Daily Archives: October 1, 2009

Lessons Learned and a New Set of Goals

Thank you so much for all your kind words regarding the passing of my wonderful kitty cat. I loved hearing about everyone’s pets too! Seems like pretty much everyone has had one at some point. Chris and I both grew up with miniature poodles and we both agree that we’ll need to get one when we’re in a house together someday. I seriously can’t wait!!

I had planned on doing a monthly round-up of sorts yesterday, seeing as it was the final day of September. I did this for the month of July and hoped to make it a monthly feature. Goshdarnit, it’s gonna happen!

So without further ado, here are the things I learned in September:

  • No matter what, family is always there for you when you need them most.
  • I LOVE exercise classes. Even step.
  • The blogging community is amazing. I really wish I could meet each and every one of you.
  • The best food really does come from the Farmer’s Market.
  • Living alone is awesome.
  • The only race that matters is the race against yourself.
  • When it comes to work, you have to follow both your heart and gut.
  • Macroeconomics can be applied to real life. Sometimes a cost-benefit analysis makes the answer very clear.
  • It’s okay not to like canned pumpkin.
  • I should never take my relationships with people for granted. I need to put the time in too.

Now, looking forward, I think it’s also important to set some goals for October:

  • Manage my time better so I get more out of my day.
  • Continue using my new tiny kitchen to the fullest.
  • Complete my first double-digit run
  • Do some freelance writing. Preferably paid.
  • Make a trip home.
  • Get the guts to take a Zumba class.
  • Be more social. Join groups and reconnect with those I’ve lost touch with.

Ahh…it feels so good to write all that out! I’m already failing on one of those goals though. I’d scheduled an 85 minute run for today. I was supposed to work this evening, giving me time to do it in the afternoon. Well, that changed. I worked 9-5 instead. When I got home, it was cold, windy and raining. Three things I can put up with separately, but didn’t sound appealing all together!

So I totally wimped out and went to the gym to run on the treadmill. The idea of 85 minutes on the treadmill depressed me, so I did 60 minutes instead. Varying the speed and incline a little, and covering about 6 miles overall. I haven’t spent that long on a treadmill since April!! I actually don’t mind it that much. It was just weird to have a belt underneath me. And my heart rate was much lower. Unlike my usual long runs though, I didn’t take any walk breaks.

And just so you know that I’m still eating…


Half of the open-faced ricotta, lettuce and tomato sandwich I packed for lunch.

Those happen to be some of the only fresh ingredients I have in my fridge. So I basically had the same combo for dinner…


Ricotta and tomato omelette. Both were quite good! I’d never had a ricotta sandwich before, and it was darn tasty. I usually don’t buy ricotta because it’s so expensive, but I picked it up for a recipe I never ended up making. Some day!

Now I must be off to get ready for my trip to Windsor/Detroit! I’m flying out tomorrow, and coming back Tuesday. I don’t imagine I’ll be using a lot of the computer, so I have four wonderful guest posts that will be going up. Seriously – you do not want to miss these! I’ll be back Tuesday with all the fun stuff we were up to! Have a great weekend!!

Question of the day: What did you learn in September? What are your goals for October?