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U-Pick Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!! In case you missed my tweet about it, I highly suggest you watch this video on Crappy Canadian Thanksgiving. It’s high-larious :P

Today was just what I needed. A fabulous long run, delicious dinner and some quality time in with the boy :)

I actually managed to sleep past 7am today. I had one thing on my mind – pancakes. (aka flat waffles)


I used my protein pancake recipe. For dipping, I mixed up a 1/4 cup fake syrup with 2 tsp peanut butter.


After a big mug of coffee and some digestion, I set out for my longest running distance yet – 9 miles. I was actually nervous for this one!

I did my usual 9 minutes running, 1 minute walking that I do for most long runs. The first 3 miles went by quite easily. I was going at a steady pace. The weather was brisk, 5C (41F), but the sun was shining and the scenery on the river trail was gorgeous as always.

I was pleased when I hit the halfway point at 45 minutes on the dot. I wasn’t checking on my Nike+ because I wanted to go at a pace that felt natural (I tend to push myself faster when I see the numbers!). So I was happy I was naturally holding up 10:00 minute miles with the walk breaks.

I had to run into a cold and gusty headwind on the way back. I wished I’d worn gloves. After an hour I took one Clif Shot Blok in cran-razz flavour.


100_8599 100_8601

In the past, I’ve tried to get all my mid-run nutrition in one go so I get a quick burst of energy. This works really well when biking, but it cramps me up when running. So today I opted to spread out the bloks, taking one every 10 minutes for the last half-hour. It worked really well! The bloks themselves were much easier to chew than Sharkies. And breaking them up like that sustained me better to get home :)

Honestly, the run wasn’t that hard. No reason to worry at all! The last 20 minutes, as always, were the hardest. I’ve run that route so many times now, I think I tend to pick up the pace when I know I’m getting close to the end. My heart rate goes up and I start huffing and puffing. Then there’s the mandatory sprint to the end that totally tuckers me out :P Oh, and I finished in 1:29:11!!

Today was one of those days where I needed immediate replenishment after walking in the door.


  • 1 box pure coconut water
  • 2 scoops Vega Smoothie Infusion
  • 1/2 a banana
  • big scoop plain yogurt
  • 2 tsp peanut butter
  • ice cubes

After lotsa foam rolling, stretching, icing and beautifying, I was then off to Chris’ parent’s place for thanksgiving dinner. I never take pictures over there, but here’s what it kinda looked like :P

turkey dinner

White turkey meat, cranberry sauce, mashed squash, stuffing, mashed potatoes, a whack of gravy and carrots. Then cherry pie for dessert!


Looks delicious, doesn’t it? :P

Chris and I decided to go for a drive after since it was such a beautiful fall day. Then I got the idea that we should drive to an apple orchard!

Finally! I found some honeycrisp!!! They’re not in the stores here yet.


I’ve never been apple picking before, but apparently Chris is a seasoned pro! He knew how to spot all the good ones and about “twisting” it off the branch.


I love apples!! Even more, I love honeycrisp!! Favourite fruit ever.



The orchard itself is beautiful. Up on a hill that overlooks the river.



I just filled up a small bag. I have no plans to bake with these gems, so I didn’t want more than I could eat up before they go bad.


Chris and I continued our drive to Mactaquac. It’s gorgeous down there this time of year. The dam…






The turkey dinner obviously held me over for a looong time. We ate at 2pm, but I was feeling like I needed something at 8pm.

PB + honey sandwich.


HUGE honeycrisp apple.


Also incredibly crispy and juicy. Soooo good!

Okay, that just about wraps up this beast of a post. I’ve got a (hopefully) quiet week ahead. Just what I need after last week’s craziness! See ya tomorrow!

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