Another Weekend, Another Race

Cause ya know, running in races is just how I casually spend my weekends now ;)


Can you believe this was already my fourth race?? My first one ever was a 5k in May, then the triathlon in July, last weekend’s 5k, then finally, a 10k! 

Today I completed the Fredericton Fall Classic. An annual 10k hosted by one of my city’s running groups. This race actually meant a lot to me. My first 5k in May was supposed to be a 10k, but I had to scale it back because of time constraints (I guess my university graduation ceremony is more important…) I’ve had my heart set on doing a 10k ever since, and I’m happy I finally got to do it!

Start time wasn’t till 11am, so I got to have a leisurely morning in bed. Went for a safe breakfast of oatbran.


With chopped dates, unflavoured soy protein powder, coconut and cashew butter.

Then I had my no-fail running snack before heading out the door at 10am.


Banana with a smear of PB.

The race itself was pretty small, I think close to 200 people all together?


It was really cold before we  took off. I still have to acclimatize to temperatures under 10 C (50 F).


That’s my “I’m flipping cold, let’s start running already” stance.

It was a chip timed event, so I stuck to the back of the pack in order to pace myself at the start. I always feel like I need to sprint when people start flying past me at the sound of the horn! Thing is, I think I started too slow. Around a 11-12:00 min/mi pace. I got to the 5k mark after 33 minutes and realized I had to pick up the pace, big time.

So then I started pushing close to 8:00 min/mi, which is just too tough for me! But I had my heart set on finishing in under an hour and I knew I had to do it to make up for lost time.

After about 45 minutes, I started to hit a bit of a wall. I wasn’t sure if I could go another 15 minutes at that pace. It was an out-and-back route, and the finish line still seemed very far away in my head. I could feel my nerves kicking in, my gut coming up to my throat, and my breath quickening. Then I cramped up. So I stopped and walked for a minute, cleared my head and drank a bunch of water (I’d been forgetting to drink water, definitely didn’t help). Then I mustered everything I could and powered through those last two kilometres.


I found the energy to sprint to the finish, probably due to the fact that I’d kept it so easy in the beginning. Approaching the finish line, I was immediately relieved that I was going to make my goal, even with a few seconds to spare!


My official chip time was 59:11 and I couldn’t be happier :D

They put up the results immediately after, and to my dismay, I was 9/10 in my age group, and within the last 20 finishers. Very similar results to my triathlon! I was kind of bummed about this. Why does everyone in Fredericton have to be so much faster than me??

But when I came home, I realized I was still beaming over my finish. Despite finishing almost last. I still beat my own personal goal. How I place compared to others doesn’t matter. Running is a solo sport, the only performance that matters is your own.

And lets face it, the free food at the end doesn’t hurt either :P


Also, I can feel happy knowing I challenged myself today. Look at these heart rate stats!

     100_8003  100_8002

My highest heart rate yet!

I had a mayjah craving for a turkey hummus pita for lunch, so that’s what I made when I got home.


With some leftover coleslaw in the background. I’m going to be eating that stuff for days!

After the veggie-ful lunch, I felt like I needed something carby and heavy for dinner. So for “balance” sake, I had three huge samosas :P


The bottom one is leftover from last night. I made two extra ones by rolling out the dough verrrry thin, then cramming them full of the leftover chicken/potato stuffing. Liked it much better this way! I dipped them in some watered down ranch dressing, goes further that way ;)

This dinner tooootally hit the spot. My hunger has already kicked in from the race today. The same thing happened after last weekend’s 5k. Odd, because I didn’t burn an unusual amount of calories compared to my daily workouts. Perhaps it has to do with level of effort and exertion?

My day has otherwise been spent relaxing and reading.


In my newest race shirt, of course ;)

Tomorrow will be an “active rest.” I’m going to a pilates class, which I suspect will be mostly ab work done on the floor.

Also, shout out to Chris who took all my race pictures today! Dude shows an amazing amount of support for all my racing/fitness endeavours. I thank my lucky stars I have a boy who will put up with my food and exercise silliness. I offered to stand on the side of the road to cheer him on during his bike ride today, but he said it wasn’t necessary :P

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Bravo, bravo, bravo! Don’t ever feel bad about being slower than others. The fact that you ran 10K is way more than most people ever do, so be proud of how athletic you have become over the past year!

    Really, you are still a new runner and your time has come down a lot just since you started training.

    Those samosa looks soooo good. Nummy!

  2. CONGRATS Susan! That is awesome – I am so happy for you! And you are so right – it is only YOUR time and YOUR effort that matters, no one elses. And samosas. Samosas matter too :)

    Enjoy relaxing dear!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! “Running is a solo sport, the only performance that matters is your own.” Thank you for posting that because I’m not a runner by any means so when I accomplish running a 5k (in a horribly slow time) sometimes I wonder why I couldn’t have gone faster or so-and-so’s doing a 10k why can’t I do that?!

    Love your ranch/samoa combo! I used to do pizza/ranch all the time – sooooo good!

  4. You should be *thrilled* with your time!!

    This particular race seems to attract really fast runners for some reason and it does make us “normal” runners feel slow. Definitely a race to concentrate on your own time and personal achievement and refrain from comparing :)

    It was nice meeting you briefly, although I was completely toast!

  5. Great job! You should really be proud of that time. I don’t think I could do a 10K at that speed even when I was at my running peak a year ago. Hopefully I’ll be up to speed soon!

    Also, I am jealous of your cute race shirt. I’m wearing my poop brown one from yesterday and it just isn’t doing it for me!

  6. You’re really rolling it, my dear girl! I was SO proud of you when I read your tweet! :-)

  7. Great job! i love your attitude. You should be proud of yourself and happy for a great time..who cares what place you came in…rock on! Congratulations and cute new shirt! :)

  8. Awesome job! I think you do race with crazy fast people, because a 10k in under an hour is really, really good! I know I won’t hit that during my 10k…and I’m all right with that because I know I’ll give it my very best, no matter what that may be. Woohoo!

  9. CONGRATS! That is so wonderful. And I hope you’re not letting your ranking get you down to much…I seem to specifically recall your comment on my 10K (because it made me feel so much better) that anything under an hour is definitely something to be proud of :) And it is!

  10. Congrats on your time!!

  11. hey girl! love your blog and congrats on the race! I did a 10k a few years agog and it was so much fun! time goes by so much faster when you are with a big group of people!

    oh and the turkey, hummos pita looks amazing!

  12. Way to go!!! Hopefully sometime in the near future I’ll be able to run some local races for fun and to challenge myself! :)

    Also, I totally agree on the Special K cereals… the PC version is a bit lower in sugar, so that’s a great bonus! :)


  13. YAY! It doesn’t matter where you finished, because you met your own personal goal.

    Thanks for sharing what you ate, and how you felt during the race. I’m heading to the dr. today for him to look at my knee again. I really want to run a 10K in the spring!!

  14. Yay! HUGE congrats! Awesome job and I LOVE what you said about personal goals… :D

    Random question about HR monitor- when it says 97%, what happens if it goes above 100%? Do you set the 100%? I have visions of hitting 100% and your heart exploding (and that sounds slightly less weird in my head, but only slightly!)

    • Haha. That max is based on my age, weight and gender, there’s nothing really scientific about it, it’s just a generalization. It varies from person to person. I actually try to get my heart rate higher each time to improve my cardiovascular ability. My max HR at my first 5k in May was around 173, so you can tell I’m able to push myself harder now and not burn out :)

  15. Congrats on your race. I found your blog on meals and moves. I love lifting weights and was glad to see your post and find another blog featuring women who lift. I was very interested in your comments about proten shakes.

    I did Body for Life and became a slave to them. Got sick of the protein ruling my life and dropped the gross shakes and only ate real food versus bars and shakes.

    I have recently been in a plateau and seen my gains slow down. I just started drinking whey protein right after I lift and I have gone back in forth in my head about wether it would really do the trick or just add calories. I was very glad to see that you had seen a difference with your shakes and hope to see some gains myself.

    • Hey Beth! Thanks for stopping by! If you’re iffy about the whey, I still find high protein meals after lifting helps a lot. Things like tuna salads, yogurt/cottage cheese combos, or an omelette. I shoot for 20g of protein after, sometimes smoothies are just the quickest way to get that in me :) With that said, I never “add” additional calories with the protein shakes. They always fit into my regular calorie intake for the day. Hope that helps! :)

  16. Congratulations on the finish! Your time is fantastic and hooray for meeting personal goals!

  17. You did amazing! You are so inspiring! :)

  18. wow! I’m just starting to get into running, looks like your out there really enjoying everyminute of it, thanks for the inspiration and the yummy snack ideas

  19. Congratulations!! YEAHHHHH!!!! Feels so good to finish a race and reach your goals! Huzzah.
    It is HARD to pace yourself in a race! I did the exact same thing as you during my 10K in July and started out really slow because I didn’t want to start too fast! Then I had a lot of ground to make up! haha.
    You did awesome…and those samosa don’t look like too shabby of a post-race feast!

  20. Congratulations! You ran 10K – and should feel so proud!! I’ve got to think that Fredericton has some of the most “in shape people” per capita that I’ve seen anywhere. I notice when I go home for visits how many people on the trails appear to be trained runners, cyclists, etc…

    Samosas, mmmmmm. I commented on your Saturday market post a few days back and mentioned the infamous samosa. Patel’s started it all back at the Boyce market. It was my Saturday morning breakfast for years. Delicious! And yours look equally tempting.

  21. April (Foods of April)

    Congratulations!! Your turning into the racing queen!!

    How do you drizzle the nut butter like that?? it looks so professional!

  22. Congratulations on your first 10k !! You did an awesome job!

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