An Ode to Pets

Happy Waffle Wednesday!!


Did you celebrate?? Let me know!

Thank you for letting me vent a little yesterday. You know I am always honest on this blog, so I had to just be real about where my head was at. I’m also reeeally bad at keeping secrets. Seriously. Do not ever tell me a secret, I will blurt it out to the first person who is willing to listen :P

I jumped out of bed when my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning. I was pumped for spin class!! It was definitely the thing that brought me the most joy today. No better reason to get out of bed :)

A fancy celebration of Waffle Wednesday was out, due to my empty fridge. So I went for something a little more rounded.


I put soy nut butter (fat) and fake-syrup on my waffles (carbs), then had an egg white pillow (protein) with parmesan on the side. I find breakfasts that are macronutriently balanced keep me full the longest. This one had 33g carbs, 22g protein and 12g fat :)

Work was another long one, with my arse planted in a court bench all day. I’m covering a murder trial all week. The circumstances aren’t all that heart wrenching, but still pretty brutal. The victim was stabbed a dozen times and we had to look at the autopsy pictures today. I will never understand how someone could do that to another human being. Court is my favourite thing to cover, but it can also be emotionally exhausting sometimes.

Which may have led to another cop out on dinner. Except today, I sunk even lower!


Pita Pit! I had to run some errands downtown after work, which happened to be right next to this fine establishment. It sounded a lot better than trying to scrounge up something from my empty fridge.


I got a turkey and hummus pita with every vegetable available. Including pickles and extra bean sprouts, but minus banana peppers. No cheese.

And when in Rome…


I needed a little sucralose to chase down my sodium ;)

It was de-licious too. Pitas are such comfort food for me.

I was needing a little extra comfort today. My beloved Fergus passed away.

We got Fergie in October 1998, when I was 12. It was mere weeks after my dad moved out, and my mother and I joked he was my “daddy replacement.” My dad is allergic to cats, so while the separation was tough (understatement), we were at least able to welcome this furball into our home :)

He was a fat cat who didn’t care. He would pounce and crawl on things as if he were a creature half his size. He was an outdoor cat by nature, so my mom and I decided we couldn’t deny him the great outdoors. He would spend the nights prowling the neighbourhood, returning home in the morning hungry and wild-eyed.

Over the past several months, he’s been losing weight and becoming more attached to us. We attributed this to old age. But my mom called me this morning saying he was having trouble breathing. A trip to the vet revealed cancer had taken over his body and he was put down.

I realize he’s just a cat. But we bring pets in our lives for a reason! For love and companionship. Both of which he provided to the fullest. So rest in peace Fergus.


Do you have pets?? Tell me all about them!!

My mom also has a miniature apricot poodle, Archie. We got him when I was 10. He still acts like a puppy and will follow me wherever I go in the house. He loves being around people, and is happiest sitting proudly on someone’s lap! :)

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  1. So sorry about Fergus. It’s so amazing how little furry ones can change our lives for the better!

    We have two kitties, Buckley and Southpaw. They both got extra hugs tonight after reading this!

  2. I’m so sorry about Fergus. It’s amazing how animals can play such an important role in our lives.

    We have two dogs. A Toy Poodle named Bailey and an Australian Shephard named Chief. I’m so thankful to have them in my life!

  3. April (Foods of April)

    Aww I’m sorry about Fergus! He’s in kitty heaven!

    I’ve had a few dogs throughout my lifetime.. one of them I named Little Present! I was about 6 or 7 years old and this little dog used to always come to our house. My parents finally let me keep her on Christmas! I loved that little dog :)

  4. Oh Susan, I am so sorry. They aren’t just pets – they are huge parts of our lives and give such amazing quantities of unconditional love. I’m sure Fergus felt lots of love in your house.

    You’ve seen my Pixie, who we have had for 2 years. My other cat that I had for 18 years was really like a child to John and I. She had such a personality. I still have trouble with crying when I think about her after losing her earlier this year.
    Going to go give Pixie extra hugs tonight.

    Nothing wrong with takeout at times – we all need to have someone else fix us food sometimes, right?

  5. Sad to say I didn’t celebrate today – but I just wasn’t feelin’ waffles. So sad :-( But I”ll make it Waffle Another Day!

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. They sure have a way of working themselves into our lives. And they love us no matter what. Sometimes I think their love is more perfect than human love, and that is why it is so hard to lose them.

  7. I’m so sorry about your kitty. I have a fat cat just like that. He lives with my parents now and he is like their grandchild. I will probably have to excuse myself form work when he dies. Big HUGS to you!

    That pita looks AWESOME though! xoxo

  8. Aww sweetheart, I’m so sorry about Fergus :( I had to put down my cat, Moose, in January and it was so hard. I was a wreck for days. There are some pets where I feel they’re “just pets”–maybe a little more. But then there are pets like Moose, and Fergus, who are soooo much more special. My family in Michigan has 2 cats now–Bruce Wayne and Alfred ;) Bruce is ANNOYING and Alfred is way chill, and a pretty cool cat! But Moose will always have a huge place in my heart. Take care <3

  9. Honey, he wasn’t JUST a cat! When you get emotionally attached to something, it doesn’t matter what it is (however lame it may sound, when I was 13 there was a caterpillar-yes, you read right, a caterpillar, that I was so fond of… my mom killed it and I cried… at 13 -_-“)

    So *hugs*, I hope you feel okay…. you totally deserved the pita – there’s a reason for comfort food.


    P.S. All of a sudden I’m hearing about Waffle Wednesdays from everyone :P, I’ve never celebrated, but I’ll consider adding this tradition to my life…

  10. Oh how I wish I had a Pita Pit around here!
    I actually just found some dog hair on my jacket today and got all homesick for my pups. I have two dogs, Fred and Chester:)

  11. I have a chihuahua, Pedro, who was brought to my apartment by a friend who had found him starving, with a broken leg and missing teeth. I knew he would be euthanized if I took him to the local shelter because he was so sick. So, I kept him and named him (pedro, obviously). I took him to the vet and over time he healed. That was 4 years ago. My fiance has a mixed breed named Peanut that he adopted from a shelter in TX while he was in college. She was only 5 weeks old!

  12. <3 fergus. i am sorry for your loss susan, i know how hard it is to lose a furry friend. breaks my little heart. i am grieving today as well, my best friend's basset who was 10 years old all of a sudden had his back legs paralyzed.. no rhyme or reason.. and they had to put him down :( losing pets is SO hard, no matter if you expect it or if you dont. i am glad you have such fond memories of your kitty. you know all about my two dogs! and my new kitten. but i also had mable, who i talk about a lot, and then my very first pet was a cat named blue, he lived 14 years! cats were my first true love. ok, sorry to go on, i just really want you to know i am thinking about you and your mom and sisters during this sad time!

    i had the exact same breakfast as you, basically.

    i will miss you this weekend, have fun!!!!

  13. Hi Susan, Ive been reading your blog for awhile now, but i’ve never posted a comment before. I love all your food and exercise ideas, you’re a very crative lady!
    I am sooo sorry about your kitty. I agree he is happy in kitty heaven now, prowling for critters to his little hearts content.


  14. I’m sorry about Fergus, Susan.

  15. I’m so sorry for your loss of Fergus, Susan. Sounds like he was much more than “just” a cat to you.

    We have two pets- a little grey cat, Suli and a German Shepherd Dog, Tara. I’d be devastated to lose either of them, they’re the first cat and dog I’ve ever had. We’ve not even had Tara less than a month, but she had to have a tumor removed Tuesday and we’re still waiting for the biopsy results.

  16. Christina Guthrie

    Thanks to all of you – Susan’s fellow bloggers- for your thoughts on the loss of our beloved pet. Fergus was very special. He came into our lives when we needed him. I loved looking at him all day because he was so beautiful. (However I did complain about cleaning up the fur – which I will probably now miss…)

  17. Sorry to hear about your loss. We absolutely love our pets, so I know how hard this must be for you.

    We have 2 dogs and 2 cats. I have always lived with pets and cannot imagine living without a dog to play with or snuggle up beside me on the couch.

  18. I’m starting to think I need to have waffles this week. They look so good!

    I’m sorry about Fergie. He’s such a cute kitty.

  19. I’m so sorry about Fergus :( He was adorable! Our dog was put down almost 2 years ago and I still expect him to bark when I put my keys in the door of my mom’s place…but he was clearly suffering by the end and is at peace now.

    Yesterday’s post never landed in my reader for some reason! Going to check it out now…

  20. oops, yes it did. And I replied. I think all these oatmeal bowls are turning my brain into gloop.

  21. Awww, I’m so sorry to hear that your kitty passed away. I had one pet as a child, my cat Sniffles. She was much like your Furgus, happily prowling the fields around our house until her final days. I was grown and married – on my honeymoon in Greece when my Mom called me with the tearful news.

    Pita Pit sounds pretty darn good. Maybe I’ll sneak out today for “lunch in the car Thursday” ;)

  22. I feel so bad for you about the kitty. Losing a pet is so hard!

    I have one cat named Buttercup. She’s a grey striped, obese cat. Very clingy. I put a funny picture of her in one of my blog posts. I also have a dog Cocoa, he’s also on my blog. He’s a mutt/Australian shepherd mix. A really good, sweet dog. I also have a 1/2 chow 1/2 akita named Storm but poor thing has to live outside. He’s unhousebreakable.

    This pita pit place looks very good. I wish I had one nearby!

  23. Aww, sweetie. I’m sorry for your loss. I have my doggie Nina, and I love her to bits but if I have to be honest with myself, I’m not a big animal or pets person. Isn’t that terrible? Like, I love my dog…but I pretty much don’t like anyone else’s.

  24. oh i am so sorry about your cat :( lots of love and hugs to you. i don’t have pets, but i know how important and part of the family they are to other people. love you!

  25. Sorry about your cat. I know that’s so hard. We have a dog and a cat and I can’t imagine how hard it will be when they move onto pet heaven.

    Take care.

  26. not just a cat! i completely understand why you would be feeling down. they can be best friends and confidants too. my cat mookie keeps me entertained and from ever feeling lonely. AND somehow she knows when i am sad and always comes for a snuggle. treat yourself to that pita and i’ll send some good vibes your way!!!

  27. ahh pita pit! we had one where I went to college in ithaca ny, but i havent been back in about 2 years!! wow, i loved it there!

    sorry about your kitty!!

    I had a dog growing up, he was 13 when he started not doing so well. He had a hernaited disk in his back that caused him to not be able to walk, it was so sad…anyways, he had to be put down last december :(

  28. JUST A CAT?!?!?!?!? OMG Cats are people with fur. I’m soo very sorry about Fergus. We lost our Charlotte in January and many tears have been shed over it.

    Guess who I’m showcasing tomorrow on FBF, Samantha- our other furry child. Love love love animals- sometimes I think I love them more than people.

  29. I can’t believe I missed this! I am so so sorry about Fergus! He sounds like the coolest cat on the block and looks so adorable. I’m so sorry for you to lose him.

  30. I just recently found your blog through Brie (Fit Bride). I have to say, I love it, but this particular post grabbed me. We just lost our 17 year old kitty 2 weeks ago and it has been such a struggle – even my DH did not understand. Pets are more than pets – they’re family. I know that, like me, you have plenty of fond memories to help you!

    Thank you for such an incredible blog. It is motivating and has given me so many ideas to throw some variety into my meal routine. Could you point me in the direction of how to make the egg white pillows?

  31. I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. I just happened to do a search on Pita Pit and found this blog. I have my orange cat Tails sleeping on me as we speak! Did you ever end up getting another pet, or do you have any others?

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