Top of the Muffin to You!

I’ve got a lot of food photos for today! Some days I don’t bother taking pictures of all my eats, others I’m all over it. Today was the latter, so let’s get to it shall we?

I reeeally wanted to make protein pancakes for breakfast this morning, but my plain cottage cheese had gone bad. I know tasting foods is always the best way to tell – but ew. Sour dairy freaks. me. out.

Anyways, the alternative was pretty stellar regardless – oats in a jar!


It was 1/2 cup oat bran, 2 cups water, 2 tbsp protein powder, cinnamon, raisins and almond butter, of course ;)


Looks disgusting but it’s ooohh sooo good. This is the best way to use up the hard nut butter at the bottom of a jar :)


I had the morning off, which meant time to go to step class! It was a different instructor today, she wasn’t as awesome as the last one. But the class was packed with energetic ladies, which perked me up! The moves are starting to come a little easier now. I noticed it felt like I wasn’t working as hard, so next time I’ll add a riser to my step (now that I’m almost sure I won’t fall of :P )

I was a sweaty mess when I came home. My shirt was soaked through! I stuck it out though so I could have a snack first.


Half of a homemade protein bar and a couple clementines. Or tangerines. Little citrus fruit??

Since I was eating lunch at home today, I skipped the usual bread or pita and went straight for a giant salad. 


  • romaine lettuce
  • yellow pepper
  • onion
  • tomato
  • sundried tomato tuna
  • Mediterranean cottage cheese


The awesome thing about putting cottage cheese on salads is that it not only ups the protein but acts as a dressing. Yum!

And since I’m photographing everything today, there’s the usual sweet ending.


I feel like I need something a little sweet to end every meal. So I like having half a square of Lindt chocolate. It’s only 25 calories, so it’s not like I’m breaking the bank. This is the fleur de sel kind. Just enough richness to tame that sweet tooth!

Unfortunately, big salads never hold me over that long. So I was snacky all afternoon.

I had some Mary’s crackers with soy nut butter.


For some reason the soy nut butter tastes awesome with these crackers. This was my first time buying them. They’re alright – really hard and crunchy. I’ve never been much of a cracker person though, so I probably won’t spend the $4.50 on them again.

I haven’t been having the best day mood-wise, so I decided to give the whole “baking therapy” thing a try. I’ve been wanting to make muffins forever, so I went to the queen of healthy muffin recipes – Steph Chows.

I opted for the Cinnamon Roll Muffins based on the ingredients I had on hand. I don’t have any pumpkin though, so I subbed it out with a banana.


I think I may have been a little too aggressive with my “swirling,” a lot of them just came out looking mangled! :P


I of course ignored all cooling rules and had one immediately.


With a little melted earth balance. Do I even have to say it was good? They taste more like cinnamon-y banana muffins.

The baking did help my mood a little too :)

Supper was totally random. Which in my kitchen always = delicious.


A tempeh sweet potato quesadilla and broccoli.


A wonderful combo actually! I pan-fried a cubed tempeh burger and miniature sweet potato in cajun spices then put it on an ezekiel tortilla with mozzarella and bbq sauce.  Squeezed in the george foreman and dipped in salsa!

I’m leaving for Windsor on Friday, so I’m trying to go the week without getting food. Should be interesting!

Work this evening was a boring city council meeting, but included the highlight of my day. My dad stopped by!! He’s a lawyer, and in town working on a case. Our schedules don’t really match up over these next couple days, so he popped into the media booth to say hi. I’m a total daddy’s girl, what can I say…

More muffin snackage happened upon my return to the office.


Stuffed with a little PB… times two. This is why I don’t bake!!! I actually froze half the batch. Cheapest frozen muffins I’ve had in a while. Take that VitaExpensive. :P

Now I’m curled up in bed. Anticipating the results of my first slow cooker experiment.


Ooooh…. What could it be?? :P Gonna have to wait till tomorrow! Night night!

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  1. Did I inspire you? Is it…chili? With apple juice? :)

  2. Mmmm…. slow cooker cooking. Stew, chili, or possibly overnight steel cut oats?

    We must be twins or something. I just got the Lindt salt bar yesterday! I like it, but I feel it needs some kind of texture crunch to it. I think I would rather just eat some dark chocolate with pretzels.

    I also bought clementines!

    Baking is therapeutic. Something about being creative can really perk up your mood.

  3. I always have to freeze or give away a bunch of baked goods because I never make just one batch of anything!

  4. Ooooh…those muffins look good! I am always on the lookout for muffin recipes :D I am obsessed with the snacksized breakfast cookies right now- YAY for homemade protein bars!

    I am guessing…steel cut oats in the crock pot? Or some kind of grain-pudding? Or a chicken?!

  5. Mediterranean Cottage Cheese?! I’ve never seen before! Must try it. Superstore find or Sobey’s?

    I thought I was the only person on Earth who wasn’t crazy for Mary’s Crackers. They taste like burnt stuff from the bottom of a pot to me. Blech. The only box I ever bought required an entire container of hummus to be palatable.

    Windsor weather alert. It’s freakin’ fah-reezing here (or at least we all think so). We were in our pool 7 days ago and now we are wearing turtlenecks this morning! The highs are going to be around 15 degrees for the next week.

    If you are a good Maritime girl, the crockpot must have baked beans of some kind. :)

    • Jenn – Superstore! President’s Choice brand. You’ve got to try it, they sell it in single-portion containers or big ones. Sooo good.

      Thanks for the weather alert too! Chris said it’s always warmer there, but I think he forgot I’m cold no matter where I am :P

  6. I love crock pot meals!! SO excited to see what you are up to!

  7. The crockpot is my BFF! I can’t wait to see what you made!

    I love sundried tomato tuna, it’s the best!

  8. Ohhh Susan! I’ve missed you! I am WITH you on the not baking for that very reason thing! I am just getting into baking and I LOVE it but I will eat every baked good in sight if left to my own devices! Freezing muffins is a great idea!

  9. I just saw your comment over at hangry pants (discussing your step class). I was intrigued because I TEACH step at my gym. So I came over here to check it out and you talked about it again! So glad you enjoy it (even if you had a less than stellar instructor yesterday). Also, I’m loving your muffins and that temphe/sp quesadilla!! As my girl Rachel Ray says… YUMO! :D

  10. not sure why, but dying to know what is in that crock…you always have such original food combinations… waiting on pins and needles

  11. I love the crunch factor in salads but they never hold me over either! Your snack looks perfect though – Mary’s crack, always a winner! Those muffins sound amazing!! Cinnamon roll? Yum. Vitaexpensive – haha!!

    FYI – it’s supposed to rain here Saturday :(

  12. April (Foods of April)

    Wow where do I start!

    I can’t stand spoiled dairy either..eww!

    Your oats look amazing, I’m jealous of your step class, those protein bars look so good, and I think those muffins look fantastic!!

  13. hey my dad is a lawyer too! twins. i def dont think those oats in a jar look disgusting at all! they look epic! i have never had soy nut butter. so what kind of nuts is it made of? or is it just made of soy beans and called nut butter? i am baffled. is it delicious? that quesadilla looks so good with the potatoes! and the muffins also look right up my alley. so much good food going on here susan! ohhh i wonder what is in the crock pot!?

  14. i have that same crock pot!! your meals looked so great!! glad i’ve found your blog! i look forward to reading more!!

  15. mediterranean cottage cheese…please tell me more!

    ahhhh loving all these eats – the tempeh sweet potato quesadilla is genius. yay for step class and yay for seeing dad. that sounds like such a good day!

    have a good tuesday lady!

    crockpot oatmeal perhaps?!?!

    • Holly, it’s just pre-seasoned cottage cheese that comes in a container. It’s a Canadian brand, President’s Choice, and SO delicious! I guess you could just make your own with some olives and various spices?

  16. Um, hell yeah I’m making those muffins this weekend. They look too good not to.

  17. A slow-cooker! Oh exciting! Perfet for the cold weathers…is it Chili? If I’m right, do I get a prize? ;-)

    tempeh sweet potato quesadilla sound amazing!!!

  18. Yum! I love cottage cheese on salads! What is this mediterranean cottage cheese of which you speak?

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