Simply Saturday

Happy weekend all! I hope you’re enjoying it! I’m working at the office, as per usual. I thought it would be fun to show you our break room! As you probably know, I’m not usually at the office throughout the week, so I have to be careful about the items I pack for lunch. On the weekends, I at least have a fridge and microwave to work with :P


It’s as basic as you get. We do have one of these fancy coffee makers though…


You just pop in a container of grinds and it brews the perfect cup!


Then there’s our fridge. It’s, ahem, well used.


And kinda stinks :P

100_8507 Places to sit:


And nap:


We have windows in all the rooms – it’s a radio station thang. In case you missed it, I also did a tour of our newsroom a while back too :)

I usually don’t hang out in here, I much rather eat at the computer. I was in here this morning making breakfast though!


Can you see what’s in the toaster? I bet you can at least guess :P


I had absolutely no desire to prepare two meals and a snack last night, so I instead threw a bunch of stuff in a bag this morning. That included two Nature’s Path flax waffles with PB&J.

President’s Choice “Just Almonds” crunchy almond butter.


Crofter’s blackberry jam.


I fell in love with their blueberry jam and the blackberry does not disappoint!!

The waffles didn’t hold me over very well though, and I even purposely put extra almond butter on there. I needed some protein!

Good thing I was planning ahead whilst throwing things in a bag this morning.


Atkins Advantage peanut butter granola bar. By the way, I’d picked up a bunch of bars for my trip last weekend that I didn’t end up eating. So you may be seeing lots of random bars over the next little bit! I still have intentions of making my own again :)


Tastewise, this is my favourite Atkins bar. I think it’s just the peanuts on top though. It also has 17g of protein!

For “lunch,” I brought two slices of bread, a can of tomato & onion tuna, hummus, a tomato and some romaine lettuce. Assembled in the break room, it turned into this:


And a naval orange on the side. Anyone ever get gypped with these things? Here it is before peeling. What looked like a big and juicy orange.


Mid-peeling – look at the thickness of that peel!!


Post-peel – nothing but a dinky orange.


Boo naval orange. Boo.

There was some MEGA relaxing happening after work today, with a few chores thrown in. Okay, and many episodes of Real Housewives and Greek. It was some well needed down time!! I also had a glorious yogurt snack.


  • plain yogurt
  • stevia
  • vanilla extract
  • fresh strawberries
  • ground flax
  • shredded coconut
  • drizzle of honey


Can you believe I’ve never sprinkled coconut on yogurt before?? It was divine!!


Okay. Enough yogurt love :P It was just one of those magical bowls where everything came together perfectly. I know you know what I’m talking about!!

Dinner was super simple. Guess I’ve just been craving simple eats today.


Gigantor pita with cherry tomatoes, red pepper, carrots, mushrooms and hummus. I also dipped the crunchy end parts of a romaine in the hummus too – it was really good!

The pita pretty much had the above mentioned veggies with turkey slices and Mediterranean cottage cheese.

Yuummmzzzz. I don’t think my love affairs with pitas will ever end…


Fun links!

Six exercise machines you should do without

Runner’s World Newbie Chronicles – “Going Long”

Public schools in Nova Scotia now offering yoga courses!


And with that I’m hitting the hay! I know, wild Saturday night happening over here :P G’night!

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  1. President’s Choice – you must be Canadian! :)

    I love Coconut on yogurt, it’s one of my favorites!

  2. That is a dinky orange! I think you got rooked on that one.

    That coffee maker is pretty snazzy – makes up for the spartan office. The table looks like it is a great place for card games, though!

  3. I’ve never had coconut on yogurt either.. for some reason I thought it’d get lost!

    Your sandwich looks yummy! I don’t think I’ve ever put tuna on bread for some strange reason.. I need to! I had mine in a salad today but I think carbs would be much better :)

  4. I have one of those coffee makers and I LOVE it. So much so that I just bought 4 boxes of coffee online so I could have fun flavors of coffee to drink (in two weeks when I’m allowed to drink coffee again!)

  5. why is it that office fridges are always disgusting? i don’t get it. do people live like that at home? (i obv have major office cleanliness issues)

    ummm you totally got jipped on the orange! i hate when that happens!

    have a good weekend girl!

  6. I have never tried the Atkins Bars because I always assumed they would contain lots of artificial ingredients. ..true or false?

    • Jenn, in short – yes, they do have a lot of artificial ingredients. While it’s a high protein bar, it’s also “low carb.” It’s sweetened mostly with sugar alcohols (glycerin) and a little bit of sucralose. Definitely not something I want to eat every day! As far as protein bars go, PowerBar Harvest is my favourite. First ingredient is “whole oats” and it’s sweetened with real sugar (brown rice syrup).

  7. Cute office space :) I’ve always wanted a fancy coffee maker like that!
    Despite the artificial ingredients, I’ve heard good things about those Atkins bars. They’re supposedly really tasty and have good stats.

  8. How fun! I’ve always wanted a coffee maker that grinds then brews. I have a grinder but it is separate.

    I love your comment about the naval oranges. It is very true, but at least they don’t have seeds to contend with!

  9. Mediterranean Cottage Cheese? What is that? Is it even more delicious than regular cottage cheese?

    • Hey Emily! It’s President’s Choice brand, which is Canadian. It’s just pre-mixed cottage cheese with “Mediterranean spices.” It’s fantastic! :)

  10. I love that coffeemaker in your break room! It looks so cool. The sandwich looks delicious, and so does your yogurt combo! I love coconut on just about everything :)

  11. I love the photos!!! :) And your yogurt snack looks delicious, luck I bought some strawberries today :) What kind of shredded coconut is that? I have only been able to find sweetened and I would love to find unsweetened.

    Liz x

    • Hi Liz! I buy the unsweetened coconut at the Bulk Barn, which is a Canadian bulk food chain. But I bet you could find it at one of your bulk food stores! :)

  12. love the office tour! I have never seen or heard of that almond butter— you like it ?

    i get oranges like that all the time- isn’t it a bummer!? but they are usually really good ones despit their phishod.

  13. That same thing with the oranges happened to me this week. The peel was INCHES wide…I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. What do they spray on oranges that require them to develop such a large protective coating?!?

  14. fun to see your office break room…since i don’t work in an office anymore, i am so intrigued! i miss hanging out in one.

  15. i hate it when oranges have insanely thick peels! it is such a rip off. i love the office break room shenanigans, of course you made waffles. and for some reason i am so into that almond butter label with the almonds in their shells. as always, glorious stuffed pita! nom nom nom

  16. I just bought Stevia to try this weekend, to use in a reduced calorie unbaked cheesecake pie (the recipe for which I’ll post tomorrow). I tasted a little on its own and was shocked (and not please with) the taste. What do you think of it? I found it very bitter, but the 2 tbsp. I put in my two-pie recipe didn’t seem noticeable. I bought the Nature’s Harmony Sweet&Bake Stevia from Superstore.

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