Running For The Fun Of It

Aaah! Thank you so much for the positive comments on my last post! You have no idea how good it felt to get that off my chest! As of right now, I’m just going to keep my eyes open for the right opportunity. There are a few avenues I’d like to pursue but I think I need to be still for a little bit before I dive into anything right away. It’s comforting to know I have a decent job to go to every day in the meantime :)

You’ll never guess what I had for breakfast this morning :P


A chocolate macaroon breakfast cookie! I’m happy to hear that people are having breakfast cookie successes after posting my how-to video last week! The amazing Ellie had her first successful attempt at the overnight cookie. Except she made hers snack sized. Such a great idea!

There was also a honeydew melon at some point as a pre-run snack.


I always do cottage cheese in a cantaloupe bowl, but I saw this combo on Tay’s blog and knew it was a “must have!”


In the melon is yogurt, Optimum banana almond cereal and cinnamon. While this was a stellar combo – the cinnamon totally made it! ;)

I was feeling reeeally tired and “blah” today. I wanted to get out for a run, but I decided to not set the usual goals for myself. After two straight weekends of races, and my toughest long run to date, I felt the need to just let loose on the trail. So I set out without any time or distance goals. I didn’t run hard or fast, I just ran to remind myself that it’s fun :)

SO glad I did! I’m not sure about you guys, but I get so caught up in setting fitness goals for myself, I sometimes forget that just doing it is fun. We had a perfect fall day here. Sunny and slightly brisk. I never run along the trail later in the day, so the sun was coming through the trees in the most gorgeous way. It was full of yellow and orange leaves, and I got to say hello to many fellow trail-goers :)

If you must know, I did 4.2 miles in 41 minutes. Perfection! No walk breaks since it was a shorter run. I felt like I could have kept going, but I’m terrified of getting an overuse injury. So I kept my weekly mileage in the “safe” zone :)

My cycling-obsessed boyfriend teased me into thinking he was going to run with me today. Alas, he once again opted for is two wheels. Aaahhh, the woes of being a cycling widow :P Or…is he a running widow?

Anyways, we met up after our respective workouts for some refuelling in the form of a homestyle dinner.


Canadians, especially Atlantic Canadians, will know what an Irving Big Stop restaurant is. Big Stops are essentially giant gas stations for truckers. They’ve got huge stores attached and rest areas. They also have homestyle restaurants.

It’s by no means classy.


The food may be simple, but it’s quality. Plus, we kinda like these places. So much so, it’s where we came for Valentine’s Day!

They have one of those “Simply For Life” menus (which I discovered is a local diet centre/program).


I went for the roast turkey dinner. “All white turkey meat served with mixed steamed vegetables and baked sweet potato.”


I love turkey dinners!! Probably one of my favourite meals (and why Thanksgiving is actually my #2 favourite holiday after Halloween ;) ). There was soooo much turkey. I ended up mixing it with the veggies and sweet potato to get combination bites. It was mega tasty. The perfect post-run meal.

Chris went a little ahem, bigger, with his recovery meal.


Chicken poutine. I can’t say much though, bastard burned 1300 calories on his ride! I assume most people know what poutine is, but for clarification sake this one had french fries, turkey gravy and mozzarella. Traditional poutines are made with cheese curds, but cheese is always delicious no matter what the kind :)

I also have an official announcement to make.

I’m going to do a half marathon in May!! It’s something I’ve wanted to do ever since I ran the 5k portion of the same race this past May. All I needed was a little gentle nudging from Brie who signed up for her first half marathon in April!

It still seems pretty far away in my mind. But it was this time last year that I decided on the triathlon, and that approached pretty darn quick!

The only thing I’m worried about is training during the winter months. I don’t think running in freezing temperatures will be that bad. I’m just concerned about the ice and snow. I don’t want to run on the icy sidewalks, which means a few months training will likely be done on the treadmill. 

Anyone got any tips for training in the winter?

If you live in a warm climate, got a spare room? I jest, I jest :P

Okee folks, cookie is in the fridge, and I’ve got a bed that’s calling my name. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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  1. Yaaay! I have a half marathon buddy!

    Your half is the day after our wedding–how fun! We totally have this under control. No worries!

  2. Congrats on signing up for the 1/2! That’s some exciting stuff right there :-) you’re going to do amazing. I’m really working on all aspects of my running right now, and running just to enjoy running is part of that, for sure. I’m not there yet, but I have hope…

  3. Way to go signing up for the half! I was thinking of signing up for a Spring race. But, I know how much I hate to be cold. So, I was concerned about Winter training as well. Is it possible to train soley on a treadmill?

    • I’m a total wuss when it comes to the weather too. But I’ve convinced myself if I dress properly, I shouldn’t be thaaaat cold :P I’ve heard of people training on the treadmill, but in my experience running outdoors really is MUCH harder. I think the key may be to train harder on the treadmill than you would outdoors – ie higher speeds and inclines.

  4. Yyyyeah girl cottage cheese or yogurt in honeydew bowls is where it’s at!! Sooo good.

  5. Ok… using a contaloupe as a bowl = genius!
    Less of a fan of the recovery meal though :P, but I’m sure Chris enjoyed it.


  6. I would suggest maybe using the treadmill on frigid days. I think I read somewhere that its bad for your lungs to run when its 30F or below?

    • Yes, even walking in the cold can be difficult when it starts to go much below the freezing mark! I’m also scared of catching a chill from sweating in the cold…

  7. Turkey + sweet potato is such an awesome combination… When is Canadian Thanksgiving? Since the UK doesn’t have Thanksgiving, am thinking I’ll celebrate both US and Canada. In honour of my international friends :D (what’s traditional Christmas foods over there? In the UK it’s turkey…)

    It’s pretty cold here in winter though usually only a few days of light snow and ice. More than welcome to come stay :D

    Thanks for the cookie shout out! I am making some for my dad and his wife to try this week…

    • Ellie, Thanksgiving in Canada is always waaay before the U.S. one. This year it’s October 12th! So you should celebrate twice ;)

      Turkey is the tradition here too, but my mom always makes a plethora of meat pies, and sometimes we do a ham as well. And then there’s the array of mashed root vegetables – I love it! :D

  8. April (Foods of April)

    I can’t wait for Thanksgiving either.. I love turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie! Yum!!

    Your thanksgiving is the 12th of october??? that’s crazy talk! lol

  9. So glad you’ve decided to go for the half!!

    Your training shouldn’t be that bad, you won’t have really, really long runs until spring. “Middle” sized runs aren’t too bad on the treadmill (slightly higher incline 0.5 – 1.0% and a touch faster).

    It was exactly a year ago (right after the fall classic) that I decided to tackle a half. We did our first half at the end of January and I found doing long runs in January was pretty miserable. By March, it’s much, much better.

    Usually I’m craving something healthy after looking at your blog… now I want poutine lol.

  10. Oooo – 1/2 marathon – bravo! I’m still not sure about running that distance.

    I ran during the winter outside last year as I didn’t have a gym membership at that time. I just bought a technical turtleneck, ear warmers, and gloves. It worked out pretty well. My nose just got cold. I had to map where to go on the side streets, as people are pretty remiss about shoveling their walks around here… booo! So that meant running in the road. You are right, treadmill running is just not the same.

    However, with that said – winter time can be a different training type for you. Maybe focus on some gym things to do and run just once a week. Then when march comes, you can focus on more 1/2 marathon training outdoors.

    • Lori, you are totally right. My focus this winter will definitely be more strength-based, I just need to make sure I don’t lose what I’ve developed this summer. Maybe I’ll try to stick to one run outdoors a week and do at least one more on the treadmill.

      Oh, and it’s illegal to run on the roads here in the winter time! I could probably get away with it in small subdivisions, but those are generally not even plowed anyways. It gets really messy here when the snow falls!

  11. Hahahaha that poutine is such the ultimate boy meal. Meat, potatoes, cheese, gravy. Not gonna lie, I kind of want to try a bite (but only ONE bite!)

  12. yay! congrats on deciding to do a half marathon. that is so exciting :D you are going to rock it. you are such a stellar runner. wow, i can’t believe chris’ bike ride burned 13 hundo cals! that is one intense ride. awesome. i have never seen poutine but i hear canadians rave about it! your turkey dinner looks good. oh and i love the yogurt melon bowl thingie. glad you got a nice, leisure run in. thanks for the reminder that exercise is fun :) xo

  13. Ooh I love the honeydew melon bowl! Such a great idea. Congrats on the half marathon decision! I don’t run in ice + snow, but I’ve heard these are really helpful:,7120,s6-240-323–12421-0,00.html

    This article, too:,7120,s6-238-267-269-12420-0,00.html

    Good luck and have fun! You could always come to AZ with me ;)

  14. two fabulous posts! first off, i loved your flashback friday. i love the inspiration we can gain from other people achieving things – that’s what it’s all about right? i think my dream job is to be a host on the travel channel. i am not there, yet.

    yayyyyyy for 1/2 marathon! i know you can do it and i am so excited for you!

  15. Glad to hear you are going to go for the mini! I started doing them a couple years ago, and still enjoy it. Personally, I’m not big on running outside when it is raining, snowing, or icy… or even extremely cold. Most serious runners would probably turn up their noses at how much of the training season I spend running indoors, but ya know what… I’m not trying to qualify for the Boston full, I’m not getting paid for it, I am there to have fun and get in shape. So, don’t worry too much about being on the treadmill when you don’t want to run outside. If you think it is too wet or icy outside for it to be an enjoyable run, then go to the gym! Just have fun with it!

    Good Luck!

  16. Ahhh the Irving Big Stop. Did you have a big slice of pie?!?!

    I love the sign in your picture that says Fried Clams. Only in New Brunswick….

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