Daily Archives: September 29, 2009

Presently in the Present

Congratulations to Lori, Ellie and Holly for guessing what was a-brewin’ in here!:


You get nothing, except for my deep admiration and respect. And bragging rights in the comments, if you feel so inclined :P

They all guessed steel cut oats! 

I’ve done pre-made frozen steel cut oats before, but I’ve never made them from home. When my old roommie gave me this beast of a crockpot, I knew that’s what it was destined for.

Before going to bed last night, I mixed one cup steel cut oats with 4 cups water and half cup unflavoured soy protein powder.


The water is a funny colour from the protein powder. I hate the texture of it when I mix it into cooked oats, so I always dissolve it in the water first.

I set it on low, said a little prayer, then went to bed.

I woke up at 6am to the smell of hot carbs. I was a little scared taking the lid off. When I did, I found this:

Ummm… baked steel cut oats?? A quick Google search and I found out my slow cooker may be too big for little batches, and that’s why it got crusty. Duly noted.

I was still able to mix up the stuff in the middle and get a hefty bowl’s worth.


It’s about 1 1/2 cups of the cooked oats, with pumpkin pie spice (out of cinnamon!!!), honey and almond milk stirred in. Then topped with dates, coconut and cashew butter.


Despite the crusty mishap, this was delicious!! I love the texture of steel cut oats. So wonderfully chewy :) In terms of nutrition, one serving of steel cut is nearly identical to that of rolled oats. Steel cut is a touch less processed though.

I ended up throwing the rest out.


Thankfully, I sprayed the sides first, so it was easy getting out. Next time, I’ll make a lot more ;)

Despite my lovely breakfast, I was still feeling very blue today. It was raining buckets, and I’ve just been feeling very down these past few days. I won’t go into detail, but my life right now feels very unbalanced (ironic, I know!).  I just feel like I’m missing out on the things and people I love. I’ve been internally struggling if it’s all really worth it…

I skipped my morning workout today, because I could feel my body (and mind!) really needed it. I plowed through a loooong day. Including working my second job after my real one. I even copped out on dinner.


A sandwich. It was this or cereal. I thought a fried egg sandwich was at least a little more legit.


Two fried eggs, tomato, lettuce and laughing cow cheese. I felt like a college student all over again.

Even though I was exhausted, and my body felt like it was protesting every move I made, I dragged myself to yoga.

Best idea ever.

You know when people talk about runner’s high? Well, I think I got my yoga high. It’s as if all the stars aligned to give the just the class I needed.

We were a small class tonight, with a passionate instructor. She pushed us juuuuust enough. For the first time ever while doing yoga, I was able to really just let go and feel it. I’m the type of person who’s always looking at the instructor, or in the mirror, worrying if I’m doing it right. But tonight I just let my body go. It was wonderful.

It reminded me to live in the present. Part of my blues recently, have been spurred by my future plans. I’m not happy where I am now, so I keep thinking about what I can do to ensure I’m happy in the future. This is silly. I need to do what makes me happy now. Sure, I may not be in the place I want to be. But I should try to make it the best I can until my circumstances are able to change.

I also think I’m burning out. I’m taking my first vacation since March this weekend. Couldn’t come at a better time!!!

So I urge you all to do something today that makes you enjoy the moment you’re living in. And tell me about it!!

And because I’m extra curious: what’s your favourite kind of oatmeal? Unless you, ahem, hate oatmeal. Then just tell me why ;)

See you for Waffle Wednesday!!!