Blog Updates!

Thank you once again for your congratulatory comments on my race!! Although, I wasn’t the only one racing yesterday!

I have to give a shout out to reader Faith Ann who did the same 10k and made her goal as well :) Also, congrats to my sister Sara who did a triathlon yesterday!!

Thankfully, my hunger returned to normal today. Or, as “normal” as my active tummy gets :P


Waffles! Used my protein pancake recipe, and topped them with strawberries heated in the microwave with maple syrup.


How’s that as a way to start your Monday?

I also had another, much more successful go at a parfait.


Okay, no fancy parfait glasses, but I’m more concerned about what’s in the glass anyways ;) Yogurt, almond butter, blueberry bran VitaMuffin and cinnamon. This was deeeee-licious!!! Instead of stirring in the nut butter, I just put little dabs of it throughout the glass so I’d get surprise mouthfuls :)

There was also some fun with leftovers.


I added tuna, cashews and raisins to my leftover coleslaw made up of cabbage, carrots, green apples, red onion, yogurt and mayo. 

On the other side:


Butternut squash fries. I don’t know, I think butternut squash fries may be in trouble. My yuca fries were pretty damn tasty! 


Confession. Sometimes, I buy food based on their shapes.


Fingerling” grapes. Some were the length of my thumb!


And butternut squash is always good for a laugh :P

I also went to a pilates class at the new gym today! I used to love pilates. I did pilates DVDs almost every day during the first few months of my weight loss. I also briefly paid for classes on campus.

To be honest though, I was kinda “meh” about today’s class. It was “classical” pilates, thus all moves I’ve done a million times before. Sometimes in the same order. I wasn’t completely sold on the instructor. She was good at walking around the class and correcting our positions, but not very good at getting up front and showing us what needed to be done. If you were a newbie, you’d be completely lost. Not sure if I’ll go back all that frequently, but it will make for a nice yoga alternative on active rest days.

Otherwise, I had a pretty chill day. Put in a very short evening at work, and spent money I don’t have on a long-sleeve running shirt and shell jacket. I’m determined to run outdoors until the snow falls this year. Last year, I was doing Couch to 5k at this time, and retreated to the treadmill as soon as it hit October 1st. Time to toughen up I think! :P

I also did some blog updating. I added Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic Hummus, Lentil and Bulgur Salad and Fibre Tarts to the Eats page. Updated my Products page with new “featured products” as well as some of the listed items. Finally, I added a whole new page with all of my favourite posts! So go check it out! I linked a lot of posts from my old blog, because I don’t want them to be forgotten. A lot happened while I was blogging at Trying for a Tri!

Now it’s time for me to go catch up on Greek. How did three episodes happen already?? Any new TV shows you’re looking forward to this fall? Seems like there’s tons now with Gossip Girl, The Biggest Loser and America’s Next Top Model (hey, I watch enough news to counterbalance it all :P ) Of course the one I’m most looking forward to, Lost, probably won’t start till the new year!

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  1. I think I am putting a waffle iron on the Christmas gift list – your photos always make me want them!

    Those are some weird grapes! I have some that I bought that look like a cross between red and green, but they still look like grapes :D

    I don’t watch too many series of shows, as I forget and lose my place in them. Fall is football season and MNF is on right now!

    I do like one reality show, and that is Project Runway.

  2. “House” premiere was tonight! So good- you should check it out!
    And those grapes look amazing, I would so buy them if I could! :)

  3. hahahaha that photo with the squash is KILLING me! i am so glad you buy food based on shape. that rules. nice job on your 10k lady, i am so so proud of you. and i missed you! i need to try that hummus, sounds divine. i am excited for the office and dexter. XO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mmmmm those strawberries made my mouth water

  5. Ha! The look on your face in that squash photo is classic. Weeeird but cool grapes. And waffles on Monday?! What?! You got me all excited because I thought it was Wednesday ;)

    I just realized that I took your old blog off my blogroll but never added your new one. OMG! So sorry. All is right now :)

  6. LOST is amazing. and i often spend money i don’t have on things i don’t really need :)

    i need to make b’nut squash fries – can you believe i have never had them? not okay.

    yay for all you running/racing readers and family – congrats!

  7. The Office is one of the only shows I watch regularly…except for True Blood. The wait for the new episodes may kill me. Ok not literally…

    The squash picture is hilarious! Love it! :P

  8. Ahhh – DELISH parfait!! I am loving the new blog updates! I have to try some of your recipes.

    Lost can’t come back soon enough! I think it’s coming in January? How sad is it that it’s the last season :(

    The new season of How I Met Your Mother premiered last night – loved! Also I’m glad that Mad Men is back!

  9. You moved Waffle Wednesday! Haha. Love the parfait- it’s so hard to get good photos of parfaits regardless of how they ‘look’. I just throw it all in now :D Going to check out the new pages- you didn’t transfer your old blog? WordPress makes it pretty straightforward to do (I moved my whole blog).

    Tuna + coleslaw is one of my old favourites. Forgot all about that combo!

    • Haha, every day is Waffle Wednesday at my place ;) Yeah, I never bothered bringing the old stuff over. I decided I wanted as much space as possible on my new site/server to put off any eventual upgrades.

  10. waffles and fries both look gorgeous!!!! of course i want the carby foods, no big surprise. good TV picks! i watch all of those and then some…seriously, i would list everything but it would be incredibly embarassing because there are seriously 20 shows that i record to watch at random days/times during the week :)

  11. wow that waffle is amazing! and that squash is hilarious! I seriously need to read your blog more often- I am putting up a link for it on mine and dismayed with myself for not already having one up there- I don’t know what happened to it.

  12. We had waffles for dinner the other night. The kids thought they were in heaven. I confess I did let them sprinkle a little powdered sugar on them for “fun!”

    I love your ideas on putting a favorites page on your blog! I may copy that idea if it’s okay!

  13. Those waffles look really good – all warm and syrup-y looking. Yum.
    I just made a giant batch of coleslaw last night and I wish i had remembered how good apples are in it!
    Fingerling grapes! Never heard of those but they look a little crazy! I love grapes though so I guess I would probably love them…annnnd that squash is out of control.

  14. No comment on the squash :P (though I’m feeling VERY tempted right now)

    Love the parfait, it looks so adorable in that cup :D


  15. those grapes are crazy – have never seen anything like that!

  16. Those grapes look like little eggplants! How cute. Are they local? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that around here.

    My free time to watch TV is so limitied with two little ones in the house. There are only two shows that I never miss – Grey’s Anatomy and Amazing Race. There are a few others that I enjoy watching when I can catch them:

    Criminal Minds
    Cold Case

    hmmmmm, interesting viewing pattern for me, huh?

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