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A Year of Maintenance

Thank you for the bee-day wishes for my mommy! She appreciates them all :) Sounds like we all have some pretty stellar moms!

I was up at 6am today starving. I contemplated just getting up and eating, but forced myself back to sleep to get over the 7-hour hump. I woke up again at 7:30 am ready to eat my arm off. I was weak with hunger! Isn’t that crazy? I blame doing an evening spin class. It revved up my metabolism too much before bed (which doesn’t quiet down at night much to begin with).

I wanted something quick and big, which led to a giant bowl of PB&J oats.


  • 3/4 cup dry rolled oats
  • 1 1/2 cup water
  • 1/3 cup almond milk
  • 2 tbsp unflavoured soy protein powder
  • 1/2 tbsp brown sugar
  • cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice
  • peanut butter
  • blueberry jam

As per usual, I put half of the PB&J in the centre of the bowl, then the rest on top. I’m really digging oats sans banana these days. Instead, I add more oats and it keeps me fuller longer!

Of course, Waffle Wednesday didn’t go unnoticed! I had a couple plain maple cinnamon waffles as a snack.


Just a little earth balance and fake syrup on there. Butter + syrup is how I ate my toaster waffles growing up, and this took me back! Sometimes I get so caught up in dressing my food up, that I forget how wonderful it is plain.

After this digested, I went out for this week’s long run – 80 minutes. I figured I could get away with waiting until later in the day since it was only 18 C (64F) and overcast out. But that changed within five minutes of being out there. It got hot and sunny! I checked when I came home, and it had gone up to 23 C (73F) just in that short period. Too hot for me. Especially with the sun beating down on my skin. I got a sunburn! It’s almost October!

Anyways, needless to say, this was not my best run. I’m okay with this. I mean, I work out 5-6 days a week, it’s expected to have a few bad ones in there. My heart rate was up in the 170s for the last half of the run, which is just too high for too long for me. I did my usual 9 minutes running, 1 minute walking. But had to throw in an extra walk break towards the end. I’m sure plowing through bad runs are character building…or something…

At the 50 minute mark, I tried out some GU energy gel in chocolate outrage.



It was really tasty. I was surprised! It went down easy too. However, I did temporarily cramp up immediately after. And it wasn’t quite the energy hit I was hoping for. Although, I was feeling pretty drained by this point, so I’m sure it at least helped me get home! :P

The stats:

Distance: 8.07 miles
Duration: 80 minutes
Avg Pace: 9:54 min/mi

I could not stomach the idea of eating right away when I got home, so I had a handful of craisins for a little immediate nutrition.


By the time I’d foam rolled, stretched, (cold) showered and put my face on, my tummy had come back to life. I went for my version of “comfort food” – eggs!


Or you can call this my “third breakfast.” Hey, September is breakfast month after all! A breakfast sandwich with marble cheese, egg, veggie sausage patty, ketchup and a verrrry ripe pear on the side.

I was still feeling very “off” from my run, but I had appointments and errands to attend to this afternoon. I decided to treat myself for supper and make a real hamburger on my new George Foreman :)


Seriously, there is nothing like a real beef burger sometimes!! I think I may have overcooked it a little though. Red meat sketches me out, I’m scared of getting salmonella :P

Now I am feeling muuuuch better. I realized during my run today, that I have been eating in maintenance for almost a year now. It was last October that I hit my goal weight and stopped eating in a calorie deficit.

Back then, I was weighing myself once a week, and had watched the scale consistently go down for three months. But when I started increasing my calories, the scale started nudging up a little. And I started to freak out. I did not want to gain my weight back.

So, instead of retreating back into a calorie deficit, I got rid of my scale. I knew a couldn’t eat a low-calorie diet for the rest of my life, and I didn’t want the scale scaring me into that.

I think I may have gained a little that first month, but shortly after that, I lost an additional 5 lbs without even trying. I was eating a comfortable amount of food, and exercising no more than regularly.

Last April, I gave up calorie counting altogether. Again, I was scared I would lose control and gain the weight back. And again, I stuck with it, because I knew logging my calories was not something I could do for the rest of my life.

I fell into a natural eating pattern, eating the things I craved, when I craved them. I have the calorie counts of foods ingrained in my brain now, so I still find it easy to make good choices, without having to see the numbers in front of me. To my amazement, I lost an additional 5 lbs after giving up calorie counting.

So here I am, a year after going into maintenance, and officially at a 30 lb weight loss. I think the key for me has been learning how to see the bigger picture. Before, it was all about hitting all the numbers on a daily basis. Whereas now I know if I eat a lot today, I can just eat less (or normally) tomorrow. If I have a carb-filled meal for breakfast, I can just make sure I get some protein in at lunch.

It’s been an interesting year, and I am fully confident I’ll be able to maintain my weight loss for years to come. I will embrace my body’s ups and downs, and continue to treat and listen to my body the best I can. Hopefully that includes forcing myself through a hot and tiring 8 miles! :P

P.S. I accidentally hit “publish” before I was done, sorry if you got two versions of this in your readers!