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Hey! Before I get into things, don’t forget to check out my first video post if you haven’t watched it yet! ;) The funny part is, after going through all that breakfast cookie business on film, I didn’t even take a picture of it this morning! I do however have some fun new products I’ve been eating that I wanted to share :)

First up, soy nut butter.

I looooove plain roasted soy nuts, so why not soy nut butter? I had it on a wasa cracker today with some cinnamon and raisins.


I’m not a huge fan of the nut butter plain, but it’s really good on things! Overall though, I think I still like my soy nuts plain and roasted, and not from a creamy jar ;)

Product numero deux…


Aaahhhh!!! A new kind of VitaMuffins!!! Blueberry bran to be exact. Ooohh, Vita, why must you continue to deliciously steal my money?

I enjoyed it my favourite way to eat blueberry muffins – toasted with some earth balance spread – paired with new product find number three!


Old cheddar cheese strings! I lovelovelove old cheese (or, I think you American’s call it “sharp cheddar,” which I guess sounds more pleasant). But I stopped eating it because of the calories, blah blah blah. Well now it’s back in my life in a convenient single serving package :)

All together now…


This actually served as the perfect post-workout snack. I hit up the gym for a little pre-10k race sesh:

  • 20 minutes intervals on the elliptical
  • 10 minutes on the rowing machine
  • 10 minutes on the stepmill
  • alternating sets of the horizontal woodchop and weighted back extension
  • 10 minutes of various plank poses

It looks like a lot, but I took it fairly easy. I just wanted to get the blood flowing. It was also my first time on the stepmill!

I keep it no secret that I looooaaathe the stairmaster. I would run a marathon on a treadmill before putting any time in on the stairmaster. So I had pretty low expectations for this. I figured I’d just jump on for 10 minutes for the hell of it. Thing is, I really liked it! It took a lot of concentration not to fall off, but I thought the movement was really fun. Yay for new machine finds! :)

After the gym (and my snack) I got to work on making a feast for Chris and I. I should preface this by saying that my city is obsessed with samosas. Seriously, every corner store and restaurant sells samosas. People will stand in line outside for an hour, in the dead of winter, just to get their hands on the farmer’s market samosas. I swear, some people probably start foaming at the mouth at the thought of them!

Anyways, so when I saw a samosa recipe in the Moosewood cookbook, I knew I had to make it. Regardless of it being a little more complicated than recipes I generally cook, I just had to try my hand at this “local” favourite!

I made some coleslaw from the cookbook as well, and Chris brought the beer ;)


We also had some plum sauce and ranch dressing for dipping.

My plate:


The coleslaw was a mix of cabbage, carrots, apples, yogurt, lemon juice and a small amount of mayo.

The samosa recipe was vegetarian, but both Chris and I prefer chicken ones. So I added some pulled chicken breast to the potato, pea, onion and cayenne filling.


To my amazement, they tasted really good! I was kinda scared of the crust, as I don’t do “doughs” very well. I bought white flour specifically for this recipe because I didn’t know what difference using whole wheat would make. Next time I’ll give the wheat flour as try, because I’m definitely making these again!!

Happy bellies :)


Chris has decided to go biking tomorrow afternoon instead of doing the race with me (pffft). But he said he’ll come out for a 5k practice run with me when he’s home next weekend :)

As for me, I’m starting to get excited for the 10k! Technically, the sprint triathlon I did in July is the “longest” race I’ve ever done. But tomorrow’s 10k will be my longest running distance in a race. I know I can hammer the distance out no prob, it’s just going to be weird running in a race for such a long period! Start time isn’t till 11am, so at least no huge stress to get up early, and the weather is supposed to be peachy :)

Aaand finally – go check out my guest post over at Meals and Moves!! It’s all about how I got started with weight lifting :)

See ya tomorrow for the race recap!

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  1. Thought I’d pop over after I read your post on Janetha’s blog.
    Really liked the post, strenght-training is something that easily gets forgotten! I need to get my but into gear about it too.
    Your story is very inspiring and your balancing act will be on my blogroll from now on ;)

  2. Good luck with the race! You’ll be fine. That’s a pretty late start, though. I don’t think I have ever seen a race start that late!

  3. Have fun tomorrow! I know you’ll rock it. Great guest post over at Meals and Moves, too. I love lifting weights (although I have trouble sticking to it consistently…maybe I need that book?) so it’s great to hear other ladies talking about it.

  4. April (Foods of April)

    Isn’t it weird how the stairmaster is kind of fun?? I used to make fun of the people doing it and now I spend all my time on it haha!

    Good luck on the race tomorrow! You’ll do great!

  5. I also loathe the stairmaster but I didn’t mind the stepmill at my gym (when I had a membership). It did give me a good leg and glute workout!

  6. What store did you find those cheese strings at? I need to find them. LOL I bought the deep chocolate vita muffins recently (LOVE them), but hadn’t tried the blueberry bran. These seem to be the only two flavors Superstore carries. Sobeys doesn’t seem to carry them at all. Have you found them anywhere else?

    I’m totally with you on the dough thing – not my strong point either. But I did manage to make a whole wheat pizza dough last night that turned out beautifully – will be posting about ti sometime later today.

    That stairmill is CRAZY looking… I’ve never seen one before. I wish I could afford gym membership, but for now, my little old home elliptical will do.

    • Hey Dee! Both the cheese and blueberry vitamuffins were bought at Sobeys. I usually go to the Superstore too, but I sometimes check out Sobeys to see if they have different products. Keep an eye out – they may get to your location soon :)

  7. WOOHOO for the Bluebran Vitas!! One of the best flavors in my opinion :)

    That dinner looks awesome!! I need to try making my own pizza dough now that I’ve conquered my ‘baking with yeast’ fear.

    Hate the stepmill! Hate, hate, hate it!! GOOD LUCK TODAY!! You’ll be amazing!

  8. Aww, I was looking forward to seeing how your breakfast cookie turned out after the video ;) I guess it’s just the same as your others though ;)

    Old cheddar..hehe. I think the Brits would say mature ;) Whatever you call it, it is delicious and I love the little sticks!

    Never used a proper stairmaster like that. I think what I have used would be called a stepmill? Not sure.

    I know you’ll do a race recap but I wanted to say WAY TO GO on that 10k! I saw your time on Twitter and you should be so proud!!

  9. OMG! I would totally die for that cheese! Loved your post over at J’s–maybe one day I will be abel to conquer the weights like you two. xoxo

  10. LOVE that honey soynut butter–just wish it weren’t so hard to find!

  11. I like the stairmill machine, but I find that it makes me *really* sweaty! Did you try the interval setting on the machine? It can be pretty brutal on your legs.

    • Amy, it made me really sweaty too!! Afterwards I had to grab some paper towel and wipe myself down :P It was a stellar leg workout, especially for the glutes. I just increased the speed every couple minutes, I can only imagine how intense intervals would be!

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