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“I am thankful for…”: Fitness edition!

Hi, everyone!  Nice to meet you, so to speak.  I’m Brie, and I blog over at The Fit Bride, which you’ll find a handy link to on Susan’s blogroll. Coincidentally, Susan will be guest posting on my blog next weekend when I’m out of town, so be sure to check her out there!

When I was fighting the blogger’s equivalent of writer’s block (blogger’s block?), I thought, “hey, Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up!  Man, I love Thanksgiving.”  Being south of the border, I celebrate American Thanksgiving in November, and it is my absolute favorite holiday.  Maybe this year I’ll celebrate both the American and Canadian versions, since I like it so much.  I like to think of it as having all the fun family togetherness of Christmas, without the financial and mental strain of gift-giving.  And who can hate a holiday that’s basically centered around a naturally lean white meat?  Not me.

In the spirit of getting into the Thanksgiving spirit, I’ve decided to blog a bit about things I, and I suspect a lot of others in the fitness community, are thankful for.  (Note: I am excluding the patently obvious things everyone is thankful for, like family, and friends, and pecan pie.)

First of all, I am thankful for my heart rate monitor.  It takes the guesswork out of figuring out how hard I’m working, keeps my heart from exploding on hills, and also keeps me from being late to appointments when I’m having fun at the gym.  It also allows me to be the hardcore kid in kickboxing class, with the instructor always shouting in my direction, “Brie!  How many! Calories!  Have we burned! So far!”  Thanks, Heart Rate Monitor!

fitbride2 004

I also am thankful for synthetic running socks.  Good lord, I don’t know how I existed before some kind soul at the local running shop pointed out that my cheap cotton socks were probably a major cause of my disgusting foot blisters.  My sock of choice is Balega Women’s Enduro.  Not only are they foot friendly, but fashionable, as they come in blue, pink, AND purple.  Thanks, running socks!

tgba guest post 001

Third on my list is furry (or fuzzy, or hairy, or scaly) friends.  I have two cats that I’m mildly obsessed with.  This is partially because they are far more interesting than vacuuming or doing dishes, but it’s also because they make me feel like a rockstar, all the time.  My cats do not care if I weigh 200 pounds or 150 pounds, or if I didn’t run all the way up my last hill.   On a daily basis, they remind me that all I REALLY need to get by in life is food, water, shelter, and frequent cuddling.   So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, thanks, pets!

tgba guest post 003

Up next: I am thankful for the healthy food go-tos I’d hazard a guess you can see at least one of on pretty much any healthy living blog on any given day.  Aside from fruits and veggies, healthy people worldwide go bananas for the same staples: eggs, nut butters, whole wheat bread, coffee, oatmeal (barf..sorry, Susan!), yogurt, granola, Clif/Lara/Luna/Kashi bars, and sport chews/goos for running.  (This is why I just happen have all these things in my house and can round them up for such a flattering group photo.)

The beauty of these things?  Well, they’re so obviously NORMAL.  A houseguest might freak out to find a fridge full of tempeh and fiddleheads, but eggs? bread? yogurt?  Not so much.  I enjoy eating foods that are nutritious that won’t alienate me from the rest of the population, so, thanks healthy but delicious foods!

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And last, but certainly not least: let’s all say thanks to the people who invented the Internet and work tirelessly to keep it up and running and moving forward technologically.  I attribute my weight loss and fitness success largely to sites like Sparkpeople, Livestrong, and Runner’s World, and of course the millions of blogs I read and am continually humbled, inspired, and entertained by (including this one).  The Internet has helped me learn about crazy things I never would have thought of otherwise (EPOC?  HFCS?  BPA?), and provided me a forum for keeping myself accountable to others who care about staying healthy and in shape.  So, thanks techie Internet people!

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Anyway, it’s been lovely blogging here in Susan’s absence!  Happy early Thanksgiving to the Canadians, and have a great weekend to everyone else!