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I’m baaa-aaaack!!

HII!! It feels like soooo long since I’ve last peeked in! Thursday? Luckily, there were some awesome guest posts in my absence. A big ole’ thanks to Brie, Emily, Seth and Janetha for stepping up and creating wonderful content for my little piece of the internet while I was off gallivanting in Ontario :)

So. Where to start. From the beginning? Good idea.



I started the day off early to get a lifting workout in at the gym since I knew I wouldn’t get any weight time in while I was gone. It was awesome, but led to a sore first few days of vacay! :P

Chris and I took off early afternoon to Moncton. We were flying from there direct to Hamilton to save some $$.


Poor Chris was coming off a night shift, so he snoozed while I drove. My mommy was sweet enough to drive us to the airport, and after a very brief delay we were off!


WestJet has little TVs with satellite cable on the back of each chair. Made the short flight even shorter!

When we landed, it was a three hour drive to our friend’s place in Windsor. It was late when we got there and we hit the hay shortly after.



This was the only day we could go into Detroit because my passport inconveniently expired on Sunday! I have no food photos from this day unfortunately. It was fairly uneventful, aside from a giant hamburger on my part. When in the U.S, right? :P

We went to the Henry Ford Museum to entertain the two car geeks I was with.



There was also an abundance of test driving Shelby Cobras. I spent the majority of the day car sick as a result!!

We also did some shopping, including a successful trip to Lululemon. But we ran out of time to go to any of the grocery stores, like Trader Joes and Whole Foods, that we don’t have out East. It’s probably for the best anyways :P

Saturday night we were all exhausted, but felt the need to at least go out for a drink. We went to a nice bar at the casino in Windsor.


The boys got girly drinks. Ever notice they secretly love fruity cocktails? :P

Us gals got wine and a rye and water.


Then we went back to their place where I proceeded to conk out for almost 9 hours.



Sunday had a wonderful start. With a run!! We were staying just outside of Windsor, which oddly turns into farm country just 5 minutes outside the city. I ran a wonderfully flat and windy 5.3 miles along rows of corn.


We didn’t have any plans for Sunday, so after a lot of puttering around, we decided to head down to Point Pelee – the southernmost point in Canada.

I have to say, I was disappointed. For being so “south,” it was not very warm :P


And the water there, Lake Erie, was wild!!



Chris and I thinking we may have to go further south than just Canada…

 IMG_0135  IMG_0137

We spent Sunday night in. Our hostess made us wonderful spreads the whole time we were there.



The meal above was salad, chicken and potatoes. There were also A LOT of chips and salsa consumed during the trip!!



Chris and I were left to our own devices on Monday because our friends had jobs to go to! We played with their pet bunny, Hunter, for a bit first.


Ahhh! So cute!! Very well-behaved too, litter trained and everything :)

We went shopping in Windsor, where I proceeded to buy too many things. I discovered I’m officially down another size!! Woot! :D

I also tried my first FullBar in caramel apple crisp.




The whole point of these things is to eat them 30 minutes before a meal, so you don’t eat as much. Silly really, since if you ate 160 calories of anything before any meal you probably wouldn’t eat as much!


It was definitely HUGE!!!


Tastewise, I thought it was pretty edible. I mean, I love puffed wheat and caramel, so you can’t really go wrong there! It was a little on the mushy side, the puffed wheat had absorbed some of the syrups. Most importantly though, it did not live up to its name. It didn’t keep me full in the slightest! I had to have a few crackers almost right after to keep me going till dinner.

Oooh, and what a dinner it was!! Chris and I had the lovely opportunity to meet Jenn, one of my wonderful blog readers. Apparently Windsor is a bit of a Italian/pizza hub, so we obviously had to try it out ;)

Except, Chris and I can’t remember the name of the restaurant! You’ll have to help us out Jenn! All I remember is that they had wooonderful pizza ovens that are a rare find here in New Brunswick.

Chris ordered sundried tomato pizza. 


Jenn had a four cheese (I recall there was asiago?)


And I had sausage and mushroom. 


You can probably tell by the photos, but the pizzas were huge!!!

We spent a good chunk of the evening chatting away. It’s so funny meeting blog readers, I feel like even though we’re “strangers,” we already have tons in common!


We finished our meals off with a little coffee. I got a straight up espresso.


Yumyumyum. Fabulous meal, thanks Jenn!! :D



Phew! Still with me? Let it be known I ate a whack of leftover pizza for breakfast. It seemed like an awesome idea at the time, but I think there’s a reason why most people quit doing that after college. :P

We left Windsor early this morning, for another three hours back to Hamilton in the bejeezus Yaris.


Silliest car ever. Where’s the trunk??

Had a light lunch once we got to the airport. This…


…turned into this…


A can of tomato & onion tuna on pita bread with some veggie sticks bought at the airport. I also munched on some raw cauliflower which proceeded to do a real number on my stomach. I can’t digest a number of raw veggies, apparently cauliflower is on that list! Noted.

My mommy picked us up from the Moncton airport again and took us out for dinner at my favourite restaurant ever. Seriously.


Calactus may or may not be New Brunswick’s only vegetarian/vegan restaurant.

I ordered an appetizer since I felt like I had a cauliflower brick in my belly.


“Thousand and One Nights” – Chapati bread, feta cheese and olives, falafels, hummus, tofu cream and veggie sticks.


Baaah, so good!!! I must recreate that tofu cream, especially since I couldn’t even finish all of this.

Chris got the usual Big Marc burger, which in my humble opinion, is the best on the planet.


And my mom ordered their burrito.


There was a lot of “mmm-ing” coming from her end of the table.

Wish I could say we had a good final drive home, but my stomach was bugging me the whole time. Plus, we’re pretty exhausted. I at least don’t have to be at work until 10am tomorrow, so I won’t be rushed at the gym in the morning.

I definitely splurged on food all weekend, but I don’t feel like I overdid it. Nothing a few days of getting back into my regular routine can’t fix. In terms of exercise, I was elated to get that 5 mile run in. My legs were otherwise stiff the whole time from walking and sitting while travelling. I’m sure they could have used the break :)

Now, since I was MIA from the internet all weekend, I’m gonna pull a Janetha and ask you all to fill me in on what I missed! Anything exciting happen in your lives since last Thursday??