happy I took a rest day yesterday, because I was rarin’ do go for spin class this morning. It was so much fun!! I’ve been dragging during my past few early morning workouts. This morning, I went back to guzzling an iced coffee before heading out the door (after being too lazy to do it these past few times!). I think that, plus being well rested, led to one stellar hour of spinning :)

Of course, the best part about hump day is that it’s also Waffle Wednesday! Pretty sure everyday is Waffle Wednesday at my place, but it’s nice to celebrate regardless :)


My usual waffle + almond butter + yogurt + berries combo. Except today, I french toasted the waffles.


For the waffles, I just zapped a couple frozen ones in the microwave, soaked them in egg whites and pumpkin pie spice and cooked in a frying pan. Holy delish! Dare I say Wednesday is my favourite day of the week? :P

Work was kind of eventful today. I got to witness a mock plane crash at our airport. Except it also involved me standing in the freezing cold for over two hours. Literally, it was around freezing. Brr! I’m still not back to my usual temperature!

I’m still a starvin’ marvin today. I ended up eating a super early dinner.


Chicken breast sandwich. George Forman-ed a chicken breast in Montreal chicken spice, and added it to a bun with laughing cow cheese, tomato and grilled onions and red pepper.

Plus edamame

So fun to eat edamame in the shell!

Dessert was an example of why winter sucks for taking food photos…


A chopped pear, tossed in pumpkin pie spice and cooked in the microwave till soft. Topped with whipped cottage cheese blended with stevia, more spice and coconut.


Ohmygosh!! How come no one ever told me whipped cottage cheese is so freakin good!!!? I just creamed it with my hand blender, and it immediately turned into this thick and delicious treat. True love!


Food Rules

I stumbled across this New York Times feature (can you tell what I do when bored at work?) on reader submitted food rules. All were pretty good, but I saw some favourites I had to share!


I thought it would be fun to share some of my own personal food rules:

  • Eat what you’re craving. Sometimes I crave a big crunchy salad, sometimes it’s something rich and chocolate-y. Either way, so long as it’s an acceptable serving size, and fits into a varied and balanced diet – I eat it!
  • Never get caught starving. Always have back-up snacks on your person! A growling belly will sometimes lead to bad food choices, and is always followed by a yucky feeling.
  • Don’t snack when you need a meal. When I’m hungry, I eat. Sometimes I’m super hungry come 11am. Instead of putting lunch off with a dinky snack, I eat a real meal and feel satisfied for much longer.
  • Start with your protein. Like most people, my mind is very carb-centric. In order to not eat meals consisting of toast and oatmeal, I always start with my protein when meal planning. Tonight for example, I first decided I was going to eat a chicken breast, then went from there.
  • Every meal is a new chance. We’re all human, and sometimes we all splurge more than we mean to. Instead of wallowing in the fact that I ate too many nachos with a piece of cake, I take each meal opportunity to start over. Why wait until tomorrow when you can do it today?
  • Exercise is not an excuse to go all-out. If anything, it should make us more conscious of how we’re fuelling that activity! Believe it or not, it can be pretty easy to eat back 500 calories! (helllooo 5 tbsp of peanut butter)
  • Go with the flow. Food is not something that needs to be constantly controlled. Sometimes you just need to let go and enjoy the food that’s being offered!

What are some of your personal food rules?